Best Toy Microphone and Stand Sets For Kids

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Best Toy Microphone and StandBest Toy Microphone and Stand

The different toys kids find enjoyment in can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

These toys can vary from toy trucks to puzzles to even toy washing machine sets.

For your kids with a love for music or who aren’t afraid to stand in the spotlight, something you may not have considered as a possible choice is a toy microphone and stand!

For the most part, these toys function a bit like a karaoke machine but very simplistically for children to use.

They often feature original tunes for your kids to enjoy.

Sometimes they may even come with an option for you to be able to plug in an auxiliary cord to play your music on the machine!

Though the quality for these musical sets ranges from toy to toy, this list has been made up of the top 7 best toy microphone and stand sets.

This way, you’ll be able to find the best toy out there for the young ones in your family!

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Best Toy Microphone and Stands For Kids

1. KidKraft 63346 Sing-Along Mic & Amp Set


With a stand that’s painted blue and an off-white, the KidKraft Sing Along Mic & Amp Set is the first toy on this list.

The KidKraft mic comes with a built-in speaker and four musical beats that can play when a button is pressed.

It also features an auxiliary jack for you to plug in your mp3 player, CD player, or even smartphone.

The microphone stand can be set from as low as 28 inches to as high as 46 inches.

While it does require batteries, four AA batteries are included with your purchase.

Age-wise, this mic and amp set is recommended for your child to be at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

The feedback the KidKraft mic playset has received ranges from mixed to positive responses.

To begin things is Baker214’s review on the toy.

They purchased the gift for their daughter who has a flair for singing…

“We bought this for our daughter. She loves to sing, and this is a very cute and pretty sturdy toy. The mic works well compared to others we have had in the past.”

Not all reviewers are as pleased as Baker 214 though.

Michellec bought the toy and was pleased with the overall quality to start with.

“I purchased this for my son for his birthday. He has been wanting a microphone and I thought this would be a great starter one for him. It is very easy to assemble and even includes batteries.”

They even praised the microphone stand as well.

“I love that the stand adjusts and can extend pretty high.”

Michellec then commented on the sound features that are found with the set.

“There are two sound buttons, a cheering crowd…and a booing crowd. I’m not sure the booing is very appropriate for a child but my son laughed.”

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with a nicely-sized microphone stand for your child to adjust to their height
  • Can make use of the auxiliary port for other devices to plug into it


  • The quality of the mic is so-so with buyers
  • The mic features a booing crowd as one of the sounds, which is typically frowned upon by buyers


The KidKraft microphone and stand playset feature quite a few alternatives both on and off this list due to the features it carries. Whether it’s for a different color or a different brand, there’s always another option out there for you!

Karaoke Disco Light Adjustable Mic & Speaker Stand

With a pink color but similar design and features to the KidKraft microphone and stand, it’s the perfect alternative to pick from. This mic and stand also requires four AA batteries and is recommended for kids at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • First Act Discovery Trolls Mic and Amp

2. VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand


The VTech Kidi karaoke system includes eight built-in songs and animations.

For this karaoke system, you can plug an MP3 player to sing along with your music.

The set also comes with colorful disco light effects along with applause and cheering sounds.

The system also features four funny vocal effects to change the sounds of your voice!

It also comes with six music, rhythm, and memory games your child can use to help build musical creativity, rhythm, and memory skills.

The set requires four AA batteries that are included in the set.

The recommended age range for the toy set is 4-years-old to 10-years-old.

User Experiences

For the VTech Kidi mic and stand set, the reviews for it are fairly positive with them averaging at about 4.4 stars.

Amazon user midge bought the playset for their three-year-old daughter to play with.

“My three-year-old loves this toy. Her older siblings like it as well. We could use this all day with our little performer.”

In the end, they recommend the set to buyers.

“Overall I would recommend this toy for any kids ages 3 up to 10 or even older, and I would also recommend it for gift giving.”

DCRaider’s feedback is also positive while not being as full of praise as midge’s review.

“My 5-year old daughter loves it. We don’t even bother plugging in music from a mobile phone or iPad because she just loves singing into it, and does use the record function, applause and puts on a singing show for us after dinner.”

Pros & Cons


  • Can use an MP3 player to sing along with
  • Features eight built-in songs and animations to go with them
  • Colorful disco light effects


  • A bit costly for a toy mic and karaoke set


Although there is the microphone and stand options out there that work like the VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand, the closest choices are already listed here.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Kidi Star Karaoke System 2 Mics with Mic Stand & AC Adapter
  • HANMUN Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone Stand

3. L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand


The L P (or Little Pretender) karaoke machine playset features a microphone with an adjustable stand and an additional microphone.

The microphone stand measures from 18.5 inches to an extended 40 inches.

The set’s speaker also features an optional handle to carry it.

If you’d like, you can also connect an auxiliary cable to the speaker so your kids can sing along to their favorite songs.

For the toy’s appearance, it’s colored purple and white with light blue parts across the stand.

The set requires four AA batteries, which are included in the set.

The recommended age by the manufacturer is at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

For the most part, the response to this toy is mostly positive.

Amanda Lewis, for example, purchased the toy for her niece’s birthday. Thankfully, her niece loved it!

“I ordered this Kids Karaoke Machine as a gift for my niece’s 3rd birthday. It was her favorite gift by far. After opening her gifts she spent most of her party singing and dancing along with YouTube videos.”

Finalizing her review, Amanda remarks on the quality of how it’s…

“plenty loud to satisfy her want to be amplified, but not so loud it will be driving the adults crazy.”

Mrs. J.L. Bennett remarks in her review, however, that the toy is of “good value,” by stating that it’s

“Easy to use, not particularly clear but ideal for small children.”

Pros & Cons


  • Cute, and adjustable karaoke machine for kids


  • Some reviewers go on to state that for its price, it’s not of good enough quality


Even though the closest back-up choice to this toy isn’t another microphone and stand set, it’s also manufactured by Little Pretender.

Kids Karaoke Machine – CD & MP3 Player Sing-a-Long Music Player with 2 Microphones

As noted above, this toy is also licensed by Little Pretender.

To add to the similarities with the microphone and stand set, this also features a purple and white color scheme with light blue accents.

If you’re after something to pair with the mic and stand set, this could be the perfect option.

It requires four C batteries, which are not included.

The toy is recommended for kids 3-years-old and up.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • OceanEC Kids Karaoke Machine Playset

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4. OceanEC Kids Karaoke Machine Playset


The OceanEC karaoke set functions much like other toys within this list.

With a bright pink design, it has a cute appearance while making use of the key features you’re looking for in a toy microphone and stand set for your kid.

The set can be powered by USB cords connected to a computer, AC adapter, or another power source.

All in all, this toy requires four AA batteries, which are not included in your purchase.

It’s also recommended that your child be at least 3-years-old.

User Experiences

The response to the OceanEC microphone and stand toy is positive, as buyers are typically pleased with their purchases.

For this set, Clori Akaris wanted to get something for their kids who had a love for singing songs.

“My kids love singing ever since they learned songs in daycare. This is a second time I’m buying a microphone for them to play and have fun. They love it.”

An Amazon user by the name of “kiss” also compliments the quality of the toy, as it was a gift for their daughter.

“Cute karaoke toy in pretty pink color. My daughter was so excited when got this gift. The toy looks sturdy and easy to assemble. Better quality than I expected.”

Pros & Cons


  • Capable of connecting to your MP3 player, phone, or other devices
  • Adjustable height for the stand


  • The main negative response comes from buyers who receive defective microphones in their purchases (although the product can be returned or a replacement can be sent if this happens!)


What toy would make for the best alternative other than the same toy in a different color? If the pink color is a bit too much, there is another choice out there to pick!

OceanEC Kids Karaoke Machine Playset (Blue)

The same toy as before, this microphone and stand playset come in a lovely shade of blue.

If your child isn’t as interested in a bubbly pink shade, this blue alternative works wonders as another choice.

This set requires four AA batteries, which are not included with the set.

It’s also recommended for kids who are aged 3-years-old and up.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand

5. HANMUN Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone Stand


The HANMUN Kids Karaoke Machine Microphone Stand comes with a playset decked out in bubbly pink and purple parts.

The stand itself measures anywhere from 30 inches to 42 inches when extended.

It has an LED light, adjustable volume, and the capability of being hooked up to various devices with an auxiliary cord.

Though they aren’t included, this set needs four AA batteries.

For the age, this toy is recommended for children that are 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

With fairly positive reviews, several customers commend the overall quality of the HANMUN Karaoke Machine toy.

After buying the toy for her son, Nora Q reviews the product by commenting on how it’s fun for her child.

“My little one had a lot of fun playing with this toy. The volume is loud, and lights flashing on the console. Love the feature that you could connect with your phone/speaker so you could play your own music.”

The only issue she has with the toy is how she wanted a version with two mics so her children could sing together.

Jason also bought the playset for his children and was pleased with the results.

He ends his review by recommending the toy to others.

“Great kids’ karaoke machine! Great sound on this thing and it was very easy to assemble. Lots of different music options to use for hours of enjoyment! The kids loved it! I would recommend!”

Pros & Cons


  • Much like other microphone and stand toys within the list, it features compatibility with connecting to your phone or other devices
  • Buyers praise how easy the toy is to assemble


  • For the most part, it’s without negative response; the biggest critique falls on the volume of the microphone


For this toy, the closest alternative is from a different brand.

Liberty Imports Rock Star Kids Karaoke Machine

While it isn’t entirely like the HANMUN karaoke machine, this Liberty Imports toy functions very similarly while also having the same capability of connecting to other devices such as your phone.

This set requires three AA batteries, which are not included.

It’s also recommended that your child be at least 3-years-old before using this toy.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand


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6. First Act Discovery Trolls Mic and Amp


Modeled after the animated film Trolls for its color scheme and printed design, this microphone and stand set is fairly straightforward for your child’s musical needs.

The microphone stand height is adjustable and the set features a control for the overall volume.

Rather than being loaded with previously-recorded music, this set functions purely through the use of an auxiliary cord and music you provide.

The set requires four AA batteries, which are not included.

It is also intended for kids aged 3-years-old and up.

User Experiences

Some buyers of this microphone and stand set are fairly pleased with their purchase while others lean a bit toward being mixed in their reviews.

Kayla Cherry compliments the toy by noting that it’s a “great product and a great price!”

She proceeds with her feedback by noting her daughter’s reaction to the toy.

“Got this for my daughter for her birthday and she loves it! She sings and sings. You can set the volume to very loud to softer which is a plus.”

She does, however, mention that the set can sap through batteries by reminding buyers to

“make sure you turn the microphone off after every use because it doesn’t take long for the batteries to go dead if it’s been left on.”

Pros & Cons


  • A cute and simple microphone and stand set compared to others
  • Capable of connecting to another device through an auxiliary cord


  • The material isn’t the most durable on this set
  • Doesn’t come with any music provided by the toy so you’re required to provide your own


The simplistic nature of this microphone and stand may have won you over! If your child isn’t a fan of the Trolls franchise, there are thankfully other similar microphones you can choose from.

Disney Princess Mic & Amp

With the same functionality and by the same company as the Trolls microphone and stand, you’ve got the Disney Princess Mic and Amp!

If the Disney Princess look is more to your child’s liking, this one is worth considering.

Like the Trolls microphone and stand, it requires four AA batteries and is meant for kids at least 3-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • KidKraft 63346 Sing-Along Mic & Set

7. VTech Kidi Star Karaoke System 2 Mics with Mic Stand & AC Adapter


For the final toy on the list, we have another VTech Kidi Star karaoke set. Although it’s similar in idea, the sets are different from one another in their overall design.

This VTech karaoke machine takes on a more complex appearance while maintaining the same color scheme as the previous VTech toy.

This set does what the previous VTech karaoke machine can do along with having a built-in recorder for your child to record up to five minutes of their music!

It requires four AA batteries and is intended for children between 5 to 9-years-old.

User Experiences

This VTech karaoke set has been met with a mostly positive response but does feature some criticism to the toy.

Brian purchased the VTech set for his children, the kids being 2-years-old and 4-years-old. He starts things off by commending the durability of the toy.

“We’ve had this unit for six months. My kids have knocked it over several times a week. Being 2 and 4, they bang, smash, and yank everything. It still works just like it was brand new. It shows very little signs of wear after being abused frequently.”

Amanda Nicole Martis, on the other hand, bought the toy for a birthday party and it was met with a happy audience.

“I bought this for a birthday party. It’s pretty much used all the time.”

She does, however, critique the mic quality.

“One of the microphones didn’t work as well as the other one, though which was odd. I thought it wasn’t plugged in right but it just didn’t produce as much volume as the other one did.”

Pros & Cons


  • Has the same features of the previous microphone and stand sets along with being able to record sound
  • Features fun disco light effects with the set


  • The microphone volume may be low, though some mention how that could be pro more than a con


Though the pink VTech karaoke machine may not be what your child likes, there are other choices available as well!

VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine (Pink/Purple)

With the same functionality as noted before, this version provides a pink and purple option to tone down on the pure pink palette! It features the same requirements of four AA batteries and is recommended to kids 5 to 9-years-old.

If you’d like even more color options, it’s even available in black and red…

Alternatives found in this list:

  • VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand

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Bottom Line

The next time you’re unsure about what to buy, consider this: do your kids have a love for music?

Did they just get into what it’s like to sing?

Maybe they even love being in front of a crowd!

Regardless of whichever option your child may fall under, a toy microphone and stand set is a cute and fun way to let your child bring out their creative sides while introducing them to the world of music.

Though microphone and stand sets can come in many different shapes and sizes, this list has hopefully helped you figure out the perfect choice for your kid’s next favorite toy!

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