Top 13 Giant Building Blocks For Kids

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Giant Building BlocksTop 13 Giant Building Blocks For Kids

Do you have a child?

Does he or she embrace putting up some structures using the giant building blocks?

Well, there is a good number of brands that manufacture giant building blocks for children but it might have been challenging you to choose the right blocks for your child.

Remember the blocks need to be safe and also being able to play a role in improving your child’s learning skills.

Here, a list of the top 13 giant building blocks is given and all blocks are approved to be safe for your child.


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Best Giant Building Blocks For Kids

1. Exercise N Play Cardboard Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

These giant jumbo building blocks are designed to ensure children enjoy easy construction which is achieved through the presence of the extra-thick and corrugated surfaces.

For versatility, the bricks come in three different sizes which makes it easy for your child to make different customizations.

These blocks are good for your child in the sense that they are easy to assemble.

Besides, if your child gets used to playing and building with these bricks he or she will develop problem-solving skills.

In turn, such skills can help the child perform better in academics.

At their age, most kids like colorful stuff that is always bright and appealing to their eyes.

This isn’t an exception for the Exercise N Play Cardboard Building Blocks.

These bricks are worth buying since apart from the aforementioned features, they are very durable and strong.

More than 70% of users rated the product as great and very helpful to their kids.

ALTERNATIVE: If you find these products aren’t the best type you’re after, you can continue your search below or try the Strictly Briks Classic Big Briks as an alternative.


  • ✅ They are easy to use.

  • ✅ They are very sturdy.

  • ✅ Safety-oriented.


  • ❌ May not be suitable for children of all ages.

2. Prextex 50 Piece Classic Big Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

The set is comprised of 50 pieces of giant building blocks that are specially designed to suit your child’s intellectual and pleasure needs.

The bricks are majorly divided into two types.

The first type is made of 25 pieces of bricks that are relatively smaller and contain 2 x 2 pegs.

The second category is the remaining 25 pieces which are quite larger with 2 x 4 pegs.

The difference in the sizes and the number of pegs are simply meant for versatility.

Their design is also compatible with most of the leading brands that manufacture kids’ blocks.

The blocks are tested and approved that they are safe for children of all ages.

These bricks are good for your child due to the ease of use and their durability not to mention their versatility.

ALTERNATIVE: For those looking for an alternative, the Strictly Briks-Big Briks Set is still nice and worth your bucks.


  • ✅ They are made of different colors to make more appealing structures.

  • ✅ Their design can be used to construct structures if different kinds.

  • ✅ They are durable and easy-to-use.


  • ❌ The number may be too small for a child to make complex structures.

3. Yowosmart Magnetic Blocks 150pcs 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

Yowosmart magnetic Blocks are greatly designed blocks that are equipped with magnets to make the whole process easy.

Unlike the blocks mentioned earlier, Yowosmart comes with different shapes such as triangles, rectangles, isosceles triangles, squares, Diamond-shaped blocks and many more.

The diversity in shapes triggers more complex structures hence, increasing your child’s learning capability.

Also, the blocks have number and letter stickers for convenience purposes not to mention the different colors that the blocks are rich in.

Through these smooth-edged blocks that cannot hurt your child, you can determine the child’s creativity, imagination, manipulative ability, and communication skills through the pattern of their structures.

The number of pieces is also convenient enough for your child.

Most buyers describe how the blocks are great for their kids due to the magnets and the diversified colors.

ALTERNATIVE: A good alternative to these blocks is the Yowosmart Magnetic Tiles.


  • ✅ The blocks are of different shapes making it easy for varied customizations.

  • ✅ The magnets enable the construction of strong structures.

  • ✅ They are colorful and beautiful.


  • ❌ Small magnets can be swallowed. Therefore, children should be strictly under parental control.

4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

These are easy-to-assemble giant building blocks that are perfectly designed to improve your child’s learning, imagination, and creativity capabilities.

These blocks are 40 in total and they are majorly categorized into 3 groups. The categorization is based on color and size.

As a parent, you need these blocks for your kids since they are of high-quality and brightly-colored to make them perfect for your child.

ALTERNATIVE: As you look forward to nurturing your child, you can also try the ECR4Kids blocks as an alternative.

One buyer says she likes how her child can play with the blocks without making noise, and above all being hurtless.


  • ✅ The blocks are durable.

  • ✅ Easy-to-assemble.

  • ✅ They are safety-oriented.


  • ❌ Their design and number may not be ideal for different constructions.

5. Giant Foam Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

This is a 50-pieces set comprising of a wide variety of colored shapes.

Here, your child will be spoilt with choices since the blocks come along with up to six different colors enabling endless innovations.

The sizes of the blocks are large enough and your child won’t be at risk of swallowing any.

Added to this is the soft texture which triggers safety for your child.

You need these toys for your child since they have a lot of features such as open-ends and being water-proof among others that give your child learning experience.

With these giant building blocks, your child will ever be busy and happy.

ALTERNATIVE: Edushape Giant Blocks are a good alternative that you can give a try.

Most users talk of how the blocks are good and worth the price.


  • ✅ The blocks are of different shapes and colors.

  • ✅ Their design is ideal for different customizations.


  • ❌ The holes on the bricks can be dangerous to the children such as getting their legs stuck in if not handled with care.

6. Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set

Giant Building Blocks

With more than 80% of previous buyers ranking these blocks as a great deal, you’re also assured of great stuff.

The blocks comprise of the 3 different colors and being enough for the safety of your child.

Children can make different configurations without sweating since they can easily fit each other irrespective of the position.

What makes these blocks great is the fact that you won’t spend any time teaching your child how to use them.

The 18 pieces are also perfect for small hands to ensure that children don’t get inconvenienced in any way.

ALTERNATIVE: If you want an alternative, you can consider the 24pcs Jumbo Blocks for beginners.


  • ✅ They are very easy-to-use.

  • ✅ No parental control is required.

  • ✅ They are very durable.


  • ❌ They are not good for complex structures.

7. DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

If your child likes the magnetic giant building blocks, here is another big deal worth considering.

The set comprises 16 triangles and 24 squares making a total of 40 blocks which are in different colors.

DreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks are designed to ensure that they help children’s minds to develop better.

The blocks are also compatible with other blocks of the same type.

These blocks are good and worth your money since they are very durable and safe for children.

Furthermore, the magnets help in setting up firmer structures. Almost all buyers admitted satisfaction with the product.

ALTERNATIVE: Playmags Clear Colors Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks can be a good alternative for your child.


  • ✅ Different structures can easily be achieved with the help of the magnets.

  • ✅ The blocks are very impressive.


  • ❌ The small magnets can be harmful.

8. FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

This is a set of 75 wooden giant building blocks that are specifically designed for children to build wooden models of castles.

With this set, children can easily develop their hand-eye coordination that plays a key role in sharpening their minds.

So, FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks trigger a fun and educative style that is good for children.

These building toys are great for children in the sense that they physically convert imaginations into real structures.

Previous buyers consider FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks as one of the greatest blocks their children have ever heard.

ALTERNATIVE: If you are looking for alternative blocks of this type, check out the Agirgle Large Wood Building Blocks.


  • ✅ The blocks are educative and fun to use.

  • ✅ They are durable.

  • ✅ The set is cheap.


  • ❌ The blocks consist of the wooden color only.

9. ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

These are soft play blocks for kids of all ages.

The blocks are specially designed for kids to conveniently use them even in the absence of their parents.

Also, they are covered with leather which makes them soft for safety purposes.

The colorful design isn’t any exception with these ECR4Kids SoftZone Foam Big Building Blocks.

There is a wide variety of reasons why you should buy the blocks for kids ranging from how convenient they are to their safety for children.

Although their price is comparatively higher compared to other blocks in the list, you won’t regret paying for them.

One of the most satisfied users writes a review of how her son is always active and happy when playing with these blocks.

ALTERNATIVE: You can try the ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl blocks as an alternative.


  • ✅ The blocks are captivating and colorful designed

  • ✅ They are powerful and long-lasting.


  • ❌ Making complex configurations can be hard due to their design.

10. UNIPLAY Antibacterial Soft Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

The set comes with 36 pieces of blocks that are made of different colors and equipped with pegs.

For safety purposes, the blocks are made with food-grade plastics that are non-toxic.

So, you don’t have to worry even if your child puts them in the mouth.

These blocks are worth your money since they have all that children require in blocks.

Also, the blocks help improve your child’s health since they induce muscular-activities.

ALTERNATIVE: The 24pcs Jumbo Blocks can be a good alternative if at all you are looking for one.


  • ✅ The blocks are easy-to-clean.

  • ✅ They are non-toxic.

  • ✅ They can be used by both children and infants.


  • ❌ Some users complain that some blocks don’t fit well.

11. First Builders Big Building Bag

Giant Building Blocks

The package comes with 80 different colored building blocks for kids.

These giant building blocks will help your kids play happily as they sharpen their thinking, creativity, and imagination skills.

After playing, you can easily store the blocks in their bag that they are usually sold with.

Your child will be able to make a wide variety of models ranging from toy vehicles to buildings.

The blocks are also very cheap, in fact, the cheapest on the list.

Almost 90% of the thousands who’ve bought these blocks gave positive five-star reviews.

ALTERNATIVE: The Mega Bloks First Builders is a perfect alternative that you can opt for.


  • ✅ The package contains a wide variety of blocks.

  • ✅ The blocks are very cheap.

  • ✅ They are safe for all children.


  • ❌ A one-star review claims that some of the blocks are too small.

12. Pidoko Kids Wooden Block Building Set

Giant Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks
The set contains 100 pieces of handcrafted wooden blocks that are perfect for all kids.

The package also comes with a carrying container for storage and transport of the blocks.

They are friendly-designed to ensure all kids can fix them and come up with good structures even without being monitored.

Each of the pieces is very durable and safe for kids.

Most parents admit that their kids absolutely love the blocks.

ALTERNATIVE: If you want an alternative to these blocks, the iPlay, iLearn Kids Wooden Building Blocks can be a perfect match.


  • ✅ The blocks are lightweight.

  • ✅ They are plenty in number.

  • ✅ Easy-to-use.


  • ❌ A previous buyer claimed that they were not 100 in the package.

13. EWONDERWORLD 100-piece Premium Quality Non-toxic Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

Here are the thirteenth giant building blocks that you need to consider if the first 12 were not interesting.

EWONDERWORLD 100-piece Premium Quality Non-toxic Blocks are brightly colored to attract kids and motivate them to play even more.

The blocks are recommended to all kids since they were tested and proved that they were safe. Also, the blocks are waterproof and of high quality overall.

Most users concluded that the blocks are good for their kids and highly recommended for parents looking forward to buying good blocks for their children.

ALTERNATIVE: For those looking for an alternative, Foam Building Blocks for Girls and Boys can be perfect.


  • ✅ They are safe and durable.

  • ✅ They are very attractive due to the bright colors.

  • ✅ They are many in number for different customizations.


  • ❌ Some users complain of how the blocks can scratch walls especially when used indoors.

Bottom Line

Although all giant building blocks discussed here are tested and approved to be safe for children, it is still your role as a parent to ensure that you induce parental control where necessary for the safety of your child.

These were the top 13 giant building blocks and you can get one for your child though there are still other uncountable blocks.

As a parent, it’s good to get your child these blocks since they help children as they develop.

However, there are some cases where buyers complain about the sizes of the blocks being wrongly advertised.

So, before you make an order, ensure you properly check the dimensions to ensure they are of the required size.

So, get your children these giant building blocks and watch them happy every day.

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  1. Wow, you have awesome ideas here on giant building blocks. I am thinking of what to give my sister’s kids for this Christmas so your post has really come in handy for me right now. Which of these products have you tried or seen anyone try before? I also want to know what you think of the safety.

  2. Okay, I think your list is very perfect because you have considered a lot before putting this post together. For every kid, building blocks can be one of the best fun thing to do as a kid. I acknowledge the fact that you have brought this list together. I should share this with a friend of mine who just gave birth recently. Nice one!

  3. Hi Jason. It’s really nice you shared your review on top giant building blocks for kids.

    These building blocks are really nice for children because it helps one way or the other in the development of the kids. My aunt some years ago bought these building blocks for her kids. These kids are really smart.

    I’m very familiar with the Prextex 50 piece classic big building blocks

    • Hey Mr. Blizy,

      I’m pleased to know that you liked this list of giant blocks.

      They are so important when it comes to our child’s’ overall development.

      Thanks again for chiming in.

  4. Well! I have seen quite a lot of the giant building blocks before but I am not sure that I have seen the FAO Schwarz Medieval Knights & Princesses Wooden Castle Building Blocks. 

    It looks very unique and cool to me and this is the reason I will be considering buying this from the list. Very interesting one we have here and sure my son would love this. 


  5. To increase a kid’s ability to create things out of nothing, there is a need to acquaint them with the needs to make them feel the reasons to make something doing by themselves. 

    To me, I would consider this to be worth a while and surely giving a trial to. I like the Giant Foam Building Blocks the most. It has a blend of colors and the fact that it can be much easier to construct with it makes me like it better 

  6. As a mom of two kids the reviews of the products are great. I have one thought in the items that don’t have photos with kids to see the scale of the items is it possible to know the sizes. For me space does make a difference in storing the toys and knowing the size would help. 

    I am also an advocate for the magnetic blocks. My girls absolutely love them in building structures. 

  7. Hello Jason,

    As a mom of an almost 3-year old, I have exposed my son to several of these building blocks. He loves to build and be creative, so i’m always looking for ways to encourage those skills. In reading your post, i’m truly glad that we started him early with building blocks considering all the learning benefits.  

    One of his favorites is still the “First Builders Big Building Bag.” He builds and makes a variety of different things from tunnels to bridges and other barriers for his race cars. However, the best thing for mom (me) is having him put it all back in the bag when it’s cleaning time. The storage bag is win for parents who are trying to keep things organize.

    Overall I think, we’ve used ten out of the thirteen recommended items. Your post is very informative and it will be helpful to a lot of other parents who are in search creative toys that can help sharpen their kids’ thinking, creativity, and imagination. 


  8. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for introducing these building blocks for kids. 

    With so many computer games easily accessible today, these buildings are great alternatives to develop a child’s learning capability at an early age. 

    They keep them away from the streets and can help free up some of the parents’ time to do their own chores.
    Great recommendations!


  9. These are beautiful. My grandkids would love them. When they come to spend the day with me, I am always trying to find ways of keeping them occupied without having to watch TV and I pads. The colors are so bright and pretty that they might keep them busy creating for hours. I will be checking these out. Thank you 

  10. My oh my, building block sets have certainly changed since my two girls were of the age when they were playing with them! These giant building block sets are all ones that I would buy for my grandchildren, thanks for getting my Christmas shopping list down a little bit through your reviews of the options you listed.

    Any of these sets would suffice, but I think I will get the last EWONDERWORLD set. I like that there are 100-pieces and that they are of premium quality plus non-toxic. I am not too concerned with scratching the walls. I actually have to get two sets, one for each youngster that each of the daughters has added to the family recently. Good review, thanks, again!

    • Hi Dave, 

      Yeah, building blocks keep evolving each year and still provides great fun for kids of all ages.

      Glad to see that you loved this list.  And yes, the Ewonderworld is a classic that you will definitely want to get for your grandkid.

      Thanks for visiting and enjoy the festive season with your family.


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