Best Toy Trucks With Doors That Open (Top 7 List)

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Toy Trucks with Doors that OpenToy Trucks with Doors that Open

Being a basic staple for a toy, model trucks work wonders on catching the eyes of your kids.

They’re essentially smaller, yet often detailed replicas of the vehicles that tower over them as they step into the outside world.

While toy trucks are great toys to write down as a possible present (be it for the holidays, a special event, or even a gift for good behavior), you can go above and beyond on the intricate parts of these automobiles.

(The more detailed they are, however, the less likely they are to be played with roughly, as they may be collectibles instead.)

If you’ve gotten stuck in a rut when picking out a toy, know a model truck would be an excellent choice, but don’t know where to start, a good first step would be to consider toy trucks with doors that can open!

Even though this may cross your mind as a strange and basic idea, toy trucks are, as noted before, a simple and all-purpose toy you can get for your child.

For the most part, simpler toy trucks don’t have doors that open.

By having that extra feature, you’re able to help boost your child’s imaginative thoughts and even enhance their play by allowing them to insert other toys of their own into a truck’s driver’s seat.

Though this list could go on and on, to help you decide what toys are worth considering, here is a compiled list of the top 7 best toy trucks with doors that open!

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Toy Trucks with Doors that Open

1. Maisto Special Edition Truck – 2017 Ford F150


Built with a die-cast metal body and plastic parts, this Maisto pick-up truck is based on its namesake: a 2017 Ford F150.

The truck features doors and a hood that can be opened and a tailgate that can be lowered.

The colors for this specific truck model can vary for your purchase.

The manufacturer’s recommended age is at least 3-years-old to 15-years-old.

User Experiences

For the most part, reviewers are pleased with their purchase of this Maisto toy truck.

To start with, Rhonda Jones bought the toy for her grandson.

Her review is as follows:

“My grandson loved this Christmas gift. It is just like his Papa’s truck. I expected a little bit bigger but it is heavy duty and he loves it so that is what matters the most.”

Sarah Culp’s review is based on her buying the toy for her two-year-old son:

“Makes a cute toy for my son. Doors and hatch open very easily. The only thing is I thought I was ordering the blue but instead they shipped a white one.

It didn’t bother me because my son is only two and doesn’t care much about color. He loves the truck!”

Pros & Cons


  • Designed to be heavy-duty
  • Well-made and detailed toy truck


  • This Maisto toy pick-up can be too heavy for younger children to pick up


While the Maisto pick-up is an interesting toy truck, it may not be the exact thing you’re wanting to come across.

Thankfully, there are a handful of Ford F150 pick-up models available.

Maisto Ford F150 SVT Lightning Pick-up Truck

Under the Maisto brand along with being a Ford F150, this black pick-up makes for a great alternative for the Maisto Special Edition Truck – 2017 Ford F150.

The recommended age range for this toy is unlisted.

Ford 2017 F150 Raptor Pick-up Truck – Black Off-Road King

Also by Maisto is another 2017 Ford F150 truck.

This Ford pick-up is bulkier than your average pick-up as well.

This toy is recommended for kids at least 8-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • 1979 Ford F150 Pick-up Truck

2. Jada 20 – BTK – 72 Chevy Cheyenne


The Jada 72 Chevy Cheyenne is an officially-licensed black, white, and silver pick-up with purple accents across its body.

It’s also built with die-cast with rubber tires.

Along with this, its hood, doors, and trunk can be opened.

This truck model is intended for kids at least 8-years-old.

User Experiences

The feedback for the 72 Chevy Cheyenne is more simplified and short compared to other products within the list.

Ashley Mair, for example, reviews as such:

“Great product for the price.”

Alberto C. also praised the model pick-up.

“Definitely going to buy the whole collection.”

Pros & Cons


  • Detailed in design
  • Great for being collected


  • The toy may be too fragile for kids to play with compared to others


Thankfully, there is a back-up choice if the 72 Chevy Cheyenne wasn’t your bread and butter!

New Toys Jada W/B – 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne (Black/White)

Perhaps the most similar choice available, this Chevrolet Cheyenne pick-up is fairly similar to the initial toy listed above.

Unlike the original 72 Cheyenne, however, this truck doesn’t feature purple accents and is mainly white with a black stripe centering off the layout.

The toy is meant for those at least 8-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Yellow 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up
  • DC Comics Wonder Woman 1952 Chevy Coe Pick-up

3. 1979 Ford F150 Pick-up Truck


Designed after the 1979 Ford F150 pick-up truck, this toy model takes on a blue tint in appearance.

The truck features, of course, doors that can be opened.

For the materials, the truck has rubber tires and is made of die-cast metal with some plastic parts.

The toy was manufactured by Motormax.

This toy is aimed at children 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

Depending on the reviewer, some go on record to mention that this toy model works best as a collectible than a toy to be played with.

Filled with a heartfelt tale of previous years, Amazon user Grandma25’s review is focused on the idea of this Ford F150 truck being purely for aesthetic purposes:

“I owned a 1976 Ford F250 back in 1992 and this die-cast model, an F150, is a very close cousin, including the bench seat on which our German Shepherd mix loved to stretch out.

Brings back a lot of memories and is a wonderful addition to my memory shelves. Securely boxed by the manufacturer.”

Danielle Story, however, does mention buying the model for her son as a toy to be played with:

“This was bought as a baby shower prop and now is one of my son’s most favorite toys.

It has held up through some of the hardest playing of little boys and he won’t let it go! Thank you!”

Pros & Cons


  • Overlaying the toy with detail, the truck design is realistic for a small model
  • Well-made for its cost and size


  • Though the negative feedback is limited, one reviewer claims the mirrors to be fragile


If the color scheme wasn’t up to par for your toy automobile choice, there are other possible options to consider for your child’s perfect color palette.

Motormax 1979 Ford F150 Pick-up (brown or red/cream)

Being the same Motormax 1979 Ford F150 pick-up, these two trucks work wonderfully as alternatives worth considering.

On one hand, there is a brown truck for a simpler design.

On the other hand and for a more classic look is a red and cream pick-up possibility.

Like the original, blue listing of this truck, this toy is meant for kids at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Maisto Special Edition Truck – 2017 Ford F150

4. Bruder Ram 2500 Power Pick-up


If you haven’t heard of it before, the Bruder brand is well-known for bringing to life realistic toy trucks for children to play with.

The toy is designed with ABS plastic and rubber tires.

Like the other toys in this list, it features doors that can be opened (along with its tailgate).

The toy also features a sliding window used for a steering wheel extension.

This toy pick-up is intended for children at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

Reviews for this Bruder Ram pick-up are positive for the most part.

Jenn compliments the truck intended to be a Christmas gift:

“The only thing my son asked for for Christmas was a truck that had all 4 doors that opened. Finally, a truck that fits the bill! He will absolutely love it. It also has a functioning sunroof! Top-quality!”

His comment being similarly pleased, Adam also praises the toy:

“As with all things Bruder, this is a great truck. My son loves it. We are going to make lumber racks and a trailer adapter for it. He wants it to have a toolbox too so I may try that.”

Under the anonymous “Amazon Customer” name, another positive message is left on the toy:

“Purchased as a Christmas gift for my 6-year-old son who loves everything farm. This truck is well built! Springs are a nice touch, especially for a boy who’s tough on his toys and leans a bit too hard on them when pushing them around.“

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic design
  • Overall, fairly well-made


  • As with all Bruder toys, the price can make it a hit-or-miss on if it’s worth it for the product


Toy vehicles of similar quality can be found under the Bruder brand.

Unfortunately, the amount of toy trucks they sell isn’t quite as high as, say, their Jeep toys.

Because of this, the most similar alternative models are already listed here along with the Bruder Ram truck.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel Pick-up Truck


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5. Yellow 1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up


As mentioned in its name, this toy truck is modeled after a 1955 Chevy Stepside pick-up truck.

The toy features die-cast metal parts, doors that can be opened, and a pull-back action.

Overall, this toy truck is much smaller compared to others in this list, as it measures at about five inches in length.

This toy was manufactured by KiNSMART.

Age-wise, this toy truck works best for your kids if they’re at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

While it was purchased for a child to play with, Vaibhav B. was pleased with their purchase of the tiny, yellow pick-up:

“I love collecting cars and bikes for decorating my house. This product is too cute. Great for price also seems to be of good quality. The thing I loved is that you can open the car doors.”

Amazon user Magic Batch also bought the toy but instead got it for their son.

“I haven’t given [it] to my son yet but it seems durable and it’s a perfect size. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. It doesn’t look cheaply made or anything so I’m pretty happy with it.”

Pros & Cons


  • Detailed design for a very small toy
  • Features pull-back action


  • The size of the truck is very small compared to what you’d typically expect (though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!)


Perhaps yellow isn’t the color you’d like in a truck. The KiNSMART brand offers the same truck with other color choices to suit your preferences!

1955 Chevy Stepside Pick-up

If you love the idea of a Chevy Stepside pick-up but prefer other colors, these alternatives are the perfect toys worth considering.

Aside from yellow, the available colors are red, black, blue, and orange.

They’re also recommended for kids at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Since these toys are about the size of matchbox cars, they don’t have alternatives within this list.

6. DC Comics Wonder Woman 1952 Chevy Coe Pick-up


With paintwork resembling Wonder Woman’s design motifs, this pick-up truck is made of die-cast with some plastic parts.

The truck also features rubber tires and doors, a hood, and a trunk that can be opened.

Included with the purchase is a 2.75-inch collectible figurine. This model was also manufactured by Jada.

Due to being more of a collectible than your average toy, it’s intended for those at least 14-years-old.

User Experiences

Much like the other Jada toy in this list, the feedback on the pick-up is – for the most part – straightforward and fairly short.

User Xtreme1 bought the pick-up for its collectible value:

“I bought this one and one other for my die-cast collection. Very cool diorama box so right into the cabinet it went.”

Michele Bizzozzaro commends the product as well:

“Nicely assembled Quietly is beautiful and has good weight.”

Tammy Hinkle also leaves a positive review, stating how it’s…

“well-made for a toy,”

which is then followed by recommending the truck.

Pros & Cons


  • Very detailed design-work
  • The truck comes with multiple functioning parts, such as doors, its hood, and a trunk that can be opened


  • While it may function as a toy, it’s meant for being a collectible, which may not make it the best plaything to give to a child


Other DC Comics automobiles feature similar design quality and function as the Wonder Woman truck.

DC Comics Supergirl 1956 Ford F100 Die-cast Car

Though it’s a different vehicle, this Supergirl Ford F100 is one of the best choices if you’re after superhero-oriented automobiles.

It’s also recommended for those at least 14-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Jada 20 – BTK – ’72 Chevy Cheyenne

7. 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel Pick-up Truck


Like the Bruder Ram truck, this pick-up created by Motormax also features a red Dodge Ram.

For this toy truck, it’s modeled after the 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel pick-up.

The model features rubber tires, opening doors, and a detailed interior. The truck is die-cast with some plastic parts.

This toy is recommended for children at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

This pick-up has, for the most part, received positive reviews for its quality.

Listed under an anonymous “Amazon Customer” name label is a positive response:

“Just like the real thing,”

they mention, the feedback following with how they only wished it was in black.

Jason Rutan praises the aesthetic of the toy as well, commenting on how it has

“great detail.”

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic design and well-made in quality


  • Thankfully, there are no negative responses to this pick-up as of yet!


Like other pick-ups within this list, there is an alternative color choice for this 2019 Dodge Ram available as well.

There is also a similarly-designed Laramie pick-up available.

2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab Rebel Pick-up

If red is a bit too vibrant, a more simple and calming white 2019 Dodge Ram is another nice choice to pick from.

Like the original, it’s meant for kids at least 3-years-old.

2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie Pick-up

Not to be confused with the Crew Cab Rebel pick-ups, these Dodge Ram pick-ups are also designed by Motormax and are great backup ideas.

They’re recommended for kids 3-years-old and up.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Bruder Ram 2500 Power Pick-up

Whether they’re toy trucks meant to be collected or to be played with by small children, a toy truck is a great and simple gift worth the purchase.

Trucks with doors that open, however, can lead to countless, imaginative possibilities for your kids to put their figures in the driver’s seat to even possibly use it as a small storage compartment.

A child’s imagination can be limitless all on its own but the next time you consider buying a toy pick-up, it might be a worthwhile idea to research those with doors that open compared to those that don’t along with what works best with your child’s age.

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