Toy Bulldozers Made of Metal

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Toy Bulldozers Made of MetalTOY BULLDOZERS MADE OF METAL

A toy bulldozer can be a great way to introduce your child to the world of construction and inspire their creativity.

They can be used indoors or outdoors and provide hours of learning and fun.

Ideally, toy bulldozers come in many shapes and sizes, so you’ll want to carefully consider which one is most appropriate for your kid’s needs and abilities.

These toys look just like the real thing, but they are safer and will not harm anything in your house.

Toy bulldozers are made by various manufacturers, but not all are made to the same high-quality standards.

To help you choose the best toy bulldozer for your child, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 toy bulldozers made of metal this year.

Let’s take a look!

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7. Duturpo 1/50 Scale Diecast Metal Toy Bulldozer

Toy Bulldozers Made of Metal

The first mini bulldozer on this list is the Duturpo1/50 scale metal bulldozer.

It is a perfect gift for your kid and will surely attract them a lot more.

Ideally, this boy’s toy has an approximate measurement of 7.8 inches * 4.2 inches * 3.6 inches and it is made of die-cast steel materials.

This makes it sturdy, durable, and reliable.

The toy also comes packaged with a user manual to assist parents to figure out how they should set up the toy to ensure that it works properly.

It is a high simulation dozer model that is ideal for kids aged 8 years and above.

This kid’s toy has to work segmented metal tracks, adjustable tilt blade, and accurately detailed cab interior.

This toy is meant for pretending to play and it can develop their imagination.

Kids will have an enjoyable time driving all over their playroom and making pretend mud pies on this toy bulldozer.


• Made of die-cast metal materials for durability

• Recommended age 8+

• It has accurately detailed cab interior

• Measures 7.8 * 4.2 * 3.6 inches

• Safe and reliable Metal Dozer Toy

• Features adjustable tilt blade


• Very pricy for the product and size

6. Kolegend Remote Control 1/18 Scale RC Toy Bulldozer

Toy Bulldozers

If you are looking for a durable Bulldozer Toy Truck for your kid, then consider buying him this one from Kolegend.

It is a remote controllable Toy Truck up to 110 feet range and it features a 2.4GHZ radio system.

In addition to that, the tractor loader will greatly enhance the loading capacity in 360-degree directions.

You can move this track forward/backward, turn the loading arm up, down, left, and right.

Ideally, this toy bulldozer truck features a Powerful 4 Wheel Drive and rubber tires that increase grip and friction to conquer difficult terrain easily.

It is perfect for carrying gravel, sand, and soil. The kids will make fun with this toy truck while helping them improve hand-eye coordination.

This black RC bulldozer looks more realistic and cool. It is a great choice for 3-8 ages vehicle-lover kids.

Besides that, it can be a great gift for boys, baby infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.


• Perfect for kids aging 3 to 8 years

• It has a 10 to 110 feet control range

• Portable making it easy to operate and play

• Has a Powerful 4 Wheel Drive to conquer difficult terrain easily

• Helps kids to exercise hand-eye coordination


• The battery life is poor

5. Tonka Steel Yellow Bulldozer Vehicle

Bulldozers Toy Made of Metal

This particular toy bulldozer by Tonka is made for children above the age of 3 years.

It is a durable and strong Bulldozer Vehicle toy that is ready to clear away and demolish everything in its path.

The kid can use it to move sand, dirt, and gravel using its moveable blade and then take control of the job site.

The toy is made from sturdy steel materials making it tough and durable.

The toddlers can spend hours playing with it without getting tired of it.

It comes in yellow color which makes it simple to find whenever it is left out in open space.

The dimensions of the toy are 12.5 x 7.5 x 7.4 inches with a weight of 2.4 pounds.

This toy bull loader features real engine sounds, making it perfect for hours of playtime fun outdoors.

Above all, step-by-step assembly instructions are included.


• It features sturdy steel construction

• Ideal for kids aging 3 years and up

• Features a moveable blade

• You can use it to play outside the house

• Look more attractive and adorable


• Only about 25% is actually metal

4. WONKAWOO 360˚ Rotation Digger Metal Ride On Toy Bulldozer

Ride On Toy Bulldozers Made of Metal

The WONKAWOO Ride-on Toy Bulldozer is a perfect gift for toddlers.

It is made from durable metal frames and it will last for a long time without breakage.

It has easy-to-work and light 2 handed controls for dumping and digging action.

What’s more, the scoop shovel is 13 inches wide which allows your child to move a lot of sand when compared to other diggers.

The toy has 4 wheels that ensure mobility in all kinds of playing areas including snow, dirt, and sand surfaces.

This earthmover toy has 360 degrees rotating arm swivel and contoured seat just like a real earthmover.

With that, it allows kids to move the dirt and sand around comfortably.

When your kid plays with this mini Bulldozer, it will help him to develop body and hand coordination, strength through creative outdoor play, have fine motor skills, and improve their imagination.

It has a weight limit of 70 lbs and will bring more fun for 5 to 6 years old kids.


• It has a 360˚ swivel seat and scoop

• You can play in sand, snow or dirt

• Comes with 4 wheels for mobility

• Constructed with durable metal frame

• It is 18.5″ wide for stability


• Some customers complain several washers and bolts are not included in the box

3. Tonka – FFP Steel Classics Bulldozer

Construction Toys Made of Metal

Suitable for kids aging 3 and above, this mini bulldozer by Tonka operates with the assistance of a remote controller.

It features workable blades that move gravel, sand, and dirt as the child plays.

It is ready to clear away and demolish anything in its path.

This Classics Bulldozer toy is made of real steel making it durable and long-lasting.

Its positionable front blade and Authentic working tread can lock in the down or up position.

In addition to that, it is 12.5 inches wide for stability.

Your kids will love scooping up sand and then dumping it into piles on hard surfaces like sidewalks or decks outside.

It is a simple, durable toy that will withstand your kids’ efforts to destroy it.

The tires are wide and rubberized, giving them great traction on any surface.

It will encourage your kid to stay active while developing hand-body coordination skills.

Finally, it has gears and moving parts just like in a real construction vehicle or bulldozer.


• This steel bulldozer is 12.5 inches wide for stability

• Appropriate for ages 3 years and up

• Can move dirt, gravel, and sand

• Made of tough real steel for durability

• It encourages kids to get active


• Several parts are made of plastic parts

2. GoolRC WLtoys XKS 1/14 Scale 14800 RC Bulldozer for Kids

Toy Bulldozers Made of Metal

If you’re looking for a remote-controlled toy that your kid will love, look no other than GoolRC WLtoys RC Bulldozer.

It possesses a metal bulldozer shovel, independent joint control, strong power, telescopic arm, high-brightness lights, and simulated sound effects.

With all these features, it will look like a real bulldozer great for educating and entertaining.

This RC Bulldozer features a 2.4G anti-interference remote controller that can control several RC cars that are used at the same place at the same time.

Whether it is driving, lifting, or steering, this vehicle will accomplish that easily.

Its realistic operation sound and highly bright light restore the real sense of working site while giving your child an immersive feeling.

Equipped with a 1500mah, 7.4V High capacity lithium battery, it will offer 60mins battery life and your kid will love playing with it without getting bored.

Another thing, the toy is made of sturdy metal materials that resist wear and collision.


It comes with a 2.4G Remote Radio control

• Offered with 1500mah 7.4V High capacity lithium battery

• The bulldozer shovel resists wear and collision

• It features simulated sound effects and telescopic arm

• Has a powerful motor that offers sufficient and stable power


• Has a lot of clicking noise from the gears

1. Fistone RC Truck 4WD Bulldozer Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor with Sounds

Toy Bulldozer for kids

The Fistone RC Truck 4WD Bulldozer is a monster on any terrain.

It has a powerful shovel scoop for digging deep in the soil, gravel, and sand.

Ideally, this Bulldozer toy features front and real four-wheel drive and you can move it in different directions including turning left & right, upward & backward.

You can radio control this Bulldozer at a range of 300ft and it supports multi RC cars to play at the same time without any interference.

It is ideal for kids aged 6 years and above and will help them improve their coordination ability between hands and eyes while practicing their handling capability.

With its high-performance double motor, the tractor will easily conquer any difficult terrain and have sufficient driving power.

It is a top choice for parent-child activities, holiday presents, hobby collections, and home entertainment.


Radio control distance range up to 300ft

• Fit for Age 6+ kids

• Help Improve kids’ co-ordination ability

• Easily conquer any difficult terrain

• It is a perfect birthday and holiday present


• Durable little truck but has a problem with the battery life


If you’re trying to find a great toy for your son, consider getting them a toy bulldozer made of steel.

It will be sure to satisfy their cravings while also providing hours of fun.

It can be used by kids of all ages from young toddlers to preteens.

If you need to find a good product, the Toy Bulldozers listed above are the best on today’s market today.

Choose one that you find perfect for your kid!

Good luck!


22 thoughts on “Toy Bulldozers Made of Metal”

  1. These are all some cool toys here. But I absolutely loved the Fistone RC truck 4WD bulldozer alloy shovel loader tractor. My grandfather was a contractor and he had this equipment. The real big ones. So, it’s always a nice memory from my childhood. I would like to have this toy where I could see it every day.

    • Oh, that’s great Paolo!  I’m glad that you love the list and that they bought back some memories for you 🙂

      I think you’ll love the Fistone bulldozer – it’s pretty easy to operate and durable. 

  2. Wow, these are so cool! I have a little cousin of mine who absolutely loves trucks, cars, and bulldozers! I’m so glad I came across your website, I had no idea that these types of toys exist! Will definitely be purchasing one for the Christmas season! I think that the Tonka Steel Yellow Bulldozer would be perfect! Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Sam. Your little cousin will surely love one of these bulldozers just in time for the holiday season. Tonka is a trusted brand too!

  3. This brings back memories of my childhood. I am glad to see that some of the classic toys are still around and some have been upgraded to being RC, this may be a plus. The joy of seeing a child(regardless of age) being active and learning problem-solving skills with the use of one of the bulldozers is a big advantage they can use later in life when trying to analyze a problem and then finding a solution is priceless. I am currently looking to invest in one of these to see the sheer joy on my little boy’s face.


    • Awesome to know that this brings back memories for you.

      Your little one will now get a chance to create his own memory after playing with the toy bulldozer that you choose for him.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. As a father of 2 boys, this article rocks! We tend to go to the park and play with their Bulldozer+s, but as they are plastic ones, they usually break. 

    Nice recommendations on which to buy, but it would really help if you could inform the price for each one as well!


    • Hi Lizzy, the Kolegend bulldozer will make a great Christmas present for your little nephew! The remote controller will make it quite easy to move around.  He’s going to have a lot of fun for sure 🙂

  5. I never looked at all the different options for Tonka trucks, and I have no idea why after reading this article. There are several toys in here I’ve never seen, specifically the ride-on bulldozer. My four year old has been obsessed with construction vehicles since he started watching Blippi and now I have an idea of what to get him for Christmas! Thank you for this article!

  6. I love all these! It may surprise you to know that there are girls who enjoy these toys too. My seven-year-old granddaughter is one of them. Since being a toddler she has enjoyed playing with trucks and cars. She also enjoys construction toys such as building blocks

    As far as ‘girl’ toys go, she loves playing with them too and has a huge Barbie house. She has a very varied taste. 

    For her first birthday, I bought her a toy fire station which she really enjoyed.  I think in this day and age toys are toys, and people are tending to no longer categorize them into boys’ or girls’ toys.

    All these toys look very exciting, and I shall consider buying her one for her 8th birthday. They look great for sand play and she has a big sandpit outside. I think she would find any of these a lot of fun. 

  7. I don’t know why but when I was little I was always fascinated mostly by these metal bulldozers than those plastic ones. It seems to me that these had much more details on them, not to talk about their vastly superior durability. Although I always hated when some of these still had a few plastic parts that could easily break.

    • Hi Stratos, thanks for sharing your views. The metal bulldozers are definitely more durable than their plastic counterparts. But still, some parents will want to get the plastic ones for the smaller kids because they are lighter to carry around.  Overall, both versions are well based on the demand.

  8. These are great toys for play in the park. My son likes anything trucks, trains, and trams. Anytime we are on the road, he can’t take his eyes off them.

    I have been searching for solid trucks made from metal for some time now, and I’m glad to finally see a good one for my son; he will be overexcited.

    My best pick is the Fristone RC Truck bulldozer; it looks strong and can move in all directions. 

    Sure, it will be suitable for the park; hopefully, we will get warmer weather next month.

    Thank you for the detailed review.


  9. This summer we will spend on the beach for some time. Besides, with these amazing toys, my boys won’t be kept running around and getting bored quickly. 

    I have no idea such a toy with metal parts simulating the real ones is available for the age 3-8. Learning and having fun is combined. Thank you!

  10. These are fantastic gift ideas for little ones.  I have a lot of nephews and have always been very limited when buying them gifts because I think indoor games are too abundant. These are not only practical and fun but educational too. The fact that they can get involved in assembling the bulldozers makes it a lot more fun and I’m sure these will encourage a lot more outdoor playing!

    I wish I had this info before Christmas:) But I guess there are birthdays still coming up.

  11. These bulldozers look fantastic! It’s always fun to look at toys, even as an adult. But I had no idea that there were so many bulldozers that looked so incredibly real. Nor that there was a ride-on version! How fun would that be for a little one? I’m going to have to write some of these names down as they’d make great gifts for youngsters. Thanks for sharing your review.


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