TOP 8 Toy Cement Mixer Truck For Kids Who Loves Construction Vehicles

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Toy Cement Mixer Truck For KidsTop 8 Toy Cement Mixer Truck for Kids

Are you seeking to buy a toy cement mixer truck for your kid?

Toys are known as tools for entertaining kids, however, they also provide educational benefits to the children.

Toys play a significant role in influencing your child’s imagination and development.

A toy cement mixer truck can be the best gift for your child.

Nevertheless, he or she will not just want any toy, but the best.

This article explains the top 8 of these toy cement mixer trucks…

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1. Double E Remote Control Cement Mixer Truck By Mercedes-Benz

concrete truck toy by Mercedez Benz
DOUBLE E 1/20 Remote Control Cement Mixer


This is a kid’s toy authorized by Mercedes-Benz made on the scale of 1:20 to the actual truck.

This gives it a reasonably small size and hence making it very convenient to use.

It is one of the best toy trucks you can buy for your kid, mainly due to its incredible features.

It is a remotely controlled auto stirring four-wheel-drive toy mixer truck with virtual sounds and lights.

The fact that it is four-wheel and has a powerful motor gives it the capacity to carry materials such as sand and run very fast.

Thus, providing your kid with hours of fun.

The RC truck comes with a rechargeable battery of 4.8v 800mAh and a USB cable, therefore, your kid can play with it for many hours without the worry of the toy going off.

Additionally, if the battery spoils, you can easily replace it.

It also has a high control range of 10-100M; therefore, you can connect many trucks to it.

Pros & Cons


  • Your child does not need to push it for it to move manually, it is remote controlled.
  • You can turn off the simulated sounds and light through a remote if your child does not want them.
  • It can sustain more than one truck at the same time without interfering with each other.
  • Your kid can play with it indoors or outdoors.
  • In case the battery runs out of charge, it is easily rechargeable.


  • Replacing the truck’s battery can be expensive

User Experiences

With the many great features and pros of this truck, it’s worth buying it for your child.

Moreover, reviews by customers who have acquired this toy, show that many have expressed their satisfaction with it.

Therefore, we guarantee you that it’s one of the best toys for your kid.

2. Memtes Friction Powered Cement Mixer Truck

cement mixer machine toy
Memtes Friction Powered Cement Mixer Truck Toy with Lights and Sound


As the name suggests, it is a kid’s toy that uses friction to move.

This toy encourages your child’s imagination and creativity, and it has sounds and lightings which are activated by a button.

These lights and sounds will make your kid feel like he or she owns a real truck.

The toy’s measurements are 10.5 ̋ lengths, 3.5 ̋ height, and 4.5 ̋ widths. This gives it perfect sizes for storage.

The toy is made with high-quality materials, thus making it durable.

Playing with it is quite easy. All you need is to ensure the installation of the friction-powered mechanism, pull it back, and move on its own.

If you do not get this particular toy, there are many other alternatives similar to this one.

For instance, Click N’ play friction-powered jumbo cement truck construction toy vehicle for kids (pictured below)…

Many customers are happy with this particular truck.

Pros & Cons


  • Its small size makes it convenient even for little kids.
  • It makes your kid feel like a valid owner of a real cement mixer truck.
  • It has high durability due to the high-quality materials used in making it.
  • It is widely versatile and easy to play with kids.
  • Kids can either play with it indoors to scoop small toys, or outdoors using sand or soil.


  • Unlike other remote-controlled truck toys, for this one to keep moving, you to pull it.
  • The noise it produces can be irritating for anyone who hates noise.

3. Bruder 02814 Mack Granite Cement Mixer Truck

granite cement mixer toy ruck
Bruder Mack Granite Cement Mixer


This is a kid’s toy truck manufactured in Germany and is made on the scale of 1:16, to the actual cement mixer truck.

The toy has doors which can you can open and get a view of the engine.

It also has foldable rear-view mirrors, which gives it an attractive look.

It is made from ABS plastic of high quality and is fade-resistant.

The truck’s parts are joined together without screws or glue, and therefore, making it safe for your kid to use.

This way, you don’t have to worry about this truck causing any dangerous injuries.

The drum is fully functional and can use many materials, ranging from sand to beans.

The toy truck has a crank handle lowered in the water tank, which turns the cement mixer container.

Content in the barrel is either mixed or dumped from the chute, depending on the course in which the barrel is rotating.

Though some people consider the toy to be expensive, it is an investment that is worthy of making.

Especially when it comes to the happiness of your child, many customers seem to be impressed by this particular toy.

For instance, Johann Vivas, an Amazon customer who purchased this toy, quotes that the quality of the truck itself was pleasing.

He is planning on buying more of these toys.

The fantastic truck features make buying this toy a worthwhile investment for your child.

In case you do not get this particular toy, you can buy an alternative toy that is similar to this one.

For instance, the Bruder 02744 cement mixer construction truck which you’ll find further below on this page.

Pros & Cons


  • It is hard to break or damage due to the high-quality materials used to make it.
  • Your kid can either play with it indoors or outdoors.


  • It has no sound modules and lights; you’ll have to add it yourself if you want to add fun in playing.

4. Tonka power movers cement mixer toy vehicle

Toy Cement Mixer Truck
Cement Mixer Machine Toy


It is a kid’s toy and is mainly appropriate for children above three years. It is among the top best toys due to its amazing features.

These features include:

  1. It is 12 inched truck with sounds and lights.
  2. To get beep-beep sounds, all you need is to move the truck backward.
  3. Moving your truck forward ignites engine sounds and flashing lights.
  4. To have hydraulic sounds, you need to rotate the cement mixer.
  5. The toy truck comes with batteries.

Customers express their love for this particular toy, for example, an Amazon customer says that he acquired it for a low price, and the quality was excellent.

Most of the customer’s reviews express their satisfaction with this toy cement mixer truck.

Therefore, we guarantee that every penny you spend will be well worth it.

Pros & Cons


  • You get to control the sounds and the lightings as you like.
  • It produces three different functions: rotating the cement, backing up, and engine sounds, which is very entertaining for children.


  • It is not recommended for children below 3 years.


If you are looking for an alternative, you can take a look at the Tonka classic steel mighty dump truck FFP, which is similar to the cement mixer truck.

5. Liberty Imports 14 inches Oversized Friction Cement Mixer Truck

Cement Mixer Truck Construction Vehicle Toy for Kids
Concrete Toy Cement Truck From Liberty Imports


This is an incredibly detailed and realistic toy cement mixer truck.

It is manufactured with high-quality materials such as ABS plastics, thus, making it convenient to use without breaking or being damaged.

As the name suggests, the toy is friction-powered.  For it to keep moving, all you need is to push it forward.

The truck is quite easy to use too.  For the cement mixer to rotate 360 degrees, you need to operate the crank.

This will cause the material in the barrel to mix and it has a moveable and an openable cab.

It has a dimension of 15 ̋ by 7 ̋ by 6 ̋.

With this cement mixers toy truck, nothing can limit your child from having all the fun.

Only his or her imagination can restrict them.

Pros & Cons


  • It is durable because of the high-quality materials used to make it.
  • Moving it is pretty easy because all you need is to pull your truck backward, and it will run on its own.
  • It is similar to an actual cement mixer truck.


  • Due to its big size, playing with small toddlers can be a bit inconvenient.
  • It does not have sounds and lights.


Alternatively, if you miss out on this truck, you can purchase a children’s cement concrete mixer toy truck kids realistic construction car vehicle, which is similar to the former.

Most of the customers who have bought this toy truck express their satisfaction with the truck and highly recommend it to others.

Therefore, you can buy one for your child with the surety that he or she will have hours of enjoyment.

6. Bruder 02744 Cement Mixer Realistic Truck

bruder 02744 mack granite cement mixer truck
Bruder Granite Cement Mixer Toy


Is your child fond of cement mixer trucks, and you’re looking for the best toy you can gift him or her?

Well, this can be the best toy ever.  This is actually our best pick on this list!

Bruder 02744 MAN toy will give your kid all the fun he or she desires.

It is a kid’s toy manufactured in Germany, and its parts are firmly put together without screws or toxic glue.

Hence, you are confident of your child’s safety from harmful chemicals and sharp objects, which usually cause injuries if they were to come off.

You can tilt the driver’s cab to see a view of how the engine works.

This cement mixer toy is highly detailed, giving it an appealing look to the eye. The material used to make the toy is a high-graded ABS plastic.

Therefore, you are sure the toy is of high quality and durable.

The water tank is fillable, and this means when the water drains due to long hours’ workout, you can quickly refill it.

This cement mixer contains a handwheel that is responsible for turning the drum and moving the contents inside.

When you fill the barrel with sand and concrete, you will watch it work like a real mixer truck.

Though a few people express their dissatisfaction, the majority of the customers give positive feedbacks after buying this truck.

There are even circumstances where adults who buy this truck love the toy more than their kids.

An alternative toy for this is Bruder 02815 Mack granite dump truck for construction and farm pretend-play.

Pros & Cons


  • It is easy to use.
  • Your kid can either use it indoors or outdoors.


  • The recommendable age to use this toy truck is three years and above.
  • It does not have lights and sounds, which are very appealing to kids.

7. Think Gizmos Friction Cement Mixer Toy Truck

Toy Cement Mixer Truck For Kids
Friction Powered Push Along Cement Mixer Toy


If you are looking for an innovative and safe mixer toy to provide a lot of fun for your child, then this should be one of the very best choices.

It is a friction-powered toy, mainly for boys above three years old.

This truck is suitable for developing your child’s hand-to-eye harmonization.

It contains sounds and lights which are activated by the knob located on the side of the truck adjacent to the driver.

The truck comes with batteries; therefore, you don’t have to incur an extra cost on purchasing batteries.

It also comes with a user’s manual which is written in various languages.

It is made of durable plastic, thus making it a high-quality product.

As a result, almost every person who acquires this toy always writes a positive review expressing their satisfaction.

Therefore, buying this truck is worth your child’s happiness.

Pros & Cons


  • It has sounds and lights, which makes it more fun for kids.


  • It is not recommendable for kids below three years.

8. Playmobil Toy Cement Truck

Toy Cement Mixer by Playmobil
Playmobil Cement Truck Playset


This kid’s toy is highly preferred because there is no task that is too tough for the truck.

It has a revolving drum that makes it easy to mix the cement.

The toy is quite easy to use. Once the mixture is ready for pouring, you just need to slant the container from the truck.

The toy comes as a whole set of the truck, brush, hardhat, and other accessories.

With this set, kids can either play with it on their own or with other PLAYMOBIL sets.

Different customers relay different views, however, most of the customers express their contentment with this particular toy.

An alternative for this toy is a Playmobil tractor with a trailer.

Pros & Cons


  • It comes as a pre-assembled package providing a ready set primed for ventures.


  • It limits small toddlers since it’s only recommendable for kids above four years.


In conclusion, an investment in either of these top cement mixer truck toys is worth it.

Nothing will limit your kids from having hours of adventure with these toy trucks.

Every truck you purchase has a warranty; therefore, you can be sure to get the best and keep your child smiling all year round.

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