Top 7 Ride On Toy Horse With Wheels

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Ride On Toy Horse With Wheels

Best Ride-On Toy Horse With Wheels

Giddy up! Run like the wind and off we go!

Almost all kids fancy horses.  Young ones find these animals attractive.

Not only because they look very tough and strong.  But also because they symbolize the traits that most kids have – the spirit of adventure and freedom.

Nevertheless, raising a horse is a difficult task, especially if you’re living in a packed neighborhood.

Strict rules and regulations apply.  For instance, you need to have agricultural land as the basic requirement for raising at least one or two.

That being said, getting a live horse might be too much if it’s just for kids’ pleasure.

Get a toy horse instead.

A toy horse is more practical, cheaper, and won’t get you in an argument with the neighbors.

Allow me to give you an idea about the trendiest ride on toy horses on the market.

Stay and I’ll talk about what makes them special to help you decide…

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Top 7 Ride On Toy Horse With Wheels

1. Rock N’ Rider Rocker and Roller Ride On Toy Horse

Kids can get very tricky when it comes to riding on toy horses.

Some prefer rockers, while others love a ride on a toy horse that actually moves.

If the kids at your houses have different preferences, you’ll have to buy more than one ride on a toy horse to accommodate them.

But still, it’s important to save money.  And to save money, what you need is a dual-purpose ride on a toy horse that all will be happy with.

Rock N’ Rider Ride On Toy Horse is ready for you. Kids can ride this product as a roller and rocker.

As a rocker, this ride-on toy horse kids attach this to a separate rocker component but without using any tools.

On the feet of this Ride N,’ Rocker Ride-on Toy Horse are plastic wheels.

These are useless once the rocker component comes into action.

So to act as a roller, kids have to detach the rocker component.

Again, they can do the detaching without using anything.

This product comes with electronic functions too.

On the left and right ears are buttons that kids can play to make this product produce pre-recorded sounds.

Finally, the construction of this product is lit.

A cotton or fabric exterior covers the frame. This covering also feels very soft on the children’s buttocks

Overall Experience

My kid first rode this product as a rocker.

What I noticed as he was riding is that the rocker doesn’t provide a lot of wobbles.

The kid had to strongly shift his weight forward and backward to keep this product rocking.

This is a negative thing if 5-10-year-old kids are the ones riding this product.

But in contrast, this is advantageous for users like toddlers.

The plastic wheels are kind of a letdown. As a roller, this product’s performance drops significantly.

The wheels don’t roll very well on shiny surfaces such as marble or ceramic flooring.

Your kid has to ride this on the pavement for the plastic wheels to work.

Nevertheless, the rolling is an issue that you can fix by wrapping the wheels with a rubber material.

I hope that you didn’t forget that this product comes with electronic functions.

My kid pressed the left ear and this product played a cute kiddie song.

The mouth even moves to provide a more realistic experience.

However, the mouth movement is a feature that creeps me out somehow.

There’s also a button on the left ear. My kid pressed, and it produced 6 different basic English phrases.

I appreciate this feature because it’s very useful to teach toddlers how to speak.

Just like me, the mouth movement creeps other buyers as well. But surprisingly, their kids love this feature.

Rock N’ Rider Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • soft fabric exterior
  • plush interior lining
  • comes with electronic functions – AA batteries required
  • a dual-purpose ride on toy horse – rocker and roller


  • manufacturer overdid things with the moving mouth feature
  • plastic wheels need to be rubberized

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✔️ Rock N’ Rider Carrot Rocker and Roller Ride On Toy Horse – has the same features as the product above but has a unisex color scheme

2. PONYEEHAW Ride On Toy Horse

Ensuring that toys pass quality standards is very important.

Will it promote allergic reactions?

Did the manufacturer use green materials?

Is the coating for this toy non-toxic?

These are what you have to call on to ensure that your kids play without exposing themselves to risks.

You have to be very picky when buying a ride-on toy horse for 3-6-year-olds.

Usually, toy horses for them have a high stature.

Always make sure that the kids ride comfortably and firmly to avoid falling while riding.

PONYEEHAW Ride On Toy Horse is worth the try if safety is your concern.

This one is a certified product that passed the American standard and European Standard.

All safety features are on this one. It uses PU wheels to minimize bumps from rough surfaces.

Also, the exterior is made out of plush r for comfort.

The frame is made out of durable aluminum and has a weight capacity of 77 pounds.

Finally, there’s even a saddle so that kids can position themselves well.

Overall Experience

Compared to the first product, the PU wheels did well when kids rode this product inside the house.

He tried this product outside too, and the wheels worked the same way.

They’re very sensitive. So this product moves a lot even if my kid didn’t push with his feet energetically.

The plush material is quite good. However, it collects dust easily.

Still, this is a problem that I didn’t have to worry about because I’m fond of vacuuming the dust off of things at home.

I appreciate that the manufacturer placed several synthetic leather strips.

They improve this product’s appearance. Moreover, the strips near the wheels protect the lower plush material of the feet from dust.

Users, other than me, state that this product did well as a present.

They even added that delivery time and packaging are very excellent.

PONYEEHAW Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • quality standard passed product
  • sensitive PU wheels
  • synthetic leather strips and plush exterior for a realistic look
  • high-set up


  • appearance looks more like a donkey than a horse
  • plush material collects dust quickly

Other Products That You May Try

✔️ Happy Trails Ride On Toy Horse – has footrests aside from handlebars

✔️ Rewiss Ride On Toy Horse – uses a health-friendly plush material for the exterior

3. Pony Beyond Ride On Toy Horse

Are unicorns real? Watch a unicorn movie with your kids and they’ll ask you this.

The white coat and Maine, the shining horn, and the gentle nature – these qualities are the reason why kids love unicorns.

And if the kids pester you to get one and you don’t comply, rest assured that all hell will break loose.

But unicorns are nothing but the product of people’s imagination.

That being said, giving your kids a real breathing one might be a problem.

Still, you can fool them. All you have to do is buy a unicorn ride on a toy horse.

The Pony Beyond Ride On Toy Horse might manage to fool the kids.

This product emulates the unicorn realistically, It has all that kids will love.

A white soft plush exterior, a cute pink horn, and hairy feet and tail.

Overall Experience

A big high-five to the manufacturers for designing the wheels.

Aside from rolling on any surface, the wheels come with an anti-back rolling mechanism.

This means that kids won’t have any problems riding Pony Beyond Ride On Toy Horse on semi-steep surfaces.

The anti-back rolling mechanism keeps this product in place if the kids decide to traverse the high rise points of pavements.

Other users are very satisfied with the wheels too.

Accordingly, they’re thankful that the wheels don’t scratch the interior flooring of their houses.

Pony Beyond Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • realistic unicorn design – white coat, pink horn, and hairy feet and tail
  • well designed wheels


  • the white plush exterior needs frequent cleaning
  • no electronic functions

Other Products That You May Try

✔️ Rock N’ Rider Unicorn Rocker and Roller Toy Horse – a unicorn ride-on toy horse with detachable rockers and wheel-installed feet

✔️ Basic Fun PonyRider Unicorn Toy Horse – a unicorn ride-on toy horse with a lightweight build

4. Evaxo Ride On Toy Horse

As they grow up, kids will eventually get sick of the simple-looking ride-on toy in their playroom.

Growing makes them long for something closer to riding the real thing.

With this, they’ll eventually consider riding experience aside from appearance when judging if a ride-on toy horse is good.

For a realistic ride, the kids might want to have the Evaxo Ride On Toy Horse.

This one runs through a stand and sit mechanism.

This feature allows the kids to make this product move without pushing their feet against the ground.

Overall Experience

The sit and stand mechanism is a smart innovation on part of the manufacturer.

It provides a very realistic riding experience. To make this product run, my kid had to put pressure on the pedal.

The design of the pedal, in relation to the frame of this product, allows for a motion that resembles the movement of urging the sides of a horse when applying pressure.

Also, stirring is very innovative. Instead of flexible wheels.

Evaxo has a tiltable head for controlling direction.

Again, the tilting motion is pretty similar to the way a horse tilts its head to change direction for accomodating sharp maneuvers.

As for other users, many praised this product’s clean and straightforward plush exterior.

Evaxo Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • very clean and straightforward exterior
  • innovative sit and motion mechanism
  • head tilt directional control


  • not an intuitive ride-on toy horse for kids under 3
  • doesn’t have reigns for making the head tilt directional control easier to use

Other Products That You May Try

✔️ PonyCycle U Series Ride On Toy Horse – comes in a slim black plush exterior and simulates riding on a real pony with wear-resistant wheels, raised seat, and non-slip pedal

✔️ PonyCycle Official Ride On Horse – a bit similar to Evaxo in terms of design but doesn’t have the innovative features

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5. Kid Trax Ride On Toy Horse

The previous unicorn ride-on toy horse that I reviewed is ideal for 3-10-year-old kids.

Toddlers can ride but only with you around to prevent them from falling.

If you’re looking for a unicorn ride on a toy horse that’s low profile to reduce falling hazards, the Kid Trax Ride On Toy Horse is ready to get into your cart.

This product is fall-free and dust-free for kids. Kid Trax Ride-on Toy Horse is an inflatable ride on a toy horse.

Thus, it does well in keeping the kids’ in place due to the friction that rubber provides, doesn’t collect dust due to the non-porous quality of rubber, and is easy to store due to the inflatability of the rubber construction.

As a bonus, there are blue and yellow led lights on this product’s wheels.

As a result, Kid Trax Ride On Toy Horse appeals greatly to toddlers.

Overall Experience

Though inflatable, this product’s frame held well against the weight of my neighbor’s 2-year-old child.

Though quite firm, the frame didn’t make the kid complain about his backside.

Also, the kid didn’t have to adjust his sitting position from time to time because the rubber frame perfectly kept him in place.

Also, the kid loved the wheels. The led lights provide a pretty streak of yellow and blue luminescence once the wheels start rolling.

The kid kept his eyes on the wheels most of the time, and so we had to remind him to look ahead now and then.

Users, aside from me, appreciate the fact the frame is inflatable.

They say that this product may serve the purpose of a portable ride-on toy horse due to this feature.

Kid Trax Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • inflatable construction for easy storage
  • led integrated wheels
  • low profile – just the perfect height for toddlers
  • can serve as a portable ride-on toy horse


  • not suitable for kids more than 4 years old
  • wheels are too small
  • led lights aren’t water-resistant

Other Products That You May Try

✔️ Kiddie Land Ride On Toy Horse – has bigger wheels but without led lights

✔️ Rock N Rider Candy Ride On Toy Horse – duel purpose unicorn-like toy horse with electronic sounds

6. Temi Dynamic Ride On Toy Horse

Christmas is coming. I’m sure that your kids are looking forward to an extravagant surprise.

If you’re planning to give them something that will wow the heck out of them, what you need is a ride-on toy horse that has all the whatnots.

Simply, put what I’m saying is that you give them a toy horse that has all the little surprises that they will love.

Temi Dynamic Ride On Toy Horse is more than just for riding.

It has additional goodies that kids will like to have.

Under its saddle is a compartment that contains additional toys such as plastic fruits, kiddie kitchenware, and other objects that the children need for make-believe games.

Furthermore, the wheels are very hidden to create the illusion that this product moves on its feet.

This design won’t fool adults but I’m sure that it will fool the kids.

Finally, the plastic construction ensures that kids of all ages can ride this product.

The surface of Temi Dynamic Ride On Toy Horse isn’t as soft as the previous items that I reviewed. However, it excels in durability.

Overall Experience

In terms of use, I and my kid couldn’t be happier with this product.

Aside from my child, other kids can play with Temi Dynamic Ride On Toy Horse due to the additional toys that it has.

Furthermore, the add-ons allow this product to fit into various games that children play.

All in all, buying this one means that I’ve bought all the simple toys that my child wants.

Other users agree with me. Accordingly, they also think that this product is a good value for money.

Temi Dynamic Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • add-on toys
  • hidden wheels design for a cleaner look
  • saddle compartment for toy storage


  • need assembly upon delivery

Other Products That You May Try

  • there are no similar products to this yet

7. Little Tikes Princess Carriage Ride On Toy Horse

Little girls dream of riding a carriage that a white horse pulls.

After all, this is a recurrent theme in most fairy tales that they love to listen to while waiting for sleep to come by.

Growing without experiencing the things that they want is detrimental, especially for the little ladies.

So giving them is toy carriage isn’t bad.

One that will fit the preferences of little girls is the Little Tikes Princess Carriage Ride On Toy Horse.

The carriage size is enough to accommodate girls 5-10-year-olds.

Furthermore, there’s a floorboard that the kids can remove if they want to get this product moving themselves or install if you’re planning to push this product so that they can ride without any effort.

For a realistic experience, the manufacturer added a horse clopping sound.

This feature activates as soon as the wheels start rolling.

That being said, this product will make the girls realize the feeling of riding the fancy carriage of princesses in fairy tales.

Overall Experience

This product is very deserving in terms of performance.

Even though he’s a male, my kid enjoyed riding Litte Tikes Princess Ride On Toy Horse because it’s very stable.

Directional control is dependent on the reigns that span the length of the toy horse to the carriage.

Furthermore, the large wheels allowed the kid to traverse most of the pavement without any problems.

Assembly can be a challenge according to other users.

However, this is an issue that I didn’t experience.

Little Tikes Princess Carriage Ride On Toy Horse Highlights


  • carriage ride on toy horse design
  • reign assisted directional control
  • large and durable wheels
  • very girly appearance


  • exclusive for little girls

Other Products That You May Try

✔️ DinseyParks Princess Carriage – comes with led lights and has a better carriage design but is unreviewed by other users

✔️ SkyTeam Princess Carriage – has a bulkier and simpler look

Final words

Kids are never too young to ride horses.

However, the expenses and requirements for raising live ones are hard to meet.

Therefore, toy horses are the best leisurely rides for children together with e-bikes and tri-wheel scooters.

Get at least one of the products that I reviewed for they might be the best deals that you’ll find.

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