7 Best Toy Leaf Blowers for Kids

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Toy Leaf Blowers for KidsTop 7 Best Toy Leaf Blowers for Kids

Children tend to emulate what their parents and guardians do in their daily lives.

These things they emulate may seemingly be simple, repetitive actions that you, as an adult, don’t think twice about.

For children, however, the toys they play with and the things they do are their ways of showing interest in everyday actions.

One of the things children imitate, for example, is the process of yard care.

Though it may seem a bit strange for a toy choice, a unique toy you could consider for your child would be a toy leaf blower.

If you clean up your yard during the autumn season, you might have whipped out a leaf blower to clear spaces up.

While a leaf blower would be too powerful and heavy for a child to carry, toy leaf blowers are often plastic in material and the wind they push out is more gentle for a child’s size.

If the idea of a strange yet interesting toy caught your interest, here is a list (in no particular order) of the top 7 best toy leaf blowers for kids.

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Top 7 Best Toy Leaf Blowers for Kids

1. Just Like Home Workshop Power Leaf Blower


The Just Like Home Workshop Power Leaf Blower comes with a decorative spinning fan but it doesn’t blow air, simulated motor sound effects, and working lights to enhance the feeling of a realistic leaf blower.

To start up this leaf blower, it has a button rather than a pull cord.

For its design, the leaf blower is blue, yellow, and black with a transparent pink in the center.

The manufacturer’s recommended age range is for children between 36 months – 8 years.

User Experiences

According to Michael H Del Mauro, his son wanted a leaf blower after seeing his dad working with one outside:

“My son is obsessed with leaf blowing ever since seeing my husband outside. We knew we had to get him one for Christmas.”

When going into detail on the product itself, he mentions the quality of the leaf blower’s functions:

“The product is nice. It does not blow any air air, but you will be able to listen to the smooth sounding motors. It will be nice to pretend play with outside when the weather gets nice.”

Likewise, FoodAllergyFoodie got the Lanard Mighty Leaf Blower for their son because of his love for lawn equipment:

“My son is obsessed with lawn equipment, and he adores this one

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic and modern design.
  • The sounds aren’t too loud for the toy.


  • It doesn’t blow real air.


Leaf blowers are a bit of a rare toy because of how different they are from, for example, toy blocks or trucks.

While the Lanard Mighty Leaf Blower doesn’t have a lot of alternatives available, some products within this list work close enough to be considered possible backup ideas.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Toy Plastic Blower
  • Kids Leaf Blower Toy Tool Set

2. Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Toy Plastic Blower


The Husqvarna Leaf Blower is designed to look and sound like the Husqvarna 125B Blower.

Appearance-wise, it’s orange and dark gray with green steamers at the end of the tube.

Its engine lights up and the leaf blower blows a light amount of air.

This product requires 3 AA batteries to make it run, which are not included with the blower.

This toy is intended for children at least 3-years-old but many reviewers mention buying for children not quite 3-years-old.

User Experiences

“There’s no doubt the toy leaf blower is pretty small, but it’s perfect for a toddler. It outputs a slight amount of air that blows some streamers around, and makes an engine-run sound,”

…begins Trey’s review for the Husqvarna Leaf Blower.

“If you have a small child that’s looking for toy yard care equipment, this will definitely fit the bill.”

Lauren Flooks was also pleased with this purchase, buying the leaf blower for their son (almost 2-years-old).

The 5-star review starts with how much their son loved the leaf blower.

“He fell asleep with it in his hands last night. [It] might be his favorite toy so far. He walks around the house blowing everything, it’s so funny. It does make noise but isn’t obnoxious like the weed wacker.”

Pros & Cons


  • Nice, realistic-looking leaf blower
  • The sounds aren’t too loud, much like the Lanard Mighty Leaf Blower


  • The size is very small; if your child is over 3-years-old, it may end up being too small for them


As mentioned with the Lanard Mighty Leaf Blower, finding other toy leaf blower substitutes is more difficult than for other toys.

Unfortunately, some toy leaf blowers that appear to pass for alternatives don’t receive enough positive feedback to warrant a recommendation.

For this Husqvarna Leaf Blower, some decent alternatives could bundle purchases with the Husqvarna Leaf Blower or simply other leaf blowers also listed with it here.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Lanard Mighty Leaf Blower
  • Kids Leaf Blower Toy Tool Set
  • Husqvarna Kids Toy Lawn Mower + Leaf Blower
  • Husqvarna Kids Toy Chainsaw + Hedge Trimmer + Leaf Blower + Weed Eater

3. Maxx Bubbles Bubble-N-Go Toy Leaf Bubble Blower


Though this leaf blower is probably not quite what you would be expecting one to look (or even function) like, this toy still makes its way in the top 7 leaf blowers for kids.

With a neon green, gray, and blue color scheme, realism isn’t what this leaf blower’s main goal is.

Rather than blowing air to your heart’s content, this leaf blower blows bubbles instead.

Despite its unique colors and bubble function, this blower makes mechanical sounds to mimic that of an actual leaf blower.

This toy requires a 4-ounce bottle of bubble solution and batteries (though the type of batteries needed isn’t provided by the manufacturer).

For the manufacturer’s recommended age, it’s meant for children 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

Amazon user 4ForYouGlenCoco leaves a beaming review for the toy:

“This is such a cute little toy!!! Our 2-year-old is obsessed with this. He uses it inside and out and we take it to the playground with us.”

Though their review is extremely positive, they do, however, follow it with a common complaint about the toy: the bubble solution bottle.

“My only complaint would be the bubble compartment ONLY fits the bubble container that comes with this. DO NOT DISPOSE of the bubble container.”

Pros & Cons


  • Cute, child-friendly leaf blower’s


  • If you end up losing the small bottle of soap solution, you likely won’t be able to get a new one for the blower unless you have one that fits well enough


The Maxx Bubbles Bubble-N-Go Toy Leaf Bubble Blower surprisingly has a few alternatives as a bubbly toy leaf blower.

Play Day Bubble Leaf Blower with Bubble Solution

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Being a bubble leaf blower, this toy is about as bizarre as the Maxx Bubbles Bubble-N-Go blower.

Its design is fairly similar as well, likely being a spin-off of the Maxx Bubbles blower.

It’s recommended for children at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • The Maxx Bubbles Bubble-N-Go blower doesn’t have alternatives within this list that are similar enough to it.

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4. Duckura Bubble Leaf Blowers for Kids


This bundle of both a Husqvarna-branded toy lawnmower and a Husqvarna-branded leaf blower is a set you can purchase to save money compared to just buying one toy or the other.

As a decent lawn care set, these two toys are designed after a real Husqvarna lawn mower and leaf blower.

The toy lawnmower in the set is modeled after the Husqvarna HU800AWD mower.

The leaf blower, however, is modeled after the 125B leaf blower.

Like the previous Husqvarna Leaf Blower in the list, the mower and blower in this bundle make engine sounds and have lights to enhance the experience for children. The toys both require batteries to be used, which are AA.

The manufacturer’s recommended age for this toy set is at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

The reviews for this bundle set are fairly similar to those found on just the Husqvarna blower product page.

Emma S., for example, got the toys for her son to imitate his dad:

“He will follow right behind his daddy with the leaf blower and cuts grass too!”

For Deb.Linux.Dev, however, they don’t recommend spending the money on yard toys unless you spend a lot of time working in your yard.

“My son got a kick out of the leaf blower and the mower but after playing with them a few times for about an hour he was over it.”

Pros & Cons


  • You might save a decent amount of money by buying these in a set if you planned on getting more than one Husqvarna lawn toy
  • The toys are decent in quality


  • Like with the original Husqvarna listing, the leaf blower is fairly small in size


Like the solo Husqvarna Leaf Blower, this bundle set’s closest alternatives are within this list.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Kids Leaf Blower Toy Tool Set
  • Husqvarna Kids Toy Chainsaw + Hedge Trimmer + Leaf Blower + Weed Eater

5. Stanley Jr. Leaf Blower


Designed with a bumblebee color scheme of black and yellow, the Stanley Jr. Leaf Blower is a realistic blower.

The toy uses a trigger to power on. Inside a clear window on the toy are small beads, which move when the blower is powered on.

The Stanley Jr. Leaf Blower uses 3 AA batteries, which are included with the leaf blower.

The toy is recommended for children 3-years-old and older.

User Experiences

Most reviews for this toy are fairly straightforward and short.

Amazon user longtimenurse bought the leaf blower for their grandson:

“My grandson is attached permanently to this thing!! He absolutely loves it!!”

BLR also purchased the Stanley Jr. Leaf Blower for their grandson and was happy with their purchase. Their review was a simple but appreciative comment:

“My grandson was thrilled to have his own leafblower!”

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made toy leaf blower
  • Makes realistic sounds to imitate a real leaf blower


  • Does not blow any air (but foam beads move around in the blower when it’s on)


The Stanley Jr. Leaf Blower doesn’t have any toy leaf blowers outside of this list that is close enough to be considered alternatives.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Toy Plastic Blower
  • Kids Leaf Blower Toy Tool Set

6. Kids Leaf Blower Toy Toolset


This toy leaf blower set comes with several tools such as a trowel, goggles, and leaf blower among other items.

The set is painted black and red with all the pieces matching in their palettes.

The leaf blower lets out a small amount of air and is designed to be simple for children to use as well.

The blower is battery-powered and requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included with the set.

The manufacturer’s recommended age for the toy is children at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

Alissa leaves a very detailed review of the set, remarking on the different aspects of the leaf blower.

To start with, she mentions why she purchased the leaf blower:

“My 2-year-old son loves it! We got it for him after he became obsessed with our real leaf blower (nope he’s not scared of it!) and we got tired of him always wanting us to turn it on.”

For the functions of the blower, Alissa mentions,

“It actually blows air (the blue streamers in the picture are not actually attached), but it’s fairly quiet and doesn’t blow too hard.”

Though she states that the blower is fairly small in size, she was pleased with the purchase, finishing it off with praise:

“Overall, I would recommend this product for a toddler!”

Pros & Cons


  • It’s one of the best toy leaf blowers that blows air, which adds to the toy’s realism
  • Comes with other gardening tools as a set


  • The leaf blower is fairly small in size


Though it’s not a leaf blower set, another red and black toolset from the same company works as a substitute.

Kids Size Construction Yard Toy Pack

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Far from being a leaf blower, this set is a decent alternative because it’s a set of tools including a set of goggles, and is made from the same manufacturer as the leaf blower set (Toy Choi’s).

It also requires 3 AA batteries that aren’t included and are recommended for children at least 2-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Toy Plastic Blower
  • Husqvarna Kids Toy Lawn Mower + Leaf Blower
  • Husqvarna Kids Toy Chainsaw + Hedge Trimmer + Leaf Blower + Weed Eater
  • Lanard Might Leaf Blower

7. Husqvarna Kids Toy Chainsaw + Hedge Trimmer + Leaf Blower + Weed Eater


This could be considered the ultimate toy set for your child to do pretend yard care, as it comes with a chainsaw, a hedge trimmer, a leaf blower, and a weed eater, all designed to resemble tools under the Husqvarna brand.

All the Husqvarna tools are orange and dark gray, with each piece being battery-operated.

Each piece requires AA batteries to power on.

The set is recommended for children about 2 to 3-years-old.

User Experiences

Lauren M. Moore doesn’t spill praises for the product but they appreciate what they received:

“Purchased them for Christmas for my 2-year-old who loves to watch his Papa working outdoors, especially with the leaf blower.

They are a bit smaller than I was expecting but still a good size for my little guy.”

They mention being satisfied with the product but note that the price is high.

For Katherine Upshaw’s review, however, she noted how the size for the toy wasn’t an issue for her or her son:

“Purchased for a power tool loving 3-year-old and he loves them! Some have complained that they are small – they are a great size for my child and I have no problem with the size.”

Pros & Cons


  • The set comes with four toy power tools, which can be a money saver if you planned on getting them separately
  • Each toy is fairly realistic in its sounds and design, as mentioned for the previously listed Husqvarna leaf blowers


  • The sizes for the toys – depending on your child’s size – may be too small if your child is older than 3-years-old
  • Though it can be a money saver, this is one of the more expensive sets within this list if you have a tight budget


While following the same pattern of the Husqvarna leaf blowers, the best alternative toys are already within this top 7 list.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Kids Leaf Blower Toy Tool Set
  • Husqvarna Kids Toy Lawn Mower + Leaf Blower
  • Husqvarna 589746401 Leaf Toy Plastic Blower

Toy Leaf Blowers Are Fun Toys For Kids

Though they may seem silly to start with, toy leaf blowers are an excellent present for your child if you’re the type to work outside quite a bit.

They’re even better if your child loves to emulate your actions while you’re outside!

Along with being a neat toy to show your child how to clean up the yard (even if they end up not blowing away leaves), leaf blowers even be a way to introduce your child to how different outdoor tools function.

If you often find yourself working outside, a toy leaf blower could be the perfect gift for your child to learn while spending time with you.

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