Top 7 Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

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Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

There is no describing the sheer joy on your child’s face when you present them with a new toy.

They are always anxious to unwrap their new play-thing and have a blast.

Playtime is important for them, and not just because it’s fun but also for developmental aspects.

One of the most important types of toys that you could get your child is a building set.

Construction or building toys are important for the kids as they encourage the development of psychomotor, social, cognitive, and emotional skills.

A building toy is one of the earliest ways in which the child exercises areas of their brain that influence their aptitude and personality.

As a parent, you want the best toys for your kids.

This list saves you the trouble of having to go through the plethora of toys out there, here are the top 7 large plastic building blocks for kids.

The construction sets listed comprise a range of features such as:

  • Safety when playing
  • Wide range of age groups
  • Use of safe materials
  • Assorted and colorful blocks

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7. Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

These mega building blocks are suitable for kids aged 1 to 5 years.

They are a bigger version of Duplo’s large blocks.

The bag of building blocks comes with 80 pieces which the kids can use to build a range of models.

The bag also includes several wheelbases for the kids to build their own vehicles.

Mega Bloks will help your child develop their hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

6. Magformers Standard Set

If your kids are finding the typical building blocks a little boring maybe it’s time to present them with a new challenge.

The Magformers Standard Set is made up of 12 triangles and 18 squares.

The geometric shape is bolstered by the magnetization of individual pieces to make it easy to link them together.

The building set is exciting to play with because it combines the wonders of magnetism and the creativity of a building set.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

5. TINKERTOY-Wild Wheels Building Set

The construction set has been designed with kids 3 to 6 years old in mind.

It is a simple building set that the children will enjoy piecing together.

The construction set consists of 76, lightweight, plastic pieces.

The highly durable pieces are also easy to connect to one another.

While the set may limit the types of models to be made out of it, the young ones will still benefit as they put their motor skills to practice.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

4. MassBricks Jumbo Plastic Building Blocks – 86 Pieces

This building block set has received a lot of props online since it was first launched in the marketplace.

Kids will have a lot of fun with this as it allows them to build many imaginative structures that come to their minds, such as houses, castles, bookshelves, etc.

The set has extra-large pieces that the preschoolers will have fun manipulating into a wide variety of models.

It’s also colorful and the simple guides which come with it will explain how the various pieces can come in handy to support whatever large structures that they decide to create.

You will definitely be impressed by the sizable blocks and all the creative models that the children can come up with.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

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3. The Wonderland Company Wonderbricks

They are not called wonder blocks for nothing.

The set consists of 1,000 blocks which are an array of colors.

Just by the sheer size of the building set, you can be sure that the kids will have a field day trying to construct all sorts of models.

The blocks are suitable for building structures like bridges and infrastructure, vehicles, and even figurines.

There is basically no limit to the list of imaginative creations your kids can come up with.

You can have it as a single playset or as an extension for another building set.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

2. LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks

This building set is perfect for little kids who are too small to have any fun with the traditional LEGO blocks.

The set is made of 36 pieces, but before you say that they are not enough, you should know that they can build a car, crane, dump truck, fire truck, and a water refilling station.

This set is one of the most versatile and safest you can buy for your toddlers.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

1. K’NEX Model Building Set

This is a building set to keep the older kids preoccupied all afternoon.

Fit for kids aged 7 to 15 years, the set contains 480 building pieces that can be modeled into 35 different constructions from the real-world setting.

The set is also good for building robots and figurines.

K’NEX playsets are always designed so that they are easy to combine thus you can add another construction set if need be.

With this building set the children can fully exercise their creativity, experimentation, and imagination.

No need to worry about what to get for his or her next birthday because you have all you need here.

Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids

Choose between one of these awesome building sets and make playtime even more enjoyable for your kid.

We hope you enjoyed the list of Top 7 Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids.

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12 thoughts on “Top 7 Large Plastic Building Blocks For Kids”

  1. Nice article regarding the building blocks for kids. Our grandkids have tons of Legos so I’m very familiar with those. I don’t think I really recognize the other brands you mentioned here though. I really like the look of The Wonderland Company Wonderbricks ones. I’ll have to see if I can find them somewhere.

    • Glad you liked the article, Mary.  The Lego Brands are definitely more well known, however, the other brands I have listed are also great options.  The Wonderland Bricks really great and they are available on Amazon at the lowest prices.  Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Building Block Set, this is my best gift to my 3year old nephew! Thanks for finding this site, really save my time of going to toy store, those blocks are Enormous! it really made me laughed! how smart who invented this toys turning this tiny legos into a Giant! lol, even smarter to think that these toys are way more safer for toddlers it wont be able to fit this into their mouth- coz toddlers usually gnaw their toys and this usually caused accident and injuries to them- this is really a perfect gift!

  3. These have always been a staple at our house and we still have LOTS of building blocks. I think that they are a lot of fun for all ages. Shoot I like to sit and play with them with my kids. I think these are one toy that every household should have for their kids or grand kids. Ours are Legos, but I think I should have bought stock in Legos. That is how many we have LOL

    • I have to agree totally with you there.  These type of toys are true classic for every household! 

      Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also great to improve mobility and organizational skills.

      You still have time to buy some stocks in Lego 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and glad to know you loved these blocks. 

  4. Interesting article on building blocks for children, toys are a learning tool for our children and many parents do not realize how important choosing the right toys can benefit them.

    Nice selection of building sets you shared in this article, I am sure you article will help many parents choose between the building sets

  5. I enjoyed looking through the different types of blocks and reading their descriptions. From the Title of the blog “Large Plastic Building Blocks” I was just expecting to see Duplo and Mega Blox. I loved that you gave choices for all ages right up to teens. And I loved the different types of blocks such as the magnetic ones. Great visual photos, well laid out and great descriptions. The only thing I would think of changing is the title of the page to be more suitable to what is being shown, because as I said above I was just expecting different brands of Duplo, and I found the page to be more exciting than the title suggests. Loved it though 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for putting these together, Jason.

    I have a 7-year old boy who loves playing with building blocks. He loves blocks of the type in #7. However, I’ve always thought those types of blocks were meant for younger children. It’s great you mentioned the recommended ages in the description.

    I’m thinking of trying the K’NEX Moel Building Set with the hope that he might like this too. Does this building set come with an instruction booklet to help kids have ideas of what they can build?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi, Princila,

      Thanks for stopping by.  Yes, the building sets do come with instructions to build different types of structures.

      You can also get additional building tips by watching youtube building blocks videos.  My kids and I get a lot of ideas by watching these.

  7. It was nice reading this article about building blocks for kids. I used to play with Legos when I was a kid so I know them very well. Everyone from my generation is familiar with this brand but in fact I haven’t heard about the other brands of building blocks you mentioned. The Wonderland Company Wonderbricks are my favorite.

  8. Wow, I have to get my hands on the legos for my little one.I never knew of all the building block companies out there. the smartmax one also interests me. I feel like I need to just buy them all lol. Nice article!

  9. I was glad to see legos on the list because that’s all we buy for our child. Well, thats all our child prefers. It was interesting to learn about all the other brands out there that produce these large plastic blocks for kids.

    I will be sure to share this post with my friends on facebook and att work. Thanks a lot.


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