Top 7 Kids Makeup Vanity Sets

Kids Makeup Vanity Sets

Kids Makeup Vanity SetsKids always like great things and sometimes they just want to pretend like adults.

If you want to surprise your daughter, you will actually look for something great and not too obvious.

Kids Makeup Vanity Sets can be a great choice for mums who want to put a smile on their daughters’ faces.

It’s good to buy your daughter such a gift since it’s the role of every mother to ensure that their kids are always happy.

So, we have compiled a list of the top 7 kids’ vanity sets.

Take time and review it & hopefully, you will find your choice.

Let’s get into it…


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1. Pretty & Posh Vanity Set With Stool

This is a great vanity set considering it even comes with lights – something that most kids love.

Pretty & Posh Vanity Set with Stool is versatile since its small size makes it easy to use it indoors and outdoors due to the high portability rate compared to other heavy vanity sets.

The set also comes with three accessories, that is; 1 comb, 1 hand mirror, and 1 brush.

To make it even more perfect and glamorous, the stool is cushioned to trigger a more comfortable environment for your kid.

The set is perfect for small kids due to its size. More than 70% of buyers have given the set five-star reviews and talk about how it’s great for their small kids.


If you are after an alternative, try the Step 2 Fantasy Vanity Set for Girls, it’s another perfect vanity set that is close to Pretty & Posh Vanity Set With Stool.


  • ✅ It can easily be carried to different locations.

  • ✅ It’s easy to clean.

  • ✅ It has a great design.


  • ❌ The drawer isn’t perfectly constructed.

Kids Vanity Sets

2. Teamson Kids TD-11670F

This is a wooden vanity set that comes with a table and stool all in pink color.

This kids’ vanity set has a modern elegant design that would make your kid love it always.

If you are willing to spend a hundred bucks on a vanity set for your kid, the Teamson Kids TD-11670F could be the best option for you.

The set is equipped with a drawer that is very spacious and has a beautiful design as well.

With such a drawer, your kid can enjoy storing a wide range of stuff without the fear of running out of space.

What makes the set so unique is its panoramic view that is a result of the three mirrors.

Here, kids can comfortably see their dressing and hairstyle plus the whole body.

The great design of this vanity set is also important in the sense that it adds a strong aesthetic value to the little one’s room.

The stool is also comfortable with a great design.

Teamson Kids TD-11670F vanity set is good for every mother who wants to gift their daughters because apart from the above-mentioned features, the set is very durable, easy-to-use and versatile too.


Just in case you want to find an alternative, the Teamson Kids –Fashion Prints Girls Vanity Table and Stool can be a great choice.

The only difference between the two is the Leopard color design.


  • ✅ The vanity set has three mirrors that induce a panoramic view.

  • ✅ It has a great design.

  • ✅ It’s durable.

  • ✅ Easy to assemble.


  • ❌ The price is relatively higher.

Previous users have testified that the set is great for their kids.

Kids Vanity Sets

3. Costzon Kids Vanity Set

Getting this vanity piece to your little girl is more than a gift.

The set is made of a cushioned stool that feels comfortable and your daughter can spend hours on the stool just applying the makeup’.

While a princess dream is ever there for most young girls, this set somehow brings the dream through the big, pink crown mirror; a feature that lacks in most kids makeup vanity sets.

The table of the set is wide enough for your kid to keep other stuff like flowers not to mention the spacious drawer which also adds to the storage space.

When not in use, the stool can be squeezed and comfortably fit under the table.

This feature is great for those whose kid’s rooms are large enough.

In simple terms, the set is convenient and flexible.

There are a couple of reasons why all mothers should get this set for their daughters.

Some of the reasons include; easy to assemble, very strong, greatly designed to add value in the kid’s room among others.

A previous buyer says that her daughter loves the set and it has great paint as well.


The Teamson Kids-Dreamland Castle Kids Vanity can be a great alternative.


  • ✅ The set is easy to clean – you can simply use a wet cloth.

  • ✅ It is made with strong materials making it sturdy and durable.

  • ✅ It has a large drawer that provides extra space for storage.


  • ❌ The paint can easily be scratched if less care is taken.

    Kids Vanity Sets

4. Teamson Kids-Dreamland Castle Kids Vanity Set

Teamson Kids has appeared several times because it’s one of the most successful brands in this field.

As the name suggests, the table of the set comes with a castle design that triggers a strong feeling of enthusiasm and hence, great for the kid’s room.

It also has a central drawer – located and it’s equipped with a beautifully designed pull-out knob.

The drawer is comparatively larger to ensure maximum space for storage of brushes, ChapStick, combs, hair ties and more.

The set is ideal for all kids because it’s durable, wonderful-designed and unbreakable Plexiglas.


The KidKraft Princess Table & Stool can be a great alternative.

One buyer talks of how her 4-year old daughter loves the set with its castle design.


  • ✅ It is easy to assemble though with the help of an adult.

  • ✅ It is durable.

  • ✅ The table comes with rounded corners for the safety of the kids.


  • ❌ The Drawer slightly drops down to an angle when pulled out.

    Kids Vanity Sets

5. Bonnlo Girls Pink Vanity Set

This is another great kids’ vanity set with three mirrors for a panoramic view.

Its drawer is also spacious and greatly designed to host a wide variety of treasures ranging from combs to chapsticks.

Besides, this kids’ vanity makeup set is easy to assemble once it arrives on your door.

If you want to keep your daughter always indoor, consider this set since apart from having different features, its design is already enough to make your daughter admire it again and again.

Also, durability isn’t any exception with the Bonnlo Girls Pink Vanity Set. 100% of the users have rated this set with five-star reviews describing how wonderful it is.


If you are looking for an alternative, Teamson Kids Gisele Vanity set can be good for your bucks.


  • ✅ The set has three mirrors.

  • ✅ It is easy to use and assemble.

  • ✅ It’s very durable and greatly designed.


  • ❌ The furniture is relatively heavy and may not be comfortable for kids in case they need to lift and change positions.

Kids Vanity Sets


6. Step 2 Fantasy Vanity Set For Girls

This is the cheapest set in the list and its size is comparatively smaller than the others.

Step 2 Fantasy Vanity Set for Girls is ideal for the little kids who may be uncomfortable with the aforementioned sets.

However, the set is still perfect with a wonderful design and color.

The set is equipped with a top-notch shatterproof plastic mirror.

The set is also equipped with a drawer and cushioned stool.

Step 2 Fantasy Vanity Set for Girls is great and worth a purchase since it’s durable, high-quality, and greatly designed.


If you are after an alternative, there is always one.

Check out the Milliard Kids Vanity Makeup Table and Chair Set.


  • ✅ It is cheap.

  • ✅ Easy to assemble and use.

  • ✅ Easy to clean.


  • ❌ The Cosmetic holders are relatively small.

    Kids Vanity Sets

7. KidKraft Princess Table & Stool

An entirely pink three-mirrored set is finally here. The three mirrors give a panoramic view and your daughter is likely to see herself in every corner.

The set is also made with a crown that defines its princess nature. The pink color is so bright and with a shiny coat perfect for indoor life.

The set is great since it’s made with sturdy wooden materials that play a key role in increasing the durability of the entire set.

Its gilding storage drawer is also effective and hardly disappoints.


Those looking for an alternative, The Teamson Kids TD-11670L Gisele Toy Vanity Set is still a great choice.


  • ✅ It is strongly designed.

  • ✅ It is easy to use and clean.

  • ✅ It’s very durable.


  • ❌ A previous buyer complains that the set had a dry glue on some areas.

    Kids Vanity Sets

Bottom Line

This was the list of the top 7 kids makeup vanity sets.

If you have carefully reviewed all the sets, you should have been able to pick one or even find it from the alternatives.

While choosing, consider your budget first then read the features of the set before you reach your decision.

Different brands manufacture these sets but the list is dominated by the well-known brands whose products are trusted by many.

So, get a vanity set today and surprise your kid.

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TOP 7 Best 4 Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets – #6 Is 🔥

4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets
4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets
TOP 7 4 Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

Do you love racing on slots?

Have you been looking forward to getting the best 4-lane slot car race track set that is durable, versatile and stylish?

Well, below is a list of the top seven 4-lane slot car race track sets that are most popular and very effective.

Besides, they come from well-known brands and therefore, you won’t doubt them.

The list is a comprehensive one and, in most cases, it will largely help beginners who don’t have an idea of the best sets.


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1. Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Race Track Set

This 4-lane race track is the true definition of competition.

It comes from Hot Wheels (a brand that has existed for decades while producing excellent products) and it can be folded for easy storage and transportation.

The set is designed in such a way that it narrows as you approach the ending.

Here, only one out of the four tracks can reach the end since the narrowing allows only one racer to hit the end.

This means, your speed is the most important factor. Failure to which, you will always be a looser.

The 4-lane slot car race track set is best for you since you will able to benefit from a wide variety of aspects from easy of carriage and storage to racing with greater speeds.

Besides, the set is ideal for kids of all ages.

So, if you are after a 4-lane slot car race track set that gives room for elimination, go for the Hot Wheel 4-Lane Elimination Race Track Set.


  • ✅ It is easy to handle. That is, assembling and easy-to-use.

  • ✅ It can be folded for easy storage and to increase mobility.

  • ✅ It is cheap.


  • ❌ The race is always short-lived which doesn’t trigger great fun as other sets do.

Most users who’ve used the set share their experience on how the elimination set is great for them and their kids too.


4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

2. Life-Like NASCAR 4 Lane Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Set

Are you looking for a 4 lane slot car race track set that is good for you and to your children too?

Don’t look any further.

The Life-Like NASCAR 4 Lane Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Set is one of the best sets to ever exist in the world of the slot car race.

This set comes with a wide variety of features that would see your whole family happy all day and night.

As a slot car race enthusiast, the Life-Like NASCAR 4 Lane Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Set is the best option since the set has a bi-level configuration where two players can engage and execute a twist-and-turn style of playing to see who will emerge the winner.

When you buy the set, you will benefit from the various tools that it comes with such as a power pack, tune-up kit, guardrails, instruction sheet and many more.


  • ✅ The set is stylishly designed.

  • ✅ It comes with a bi-level configuration.

  • ✅ It also has heavy-duty traction magnets that the car remains on the lane.


  • ❌ One user complains of how one of the toy cars failed to work even for the first time.

4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

3. TYCO 6693 4-Lane Racing HO Scale Electric Slot Car Set

This is another stylish and very appealing 4-lane slot car race track set that is ideal for children of all ages and elders as well.

Being a 4-lane set enables up to four cars to run on the slot at the same time.

It is designed to ensure that all four cars can run comfortably without colliding with one another provided the players do it accurately.

Various reasons make the TYCO 6693 4-Lane Racing HO Scale Electric Slot Car Set a good option for everyone.

For example, the set comes with four cars.

Besides, each of these cars has a separate shell that can be used to change the design of the car and make it appear like a different car.

Different configurations are also allowed by the user.

You can choose to align all the cars in one lane and control them if you aren’t comfortable with the 4-lane style.

Once you see the set, it appears like it’s complicated and that it may give you a hard time but the set comes with an instruction manual to make everything easy.


  • ✅ It’s durable.

  • ✅ It has a great design.

  • ✅ It can trigger different kinds of creativity to the player.


  • ❌ One user admits that the tracks aren’t good for adults hence, frustrating.

More than 50% of users have rated the product with 5-star reviews following its great features and versatility.


4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

4. Life Like NASCAR 4 Lane Thunder 4 Player Electric Slot Car Race Set

If you like NASCAR products here is another set worth your bucks.

It can still be a good option in case the second one on this list didn’t match your interests.

The set also includes two UL listed power packs, twenty-four loop tracks, four guardrails, 8 piers and more.

Due to its versatility, durability and convenience, Life Like NASCAR 4 Lane Thunder 4 Player Electric Slot Car Race Set is nothing but a game-changer.

Added to these features are the 3.5′ high-velocity straightaway and two blast –through 360-degree loops.


  • ✅ The set is easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • ✅ The set comes with a guide to help you understand how to play.

  • ✅ It’s durable.


  • ❌ One user admitted that the cars are too fast and it’s hard to control when navigating corners.

4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

5. AFX 4-Lane Super International Race Set w/Mega G Cars

Are you looking for a curvy slot for more fun?

AFX 4-Lane Super International Race Set should be the slot to stick to.

With its curves, the slot stretches to a relatively long distance which can make the game more funny and enjoyable.

Also, you can build up to 19 different track layouts. This sounds great, isn’t it?

With these layouts, your kids (or yourself) can easily learn different tricks and improve your intelligence.

What makes the set more unique is the fact that it comes with fast super G+ Chassis that has an adjustable motor torque not to mention the directional power pack.


  • ✅ A couple of Customizations can be done.

  • ✅ The track is long enough for a good experience.

  • ✅ Durability isn’t an exception.

  • ✅ It’s also easy-to-use after you understand the basics.


  • ❌ Setting up different layouts can be challenging; especially for a novice.


4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

6. HO 4-Lane Super International Race Car Set

HO 4-Lane Super International Race Car Set is closely related to AFX 4-Lane Super International Race Set in the sense that you can make at least 18 different layouts both in four-lane and two-lane configurations.

HO 4-Lane Super International Race Car Set is considered as one of the most powerful HO set that exists in the market.

The set comes with a wide variety of tools that enables the players to customize the track as per their preferences.

Although the set costs up to $300, you won’t regret it since it’s of high-quality and very durable if the correct measures are taken.

Most recent users admit that the set is almost perfect with a sea of wonderful features.


  • ✅ It breaks boredom due to the capability of building different layouts by the user.

  • ✅ It’s easy-to-use.

  • ✅ Its quality is overall excellent.


  • ❌ Some users also complain that the track wears thin after some series of operations.

4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

7. Carrera 20574 High Banked Curve

This set is quite different compared to the other sets mentioned earlier.

However, the difference triggers versatility and flexibility.

The slot can be customized in different layouts and come up with a 4, 6, or 8 lane extension.

The slot is made of stainless Nirosta high-grade steel that makes the slot very durable.

Different track layouts can also be created just like the case with AFX 4-Lane Super International Race Set.

For effectiveness, the slot is specially made to be compatible with other slots such as the Carrera Dig 124 and Carrera Dig 132.

One of the previous buyers says that her kid likes the set due to the fast turn.

One unique thing that comes with the slot is the fact that it’s banked/curved; an aspect that lacks in other sets.


  • ✅ The track is easy-to-use.

  • ✅ It has a modern and appealing design.

  • ✅ The whole set is very durable.


  • ❌ Some users complain that it is hard to maintain the cars on the track and some of the pins aren’t durable.

4-Lane Slot Car Race Track Sets

Bottom Line

Up to this point, you should have already decided and picked your best 4-lane slot car race track set.

Although the list is long, we have compiled the seven since they are the most powerful and widely used by many people.

Ensure you take caution as per the set since they always come with a caution.

Besides, you need to properly follow the instructions to avoid having your set dysfunction while it’s still new.

Also, these sets are of different prices ranging from cheap to expensive.

As you choose one, ensure it’s within your budget.

What else?

Make an order, get the set and enjoy 🙂

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Top 13 Giant Building Blocks For Kids

Giant Building Blocks

Giant Building BlocksTop 13 Giant Building Blocks For Kids

Do you have a child?

Does he or she embrace putting up some structures using the giant building blocks?

Well, there is a good number of brands that manufacture giant building blocks for children but it might have been challenging you to choose the right blocks for your child.

Remember the blocks need to be safe and also being able to play a role in improving your child’s learning skills.

Here, a list of the top 13 giant building blocks is given and all blocks are approved to be safe for your child.


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1. Exercise N Play Cardboard Building Blocks

These giant jumbo building blocks are designed to ensure children enjoy easy construction which is achieved through the presence of the extra-thick and corrugated surfaces.

For versatility, the bricks come in three different sizes which makes it easy for your child to make different customizations.

These blocks are good for your child in the sense that they are easy to assemble.

Besides, if your child gets used to playing and building with these bricks he or she will develop problem-solving skills.

In turn, such skills can help the child perform better in academics.

At their age, most kids like colorful stuff that is always bright and appealing to their eyes.

This isn’t an exception for the Exercise N Play Cardboard Building Blocks.

These bricks are worth buying since apart from the aforementioned features, they are very durable and strong.

More than 70% of users rated the product as great and very helpful to their kids.

ALTERNATIVE: If you find these products aren’t the best type you’re after, you can continue your search below or try the Strictly Briks Classic Big Briks as an alternative.


  • ✅ They are easy to use.

  • ✅ They are very sturdy.

  • ✅ Safety-oriented.


  • ❌ May not be suitable for children of all ages.


Giant Building Blocks


2. Prextex 50 Piece Classic Big Building Blocks

The set is comprised of 50 pieces of giant building blocks that are specially designed to suit your child’s intellectual and pleasure needs.

The bricks are majorly divided into two types.

The first type is made of 25 pieces of bricks that are relatively smaller and contain 2 x 2 pegs.

The second category is the remaining 25 pieces which are quite larger with 2 x 4 pegs.

The difference in the sizes and the number of pegs are simply meant for versatility.

Their design is also compatible with most of the leading brands that manufacture kids’ blocks.

The blocks are tested and approved that they are safe for children of all ages.

These bricks are good for your child due to the ease of use and their durability not to mention their versatility.

ALTERNATIVE: For those looking for an alternative, the Strictly Briks-Big Briks Set is still nice and worth your bucks.


  • ✅ They are made of different colors to make more appealing structures.

  • ✅ Their design can be used to construct structures if different kinds.

  • ✅ They are durable and easy-to-use.


  • ❌ The number may be too small for a child to make complex structures.


Giant Building Blocks



3. Yowosmart Magnetic Blocks 150pcs 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

Yowosmart magnetic Blocks are greatly designed blocks that are equipped with magnets to make the whole process easy.

Unlike the blocks mentioned earlier, Yowosmart comes with different shapes such as triangles, rectangles, isosceles triangles, squares, Diamond-shaped blocks and many more.

The diversity in shapes triggers more complex structures hence, increasing your child’s learning capability.

Also, the blocks have number and letter stickers for convenience purposes not to mention the different colors that the blocks are rich in.

Through these smooth-edged blocks that cannot hurt your child, you can determine the child’s creativity, imagination, manipulative ability, and communication skills through the pattern of their structures.

The number of pieces is also convenient enough for your child.

Most buyers describe how the blocks are great for their kids due to the magnets and the diversified colors.

ALTERNATIVE: A good alternative to these blocks is the Yowosmart Magnetic Tiles.


  • ✅ The blocks are of different shapes making it easy for varied customizations.

  • ✅ The magnets enable the construction of strong structures.

  • ✅ They are colorful and beautiful.


  • ❌ Small magnets can be swallowed. Therefore, children should be strictly under parental control.


Giant Building Blocks



4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

These are easy-to-assemble giant building blocks that are perfectly designed to improve your child’s learning, imagination, and creativity capabilities.

These blocks are 40 in total and they are majorly categorized into 3 groups. The categorization is based on color and size.

As a parent, you need these blocks for your kids since they are of high-quality and brightly-colored to make them perfect for your child.

ALTERNATIVE: As you look forward to nurturing your child, you can also try the ECR4Kids blocks as an alternative.

One buyer says she likes how her child can play with the blocks without making noise, and above all being hurtless.


  • ✅ The blocks are durable.

  • ✅ Easy-to-assemble.

  • ✅ They are safety-oriented.


  • ❌ Their design and number may not be ideal for different constructions.


Giant Building Blocks



5. Giant Foam Building Blocks

This is a 50-pieces set comprising of a wide variety of colored shapes.

Here, your child will be spoilt with choices since the blocks come along with up to six different colors enabling endless innovations.

The sizes of the blocks are large enough and your child won’t be at risk of swallowing any.

Added to this is the soft texture which triggers safety for your child.

You need these toys for your child since they have a lot of features such as open-ends and being water-proof among others that give your child learning experience.

With these giant building blocks, your child will ever be busy and happy.

ALTERNATIVE: Edushape Giant Blocks are a good alternative that you can give a try.

Most users talk of how the blocks are good and worth the price.


  • ✅ The blocks are of different shapes and colors.

  • ✅ Their design is ideal for different customizations.


  • ❌ The holes on the bricks can be dangerous to the children such as getting their legs stuck in if not handled with care.


Giant Building Blocks



6. Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set

With more than 80% of previous buyers ranking these blocks as a great deal, you’re also assured of great stuff.

The blocks comprise of the 3 different colors and being enough for the safety of your child.

Children can make different configurations without sweating since they can easily fit each other irrespective of the position.

What makes these blocks great is the fact that you won’t spend any time teaching your child how to use them.

The 18 pieces are also perfect for small hands to ensure that children don’t get inconvenienced in any way.

ALTERNATIVE: If you want an alternative, you can consider the 24pcs Jumbo Blocks for beginners.


  • ✅ They are very easy-to-use.

  • ✅ No parental control is required.

  • ✅ They are very durable.


  • ❌ They are not good for complex structures.


Giant Building Blocks



7. DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

If your child likes the magnetic giant building blocks, here is another big deal worth considering.

The set comprises 16 triangles and 24 squares making a total of 40 blocks which are in different colors.

DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks are designed to ensure that they help children’s minds to develop better.

The blocks are also compatible with other blocks of the same type.

These blocks are good and worth your money since they are very durable and safe for children.

Furthermore, the magnets help in setting up firmer structures. Almost all buyers admitted satisfactory with the product.

ALTERNATIVE: Playmags Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks can be a good alternative for your child.


  • ✅ Different structures can easily be achieved with the help of the magnets.

  • ✅ The blocks are very impressive.


  • ❌ The small magnets can be harmful.


Giant Building Blocks



8. FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks

This is a set of 75 wooden giant building blocks that are specifically designed for children to build wooden models of castles.

With this set, children can easily develop their hand-eye coordination that plays a key role in sharpening their minds.

So, FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks trigger a fun and educative style that is good for children.

These building toys are great for children in the sense that they physically convert imaginations into real structures.

Previous buyers consider FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks as one of the greatest blocks their children have ever heard.

ALTERNATIVE: If you are looking for alternative blocks of this type, check out the Agirgle Large Wood Building Blocks.


  • ✅ The blocks are educative and fun to use.

  • ✅ They are durable.

  • ✅ The set is cheap.


  • ❌ The blocks consist of the wooden color only.


Giant Building Blocks



9. ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks

These are soft play blocks for kids of all ages.

The blocks are specially designed for kids to conveniently use them even in the absence of their parents.

Also, they are covered with leather that makes them soft for safety purposes.

The colorful design isn’t any exception with these ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks.

There is a wide variety of reasons why you should buy the blocks for kids ranging from how convenient they are to their safety to children.

Although their price is comparatively higher compared to other blocks in the list, you won’t regret paying for them.

One of the most satisfied users writes a review of how her son is always active and happy when playing with these blocks.

ALTERNATIVE: You can try the ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl blocks as an alternative.


  • ✅ The blocks are captivating and colorful designed

  • ✅ They are powerful and long-lasting.


  • ❌ Making complex configurations can be hard due to their design.


Giant Building Blocks



10. UNIPLAY Antibacterial Soft Building Blocks

The set comes with 36 pieces of blocks that are made of different colors and equipped with pegs.

For safety purposes, the blocks are made with food-grade plastics that are non-toxic.

So, you don’t have to worry even if your child puts them in the mouth.

These blocks are worth your money since they have all that children require in blocks.

Also, the blocks help improve your child’s health since they induce muscular-activities.

ALTERNATIVE: The 24pcs Jumbo Blocks can be a good alternative if at all you are looking for one.


  • ✅ The blocks are easy-to-clean.

  • ✅ They are non-toxic.

  • ✅ They can be used by both children and infants.


  • ❌ Some users complain that some blocks don’t fit well.


Giant Building Blocks



11. First Builders Big Building Bag

The package comes with 80 different colored building blocks for kids.

These giant building blocks will help your kids play happily as they sharpen their thinking, creativity, and imagination skills.

After playing, you can easily store the blocks in their bag that they are usually sold with.

Your child will be able to make a wide variety of models ranging from toy vehicles to buildings.

The blocks are also very cheap, in fact, the cheapest on the list.

Almost 90% of the thousands who’ve bought these blocks gave positive five-star reviews.

ALTERNATIVE: The Mega Bloks First Builders is a perfect alternative that you can opt for.


  • ✅ The package contains a wide variety of blocks.

  • ✅ The blocks are very cheap.

  • ✅ They are safe for all children.


  • ❌ A one-star review claims that some of the blocks are too small.


Giant Building Blocks



12. Pidoko Kids Wooden Block Building Set

Giant Building Blocks
The set contains 100 pieces of handcrafted wooden blocks that are perfect for all kids.

The package also comes with a carrying container for storage and transport of the blocks.

They are friendly-designed to ensure all kids can fix them and come up with good structures even without being monitored.

Each of the pieces is very durable and safe for kids.

Most parents admit that their kids absolutely love the blocks.

ALTERNATIVE: If you want an alternative to these blocks, the iPlay, iLearn Kids Wooden Building Blocks can be a perfect match.


  • ✅ The blocks are lightweight.

  • ✅ They are plenty in number.

  • ✅ Easy-to-use.


  • ❌ A previous buyer claimed that they were not 100 in the package.


Giant Building Blocks



13. EWONDERWORLD 100-piece Premium Quality Non-toxic Blocks

Here are the thirteenth giant building blocks that you need to consider if the first 12 were not interesting.

EWONDERWORLD 100-piece Premium Quality Non-toxic Blocks are brightly colored to attract kids and motivate them to play even more.

The blocks are recommended to all kids since they were tested and proved that they were safe. Also, the blocks are waterproof and of high-quality overall.

Most users concluded that the blocks are good for their kids and highly recommended for parents looking forward to buying good blocks for their children.

ALTERNATIVE: For those looking for an alternative, Foam Building Blocks for Girls and Boys can be perfect.


  • ✅ They are safe and durable.

  • ✅ They are very attractive due to the bright colors.

  • ✅ They are many in number for different customizations.


  • ❌ Some users complain of how the blocks can scratch walls especially when used indoors.


Giant Building Blocks



Bottom Line

Although all giant building blocks discussed here are tested and approved to be safe for children, it is still your role as a parent to ensure that you induce parental control where necessary for the safety of your child.

These were the top 13 giant building blocks and you can get one for your child though there are still other uncountable blocks.

As a parent, it’s good to get your child these blocks since they help children as they develop.

However, there are some cases where buyers complain about the sizes of the blocks being wrongly advertised.

So, before you make an order, ensure you properly check the dimensions to ensure they are of the required size.

So, get your children these giant building blocks and watch them happy every day.


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🔥 Top 7 Toy Shaving Kits For Kids

Toy Shaving Kits For Kids

Toy Shaving Kits For KidsTop 7 Best Toy Shaving Kits For Kids

Your kid can experience immense fun by playing with shaving kit toys.

These toys allow your child to plan independently.

In addition to developing their imagination and exploration, they are beneficial in expanding the vocabulary of your child.

These perfect shaving kits play a vital role in providing hours of fun to your kids.

They are also regarded as an effective option for encouraging motor skills and creative play development in your child.

The market is filled with a wide array of these shaving kit toys. If you are looking for the best of these toys for your kids, then go through this list below:


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7. Lakeshore My First Shaving Kit Learning

It contributes to being a popular toy shaving kit that comes with a whirling blow dryer, electric razor, and moving parts hair clippers.

In addition to this, it has a super soft brush along with a bunch of grooming accessories that offer several hours of pretend play to your little one.

It also includes fifteen unique pieces which include a handy zip shut carrying case along with the in-built handle.


  • ✅ Good quality

  • ✅ Comes with well-made accessories

  • ✅ An ideal choice for hands-on learning about personal care

  • ✅ Do not need any batteries


  • ❌ The electric razor and the hairdryer makes a little noise


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


6. Tolo Splash Baby Shaver Children Toy

Tolo Classic brings you the vast array of toys that boast of bright primary colors.

The Tolo Splash Shaver set comes up with the best varieties of toy shaving kit for your children.

It comes in a beautifully wrapped stylish gift box. It can act as a perfect addition to the nursery of your little one.

This toy shaving kit includes a shaving brush, comb, mirror, play razor, and shaving foam.

It is composed of high quality plastic and is a suitable choice for children, under 3 years.

Your kids can play with it in the bath or take it to the beach or the pool.

This toy comes with teething rattles and toys which offer great playful experiences in your little one.

In addition to this, it fuels curiosity and creativity through open-ended play.


  • ✅ Great quality

  • ✅ High durability

  • ✅ Helps in expanding the vocabulary of your kids

  • ✅ Offers developmental benefits


  • ❌ The mirrors do not possess any suction cup and thus you cannot stick them to the walls.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


5. WPS Play Accessories

This kit boasts of a complete spectrum of high quality and innovative products which offer years of playtime fun.

By choosing these products, children can grab the opportunities for using their imaginations, expressing their feelings, and learning more about the world.

Your little one can do the role play as a barber by choosing this kit.

It is considered to be an ideal choice for boosting motor skill development and creative play.

The items available in this kit are designed for the small hands of your kids.

A hairdryer is available in the kit which functions by blowing air with hands.


  • ✅ Beauty tools for your child to pretend his hair

  • ✅ Improves motor skill development

  • ✅ An ideal choice for family and pretend play

  • ✅ Allow your little one to role play as the barber


  • ❌ Quality is not that great.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


4. PJ Masks Limited Edition Holiday Special

If your baby loves to shave and lather up along with his dad, this grape scented grooming set is considered to be the most ideal choice for them.

This pretend-shaving kit has each and everything for pretend play at your home.

This package comes with a shave/mixing bowl, shave brush, plastic play razor, and unbreakable held mirror, which are decorated with the PJ Masks characters.

It also includes bath foam, grape scented hair gel. This toy set is the best option for kids above three years.


  • ✅ Features non-toxic formula

  • ✅ An ideal choice for children over 3 years

  • ✅ Great shape

  • ✅ Durable


  • ❌ Children under 3 years should not play with it.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


3. Liberty Imports Boys Star Stylist

It is regarded as an ideal choice for pretend play fashion and style.

The kit includes shaving cream, shaver, brush, scissor, comb, curling iron, tool belt, etc.

It also comes with eight fun beauty styling accessories.

Besides this, the kit has a motorized hairdryer which is operated by battery which blows air.


  • ✅ Contains a plethora of grooming products

  • ✅ Encourages creative play and child imagination

  • ✅ An ideal choice for children more than 3 years


  • ❌ The hairdryer barely blows air.

  • ❌ Low durability


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


2. Munchkin See Toy Shaving Kit

Let your child experience a fun bath time by choosing this shaving kit.

It is a suitable choice for children above 3 years.

It is equipped with a bath friendly mirror which plays a vital role in making self-discovery and easy interaction.

With this kit, your kids can learn action, reaction, the coordination of eyes and hands.

This shaving set includes a pretend play shark razor, clear sight mirror along with the octopus bath squirt.

The Clear-Sight mirror provides suction cups and vivid reflection to the walls.


  • ✅ Great suction

  • ✅ Super cute and playful

  • ✅ Amazing bath mirror

  • ✅ Light in weight


  • ❌ The suction cup that comes in this kit is designed for sticking to the tube walls. Hence, it is not going to adhere to the painted walls.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


1. ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Shaving in the Tub

It is recognized to be a cute pretend-play shaving kit that offers good and clean fun to your little one.

Your little boy will be capable of lathering up for shaving like his father with the aid of this kit.

It comes with an unbreakable mirror, shaving brush, plastic play razor, foaming body soap, and comb.

It is an ideal choice for children above 3 years.


  • ✅ Worth the money

  • ✅ Great suction power

  • ✅ The mirror is unbreakable

  • ✅ Available in great packaging and thus you can gift it to other kids as well


  • ❌ This play kit is not for tots, less than 3 years.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids



The above-mentioned shaving kits for boys have all the tools, which encourage motor skill development and creative play in your kids.

Whether your child wants to role play or pretends play, they are the most ideal choice for your little one.

According to the reviews of the parents, their children enjoy playing a lot with these Toy Shaving Kits For Kids.


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Top 7 Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

There is no describing the sheer joy on your child’s face when you present them with a new toy.

They are always anxious to unwrap their new play-thing and have a blast.

Playtime is important for them, and not just because it’s fun but also for developmental aspects.

One of the most important types of toys that you could get your child is a building set.

Construction or building toys are important for the kids as they encourage the development of psychomotor, social, cognitive and emotional skills.

A building toy is one of the earliest ways in which the child exercises areas of their brain that influence their aptitude and personality.

As a parent, you want the best toys for your kids.

This list saves you the trouble of having to go through the plethora of toys out there, here are the top 7 large plastic building blocks for kids.

The construction sets listed comprise a range of features such as:

  • Safety when playing
  • Wide range of age groups
  • Use of safe materials
  • Assorted and colorful blocks


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7. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

These mega building blocks are suitable for kids aged 1 to 5 years.

They are a bigger version of Duplo’s large blocks.

The bag of building blocks comes with 80 pieces which the kids can use to build a range of models.

The bag also includes several wheelbases for the kids to build their own vehicles.

Mega Bloks will help your child develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


6. Magformers Standard Set

If your kids are finding the typical building blocks a little boring maybe it’s time to present them with a new challenge.

The Magformers Standard Set is made up of 12 triangles and 18 squares.

The geometric shape is bolstered by the magnetization of individual pieces to make it easy to link them together.

The building set is exciting to play with because it combines the wonders of magnetism and the creativity of a building set.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


5. TINKERTOY-Wild Wheels Building Set

The construction set has been designed with kids 3 to 6 years old in mind.

It is a simple building set that the children will enjoy piecing together.

The construction set consists of 76, lightweight, plastic pieces.

The highly durable pieces are also easy to connect to one another.

While the set may limit the types of models to be made out of it, the young ones will still benefit as they put their motor skills to practice.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


4. SmartMax

This building set has received a lot of props online for its magnetic building pieces.

The set has extra-large pieces that the preschoolers will have fun manipulating into a wide variety of models.

The set is colorful and the simple guides explain how the magnetic pieces can come in handy to support large structures.

You will definitely be impressed by the sizable blocks and all the creative models that the children can come up with.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


3. The Wonderland Company Wonderbricks

They are not called wonder blocks for nothing.

The set consists of 1,000 blocks which are an array of colors.

Just by the sheer size of the building set, you can be sure that the kids will have a field day trying to construct all sorts of models.

The blocks are suitable for building structures like bridges and infrastructure, vehicles and even figurines.

There is basically no limit to the list of imaginative creations your kids can come up with.

You can have it as the single playset or as an extension for another building set.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


2. LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks

This building set is perfect for little kids who are too small to have any fun with the traditional LEGO blocks.

The set is made of 36 pieces, but before you say that they are not enough, you should know that they can build a car, crane, dump truck, fire truck and a water refilling station.

This set is one of the most versatile and safest you can buy for your toddlers.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


1. K’NEX Model Building Set

This is a building set to keep the older kids preoccupied all afternoon.

Fit for kids aged 7 to 15 years, the set contains 480 building pieces which can be modeled into 35 different constructions from the real-world setting.

The set is also good for building robots and figurines.

K’NEX playsets are always designed so that they are easy to combine thus you can add another construction set if need be.

With this building set the children can fully exercise their creativity, experimentation, and imagination.

No need to worry about what to get for his or her next birthday because you have all you need here.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids


Choose between one of these awesome building sets and make playtime even more enjoyable for your kid.

We hope you enjoyed the list of Top 7 Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids.

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Please feel free to leave your questions or comments below.

Top 7 Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids

Top 7 Extra Large Building Blocks for Kids


One of the most common playing items for kids is toy building blocks.

Parents prefer them because they keep their kids busy and occupied and they never tire out of them as it is with other toys.

Unknown to most parents, the building blocks perform several other functions crucial to the development and growth of your kid.


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Benefits of Building blocks for kids

They Improve your kids’ motor skills and strength.

This is because the kids have to manipulate the various blocks into creating shapes.

To execute the shapes correctly they need to exercise their motor skills.

In the case of extra-large building blocks, they help develop your toddler’s strength.

They Enhance their visual/spatial awareness enabling 
them to work out patterns and space which is useful in reading readiness.

Encourage children to think and develop analysis 
skills which are helpful in making them independent.

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids

Develops and improves focus and patience for 
children to be successful in their designs.

Encourages creativity and imagination as 
children work out their fantasy worlds and stories which develop cognitively, 
language and academic ability.

Helps develop social skills and cooperative play 
whenever they play with others –  fostering team spirit.

Helps develop problem-solving skills, 
understanding the different possibilities and deciding what will work and what 

Build confidence in the children and 
belief in themselves when they finally finish their designs.

Helps them develop basic math and science skills 
understanding how things around them work.


The advantage of large extra building blocks is in the possibilities they offer and the almost real-life sizes they allow children to 

They also cannot be swallowed by the kids and are easy to manipulate.

are the top seven extra-large building blocks for kids that you should check out:


1. Smart Monkey Giant Building Block 40-piece set

These award winning blocks are a staple in most child care 

They are built with lightweight corrugated cardboards and come in 
mixed sizes and colors.

Their lightweight nature belies their durability and 
can take a beating and last several years.

They are made of non-toxic ink and 
have water resistant coating which also makes them easy to clean.

You can use 
them for a number of purposes including teaching math’s skills.

You however 
need enough storage space for the assembled pieces.

They are great for 18 months to 6 
year old kids.

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids


2. Lewo Giant Wooden Stacking Blocks

These blocks provide numerous game varieties for different 

You can use them to play a tumbling towers or dominoes blocks.

package contain 54 blocks in a set of six colors, 2 dices and 1 storage bag for 
easy movement and storage.

They have the advantage for providing fun for the 
whole family being recommended for anyone from 6 to 50 years of age.

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids


3. Melissa and Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks

For children interested in creating towers of different 
shapes and sizes this 40 piece stack from an acclaimed manufacturer is the best 

The blocks come in a set of three sizes and bright colored blocks.

are easy for handling but their extra strength allows the kids to sit and stand 
on them safely.

They can be created in 
numerous shapes and sizes to the delight of your kids.

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids


4. Giant Form Building Blocks – by Number 1 in Service

If you are looking for something more advanced and versatile 
to challenge your kids both boys and girls, this is a set to get for them.

comes with 50 pieces all bright colored and in different shapes and sizes.

are waterproof and non-toxic and also non-allergic.

The pieces are open ended and it 
is really up to your child’s imagination to come up with any design and 

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids


5. Kids adventure Jumbo

These are the ultimate extra-large building blocks set.

Adventure makes them in various capacities and you can go for the 96 piece set 
or the mega 192 piece set.

Either way your kids will have multiple pieces to 

They come in the primary colors of Red, Blue, Green and Yellow and use an 
interlocking design to create the structures.

They are made from durable 
plastic and have rounded edges for extra safety.

They are ideal for children 
aged 24 months to 10 years.

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids


6. Jenx Toys Jumbo 60 Pieces Magnetic Rods and Balls Building Blocks

This package includes 22, 3” long rods, 10. 5” long rods, 10 
5” long flexible bends rods, 20, 2.5” diameter balls, 1 toy bag and a user’s 

This introduces a new dimension to construction blocks with its designs 
and magnetic construction mechanism.

You can create all manner of shapes and 
3-D structure.

It is safe, made of 
premium quality with multiple colors for further excitement.

It is recommended 
for children above 3 years of age

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids


7. SmartMax Build XXL

This is another set of building blocks which uses magnetic 

It has 70 pieces and different colors based on the magnetic 

The package includes a hardy storage container whose lid and the 
bottom of the container have building grids to start of the construction.

magnets are very strong and are able to support up to 70 times their weight.

You can 
use these to learn STEM skills and simple engineering while designing endless 

They are suitable for children aged three years and above.

Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids

Now you know the top Extra Large Building Blocks For Kids.

Which one from the list is your child’s favorite?


Feel free to share your comments below and also remember to share on your favorite social media site.

Thank you for stopping by.


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Top 7 Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

The Top 7 Best Wooden Blocks For Kids…

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

It is really never by any means too late for you to learn, although, the sooner you begin, the better.

An enjoyable and fun way you can promote your kid’s learning, fine motor and creativity skills are to buy them an exclusive wooden block!


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Wooden Block: What Is It?

Wooden blocks are not a new thing with many of us familiar with them from our early childhood.

But have you ever wondered why they are such popular toys?

Despite their simplicity, they open kids to a whole new world of creating new items on their own.

It makes the process of learning lively and enjoyable!

Not only does establishing structures with these items inspire creativity, but they also stimulate imagination not to mention problem-solving skills in your kid.

Currently, manufacturers present their toy sets with diverse features and shapes that make playing even more captivating and enjoyable.

To help you through the many available options, below is a list of the 7 Best Wooden Blocks For Kids:



Perfectly eco-friendly and made of quality wood, Melisa & Doug building cubes are among the best available wooden kid building blocks.

They have a smooth surface free of furnishing and any paint not to mention rounded corners and edges to guarantee comfortable and safe playing.

This set comes inclusive of 60 different types of shapes such as arches, columns, squares, rectangle, circles, cylinders and triangles.

What’s more, is characterized by a 5.5″  2.75″ 1.375″ standard size unit block small enough to allow easy gripping.

Finally, these blocks come enclosed in a wooden yet durable box which besides storage can act as a typical building platform.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



At times, by simply joining ordinary things, you can establish incredible results.

Embrace a simple magnet into typical wooden blocks and you create a new, more functional toy-which is exactly what Tegu manufacturers did.

Every piece comprises an in-built magnet that allows the kid to create all shape by simply joining them.

Moreover, the blocks attract each other in distinct ways which therefore means that your kid will need to learn and understand the how magnets operate.

Its basic cube measures 1.18″ 1.18″ 1.18″ with all the other pieces designed around this particular core module.

It comes with a unique design that will assist your kid in learning shapes and maths while creating different patterns.

What’s more, because it is equipped with wheels, it allows construction of vehicles and other cars.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



Playing helps kids understand and learn faster.

After all, playing is the primary, most enjoyable and simplest method to learn.

Schylling blocks are 1.75″ cubes that are not only easy to build, but also play and subsequently write’ with.

They are designed using solid wood which is subsequently painted with a non-toxic paint to ensure they remain both safe for use and durable.

In addition, it boasts a vibrant decoration that promotes both color and letter recognition.

Besides being embedded with capital letters, 2 of each block’s sides are embedded with capital letters, painted brightly and are complemented by uniformly colored borders.

This is to facilitate both tactile and visual learning.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



With diversity in both color and form, this is a wonderful all-inclusive set that leaves no kid indifferent.

You will need to look for all its classic shapes including:

· Cylinders.

· Cubes.

· Rectangular prisms.

· Arches.

· Triangles among others.

Besides the pieces being small enough for your kid to properly hold by hand, it’s beautiful color and drawings will assist your kid in learning to identify shapes and colors.

Moreover, with its numerous number of building pieces, this set can allow everyone in the family to actively participate in the game activity.

Finally, it is also a good way to build your kid’s maths and fine motor skills.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



For young explorers, this is just the right playing toy.

Hape Set is made using solid wood which is coated with a non-toxic finish.

Unlike other similar sets, this set comes with unique shapes to construct colorful octopuses mainly:

· An accompanying sea turtle.

· Seahorse.

· Whale.

In addition, some pieces are painted with cute plants and sea animals.

In short, there is more to this set than the obvious building of towers.

With numerous uncommon shapes and vibrant colors at his/her disposal, your kid will construct a small sea world!

Furthermore, through this activity, your child can develop mobility, expand their imagination not to forget to improve balancing skills.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



This is an exclusive 15 block playing set which unlike others in handcrafted from typical Linden trees in Germany.

It is well designed and is free of sharp edges since every block is handcrafted and carefully inspected as aforementioned.

It comprises organic shapes that inspire greater creativity not to mention creative thinking when the kids are working to make them balance.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

These remarkable interlocking blocks work just like LEGO bricks with the key disparity being that this set boasts natural smooth surfaces that accentuate their appeal.

Its interlocking dowels and arches create castle walls courtesy of their characteristic brick-style pattern.

This set allows the construction of perfectly interlocking shaped structures.

And what’s more, it comprises top-placed protruding dowels that fit into bottom-placed holes on the blocks allowing the creation of curved walls.

Finally, it includes play skills which can be added for either a sky or roof.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



Kids simply enjoy building blocks.

Not only are they sources of endless hours of playtime and entertainment, but they are also educationally instilling essential life skills.

Unlike other typical toys, these sets give your kid an open-ended play and learning experience.

To help you have an idea, the above-listed building block sets can help you decide on the best one for your child.

I hope you like the list.

What are your kid’s favorite Wooden Blocks?

Please leave your comments and questions below.


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