7 Best Toy Horse Trailer Truck Sets For Kids

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Toy Horse Trailer Truck Sets for KidsToy Horse Trailer Truck Sets for Kids

As a child, you may have had an interest or two in horses.

For the children who have a love for horses or even an interest in trailer attachments to trucks, a present they may fall in love with could be a toy truck with a horse trailer.

To begin with, toy trucks are an excellent way for children to improve their motor skills and allow them to have fun while doing so.

Even more so, toy trucks with horse trailers are a nice way for children to even possibly learn more about how vehicles function, to learn what makes them move.

If the thought has crossed your mind where you decided to get a child a gift – whether they’re a family friend or a younger relative – a toy truck with a horse trailer is a decent middle ground where you could check off multiple boxes of what I child looks for most in a toy.

To help ease the process of finding the best one available, here is a list of the top 7 toy horse trailer truck sets for kids!

While the toys won’t be in numerical order like a countdown, each toy has its positives and negatives that are worth researching before you purchase one.

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Top 7 Best Horse Trailer Truck Sets For Kids

1. Breyer Stablemates Horse Crazy Truck and Trailer Vehicle


To begin the list, the Breyer Stablemates set comes with a truck and Gooseneck trailer horse attachment, both being violet and white with floral accents.

Inside the trailer are three stalls and a storage area, which can hold three Stablemates horses.

The doors can open and close, and this includes the doors to the truck itself.

The tailgate can drop down and the wheels roll as well, making this toy set an active experience!

For this set, any accessories and horses are sold separately.

For the manufacturer’s recommended age group, this toy is aimed at children who are between 4 to 15-years-old.

User Experiences

Reviews for the Breyer Stablemates’ truck and horse trailer are a bit mixed.

Amazon user KeepOnReading praises the way the truck and trailer looks but leaves critique on the quality of the pieces:

“I would absolutely give this five stars, except that within 48 hours the tiny little plastic clips that hold the trailer to the truck bed unit broke off, so we can no longer tow the trailer the way it is meant to be towed.”

Leaving a bit of a more negative review, Aimee also mentions the quality of the toy’s materials:

“My daughter got this for her birthday and upon arrival, the mirror was already broken off.

It was easier to just glue it on then send it back. It isn’t A very durable item so probably not the best for younger children.”

Pros & Cons


  • The toy’s design is cute and vibrant on both the truck and trailer parts
  • The insides of the truck are organized and can fit three horses


  • The toy set doesn’t come with horses or any accessories, so bear that in mind if this one catches your eye
  • The plastic pieces can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their quality


Toy trucks with horse trailers aren’t necessarily a rarity among toys.

Because of this, finding alternatives or toys similar to those on the list shouldn’t be too difficult!

If the Breyer Stablemates set sparks your interest but not to the point of wanting to consider purchasing it, here is a shortlist of alternatives below.

Breyer Stablemates Truck & Gooseneck Trailer

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Built under the same brand as the initial Breyer Stablemates truck and trailer listing, one of the closest alternatives for a toy would also be under the same brand.

This truck and trailer are painted light blue and white with a photo of horses in a field attached to the sides of the trailer.

The overall layouts to both of these trucks and horse trailers are very similar so if you’re interested in different designs but similar layouts, this may be the one for you.

Much like the Breyer Stablemates Horse Crazy Truck and Trailer Vehicle, this toy is intended for children between 4 to 15-years-old.

M F Western Products Deluxe Barrel Racer Set Toys

If the more cute part of the Breyer Stablemates truck and trailer set were what caught your attention, this truck and horse trailer is painted in pink shades.

With two cowgirls and two horses included along with other accessories, this set makes for a lovely alternative.

It’s intended for children at least 4-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Bruder RAM 2500 Power Pickup with Horse Trailer

2. Bruder Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with Horse Trailer and Horse


Taking a step away from a truck and horse trailer, this Bruder set comes with a jeep and horse trailer instead.

Since the set is made by Bruder, it’s much more realistic than your average toy vehicle.

The jeep itself is designed with a maroon coat with black pieces and the trailer is an off-white (almost gray) with dark gray accents.

The toy itself is made of ABS plastic and has four side doors that can all be opened.

Along with wheels that can roll, this set comes with a single horse for the trailer attachment.

The recommended age range from the manufacturer is children between 3 to 15-years-old.

User Experiences

User john r. mentions purchasing and collecting Bruder toys, knowing his way around the brand quite a bit.

While he compliments the Bruder brand of toys, he leaves neutral feedback on the quality of this particular set:

“I purchased this Jeep and Horse trailer rig for my 5-year-old daughter. I was surprised to have to install stickers as tail lights and license plates. I have not had to do this with any other Bruder toy.”

While a seemingly small detail, he goes on to mention parts of the toy’s functions.

“In addition, the steering is a little on the clunky side. The steering mechanism is much more fluid on other Bruder toys. Last but not least, the horse trailer is difficult to detach from the jeep.

Again, I haven’t had this issue with any of the other toys, and we have quite the collection going on.”

Still, he – in the end – leaves a positive spin on the review, noting that the toy itself is very detailed otherwise and that he believes it’ll last for quite the while.

Pros & Cons


  • As a Bruder toy, this design is immaculate and realistic
  • The doors all open and the wheels roll, making it a toy to be used actively


  • May not be the best Bruder toy out there when it comes to quality
  • The price is very steep and depending on your budget, may not be worth the buy


If you’re torn on whether or not you should slap money down on this toy and are curious about other options, great alternatives to this set are other Bruder toys.

Bruder Toys Land Rover Defender Station Wagon with Horse Trailer and Horse

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Similarly designed set with a different vehicle but same trailer attachment, this Bruder alternative is a great choice if a station wagon vehicle is more to your liking.

The station wagon is forest green in color and is detailed in its design.

The toy is meant for children who are at least 3-years-old.

Horse Trailer Including 1 Horse

Though the price is a bit steep for a single toy accessory, this horse trailer attachment works well if the trailer was all you were after instead of buying an entire set.

This Bruder trailer is the same one seen within the other Bruder toys.

Age-wise, it’s recommended for children at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Bruder RAM 2500 Power Pickup with Horse Trailer

3. SCHLEICH Pickup Truck with Horse Trailer


The SCHLEICH truck and horse trailer set is a detailed toy with 15 pieces in the entire set.

The truck is a dark shade of dark fuchsia and the horse trailer is white.

Overall, the vehicle and its trailer are realistic in their designs.

As a part of the accessories to the truck, you receive a horse, two people figurines, and many pieces to go with the horse such as carrots, a saddle, a bridle, and more!

Last but certainly not least, the roof to the trailer is removable and optional stickers are available if you want to add a decal to it.

For this toy set, it’s recommended that your child be around 5 to 12-years-old.

User Experiences

For this SCHLEICH toy truck and horse trailer, most of the reviews are fairly positive.

Lauren Martin, for example, bought the set for their daughter…

“My daughter has been begging for this toy for a few months now. I finally gave in and bought it for her.

Very easy to put together, some of the decals are very small and I had a hard time putting them on.”

Continuing their review, they go on to praise the material quality of the toy…

“This feels very sturdy and well made – not that cheap flimsy plastic that most toys are made out of today.

My daughter breaks everything – I don’t think she will be breaking this too easily. Very happy with our purchase!”

Pros & Cons


  • Lovely truck and trailer attachment
  • Comes with quite a few pieces including a horse and two human figurines


  • Like the Bruder truck and horse trailer set, this set is fairly pricey for lower budgets


With the alternative options for this SCHLEICH toy set, its best alternatives are other horse figure sets from the same brand.

Riding Center with Accessories

Visit the Schleich Store >>

Though this set isn’t a truck with a horse trailer, this set is set comes with 43 pieces for your child to have their horse riding center.

Since it’s also by SCHLEICH, it works as both a choice or an add-on to the horse trailer set.

This toy set is recommended for children at least 5-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Bruder Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with Horse Trailer and Horse
  • Bruder RAM 2500 Power Pickup with Horse Trailer

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4. Bruder RAM 2500 Power Pickup with Horse Trailer


Much like the Bruder Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with Horse Trailer and Horse set, this Bruder RAM set comes with a vehicle matched with the Bruder horse trailer piece seen in other Bruder horse trailer sets.

Instead of a jeep, however, you’re given a RAM truck.

This set comes with a horse figurine and has doors and a sunroof that can be opened.

Along with this, the tailgate can also be opened and the trailer hitch can be removed.

The manufacturer’s recommended age for the product is between 3-years-old to 15-years-old.

User Experiences

Feedback left on this Bruder truck and horse trailer pair is mostly positive.

Labeled as an anonymous Kindle Customer on Amazon, they purchased the set for their son:

“My three-year-old cowboy grandson loved his new truck and trailer. I loved being able to tell everyone I bought a new truck for Christmas. Seriously, it’s a nice truck.”

Another reviewer also praised the quality of the set.

A user simply going by the name of M explained as such:

“My 3-year-old freaked out. This truck is the best toy from [age] 2 onward.

The parts (doors) break off easily, but for the amount of play that my son got out of this (from 2-3 years).

I was fine trashing the first truck and buying him this new one for the next year. It pretty much rocks.”

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made and realistic in its design and layout
  • The doors can be opened along with the sunroof and tailgate
  • Comes with a horse in the set
  • Rolling tires allow this toy to be moved around and not be just decorative


  • Common complaints revolve around how the doors can fall off easily
  • Hard for those with lower budgets since Bruder is a more costly brand


Alternatives for this Bruder RAM set are more-or-less the same as those found with the Bruder jeep set above.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Bruder Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with Horse Trailer and Horse
  • SCHLEICH Pickup Truck with Horse Trailer

5. Melissa & Doug Horse Carrier Wooden Vehicle Playset


The Melissa & Doug set takes a small twist on your typical toy vehicle: rather than plastic or metal parts, the majority of the set is wooden.

The main goal of the Melissa & Doug set is to stimulate creativity and help your child develop their motor skills.

Included within this set is a pull-down ramp for the back of the trailer and two horses.

This toy set is intended for younger children, the age recommendation being kids between 3 to 5-years-old.

User Experiences

The reviews for the quality of this set are mostly positive aside from one glaring flaw: the size of the horses under the Melissa & Doug brand.

Amazon user Angel left a 4-star review for the toy set and went into detail on why their review was left as such:

“I purchased the horse trailer and the suggested Fold and Go Stable from Melissa Doug. While each item is nice on its own, these two items are not related.

The Horse Trailer is too small to hold the horses that came with the Fold and Go Stable!”

User JA left a similar review on the horse sizes:

“I only gave 3-stars because the trailer and horses in this set are slightly shorter than the other Melissa and Doug horses we have, so they don’t fit unless they are very tilted.”

Buyers who didn’t necessarily want the stable set, however, were more than pleased with their purchase.

A perfect example is Javier, who ordered the set for his nephew.

“I was so excited when I found this toy for my nephew! I love that it’s wood, I love that you can personalize it with a name, but I would say that the name is engraved on the trailer instead of the red truck where the picture says it will be.”

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made set for younger children
  • Comes with two horses in the set
  • Can be rolled around and is designed to help your young child’s hand/eye coordination and motor functions


  • If you bought this set to match the stable under the same brand, the horses from there won’t fit into the trailer


Because the pieces are made of wooden parts, there aren’t any toys similar enough to be considered alternatives for this Melissa & Doug set.

While there are barns and stables under the Melissa & Doug brand, the toy horses aren’t at all compatible with this trailer set.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • No items within this list are workable alternatives for this set.

6. NewRay Longhauler – Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 with Horse Trailer and Horse Figures


For this toy set, it comes with a Chevrolet Silverado truck and a long trailer attachment.

This NewRay truck and horse trailer are made with diecast and plastic parts with rubber tires.

The truck is designed to be realistic in appearance but contrary to the way it looks in the photo, it’s fairly small in size.

The manufacturer recommends the toy for children at least 1-year-old.

User Experiences

For the reviews for this toy, most of them are short and fairly straightforward.

Barbara Ganzer, for example, purchased the gift for her grandson. Her review was as follows:

“Grandson’s gift, [he] loved it. He chooses to take some gifts home to play with & others stay [with his] grandparents so he’ll have some.”

User lindsey11803, however, critiqued the trailer hook’s quality:

“My son loves this toy. There was just one issue, the trailer hook wouldn’t fit down over the ‘hitch’.

My husband had to do a little handy work, he cut the top of the hitch which was too wide in order for the trailer to attach.”

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic design for the truck


  • Some users argue that the quality isn’t as great as it could be, especially for the trailer hitch


If the NewRay Chevrolet Silverado truck and trailer weren’t the greatest pick for you on this list, these other trucks and trailers might fit the bill better.

John Deere 1/32 Ford Pickup with Accessory Set

This set comes with a Ford Pickup, a horse trailer, and three horses.

Painted white with black accents, this truck is fairly realistic in design like the NewRay set.

It’s also compatible with other 1:32 scale trailers.

The manufacturer’s recommended age is 3-months-old and up.

NewRay Toys – Black Pickup Fifth-Wheel Horse Trailer Set

This truck and trailer set is much like the Chevrolet Silverado set in its design and layout.

If the original NewRay Chevy toy wasn’t what you wanted because of its truck choice or color choice, this black truck is more of a contrasting vehicle to its white trailer.

This set is recommended for children at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Breyer Stablemates Horse Crazy Truck and Trailer Vehicle

7. LEGO Friends Mia’s Horse Trailer 41371 Building Kit


Rather than being your typical push-and-pull toy vehicle, this toy set is under the LEGO brand, which means you build it yourself.

Don’t let that be off-putting or intimidating though!

With 216 pieces, this set is intended for older children to build their toys.

Giving them a taste of how toy models work, this set works well on helping your child develop their cognition and hand/eye coordination.

From a horse to its caretakers, this set comes with several accessories.

This set is recommended for children at least 6-years-old.

User Experiences

Though the reviews for this set are short in length, they’re frequent in number and the set is very well-received.

Marion Lambs, for example, was ecstatic with their purchase:

“This LEGO set is so adorable! I bought it for my niece’s 11th birthday and she loved it! Bright colors and perfect for her to assemble on her own! Great gift for the kids in your life!”

Terrie left a positive response to the set as well:

“My granddaughter was delighted with this set of LEGOs. She wanted them because her big brother has LEGOs all the time and this set was great for her because she adores horses.”

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made and colorful pieces
  • Functional horse trailer and truck when completed


  • There aren’t any negatives worth mentioning for the set unless you lose too many pieces!


Similar toys to this LEGO set are other LEGO horse sets!

LEGO 41125 Horse Vet Trailer Building Kit

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This LEGO set isn’t quite a horse trailer as a veterinary trailer for horses.

This set comes with 370 pieces and is light blue, purple, and white with maroon accents.

Countless accessories are included in the set so if this catches your eye, know that it’s intended for children at least 6-years-old.

LEGO Friends 3186 Emma’s Horse Trailer

View On Amazon>>

Colorful and cute, this LEGO set is under the LEGO Friends brand.

The truck is pink with the trailer being blue with pink details.

Like the other LEGO sets, it includes quite a few accessories in the set. It’s meant for children at least 6-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Being a LEGO set, it, unfortunately, doesn’t have any alternatives within this list.

Horse Trailer Truck Sets Are Awesome Toy Options

Whether it’s a realistic truck and trailer or a more cute, vibrant set, trucks with horse trailers can be found far and beyond for your children.

Like with other toy automobiles, their main intention first and foremost is to help your child find enjoyment while developing their motor skills.

While they’re a simple choice for a gift, if you want to get a child a present, a toy truck with an attachable horse trailer is a great option worth considering.


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