7 Best Toy Kitchen Sets For Girls – 2020 Reviews

Toy Kitchen Sets For Girls

Children typically have a variety of different tastes in their toys.

Regardless of gender, some may prefer playsets whereas some may have a preference for toolsets.

In the end, the toys that might catch your child’s eye most can depend entirely on what your child likes most in a toy.

If you’ve got a daughter you’re raising and you aren’t too sure of what you can gift her, why not consider a toy kitchen playset for girls?

Young girls may not necessarily find enjoyment in household work; even so, she may raise her head and look up to everything her parents do regardless of whether it’s outside or indoors!

As a cute toy set that can be used to introduce your daughter to taking care of herself, a kitchen playset is a must!

If your daughter’s eyes light up at the idea of cooking, baking, or anything involving culinary skills, here is a list of the top 7 best toy kitchen sets for girls!

7 Best Toy Kitchen Sets For Girls

1. Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill


At the start of this list is a walk-in kitchen created by Step2.

Featured in this kitchen playset are several aspects that form together to create an excellent set for kids.

The set includes different appliances, a grill, an oven, cabinets, a microwave, and many other pieces you’d hope to find in the kitchen of your dreams!

Other neat features found in this playset by Step2 are the lights and sounds for the stovetop and grill.

Although this playset isn’t as “girly” as others may be, its layout carries an elegant and realistic appearance.

If you’re after something a bit more realistic while being filled with different activities, this is absolutely a great toy to consider!

For its materials, this set makes use of plastic.

Included in this playset are 103 pieces which include the cooking appliances, toy food, toy utensils, and toy cookware.

For the age range, it’s recommended that your child be at least 2-years-old.

Overall Experience

As noted in the product’s overview, this playset comes with quite a few amenities.

Ranging from a grill to a sink to – of course – a refrigerator, there’s quite a bit to love in this set.

Utility-wise, it’s a great choice for a toy kitchen playset.

Then comes along the setup process!

While the setup isn’t too much trouble, it can certainly be a bit time-consuming because of all the parts.

Needless to say, it can also be a bit tedious because the accessories (such as the food and condiments) that came with the set don’t always want to necessarily stay put away.

Despite the more troublesome parts of this setup, however, this is still a set worth the consideration.

It’s kid-friendly so long as your child is old enough to use it.

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with numerous utilities, cookware, and toy food
  • Kid-friendly (as long as your child is old enough to use it!)
  • Realistic in design, which is a nice choice to pick from among kitchen playsets!


  • The shelves and cabinets may not be the best for storing the products that come with the playset


The toys that are perfect alternatives to this Step2 playset are those that are a bit more realistic or have a similar number of features.

  • Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaraunt (https://amz.run/3EYK)
  • Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen (https://amz.run/3EY8)
  • Step2 Heart of the Home Kitchen Playset (https://amz.run/3EYb)

2. Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen


Entering as the second item on this list is the Melissa & Doug’s Chef’s Kitchen set.

This playset is more compact in its appearance and cute with its design.

For this playset, it features an oven, sink, refrigerator, microwave, and a stovetop!

The refrigerator also features an ice maker that can dispense ice cubes.

The set also features a moving faucet, storage, and illustrated instructions to put everything together.

If your aim is for a kitchen playset that’s cuter but also more simple then the previous set, this one is a nice choice to look into purchasing.

This Melissa & Doug kitchen playset is mostly made of wood.

Smaller parts of the set (such as the sink and knobs on the stove) are made of plastic material.

Your child should be a little over 2-years-old before letting them play with this set.

Overall Experience

To start with, the number one question is this: would you want wooden materials for your child’s playset?

Some would say yes, others would disagree.

While the wooden materials of the set look nice and are lovely to look at, they aren’t always the most durable.

On the plus side, this playset’s instructions are very clear-cut and easy to assemble.

When it comes to the directions, it’s all fairly straightforward.

On the not-so-positive aspect of things, this playset is more limited; that is, there aren’t as many things to do with the set.

Although this toy set is beautiful to look at, it doesn’t come with toy pots and pans like others may.

To summarize, this is a nice and lovely playset. It’s an easy piece to put together and is pretty simple in design.

The biggest negative aspects would have to be about material durability and the lack of pots and pans.

Pros & Cons


  • Very pretty playset; cute and simple!
  • Features a fridge, stove, oven, sink, and microwave


  • The wooden material may not be durable depending on how your child treats it
  • Pots and pans are not included with the playset


Any alternative sets below are pretty to see and wooden in the materials.

  • KIDDERY TOYS Play Kitchen for Toddlers (https://amz.run/3EYT)

3. Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen


Making its way back into this list is another kitchen playset by Step2!

This set is more cutesy than its predecessor but just as busy in its complexity.

If you’re on the fence about this colorful playset, it’s got quite a few features up its sleeve!

Included in this playset is quite a bit of storage space, a stovetop with a spot to display your smartphone, a coffee machine, and everyday appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, oven, and sink.

It also features lights and sounds when “cooking.”

As another plus (and part of the storage), the set also features hooks to hang cooking utensils and dishware.

You may even want to have your pet puppy get involved with cooking as well, as the set features an area for their food and water below the kitchen.

This set, much like the previous Step2 set, is made of plastic material.

The set comes with quite a bit, as it includes 45-pieces of kitchen accessories.

If this toy is one you’re interested in, your child should be at least 2-years-old before playing with this set.

Overall Experience

Overall, this playset is an awesome kitchen set through-and-through.

Assembly is simple enough because the pieces are large and the process should be mostly easy.

Although there aren’t holes for screws, the pieces have marks of where screws should go.

As a plus, this set comes with a lot of stuff. If you’re worried that your child will run out of stuff to do, have no fear!

Although this isn’t as large as the first Step2 set, it’s got quite a bit going on with what it does have.

This is a set worth the recommendation.

The only real negative parts about it are how cluttered it can get.

Pros & Cons


  • It has quite a few aspects!
  • Comes with several accessories for the kitchen
  • Cute colors and overall look


  • Because of all the stuff, it might be a bit cluttered


Step2 offers quite a few kitchen playsets to choose from!

  • Step2 Great Gourmet Kitchen (https://amz.run/3EYa)


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4. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen


At the fourth spot on the list, you’ve got a kitchen set brought to you by KidKraft.

Although it’s more than cute, this kitchen set manages to look realistic with its fridge, microwave, oven, stove, and sink.

It even brings in curtains for an imaginary window, hanging hooks, and a washer!

As a cute detail, the refrigerator also comes with a small chalkboard as well.

The set also includes metal accessories.

The instructions for this set aren’t too difficult to understand.

The set does, however, feature a large number of pieces to put together.

This KidKraft set is made up of MDF wood, plastic, and fabric.

It’s meant for kids that are at least 2-years-old.

Overall Experience

This is a beautifully realistic kitchen set that manages to make itself look very cute in the long run.

It’s colorful and vibrant. The different utilities of the set are also a great touch, as it leaves quite a bit for your child to do while playing in this small kitchen!

The different materials also help give this kitchen a more realistic feel to it.

A nice inclusion is the metal cookware that comes with the set.

Sadly, this set is also very small. If your child is a growing one, they may very well tower over it.

That isn’t the only negative aspect of this toy either.

Even though the instructions are detailed, the set manages to squeeze in quite a few pieces, which makes it very time-consuming to put together.

Pros & Cons


  • Very cute and colorful!
  • Realistic kitchen design with hanging hooks and small curtains


  • Small in size
  • Extremely tedious to put together because of all of its small parts


Cute or realistic playsets both work wonderfully as possible alternatives to this KidKraft set.

  • Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen (https://amz.run/3EY8)

5. Costzon Kids Kitchen Playset, Wooden Cookware


With intricate and adorable details embellishing the surfaces of this kitchen set, the Costzon brand enters with quite a few pieces and facets.

Different parts of this set are its stove, cookware, sink, utensils, oven, and storage spaces!

The instructions included with the parts to this set are also intended to be easy to understand.

The Costzon kitchen playset is mostly made up of wood.

It’s recommended that your child be at least 2-years-old before using this set.

Overall Experience

Of all the sets in this list, this one is one of the cutest.

It has the smallest of details that manage to seal the deal on being cute but simple in the layout it has.

Although it isn’t too large of a set, it comes with a decent amount of storage for the cookware or anything else you’d like to store away.

The size of the set isn’t too tall either, which can be a plus or a negative depending on what it is you’re wanting out of a kitchen set.

While the wood is a nice touch for the set, the durability is an issue with parts of it, such as its door handles.

Assembly can also be a bit of a chore due to all the small parts (although the instructions are simple enough).

Still, the set is very cute!

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely cute!
  • Simple and multi-functional
  • Comes with a good amount of storage space
  • Features pots and a kettle with the set


  • The set is wooden, which can make or break it depending on what you want in a set


Costzon has another kitchen playset that’s simple and sweet like their other aforementioned one!

  • Costzon Kids Kitchen Playset (with Top Display Shelf) (https://amz.run/3EYp)

6. KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen


Vibrant with its color and sleek in the way the pieces come together, this KidKraft playset is the sixth item on the list!

It comes with a bit of a vintage look and several parts. Included in this set are a fridge, sink, stovetop, oven, microwave, and a storage cabinet.

This isn’t even including the small, cordless phone hanging on the side of the fridge!

The sink bowl is removable to be cleaned as necessary.

Although this set comes with quite a bit, it does not include pots, pans, or other cookware.

The assembly is – like others in this list – not too difficult but is time-consuming due to the number of parts.

Like the considerable amount of other kitchen sets, it’s mostly made of wood.

Like others on the list, it’s recommended that your child be at least 2-years-old.

Overall Experience

The layout of this playset is super smooth and it for sure falls under the vintage category.

It’s hard to find a kitchen set that looks like it; it has a classic look to it that is hard to come across!

The colors are bright and its appearance alone should be enough to warrant its spot in this list.

Sadly, all good things likely have some sort of flaw.

For this KidKraft kitchen, it’s two things: the wood that can get damaged if played with roughly and the size.

This is a very small set (although the same can be said about others in this list) and it limits how tall your child can be to appreciate the ins and outs of the entire design.

Even though this set is wonderfully crafted in how it looks, its sturdiness can leave quite a bit to be desired.

Pros & Cons


  • Super nice design that manages to look retro and vintage
  • Comes with quite a bit of room in a compact way


  • Very small, much like other toy kitchen sets
  • Wooden material that may not be very sturdy
  • Any cookware or dishware needs to be bought separately


Even though vintage or retro kitchens are hard to find, KidKraft has your back on having at least a similar enough back-up option!

  • KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator (https://amz.run/3EYt)


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7. KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen


KidKraft finalizes this list with a colorful set that’s bright and pleasant.

It comes with a microwave, oven, fridge, hooks for hanging utensils, and sink!

This kitchen makes itself look appealing with its modern, yet classic aesthetic.

The set itself is also fairly tall compared to others.

Thankfully, the instructions provided with this set are easy enough to understand.

Due to its size and the number of pieces, however, putting this together is no walk in the park.

As with other playsets and the previous KidKraft set, this one is made of wood, claiming to be sturdily put together.

Overall Experience

One of the best things about this mini kitchen is the overall size.

Even though it’s a child’s toy, it’s big enough that more than one small individual can stand at the counters (about two or three kids at the most).

This makes it great for group activity if your child has company over or if siblings want to take part in the imaginary culinary fun!

Onto the quality of the toy! This one is made up of mostly wooden parts.

The wood isn’t extremely sturdy but should be of decent enough quality for children.

It’s a fairly well-made set.

The instructions, while not being too complicated, can be hard to understand if the pieces aren’t properly mapped out.

The screws aren’t labeled very well and being too rough with them (with a drill, for example) can lead to possibly breaking the materials of this set.

Lastly, the set doesn’t come with any toy food if your little chef is wanting to prep food for the family!

Pros & Cons


  • Bright, vibrant kitchen set!
  • Comes with various appliances
  • Larger in size compared to other playsets


  • Doesn’t come with any toy food
  • While not always a bad thing, the wood material may not be as sturdy as it says
  • Very time-consuming to put together


KidKraft offers an Espresso kitchen with a bit more of an elegant feel but very similar in the overall layout to this set.

  • KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen (https://amz.run/3EZq)


While you’re likely looking for the best toy for your daughter, it can a bit difficult to find the perfect option available.

Kitchen playsets, while just one option out of many, are a great choice for young girls.

Although some girls may grow up to want to become mothers or to care for other people, other girls may simply want to learn to become more independent and self-reliant.

Regardless of their reasons, these are sets that can be a great introduction to just about anyone.

The next time you’re unsure of where to turn or what to get for a young girl as a gift, consider getting her a kitchen set.

Even though it might be hard to know what she likes in a toy, you can never go wrong with letting someone learn how to cook food!

Even if that food may be imaginary or plastic.

Best Large Foam Building Blocks For Kids (2020 Reviews)

Large Foam Building Blocks For KidsLarge Foam Building Blocks For Kids

As a core part of growing up, toy building blocks are a structural and important toy numerous children can make use of.

Rather than hardened blocks that you may expect for kids, however, foam building blocks are softer and more rounded in their shapes.

Because of this, they end up being a great alternative to, say, wooden building blocks.

Although the foam material may come across as not very durable and hard to stack, these building blocks are stronger than they look; in fact, the only thing truly differentiating them from toys like wooden blocks is simply their texture and material.

Since they’re a great place to start when you’re out searching for a toy or playset for kids, this list will make things noticeably easier for you as a buyer.

Reviewed on this list are the top 7 best large foam building blocks for kids!


Best Large Foam Building Blocks For Kids

1. Costzon Soft Blocks (12pcs)


Costzon is a brand you may be well-acquainted with for kids’ products. They typically make a variety of different kids’ toys and they’re also in the ring for foam blocks!

These blocks are designed with multiple colors to create a rainbow of cubes. The foam blocks themselves are covered with a PVC leather material over the foam.

This means if you’re the type to have to clean up after your little ones, the PVC surface makes the process quite a bit easier to do.

If you’re interested in going for the Costzon Soft Blocks set, they’re recommended for kids that are one-year-old or older.

Overall Experience

Despite the high and intimidating price for these blocks, they’re certainly made of a higher quality than you’d expect.

The foam inside the block is dense and won’t give under quite a bit of pressure, which makes them nice and sturdy for “building.”

If you’ve got younger children, these are a great investment for sure, as they’re not only safe but the leather covering on each block makes clean-up less of a hassle and the soft material can keep things fairly quiet when the blocks fall.

Pros & Cons


  • Colorful and simple blocks
  • The leather material makes clean-up a breeze
  • The foam is sturdy under a child’s weight so it should maintain its shape


  • The price certainly isn’t cheap for these kinds of blocks, which can hurt tight budgets


You can come across fairly similar choices to the Costzon blocks so long as you’re searching the right places!

An option already within this list, for example, is the Weizzer Toys set of blocks.

If you’re wanting more than 12 blocks under the Costzon label, there’s a 24-block version you can purchase as well.

  • Weizzer Toys Memory Foam Building Blocks (7pcs)
  • ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks (7pcs)
  • Costzon Soft Blocks (24pcs) (https://amzn.to/2V0fwQj)

2. Playlearn Foam Building Blocks (20pcs)


The Playlearn Foam Building Blocks come in a set of rectangular blocks modeled after cinder blocks.

Of course, rather than being real concrete blocks, they’re – as noted in the title – made of foam to help your kids become little construction workers!

The cinder blocks are made with EVA (or ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam for their material.

Their unique design makes these blocks a fun way for your child to find entertainment while also understanding the way cinder blocks function.

While Playlearn USA doesn’t write what age range these blocks are intended for, their foam material makes them a safe choice for younger children as well.

Overall Experience

To start with, these are cute, creative block ideas that can bring out the imagination of your little construction worker.

While they’re sturdy enough on their own and are great at maintaining their block shape, the foam isn’t so thick that it wouldn’t bend under pressure.

What makes these blocks even better, however, is if you can pair them up with a foam wood set (so long as the lumber can fit into the gaps of the blocks).

An important part worth noting, however, is that while these are great foam building blocks, they aren’t the size of real cinder blocks; they’re closer to being the size of bricks.

Despite this, children who love building structures are likely to love them regardless, as they’d be small enough for a child to find enjoyment from them.

Pros & Cons


  • Well-made foam blocks in an interesting design
  • The blocks should maintain their shape fairly well


  • If you’re expecting something life-sized, these blocks certainly aren’t that large
  • While they’re nice building blocks, the price is very steep for what you’re given


Although not every foam block set is designed the same way, a notable amount uses a similar idea of modeling the blocks after bricks.

Of course, another alternative is simply a set of the same blocks but in different quantities.

  • Playlearn Foam Building Blocks (40pcs) (https://amzn.to/2y6i0ni)
  • Playlearn Foam Brick Building Blocks (50pcs)

3. Weizzer Toys Memory Foam Building Blocks (7pcs)


Designed similarly to the Costzon foam blocks, the Weizzer Toys foam blocks are vibrantly colorful cubes and rectangles made up of memory foam.

This set includes square blocks, rectangular blocks, and an extra-large block.

These blocks feature a soft leather polyurethane covering, which helps immensely in the cleaning process if you’ve got kids that love getting messy!

The recommended age range from the manufacturer is for kids between 8-months-old and older.

Overall Experience

Designed as simple blocks, these colorful creations are much like the Costzon blocks reviewed before them.

Their materials and durability is also a lot like the Costzon blocks.

If you’re interested in a different set of large foam building blocks on the market, these are certainly an excellent choice worth considering.

It’s also a nice cherry on top to remember that the blocks vary in size. This gives your child cubes and rectangles to pick from when stacking them together.

Pros & Cons


  • While the blocks more-or-less function the same, these are different shapes from your typical squares and cubes
  • Sturdy foam material
  • Like for the other blocks, the leather covering is nice for cleaning them


  • As you might’ve expected, the price is steep for sure


Much like the COSTZON and ECR4Kids brands, the Weizzer Toys blocks are more straightforward in their overall image.

For alternatives to these blocks, perfect choices are already listed with them!

  • Costzon Soft Blocks (12pcs)
  • ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks (7pcs)

4. Playlearn Foam Brick Building Blocks (50pcs)


They’re brick-like in their design and are perfect for the little builder going to town on putting together their imaginary structures!

These foam blocks – also by Playlearn – are meant to resemble bricks you may see lining the walls of certain buildings.

For these foam blocks, they’re perfect for your child to hop into the role of being an architect or construction worker as they run amok with their imagination.

Much like the other set of Playlearn blocks, these blocks don’t provide an age recommendation for how old your child should be before playing with them.

Regardless, the gentle foam material of the blocks makes them a great match for even smaller kids.

Overall Experience

Here comes Playlearn once again with another building block set. This time, these foam blocks are modeled after bricks you can find on countless buildings!

In terms of accuracy, they’re closer to being the size of real bricks compared to the cinder block set.

The foam material is about a sturdy as what was found with the cinder block building blocks; that is, well-made but certainly not so thick it wouldn’t cave under some pressure.

If you’re wanting something a bit more realistic for building blocks, these are a great choice to decide on.

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic design for building blocks while being about the same size as bricks
  • Quality blocks that don’t lose their shape


  • You’ve done this song and dance before; the blocks are expensive for what they provide


Like the previously-listed Playlearn block set, its closest backup choice is the set also by the same brand; alternatively, you may choose the pack with a different number of pieces.

  • Playlearn Foam Building Blocks (20pcs)
  • Playlearn Foam Brick Building Blocks (25pcs) (https://amzn.to/3cje3uj)

5. ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks (7pcs)


With varying pigments depending on the choice of blocks you pick, the ECR4Kids foam building blocks are made of dense foam and covered in soft leather casing.

The blocks vary in size, ranging from being square-shaped to rectangular.

All-in-all, these blocks are notably like the Costzon and Weizzer Toys blocks also listed; if you’re aiming for a set of building blocks soft and protected with a leather material, this set is one of the many choices that may be up your alley.

If you’re worried about how old your child should be when playing with these blocks, they were designed for kids that are 9-months-old or older.

Overall Experience

These blocks are the largest like them thus far (although it’s not by much). They’re made of a thick and dense foam that holds weight pretty well.

The pigments for these blocks often vary depending on what the brand provides but for the most part, the ECR4Kids building blocks are very colorful as well.

The price is high (which is what you might expect for foam blocks in general) but they’re a safe choice for kids who love stacking their toys.

Like with other blocks like them, they’re a great choice if you’re not wanting loud crashing sounds when they hit the floor.

It’s also important to remember how the leather outside of these toys makes them easier to clean up at the end of a play day.

Pros & Cons


  • Blocks like these are easy to clean, durable, and colorful on the eyes


  • Unfortunately, blocks like these are also fairly expensive as well


You’re likely already used to what would be decent options if you aren’t quite interested in this brand!

That being said, the Weizzer Toys or Costzon blocks are certainly decent choices up for consideration.

  • Costzon Soft Blocks (12pcs)
  • Weizzer Toys Memory Foam Building Blocks (7pcs)

6. Dream Tree Tetris 3D Puzzle Blocks (12pcs)


If you have a love for games and the classic game era, then these blocks are a perfect starting point for sharing your hobbies and interests with your little ones.

These foam blocks are modeled after Tetris pieces; that is, angled and unique shapes that are designed to fit together when stacked or aligned properly.

From simply a square to various shapes and designs, the only thing holding back your child is their imagination (and maybe their smaller size as a child if they’re younger).

Covering the blocks is a faux leather material, which – as you know by now – is a great fix for preventing messes from staining the blocks.

The main audience for these building blocks are children 3-months-old to 15-months-old.

Overall Experience

Where to start with these blocks?

They’re vibrant, protected in leather (much like your cubed blocks above) and come in fun shapes reminiscent to those found in a classic console and tabletop game.

These Dream Tree building blocks are designed with similar materials as those found in your more straightforward blocks listed above.

Another great aspect of these blocks is the fact that they help with your child’s knowledge and understanding of putting pieces together like a giant puzzle (as Tetris games do as well!).

These are a wonderful choice purely for their multi-functional purpose as building blocks.

Pros & Cons


  • Colorful and lovely blocks
  • Like other blocks with similar materials, the foam is sturdy and the leather is a nice add-on for cleaning
  • A fun way to learn while also allowing kids to stack their toys as they often do!


  • The biggest flaw for blocks made of this material (or of foam in general) is their cost


Perhaps you aren’t wanting something too crazy as a set of foam blocks for your child.

Although there are similar picks from this list, Dream Tree offers simpler building blocks made of foam as well as the uniquely-shaped Tetris set.

  • Dream Tree Building Blocks (8pcs) (https://amzn.to/2y0RfAu)

7. Edushape Big Edu-Color Blocks (32pcs)


For the final recommendation on this list of the best large foam building blocks, you’ve got the Edushape foam blocks. These blocks are a colorful bundle of different shapes and sizes.

For what you expect when you hear “building blocks,” these blocks are likely a bit closer to what you’d expect due to their varying shapes.

Because of this, these are a great choice if you’re wanting to gift your child a more traditional building block set (albeit on the more soft and safe side).

Keep in mind that if you’re considering this set, they’re meant for children at least 9-months-old.

Overall Experience

For the most part, these blocks are decently sized. However, these blocks still aren’t as large as other foam building blocks listed with them.

What they do have though is a set of unique shapes and several different parts that are closer to what you’d expect in a child’s building block playset.

The pieces range in their colors and are great for children to stack without hurting themselves.

Unfortunately, their cuts can vary and you may be met with pieces that don’t properly fit together since they’re made of foam.

Regardless, they are still a good choice if you’re wanting to get a set that functions similarly enough to your more traditional and smaller building block set.

Pros & Cons


  • A more traditional set of building blocks
  • Their colors are nice and have a nice variety


  • Keep in mind the possibility of them being cut unevenly because of their material
  • As always, the price is a large leap for a set of blocks


Edushape’s blocks are about as close as you can get to your average, smaller building blocks.

For those of you searching for something a bit more unique, however, Edushape also provides a version of these blocks with a more wood-grained effect.

  • Edushape Wood-like Blocks (32pcs) (https://amzn.to/3c8Oxrg)

Large Foam Building Blocks – Conclusion

All this info may be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to pick out a single toy or playset for your child.

It’s important when you’re breaking down the research for these types of toys that you consider what it is you think is best for the child and what they might have the most fun with!

With large blocks meant to simply stack on one another to blocks your child can fit together into various shapes and structures, large foam building blocks certainly come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Another nice feature from these blocks is their soft material, which is especially great for younger children so they can’t hurt themselves by accident.

For those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of clean-up, the faux leather casing provided on some of these blocks is also a nice feature.

Regardless of the reasons you may end up considering these as a possible gift, the next time you have to find a toy that’s both fun and simple enough for more kids to like, large foam building blocks will always be a traditional and worthwhile choice to pick.



Best Backyard Playsets For Kids Who Loves Playing Outdoors

Best Backyard Playsets For KidsBest Backyard Playsets For Kids

Although they may lean a bit more on the expensive side compared to other things you can give to your child, backyard playsets are a wonderful way for children to make unforgettable memories as they grow over the years.

Backyard playsets are also a great way to offer a form of outdoor entertainment for your kids to have fun in the sun while being under your close supervision.

If your child loves finding themselves outside and their imagination runs rampant on the thought of playing outdoors, then these sets work wonders on letting them have the time of their life, even more so for children with friends or siblings they can play with!

Of course, picking and choosing the best one is no easy task. The costs can be high and the setup may take you hours for results you aren’t too pleased with.

Researched and reviewed below are the top 7 best backyard playsets for kids to help you come to the decision of which set works best for your family.

Best Backyard Playsets For Kids

1. Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set

Link: https://amzn.to/2UJdkwo


The first toy on the list is a great one at that. This mostly wooden KidKraft playset features multiple ways for the young ones of your family to have fun!

With a wavy slide and a canopied deck, one half of the playset is made up of a simple, yet great way for your child to find entertainment.

There’s even a wall for your child to draw on with chalk if they so desire. A small ladder leads up to the deck and underneath the deck rests a sandbox for you to fill with sand.

The other half of the playset is more simple (but most certainly not in a bad way!). This part features a pair of swings for two children to kick off with on a warm day.

This set would be best for children if they were at least 3-years-old!

The approximate time to put the set together is about 4-to-8 hours and step-by-step instructions are included as well.

Overall Experience

The Big Backyard KidKraft playset carries many functions and activities for your kids to do.

For kids who love being outside, this playset is – for the most part – great at what it says it does.

A nice part about the set is how the instructions are straightforward and not too difficult to follow.

Although it’s a time-consuming process to put together, your kids would go crazy for this monster of a set since there’s just so much for them to do!

On the other hand, this is a product for people who don’t mind the tedious process of putting everything together; it’s no lie to say this would likely take at least a few hours to make sure everything gets put together properly.

For the materials, things aren’t quite as positive.

Unfortunately, the wood isn’t the most sturdy; if it starts splitting, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than try to salvage it or to be knowledgeable enough to replace it yourself.

Pros & Cons


  • Full of fun activities for your kids to use


  • The wood isn’t exactly of the best quality; it’d be good to inspect it before putting everything together


Outdoor playsets that are more straightforward with being a slide, deck, and swing combination make for the best alternatives for the KidKraft playset!

  • Swing-N-Slide Knightsbridge Playset (https://amzn.to/39MS1ye)

2. Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set, 3-in-1 Playset

Link: https://amzn.to/3c08XD3


The Costzon playset is certainly different from the first set in the list but that doesn’t make it any less fun for the kids!

This set features bright and vibrant colors and rather than wood, it uses plastic parts instead.

Included in this 3-in-1 playset is a swing, a slide, and a basketball hoop.

Since this set is on the smaller side for its size, it would work well to be an indoor playset during the rainy seasons.

Because this Costzon playset is intended for toddlers, it’s recommended that your child be younger than 6-years-old to use it.

Overall Experience

One of the best parts you could appreciate about this playset is the simplicity and how easy it is to put together.

The building process compared to other sets a considerably quicker process in general.

If you’re raising a toddler or two, this set is an excellent choice because of its smaller size, simple functionality, and quick construction process.

It’s also a nice aspect of the playset because it’s great for outdoor use but also functions well-enough indoors if you’re not wanting to leave it outside.

Pros & Cons


  • Cute set for toddlers!
  • Works great both indoors and outdoors since it’s small!
  • Has multiple functions


  • For this set, there aren’t any notable negative aspects of the set


Sets best for toddlers are your best bet for a back-up option if this playset isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

  • Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set, 4-in-1
  • Costzon 4-in-1 Toddler Climber and Swing Set, Bear (https://amzn.to/39Kvoup)

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3. Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Ride-On Playset

Link: https://amzn.to/39OpcBo


Designed to be like a miniature roller coaster, the Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Ride-On Playset is designed to be a short but fun ride for your little ones to take part in.

The coaster fits one child at a time and the wells on either side of the track help keep the car in place for each ride.

To put the car back into place, the coaster features small steps that are great for your child to improve their coordination and motor skills.

All-in-all, this ride is a great choice for younger kids.

It’s recommended that your child be at least 3-years-old to use it.

Overall Experience

Instead of a playground-type of playset, the Step2 ride-on roller coaster functions as a short and simple amusement park-like ride for your younger kids.

For the entertainment of the toy, it’s there!

The ride can hold a weight of up to about 100 pounds.

When it comes to the question of, “Will your child love this toy?” the answer is a solid, “Of course!”

That doesn’t mean it isn’t without its drawbacks (unfortunately). The setup can get a bit difficult despite how it’s meant to be an easy preparation (albeit time-consuming).

Another one of the biggest issues this set faces is the materials it provides; to properly use the washers when setting up, the playset provides the bare minimum of the amount needed, which can be cumbersome if you mess up in the building process.

For the most part, however, this playset is a great add-on to your backyard for your kids!

Pros & Cons


  • Creative and fun toy for kids to play with outside for a long time!
  • The steps to push the car back up function well enough as stairs to help your children practice walking if they’re younger


  • The setup process is frustrating for what it’s worth; the playset needs extra washers in case some don’t make it on delivery, if parts are lost, or if you just need extra parts


Step2 offers other ride-on roller coasters that work perfectly for your amusement park-loving toddlers!

  • Step2 Hot Wheels Extreme Thriller Coaster Ride-On (https://amzn.to/2wgpfZ0)
  • Step2 Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster (https://amzn.to/2UMgoaY)

4. Lifetime Ace Flyer Airplane Teeter-Totter

Link: https://amzn.to/3bMgWDw


A great toy choice with multiple purposes, the Lifetime Ace Flyer Airplane functions as both an interactive plane and a teeter-totter playset!

The seats can hold up to seven children and the bars are constructed with powder-coated steel.

Other small details on the plane are controls on its dashboard, a spinning propeller, and the capability of steering the plane up, down, or side-to-side.

If you consider getting this outdoor playset for your child, bear in mind that it’s intended for kids between 3-years-old to 12-years-old.

Overall Experience

The first place to start with this toy is the fact that it allows so many kids to gather and play together for such a simple idea!

It seats up to seven kids, which is great for larger families or for your child to invite their friends over.

For the assembly process, this one is another doozy. Things can get frustrating and it is a time-consuming thing to do for sure.

Still, Rome wasn’t built in a day and this playset can’t build itself!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the instructions any less complicated to follow; it can be difficult if you don’t have someone to help you build the plane.

Aside from the complications of building the plane, this is a complete hit with kids who love to go crazy with their imaginations!

There are seven seats, which is such a nice aspect of the set; it allows the kids to jump on and have the time of their lives!

It’s also worth reminding the fact that it functions as a teeter-totter for children to be more active in their imaginative play.

Pros & Cons


  • There are several great things about this playset from the functions to the number of children that can play together with it


  • The building process is very time-consuming and less than ideal


While the Lifetime airplane is creative and colorful in its design and functions, it, unfortunately, doesn’t have any similar choices if you’re curious about any possible alternatives.


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5. Gorilla Playsets – Outing Swing Set with Wide Climbing Wall, Swings, and Yellow Slide

Link: https://amzn.to/3bVILsY


This playset goes above and beyond what you’re looking for in one; similar to the Big Backyard KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set at the beginning of this list, the Gorilla Playsets offers the functionality of a swing, slide, sandbox, and canopied roof.

More than before, however, this set also offers a climbing wall and a trapeze bar with rings.

Another aspect of the set is the soft rubber grips on the swing chains.

The Gorilla Playsets set is recommended for children aged 3 to 11-years-old.

Overall Experience

The Gorilla Playsets backyard set functions much like the KidKraft set at the start of the list.

It’s very similar to what you’d find on a playground and carries quite the number of functionalities for your kids to pick from!

Because of that, it allows an immense amount of playtime and fun for the little ones!

Compared to the KidKraft set, this playset has a lot of activities for your kids to give a shot!

Because of its climbing wall and a trapeze bar, it manages to differentiate itself from others like it.

It’s also a nice touch for the chains to have rubber grips instead of cold chains because they’re a lot easier on a child’s hands.

The building process isn’t too complicated if you’re able to organize the parts and map out what goes where ahead of time.

Even when doing this though, you can expect to spend several hours just putting everything together.

Pros & Cons


  • Great, sturdy playset
  • It comes with a large number of functions for the kids to try out!
  • Although tedious, the instructions are clear to follow


  • If you’re not wanting to spend a lot of time on it, this playset won’t be a walk in the park when putting it together


Playsets that are heavy-duty in their functions and feature multiple activities are your best choice for alternatives.

  • Backyard Discovery Beach Front Wooden Swing Set (https://amzn.to/2JMGogd)

  • Swing-N-Slide Knightsbridge Plus Swing Set (https://amzn.to/2ULCcUi)

6. Gym Dandy Teeter-Totter Home Seesaw Playground Set

Link: https://amzn.to/2XabN3U


The sixth toy set on this list is a bit more straightforward in what it offers as an outside playset.

The Gym Dandy Teeter-Totter Home Seesaw is a powder-coated seesaw toy that seats two kids.

The seats are padded and come with a bump-absorbing knob underneath each one.

A great and traditional addition to your backyard, this Gym Dandy teeter-totter works not only as an outdoor toy but as a way for your children to strengthen their muscles.

This teeter-totter is designed for children between 3 to 13-years-old.

Overall Experience

What outdoor playset would be complete without your everyday teeter-totter? The Gym Dandy Teeter-Totter toy is about as clear-cut as you could get on what you’re buying.

Putting everything together is much more simple compared to large playsets and it’s a classic playground set that seats two kids. A nice aspect of the seesaw is its bump-absorbing piece under each seat.

If you’re wanting a simple and more affordable toy for your backyard, this is a great gift to add to any household!

Pros & Cons


  • Building the seesaw is simple and doesn’t take too long
  • A classic toy that works great for two kids to ride on!


  • Although there are no negative aspects that are noteworthy, it’s hard to say if your children will stay interested in it for a long time (since kids will be kids!)


If you’d love a teeter-totter for more children, Epoch Air offers a similar playset for the outdoors with four seats rather than your average two-seater toy.

  • Epoch Air 4-Seater Merry-Go-Round and Teeter-Totter (https://amzn.to/2RfESaD)

7. Creative Playthings Northbridge Swing Set (Pack 4)

Link: https://amzn.to/3dXQSHj


Stepping back to a more traditional and multi-function playset, the Creative Playthings Northbridge Swing Set has a pair of swings, a climber wall with a rope, monkey bars, a wavy slide, a tire swing, and a set of ropes to climb into the main deck (which also features a covered roof).

The wooden parts of the playset are made of Southern Yellow Pine lumber, a material Creative Playthings prides itself in as being a durable type of lumber. This set also features step-by-step instructions on putting everything together.

If you’re considering this set for your family, its recommended age range is for kids 2 to 12-years-old.

Overall Experience

Last and certainly not least is the Creative Playthings Northbridge Swing Set! This playset features many features from other playsets combined into one.

A great part about it is how it allows countless activities for your kids to choose from. From wall-climbing to sliding to even traversing across the monkey bars, this set has quite a bit to choose from.

Now for something you’re likely to be curious about: assembling the set. This set is the largest of all the ones in the list and is the most time-consuming to build.

From the six hours other sets may end up taking, this one can take a good day’s worth of time. The instructions are pretty easy to understand aside from this, so is the set worth buying?

If your kids love having friends over or your family is a decent size, then it just might be worth a shot!

Pros & Cons


  • A very large playset with so many activities to pick from!
  • The set is sturdy in its build and does what it sets out to do as a playset


  • Putting it together is beyond time-consuming; be prepared to put aside an insane amount of time to build this one


Creative Playthings offers multiple types of playground-like playsets.

For those interested, here’s a similar set also by the Creative Playthings brand…

  • Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set (https://amzn.to/3bRuugY)


Backyard playsets vary in their shapes and sizes. From playsets that resemble things you’d find on an elementary school playground to simple teeter-totters, there are countless kinds of toys for your children to have fun while taking in the outdoor air.

Although their overall prices can be a bit steep, they’re an investment that might be worth your efforts, especially if you’ve got a bigger family or if your child loves to invite their friends over!

Along with being a fun form of entertainment for kids, these sets are also good for helping your child develop their motor skills and express their imagination.

If your younger members of the family love exploring the great outdoors but you want to make sure you can keep a watchful amount of supervision on what they do, consider a neat playset designed just for your backyard.

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Top 7 Best Magnetic Tiles For Kids To Buy In 2020

Best Magnetic Tiles for KidsBest Magnetic Tiles for Kids

One of the simplest and entertaining types of toys kids love are building blocks.

Toys such as building blocks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as being a great choice as a gift for a child!

Although the toy is simple, it does so much more than entertain your child; it offers them a way to expand their knowledge and teach them (albeit in a more simple way) the basics of science and engineering.

If you go above and beyond, there are toys quite similar to building blocks but are a bit different in their functions.

For this, you’ve got toy magnetic tiles; these are fun, often colorful parts your child can stick together to create all sorts of structures such as buildings or cars.

Even so, you may not be entirely sure of where to start on your hunt for the perfect toy.

You’ve made it this far and might be a bit unsure about what toy you should buy for your child.

There’s no need to worry for too long, as this extensive list has been put together to help ease that process along!

With detailed summaries written for each product, this is a list made up of the top 7 best magnetic tile playsets for kids.

If you’re wanting to get a set like these for your children, they work great for children of all ages.

If you’re considering getting this set for your own family, however, keep in mind the dangers of the small parts and magnets these toys have, as they can be dangerous for children.

Top 7 Best Magnetic Tiles for Kids

1. cossy Magnet Building Tiles (120pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/2WZPEVQ


The cossy Magnet Building Tiles set features a large number of colorful pieces for your child to put together.

By being able to create countless structures ranging from cars to buildings, the cossy Magnet Building Tiles can bring out the inner parts of your child’s imagination while also helping with their motor skills.

Because the pieces are translucent, they also create lovely and interesting shadows when light is cast behind them.

These tiles are made of ABS plastic and also have rounded edges so your child can’t accidentally hurt themselves when playing with them.

Featuring a large number of differently and similarly shaped parts, this toy is aimed at children at least 3-years-old.

Overall Experience

This set of magnet tiles functions as it should.

The parts are a nice size and the various shapes can help your child create a multitude of structures.

The colors of the tiles are vibrant and when connected, hold together as they should!

They work wonderfully and the translucent pieces make for a nice effect when a bright light is shining behind them.

For kids wanting to learn about shapes to even teach them about the science of putting parts together to create a greater whole, this set is definitely worth the consideration.

Pros & Cons


  • A variety of colorful parts to put together
  • Create hours of fun for your kids while teaching them the importance of structure and shapes


  • Though there aren’t any notable cons, the price is a bit steep compared to other sets


For the most part, this playset functions fairly similar to other magnet sets like it.

If you’re after something similar, these sets by the same brand are worth considering:

  • cossy Magnet Building Tiles (36pcs)
  • cossy Magnetic Tiles (72pcs)

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2. PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles (100pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/39wkAQi


Although the shapes are a bit more simplified, the PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles function more-or-less the same way.

The shapes within this set are – as noted before – a bit more simple in the way that they take on the shapes of squares and triangles.

They’re similar to the cossy playset in their translucent look and colorful hues.

While this set is great for children all sorts of ages, they’re best if your child is 3-years-old or older.

Overall Experience

For the PicassoTiles, the first thing worth giving praise is their magnetic stickiness, which is great.

Since the tiles are magnetic, they should work great with other tiles by other brands as well if that’s what you’ve got at home!

Much like the cossy Magnet Building Tiles, they’re colorful.

Unlike the previous set, the shapes are simpler, which can be good or bad depending on what you’re after in a set of magnetic tiles.

If there were a big enough concern with this set, it would be a combination of there not being quite as many pieces as there could be and the higher price that is up there in costs like the cossy set.

Pros & Cons


  • Vibrant and colorful tiles
  • Works well with other tiles outside of the PicassoTiles brand
  • Magnetic, which is what you’re after in these sets!


  • The price is likely to be pretty steep
  • Although there are quite a few pieces in the set, it may not be enough to work with


The PicassoTiles set features a version with fewer tiles, which is a good choice to fall back on if you want to test things out.

Alternatively, a toy within this list also works pretty well as an option:

  • cossy Magnet Building Tiles (120pcs)
  • PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles (60pcs)

3. HOMOFY Kids Magnet Tiles (75pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/2wLJu11


The HOMOFY Kids Magnet Tiles – first and foremost – prides themselves in their magnetic quality and rounded edges for your child’s safety.

For the most part, the designs of the magnets are similar to both the cossy magnets and the PicassoTiles magnets.

For their shapes, they’re a bit closer to the cossy magnetic tiles.

Although there are fewer pieces in this set compared to the first two in this list, their functionality remains more-or-less the same in giving your child hours of entertainment.

The parts are made up of an ABS plastic.

While the toy is for children at least 3-years-old, HOMOFY recommends it for children of all ages.

Overall Experience

Like the previous two toy sets, the HOMOFY magnet tiles set out to be a great choice for your child and they don’t disappoint in their quality.

While the number of pieces is notably less compared to the previous two sets, the quality is impressive in the long run.

The pieces can easily be put together to create three-dimensional objects that can test your child’s imagination and creativity.

Unfortunately, the magnets aren’t any better or worse than countless other sets like it despite the HOMOFY brand setting out to be among the best.

Regardless, this magnetic tileset is still worth the consideration.

Pros & Cons


  • Colorful magnetic tiles that work well with others outside of the HOMOFY brand


  • While the price is likely cheaper than other sets, there are fewer pieces in this one in particular
  • The magnets do their job but aren’t the best magnetic quality like they’re said to be


The most similar toy to the HOMOFY set is one that may be what makes the brand worth considering; that is, a set that has even more pieces than the listed one above:

  • HOMOFY Castle Magnetic Building Blocks (127pcs)

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4. Manve Magnetic Tiles (30pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/2UqtWc8


The Manve Magnetic Tiles are noticeably different from others before it in this list.

Rather than being translucent pieces that cast a stained glass-like shadow, the pieces are now exposed and open triangles and squares your little ones can use to create their structures more geometrically.

The Manve Magnetic Tiles are also made with ABS plastic and the pieces have rounded corners.

The Manve Magnetic Tiles are intended for kids at least 3-years-old due to their small parts.

Overall Experience

The Manve magnetic tiles are much lower in quantity compared to others.

Their designs, however, are also much different… but in a good way!

While the magnetic tiles resembling glass are a great choice and aesthetically pleasing to look at, having a bit of change is always a great place to start.

That being said, while there aren’t as many pieces in this set compared to others like it, their functionality remains the same along with being compatible with other magnets such as PicassoTiles.

The cost is also much more affordable compared to others in this list so if you’re on a tighter budget, this set may be a great place to start!

Pros & Cons


  • An affordable alternative that does its job as a magnetic tileset
  • Like others, the pieces are colorful in their variety


  • Features fewer pieces than even the previous set, which can limit what your child can make


The Manve Magnetic Tiles have a similar product that functions similarly to it, although it’s through a different brand.

If you’re interested in something similar but under a different name, this set may be the perfect fit!

  • MAGNETOS Magnetic Blocks (30+2pcs)

5. Magblock Magnetic Blocks (115pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/2WRE533


For the fifth set in the list, it’s the Magblock Magnetic Blocks. These blocks feature almost as many parts as what can be found in other magnetic tile sets.

The blocks within this set are the most unique of the list thus far, as they feature various shapes and sizes with the designs ranging from resembling windows to being ladder-like in their layout.

Much like the other sets within this list, they’re made of ABS plastic and feature rounded edges for the sake of keeping your children safe from sharp edges.

This magnetic tileset is intended for children at least 3-years-old.

Overall Experience

The Magblock magnetic tiles hold themselves together fairly well.

The most unique thing about them is the design of the parts, which are unique and different from the sets mentioned before.

Though the pieces are different in their layout, they’re still vibrantly translucent like the cossy set.

All-in-all, this is a well-made set with different shapes and sizes to pick from with numerous possibilities to pick from.

Although the costs are up there with the cossy and PicassoTiles magnetic tile sets, the Magblock set provides quite a bit in variety that it just might be worth the investment.

Pros & Cons


  • A large number of pieces and shapes to work with
  • Like others before it, the pieces are nice and colorful


  • Much like other sets as well, it’s costly for a toy set


Magblock’s magnetic block tiles have a close alternative already listed with it, which is the cossy set above:

  • cossy Magnet Building Tiles (120pcs)

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6. dreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles (108pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/2JoChXl


The dreambuilderToy playset carries a unique appearance in its parts.

The magnets are placed on the sides of the shapes rather than their edges and are visible to you rather than being hidden within the plastic.

With shapes ranging from your typical triangles and squares to pentagons and hexagons, the toy sets itself apart from many others like it.

This playset joins others in its materials; ABS plastic is used to form each part and rounded edges are added for that extra touch.

The toy is best for children at least 3-years-old because of the small parts.

Overall Experience

This playset is a nice quality and the pieces have a lovely hue to them.

For the most part, they’re a great option to pick from; they’re colorful and more affordable than many other sets.

While the various shapes are different from other sets, that can be an issue in a way; finding pieces that are compatible with it outside of the dreambuilderToy brand is easier said than done.

Adding to this, there are extra parts like the window pieces that aren’t tiles; these parts clip onto the actual magnets themselves.

Despite these notes, this set shouldn’t be as costly as other magnetic tile playsets.

Overall, the set is of a nice enough quality but the outside magnets combined with the unique shapes can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Pros & Cons


  • A nice set with a lovely color hue and interesting shapes


  • The interesting shapes can be a problem in of itself because of compatibility with other magnetic tiles from other brands
  • The magnets outside of the plastic can be a choking hazard for younger children more than other magnetic tile toys


Although the sizes and shapes may vary among the dreambuilderToy magnetic tiles, toys from the same brand are a decent back-up choice if you’re interested in the brand’s toys or designs.

  • dreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks (40pcs)

7. Discovery Kids Magnetic Building Tiles (50pcs)

Link: https://amzn.to/2WTm1pb


The magnetic building tileset from Discovery Kids features several tiles with a simple square or triangle shapes.

If you’re wanting something a bit more straightforward, this playset comes with decently-sized parts of vivid colors your child can use to create personalized three-dimensional models.

The set also includes a storage bag for the magnets after your children are done playing with them!

Discovery Kids recommends that your children be at least 4-years-old before using these magnet tiles.

Overall Experience

This set of magnetic tiles may be the last toy on the list but it’s certainly not the weakest choice. The tiles you receive are simplistic but do an excellent job at what they do.

They’re a great choice for helping your children learn about building the structures and models they wish to create.

If you’re interested in teaching your child about STEM education – or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – then this set is a great place to start along with helping their motor functions.

In the end, they’re a great toy for children regardless of their ages (so long as they’re old enough to play with them!).

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable and colorful set with decently-sized tiles
  • The simplistic shapes are a great start to introducing your child to magnetic tiles
  • Comes with a storage bag with your purchase for an organized clean-up process!


  • No cons worth noting for this set!


If you’re stuck at what to choose, there’s a version of the Discovery Kids magnetic tiles with fewer pieces than the one listed above.

  • Discovery Kids Magnetic Tile Building Blocks Set (24pcs)


Magnetic tiles are a wonderfully simple toy that can please children regardless of their ages.

While many toys can impress kids, it’s always great to find them something that can do more than just entertain them!

By getting them a toy that can improve their motor skills and teach them about various aspects of science and engineering, you’re able to help them learn while letting them have endless hours of fun.

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Best Toy Microphone and Stand Sets For Kids (2020 Reviews)

Best Toy Microphone and StandBest Toy Microphone and Stand

The different toys kids find enjoyment can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

These toys can vary from toy trucks to puzzles to even toy washing machine sets.

For your kids with a love for music or who aren’t afraid to stand in the spotlight, something you may not have considered as a possible choice is a toy microphone and stand!

For the most part, these toys function a bit like a karaoke machine but very simplistically for children to use.

They often feature original tunes for your kids to enjoy.

Sometimes they may even come with an option for you to be able to plug in an auxiliary cord to play your music on the machine!

Though the quality for these musical sets ranges from toy to toy, this list has been made up of the top 7 best toy microphone and stand sets.

This way, you’ll be able to find the best toy out there for the young ones in your family!

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Best Toy Microphone and Stands For Kids

1. KidKraft 63346 Sing-Along Mic & Amp Set


With a stand that’s painted blue and an off-white, the KidKraft Sing Along Mic & Amp Set is the first toy on this list.

The KidKraft mic comes with a built-in speaker and four musical beats that can play when a button is pressed.

It also features an auxiliary jack for you to plug in your mp3 player, CD player, or even smartphone.

The microphone stand can be set to as low as 28 inches to as high as 46 inches.

While it does require batteries, four AA batteries are included with your purchase.

Age-wise, this mic and amp set is recommended for your child to be at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

The feedback the KidKraft mic playset has received ranges from mixed to positive responses.

To begin things is Baker214’s review on the toy.

They purchased the gift for their daughter who has a flair for singing…

“We bought this for our daughter. She loves to sing, and this is a very cute and pretty sturdy toy. The mic works well compared to others we have had in the past.”

Not all reviewers are as pleased as Baker 214 though.

Michellec bought the toy and was pleased with the overall quality to start with.

“I purchased this for my son for his birthday. He has been wanting a microphone and I thought this would be a great starter one for him. It is very easy to assemble and even includes batteries.”

They even praised the microphone stand as well.

“I love that the stand adjusts and can extend pretty high.”

Michellec then commented on the sound features that are found with the set.

“There are two sound buttons, a cheering crowd…and a booing crowd. I’m not sure the booing is very appropriate for a child but my son laughed.”

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with a nicely-sized microphone stand for your child to adjust to their height
  • Can make use of the auxiliary port for other devices to plug into it


  • The quality of the mic is so-so with buyers
  • The mic features a booing crowd as one of the sounds, which is typically frowned upon by buyers


The KidKraft microphone and stand playset feature quite a few alternatives both on and off this list due to the features it carries. Whether it’s for a different color or a different brand, there’s always another option out there for you!

Karaoke Disco Light Adjustable Mic & Speaker Stand

With a pink color but similar design and features to the KidKraft microphone and stand, it’s the perfect alternative to pick from. This mic and stand also requires four AA batteries and is recommended for kids at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • First Act Discovery Trolls Mic and Amp

2. VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand


The VTech Kidi karaoke system includes eight built-in songs and animations.

For this karaoke system, you can plug an MP3 player to sing along with your music.

The set also comes with colorful disco light effects along with applause and cheering sounds.

The system also features four funny vocal effects to change the sounds of your voice!

It also comes with six music, rhythm, and memory games your child can use to help build musical creativity, rhythm, and memory skills.

The set requires four AA batteries that are included in the set.

The recommended age range for the toy set is 4-years-old to 10-years-old.

User Experiences

For the VTech Kidi mic and stand set, the reviews for it are fairly positive with them averaging at about 4.4 stars.

Amazon user midge bought the playset for their three-year-old daughter to play with.

“My three-year-old loves this toy. Her older siblings like it as well. We could use this all day with our little performer.”

In the end, they recommend the set to buyers.

“Overall I would recommend this toy for any kids ages 3 up to 10 or even older, and I would also recommend it for gift giving.”

DCRaider’s feedback is also positive while not being as full of praise as midge’s review.

“My 5-year old daughter loves it. We don’t even bother plugging in music from a mobile phone or iPad because she just loves singing into it, and does use the record function, applause and puts on a singing show for us after dinner.”

Pros & Cons


  • Can use an MP3 player to sing along with
  • Features eight built-in songs and animations to go with them
  • Colorful disco light effects


  • A bit costly for a toy mic and karaoke set


Although there is the microphone and stand options out there that work like the VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand, the closest choices are already listed here.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Kidi Star Karaoke System 2 Mics with Mic Stand & AC Adapter
  • HANMUN Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone Stand

3. L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand


The L P (or Little Pretender) karaoke machine playset features a microphone with an adjustable stand and an additional microphone.

The microphone stand measures from 18.5 inches to an extended 40 inches.

The set’s speaker also features an optional handle to carry it.

If you’d like, you can also connect an auxiliary cable to the speaker so your kids can sing along to their favorite songs.

For the toy’s appearance, it’s colored purple and white with light blue parts across the stand.

The set requires four AA batteries, which are included in the set.

The recommended age by the manufacturer is at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

For the most part, the response to this toy is mostly positive.

Amanda Lewis, for example, purchased the toy for her niece’s birthday. Thankfully, her niece loved it!

“I ordered this Kids Karaoke Machine as a gift for my niece’s 3rd birthday. It was her favorite gift by far. After opening her gifts she spent most of her party singing and dancing along with YouTube videos.”

Finalizing her review, Amanda remarks the quality in how it’s

“plenty loud to satisfy her want to be amplified, but not so loud it will be driving the adults crazy.”

Mrs. J.L. Bennett remarks in her review, however, that the toy is of “good value,” by stating that it’s

“Easy to use, not particularly clear but ideal for small children.”

Pros & Cons


  • Cute, and adjustable karaoke machine for kids


  • Some reviewers go on to state that for its price, it’s not of good enough quality


Even though the closest back-up choice to this toy isn’t another microphone and stand set, it’s also manufactured by Little Pretender.

Kids Karaoke Machine – CD & MP3 Player Sing-a-Long Music Player with 2 Microphones

As noted above, this toy is also licensed by Little Pretender.

To add to the similarities with the microphone and stand set, this also features a purple and white color scheme with light blue accents.

If you’re after something to pair with the mic and stand set, this could be the perfect option.

It requires four C batteries, which are not included.

The toy is recommended for kids 3-years-old and up.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • OceanEC Kids Karaoke Machine Playset

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4. OceanEC Kids Karaoke Machine Playset


The OceanEC karaoke set functions much like other toys within this list.

With a bright pink design, it has a cute appearance while making use of the key features you’re looking for in a toy microphone and stand set for your kid.

The set can be powered by USB cords connected to a computer, AC adapter, or another power source.

All-in-all, this toy requires four AA batteries, which re not included in your purchase.

It’s also recommended that your child be at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

The response to the OceanEC microphone and stand toy is positive, as buyers are typically pleased with their purchases.

For this set, Clori Akaris wanted to get something for their kids who had a love for singing songs.

“My kids love singing ever since they learned songs in daycare. This is a second time I’m buying a microphone for them to play and have fun. They love it.”

An Amazon user by the name of “kiss” also compliments the quality of the toy, as it was a gift for their daughter.

“Cute karaoke toy in pretty pink color. My daughter was so excited when got this gift. The toy looks sturdy and easy to assemble. Better quality than I expected.”

Pros & Cons


  • Capable of connecting to your MP3 player, phone, or other devices
  • Adjustable height for the stand


  • The main negative response comes from buyers who receive defective microphones in their purchases (although the product can be returned or a replacement can be sent if this happens!)


What toy would make for the best alternative other than the same toy in a different color? If the pink color is a bit too much, there is another choice out there to pick!

OceanEC Kids Karaoke Machine Playset (Blue)

The same toy as before, this microphone and stand playset come in a lovely shade of blue.

If your child isn’t as interested in a bubbly pink shade, this blue alternative works wonders as another choice.

This set requires four AA batteries, which are not included with the set.

It’s also recommended for kids who are aged 3-years-old and up.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand

5. HANMUN Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone Stand


The HANMUN Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone Stand comes with a playset decked out in bubbly pink and purple parts.

The stand itself measures anywhere from 30 inches to 42 inches when extended.

It has an LED light, adjustable volume, and the capability of being hooked up to various devices with an auxiliary cord.

Though they aren’t included, this set needs four AA batteries.

For the age, this toy is recommended for children that are 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

With fairly positive reviews, several customers commend the overall quality of the HANMUN Karaoke Machine toy.

After buying the toy for her son, Nora Q reviews the product by commenting on how it’s fun for her child.

“My little one had a lot of fun playing with this toy. The volume is loud, and lights flashing on the console. Love the feature that you could connect with your phone/speaker so you could play your own music.”

The only issue she has with the toy is how she wanted a version with two mics so her children could sing together.

Jason also bought the playset for his children and was pleased with the results.

He ends his review by recommending the toy to others.

“Great kids’ karaoke machine! Great sound on this thing and it was very easy to assemble. Lots of different music options to use for hours of enjoyment! The kids loved it! I would recommend!”

Pros & Cons


  • Much like other microphone and stand toys within the list, it features compatibility with connecting to your phone or other devices
  • Buyers praise how easy the toy is to assemble


  • For the most part, it’s without negative response; the biggest critique falls on the volume of the microphone


For this toy, the closest alternative is from a different brand.

Liberty Imports Rock Star Kids Karaoke Machine

While it isn’t entirely like the HANMUN karaoke machine, this Liberty Imports toy functions very similarly while also having the same capability of connecting to other devices such as your phone.

This set requires three AA batteries, which are not included.

It’s also recommended that your child be at least 3-years-old before using this toy.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand

6. First Act Discovery Trolls Mic and Amp


Modeled after the animated film Trolls for its color scheme and printed design, this microphone and stand set is fairly straightforward for your child’s musical needs.

The microphone stand height is adjustable and the set features a control for the overall volume.

Rather than being loaded with previously-recorded music, this set functions purely through the use of an auxiliary cord and music you provide.

The set requires four AA batteries, which are not included.

It is also intended for kids aged 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

Some buyers of this microphone and stand set are fairly pleased with their purchase while others lean a bit toward being mixed in their reviews.

Kayla Cherry compliments the toy by noting that it’s a “great product and a great price!”

She proceeds with her feedback by noting her daughter’s reaction to the toy.

“Got this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it! She sings and sings. You can set the volume to very loud to softer which is a plus.”

She does, however, mention that the set can sap through batteries by reminding buyers to

“make sure you turn the microphone off after every use because it doesn’t take long for the batteries to go dead if it’s been left on.”

Pros & Cons


  • Cute and simple microphone and stand set compared to others
  • Capable of connecting to another device through an auxiliary cord


  • The material isn’t the most durable on this set
  • Doesn’t come with any music provided by the toy so you’re required to provide your own


The simplistic nature of this microphone and stand may have won you over! If your child isn’t a fan of the Trolls franchise, there are thankfully other similar microphones you can choose from.

Disney Princess Mic & Amp

With the same functionality and by the same company as the Trolls microphone and stand, you’ve got the Disney Princess Mic and Amp!

If the Disney Princess look is more to your child’s liking, this one is worth considering.

Like the Trolls microphone and stand, it requires four AA batteries and is meant for kids at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • KidKraft 63346 Sing-Along Mic & Set

7. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke System 2 Mics with Mic Stand & AC Adapter


For the final toy on the list, we have another VTech Kidi Star karaoke set. Although it’s similar in idea, the sets are different from one another in their overall design.

This VTech karaoke machine takes on a more complex appearance while maintaining the same color scheme as the previous VTech toy.

This set does what the previous VTech karaoke machine can do along with having a built-in recorder for your child to record up to five minutes of their music!

It requires four AA batteries and is intended for children between 5 to 9-years-old.

User Experiences

This VTech karaoke set has been met with a mostly positive response but does feature some criticism to the toy.

Brian purchased the VTech set for his children, the kids being 2-years-old and 4-years-old. He starts things off by commending the durability of the toy.

“We’ve had this unit for six months. My kids have knocked it over several times a week. Being 2 and 4, they bang, smash, and yank everything. It still works just like it was brand new. It shows very little signs of wear after being abused frequently.”

Amanda Nicole Martis, on the other hand, bought the toy for a birthday party and it was met with a happy audience.

“I bought this for a birthday party. It’s pretty much used all the time.”

She does, however, critique the mic quality.

“One of the microphones didn’t work as well as the other one, though which was odd. I thought it wasn’t plugged in right but it just didn’t produce as much volume as the other one did.”

Pros & Cons


  • Has the same features of the previous microphone and stand sets along with being able to record sound
  • Features fun disco light effects with the set


  • The microphone volume may be low, though some mention how that could be a pro more than a con




Though the pink VTech karaoke machine may not be what your child likes, there are other choices available as well!

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine (Pink/Purple)

With the same functionality as noted before, this version provides a pink and purple option to tone down on the pure pink palette! It features the same requirements of four AA batteries and is recommended to kids 5 to 9-years-old.

If you’d like even more color options, it’s even available in black and red…

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand

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Bottom Line

The next time you’re unsure about what to buy, consider this: do your kids have a love for music?

Did they just get into what it’s like to sing?

Maybe they even love being in front of a crowd!

Regardless of whichever option your child may fall under, a toy microphone and stand set is a cute and fun way to let your child bring out their creative sides while introducing them to the world of music.

Though microphone and stand sets can come in many different shapes and sizes, this list has hopefully helped you figure out the perfect choice for your kid’s next favorite toy!