BEST Toy Trucks With Eyes To Help Your Child Grow Smart

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Toy Trucks With EyesTop 7 Best Toy Trucks With Eyes

While toy trucks are an excellent present choice for your child, something to consider is the intended demographic for that said toy.

Though it may seem strenuous on the amount of research you may end up doing just to find the right toy, that effort may be more rewarding than you think.

Toys, while typically seen as just something cute for a child to play with, are important development tools for helping your child grow.

That being said, though it may be taxing, some proper research is the first step.

The best way to help your child’s growth is to, as mentioned before, find the perfect toy intended for the right demographic.

In this case, the demographic would be your child’s age group.

Overly detailed toys may feature unsafe small parts or uninteresting designs to a much younger child.

Even though they may seem a bit strange (if not unique), the perfect toy to consider for your child is a toy truck… but with eyes!

This may sound too specific but toy trucks with eyes are often cute in design and bright in color.

Overall, these toy trucks are aimed at younger children who are beginning to learn how to control their movements.

To help you organize the best toys to pick from, this list has been created of the top 7 best toy trucks with eyes.

From firetrucks to semis, the toy trucks found below carries a variety of fun choices.

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Best Toy Trucks With Eyes

1. Kid Trax Recycling Truck With Eyes


Labeling itself as being built with environmentally-friendly materials, the Kid Trax Recycling Truck is the first to start the list of toy trucks.

Painted in bright green, white, and other colors on the truck, it also dons two blue eyes on the windshield.

Functions included with the toy are a push-button that allows the truck to accelerate, rubber traction strip tires that help to keep the ride smooth, and a rechargeable 6-volt battery and wall charger.

The truck is simple in that its only other function is simply being pushed.

As its description may make it sound, this toy is intended for very young children.

The manufacturer’s recommended age for the toy is children at least 18 months – 4 years.

User Experiences

Rita Qin decided to get the Kid Trax Recycling Truck for her 2-year-old son who loves trucks:

“He has also shown a lot of interest in building things…whenever I get out the screwdriver or measuring tape etc he always wants to use them and screw things too.

He absolutely LOVED this toy and was thrilled with the 100 voice lines, sound effects, songs and being able to use the push button to get it moving.”

Other reviews are more simplified but just as appreciative of the toy’s quality.

According to Helen…“

It was a perfect gift for my 2-year-old nephew. Just the right size for him. He loves it very much!”

Yvette also compliments the toy:

“The quality of this toy Recycling Truck is very good and the color is also fantastic!”

She then mentions how the toy is best…

“for kids less than 2-years-old.”

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made in quality
  • Has simple enough functions that a young child would enjoy


  • sounds are very loud


Toy trucks with faces are both common but difficult to come across.

This is more so the case for toy firetrucks.

Though they may not necessarily have faces, these alternatives should work closely enough if you’re after a similar toy.

Green Toys Fire Truck

Designed to be BPA-free and phthalates-free, this toy firetruck is similar to the Gizmovine Firetruck because of how they’re both toy firetrucks with simple functions and environmentally-friendly materials intended for children at least 12-months-old.

There is also a pink version of the toy available: ↘️

The Learning Journey Early Learning – On the Go Firetruck

This Learning Journey toy firetruck is similar to the Gizmovine Firetruck due to its cute, colorful appearance.

It’s meant for slightly older children who are 18-months-old at least.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Firetruck

2. INSOON Toddler Toys Car and Truck Toys 2-Pack


Delivered in a set of two toys, the INSOON toy set comes with a toy car and a toy construction truck.

Both toy automobiles carry cute designs and attention to detail while maintaining a cartoon aesthetic.

They’re noted to make realistic engine sounds, music, and flashing headlights.

The toys are also intended for toddlers to improve their hand/eye coordination and imagination.

The description on the product states that it’s intended for children about 2-years-old but the recommended manufacturer age is marked at 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

The INSOON toy set is fairly well-liked among buyers.

Lindsay, for example, mentions how…

“These are the cutest little toys!”

She mentions how her son loves to chase them around and she also praises their quality.

“My kids haven’t played with much else since they got these cars. They are a big hit at our house!”

Brittany G.’s appreciation for the toy is also apparent within her review:

“The feel of these cars is so soft. Almost like they have a tin layer of soft rubber on them. I love the dump truck one because my kids play with it in their blocks center and load up the back with the blocks.”

Pros & Cons


  • Cute designs for the toys
  • Their quality and texture is more than decent


  • Requires three AAA batteries, which are not included in the set


Because of just how specific the INSOON pair are in their functions, finding the perfect alternative can take a good amount of research!

Though the options can be limited, they’re still there.

WolVol Electric Musical Car Toy

This WolVol toy car is about as similar as a toy can get to the INSOON set.

Though it’s not a toy truck (being a toy car instead), it’s an electrical toy automobile with capabilities to make light and sound.

The final cherry on this toy car sundae is how it has eyes to make it cute like the INSOON toys.

The toy is recommended for children at least 18-months-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Firetruck

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3. LeapFrog Tumbling Blocks Firetruck


A bright red, smiling toy firetruck, this LeapFrog toy is a multi-function toy designed to help young children develop their learning skills.

Included with the firetruck are five blocks meant to help teach the alphabet as well.

When your child is done playing with the toy, the blocks can be stored in the back of the firetruck.

Since this set is meant to help with child development, it’s recommended for kids between 18 to 36-months-old (or a little over 1-year-old to 3-years-old).

User Experiences

The reviews for this toy are mostly straightforward and shorter in length compared to other products.

Debra, for example, bought the toy for her grandsons:

“This is a very educational fire truck toy. My grandson loves playing with the blocks that came with the truck.”

In a more lengthy review, Lady Raven RAVE! also has good things to say about the toy:

“My 21-month-old is finding this fascinating.

He is really into letters and sounds and hasn’t really been playing with cars and trucks, so he is liking this and I am glad the alphabet is a plus.

The truck appears small in photos but is a good size and it appears safe so far.”

Pros & Cons


  • Teaches your child about the alphabet along with being a nice toy
  • Has a storage space for the blocks so you don’t lose them
  • come with (but you’ll have to replace them soon because they’re demo batteries)


  • This set doesn’t have any negative feedback aside from some users feeling as though the quality could be more sturdy


Though the building blocks of the LeapFrog toy firetruck may be hard to find in another toy truck with eyes, there is a toy truck that may work well enough as a backup choice.

Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Big Rig Car Carrier

Though it’s no firetruck, this big rig is a cute alternative truck with eyes.

Featuring multiple knobs and small accessories, it’s a nice option intended for younger children worth considering.

Overall, the toy is intended for children between 1 to 5-years-old and requires two AA batteries.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Gizmovine Firetruck

4. Little Tikes Easy Rider Truck


As a toy truck with eyes, this Amazon-exclusive Little Tikes truck takes a step away from your average, smaller toy truck.

The Little Tikes Easy Rider Truck is a combination of lime green, orange, and light blue in its palette, which makes it cuter in appearance than too realistic.

With three different ways to play with the toy, it can be used as a ride-on toy, a walker, or even a wagon with a handle.

Buttons on the handle can also make up to seven sound effects.

This toy is intended for children between 12-months-old to 3-years-old.

User Experiences

To start the reviews for the Little Tikes toy truck, B Turner begins by mentioning how they were unsure what size the toy would be:

“I thought it would be smaller (I should have read more on the size), but I was pleasantly surprised.

The blue box folds up and he can ride around on it.

The noises are surprisingly quiet, which is a nice relief to all of the loud usual kid’s toys.”

Their review ends with them mentioning the toy to be a good buy.

Amazon user MC commends the toy after their mom purchased it for their nephew:

“This really helped him to gain the familiarity and courage to walk on his own. Even now as he walks and runs on his own, he still loves pushing this truck around. Great Buy!”

Pros & Cons



  • Overall, complaints are very minimal for this toy


The closest alternative for this Little Tikes toy truck is another toy under the same brand.

Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus

Although this toy – much like many alternatives within this list – isn’t a perfect match as a toy truck with eyes, it’s very similar to the Little Tikes toy listed above.

Being a ride-on toy with multiple functions, it works as an excellent option if you’re looking more for a toy bus over a toy truck.

This toy is intended for children at least 12-months-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck


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5. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Firetruck


Embellished with a small smirk and eyes, the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Firetruck makes the third firetruck for this list.

Named Freddy the Firetruck, the toy features an extension ladder and a windshield that can be pressed to interact with the toy’s audio.

The toy is intended for children between 1 to 5-years-old.

User Experiences

Reviews for this toy truck are less frequent and shorter in length compared to other toys.

An anonymous Amazon customer comments on how

“it’s definitely cute but it’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be.”

Mary L., however, comments that it’s a…

“nice, small truck.”

Pros & Cons


  • The design, like other toys similar to it, is very cute!
  • Makes a sound when pressed on the windshield
  • Requires two AAA batteries, which are included (but only for demo purposes)


  • Can be considered a bit small compared to other toys like it


VTech toys offer a notable amount of alternatives when you’re after specific toy vehicles of a similar layout.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Firetruck, Multicolor

Also a firetruck under the same brand, this VTech firetruck is surprisingly very different in design compared to the initial listing.

Both have similar functions despite their differences in appearance.

Like the other VTech firetruck, this one is intended for children 1 to 5-years-old and also uses AAA batteries, which are included for demo use.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Truck, Multicolor

This toy has the same functions as the other VTech products but as just a simple truck!

If the simplicity of a cute, small truck is to your liking, this toy is a perfect, clean option.

Because it’s a VTech toy, it’s meant for children between 1 to 5-years-old and uses two AAA batteries.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • INSOON Toddler Toys Car and Truck Toys 2-Pack

6. Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Zig the Big Rig


Zig the Big Rig is a bright and colorful toy truck with sound, lights, and even animated movements in his facial features.

The toy can also release Wheelies-brand vehicles out the side gate off a ramp in the back of the truck.

Included in with the toy are 50 forms of audio through sounds and phrases and a single Wheelies miniature vehicle.

This toy is meant for children between 18-months-old to 6-years-old.

Zig the Big Rig requires three C batteries to function, which are included in the purchase.

User Experiences

To start her review, Susan Bishop mentioned how she bought the Zig the Big Rig toy for her grandson:

“At first releasing the cars was a bit difficult for him, but pushing the truck around and the other sound effects were great for him. It did not take long for him to get the hand of the Wheelies cars and soon became his favorite.”

She ended her review by recommending the toy.

For her review, Emily tosses an exciting amount of positivity for the product:

“Love this! A toy you can play with that also doubles as storage!”

She finishes her review with a word of advice on the size and weight of the toy:

“It is somewhat slightly heavy so a smaller child may not be able to pick it up and move it around very easily.”

Pros & Cons


  • Functions as both a talking truck, storage, and a ramp for smaller vehicles


  • This toy would be harsh on tighter budgets, so consider that before purchasing!


Fisher-Price offers a toy (and possibly more) similar in how Zig the Big Rig works, which is also from the same brand.

Fisher-Price Little People Dump Truck

At a cheaper cost, this Fisher-Price toy dump truck makes different sounds and phrases along with the music.

Being a dump truck, it also has basic dump truck features.

All-in-all, this toy is meant for children between 12-months-old to 5-years-old and uses two AA batteries, which are included.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • INSOON Toddler Toys Car and Truck Toys 2-Pack
  • VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Firetruck

7. Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck


At the end of the line for this list is another ride-on toy truck!

The Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck is a vibrant red toy truck with a small, pressurized water hose (and tank for the hose, which holds up to one gallon of water).

With a bright and cheerful expression on its face, this toy makes for a charming addition to the list.

The manufacturer’s recommended age for the toy is 18-months-old to 5-years-old with a maximum weight limit of about 50 lbs.

User Experiences

JNG rains positive feedback for the Little Tikes toy.

Even when they had an issue with a part of the toy, they applaud how Little Tikes sent back a replacement piece:

“I bought this for my grandson for Christmas. He crawls in it every time he comes to my house. Will be glad to see his expression when he realizes it will squirt water!

It was missing the bumper, but I contacted Little Tykes & they sent it promptly.”

Another reviewer by the name of Shopper M also recommends the toy:

“We purchased this for our son after our daycare purchased one and we noticed how much he and the other kids loved it.

My son is 19 months and 35 inches. He fits in it great with room to spare. His favorite part is the tank, of course.”

Something to note, however, is how Shopper M mentions at the end of their review how…

“My husband said the assembly would’ve been horrible had he not had power tools. Just something to keep in mind.”

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made and colorful ride-on toy
  • Features a water hose and one-gallon tank for the truck


  • Quite a few reviewers leave negative feedback on the building process of the toy and how complicated it is


If you’re more interested in the friendly design found with the Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck, other ride-on toys under the same brand often carry vibrant looks and expressions!

Little Tikes Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe

With bright eyes and a happy demeanor, the Little Tikes Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe is a neat, simpler alternative to the Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Firetruck.

Though it doesn’t have the water hose attachment the originally-listed toy has, it’s a great choice to consider if a ride-on toy with a more basic function is what you’re after.

It’s recommended for children between 18-months-old to 3-years-old.

Little Tikes Cozy Firetruck

Marked as an Amazon-exclusive toy, this bright red firetruck does a lot of things the Spray and Rescue Firetruck does.

With a water hose and a water tank, this toy truck with eyes is the closest alternative you could ask for.

This toy firetruck carries a similar weight limit and is also recommended for children between 18-months-old to 5-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Little Tikes Easy Rider Truck


Whether they’re a plaything designed after a firetruck, a semi, or just your everyday, simple truck with a truck bed, toy forms of transportation are a fun way for children to improve their knowledge of how vehicles function along with their hand/eye coordination skills.

Even though they may be cartoon-like in appearance, this even includes toy vehicles that aren’t as detailed or realistic, such as those with eyes or faces.

It’s never too soon to get your child a wonderful toy to teach them various skills and functions they’ll need to properly improve upon as they grow.

If you’re ever stuck in a rut on what to get for a very young child but a toy truck is too heavy as-is, a toy truck with eyes or even a smiley face is a great place to start.

They’re simple enough for a small child to understand and not too intricate that small pieces could be a worrying factor.

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