Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids (TOP 7 LIST)

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Tri-Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids

Top 7 Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids

Getting kids an e-bike so that they’ll stay up to date with the latest trend is a good idea.

However, e-bikes are risky.

Not only for your kids’ well-being but for their relationship with authorities as well.

Specific rules apply to e-bike users.

For example, those under 14 can’t ride in public without a class M driver’s license.

So if your kids don’t qualify to get this license yet, reconsider giving them an e-bike.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you have to be a wet blanket.

Instead of e-bikes, why not give them e-scooters?

Looser regulations apply for e-scooters.

All that the kids have to think about is that they wear adequate safety equipment and employ precaution to avoid accidents.

For kids, the ideal e-scooters are tri-wheel or 3 wheel e-scooters.

Kids won’t have a difficult time riding these.

Tri-wheel scooters are very stable, low maintenance, and don’t go too fast.

Simply put, they have the basic features to let your kids cruise on the road without thinking about fatal dangers.

By the way, most scooters that fit in the category of electric doesn’t necessarily have a motor.

Some of them only come with electrical functions like wheel led lights and rear and front lights.

Start your search here.

In this article, I reviewed some of the best 3-wheel electric scooters for kids…

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Best 3 Wheel Electric Scooters for Kids

6KU Kick Scooter With Ultra Bright Led on Wheels

We know that kids, ages 5-13, have a thing for belongings that glimmer.

They love lighted shoes, glow sticks, glow balls, and similar things that give out colorful illumination.

So the first item on our list is the 6KU Kick Scooter.

This one doesn’t have an electric motor.

Even so, this one qualifies as an electric scooter due to the bright led lights on the rear wheels.

The led lights give out lighting that consists of white, green, violet, and blue shades.

This e-scooter has a very innovative handlebar.

Kids can adjust its height for a better driving position.

Furthermore, it can be lowered then set to lying down for easy storage.

In connection, the lean-to-steer mechanism provides for better control.

This helps kids to avoid straining the arms when doing turns.

As I said, there’s no motor for this one.

So mobility relies on kicking.

6KU Kick Scooter Product Highlights


  • wheels with colorful led light
  • lean-to-steer function for better control
  • adjustable handlebar


  • has two wheels at the front so a good shock absorption system might have been good
  • led on the wheels aren’t waterproof



Overall Experience

Aside from the missing electric motor, my 10-year-old kid didn’t have complaints about this scooter’s performance.

The wheels work perfectly fine. They roll efficiently on hard surfaces.

Plus, they don’t easily break thanks to the mix of rubber and plastic material.

The kid felt a bit of shaking on the handlebar. But it’s not enough to cause problems when maneuvering.

The lean-to-steer system works great when the kid was riding fast.

This feature made quick turns easier and more precise.

My kid rode this scooter during dusk to see the led lights in action.

True to the manufacture’s word, they provide excellent visibility in the dark.

Furthermore, they don’t flicker or dim even if the wheels are turning fast.

For other users, this product is great because it accommodates children of all ages, sturdy yet lightweight, very stable, and easy to transport.

Alternatives for 6KU Kick Scooter

WM Folding Electric Scooter 650W Motor

WM Folding Electric Scooter has a design that adults will love.

Nevertheless, 10 -14-year-old kids will also love to try riding this one.

The handlebar has a high set up. And on the rear is a comfortable leather seat.

Together, these features allow for short comfortable trips on the roads.

This product comes with features for safe riding too.

The two rear wheels connect to a spring suspension.

A bright headlight allows for risk-free driving at night.

Lastly, the hardy disk brakes allow the user to avoid hitting obstacles on the road.

The motor is installed at the back, and the battery is underneath the platform on the center frame of the WM Folding Electric Scooter.

According to manufacturers, the motor has enough power to transport users not more than 2oo kilograms.

WM Folding Electric Scooter Highlights


  • 650W brushless motor
  • quick charge lithium-ion battery
  • rear and front suspensions
  • ergonomic handlebar
  • safety features – brakes and rear and front lights
  • rear and front fat tire


  • not a multi-speed/gear scooter
  • battery should have been below the seat


Overall Experience

The throttle mechanism might take a kid off guard.

It’s so easy to turn that over gripping might happen.

I strongly suggest that you let the kids ride this privately on the pavement so that they get accustomed to the throttle before riding in public.

I have nothing but praise for the suspension.

The rear and front suspension work perfectly fine.

While riding this, I didn’t feel any vibration on the handlebar and the seat.

Furthermore, they don’t make a squeaking sound as this scooter traversed rough terrains.

The motor did well but not enough to impress me.

It’s a bit slow for a 650w brushless motor. This might be due to the one-speed system.

But I think that this one will go faster if kids ride because they’re lighter than adults.

For other users, the one-speed system is an advantage.

Considering that kids will be riding, they don’t want this product to go too fast for more than what’s needed.


  • Razor Power 360 – best for kids ages 7-10 due to the low profile set-up

  • Bobcat Mobility Scooter – has a simpler build than WM Folding Electric Scooter

Ride N Toy Trike Chopper

Sometimes kids want to stay ahead of the pack.

To do so, they might want to own items that are very different from what their peers have.

For this reason, thinking of a great gift for kids is hard.

After all, they never want to receive an item that’s similar to what their friends have.

If you’re experiencing this problem right now, then try Ride N Toy Trike Chopper.

This product isn’t necessarily a kid’s scooter.

But the design comes close to one, except that its design follows the look of a chopper.

Even so, this one comes with all the features of a great electric scooter that kids will love.

There’s a cotton seat that they can comfortably sit on while riding.

Also, an 18w motor on the core of the frame allows for a maximum of 3 mph speed.

Finally, there’s a simple braking mechanism so that kids won’t injure themselves.

To be honest, this product isn’t that great for 7 or 14-year-olds.

However, kids ages 3-5 will love these since it’s hard finding electric scooters that fit their physique.

Ride N Toy Trike Chopper Highlights


  • realistic chopper design
  • 18W motor
  • pedal function instead throttle function
  • easy to control


  • only suitable for kids ages 3-6


Overall Experience

I tested this product on my neighbor’s three-year-old kid. My kid did try using this product.

But since he’s already 10 years old, he had a hard time positioning himself.

Also, the motor didn’t budge as he stepped on the pedal.

But for my neighbor’s kid, this one worked like a miracle.

The motor doesn’t go too fast.

Thus, my neighbor can quickly catch-up and stop the Ride N Toy Trike chopper himself whenever the kid is about to crash.

My neighbor didn’t feel any strain because the motor doesn’t have a lot of torque.

Meaning that Ride N Toy comes to a halt as soon as someone pulls it the opposite way.

The wheels are plastic.

Therefore, it’s already intuitive that this product isn’t ideal for riding in the backyard or front yard.

Finally, my neighbor also said that the motor didn’t give out significant heat or awkward sound even if the kid rode this product for long.

Other users said that this product is only great for indoor use.

The wheels are plastic. They might wear quickly on the concrete roads.


E-Wheels EW-11 Sport Euro Electric Scooter

Kids want a cooler and more dynamic ride as they grow.

Upon reaching teenage years, they’ll want a ride that takes them on hills, buys groceries at the local convenience store, and allow them to engage in short countryside trips with friends.

As a result, kids will eventually pester you to get them a motorcycle instead of a bike or scooter.

Even so, we all know that 10-15-year-old kids can’t ride motorcycles in public.

So not giving them is an unarguable logic.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to feel bad about such a decision too.

As they say, finding a compromise makes both parties happy.

You can’t give kids the motorcycle that they want.

But you can give them a tri-wheel scooter that looks like one.

My recommendation is E-Wheels EW-11 Euro Electric Scooter.

This product follows the traditional gas motor scooters that run on the narrow pathways of Italy.

The design appeals to teens.

On the rear is a large white seat that comes with a backrest.

Also, on the handlebar is a large basket.

Under the basket is a large headlight that’s works as well as the headlights of real motorcycles.

Finally, a wide slender panel covers the handlebar to complete the realistic motorcycle design.

E-Wheels EW-11 Highlights


  • front and rear suspensions
  • realistic Italian scooter motorcycle design
  • rechargeable battery-driven motor
  • 40 miles maximum travel in full charge


  • seat and backrest aren’t comfortable
  • takes a long time to charge


Overall Experience

This scooter’s motor is very powerful.

I’m big but the motor managed to provide optimal speed.

The throttle system is very comfortable on the hands, and the motor responded to it well.

Traversing uphill and downhill terrains wasn’t a problem.

That being said, the motor allows this product to perform like a real gas motored scooter.

In connection, the motor is a bit noisy.

However, it’s not uncomfortable for the ears.

The noise is like a loud humming sound that washing machines make.

The riding was very comfortable, though the seat isn’t soft.

Even with this issue, the positioning of the arm and body is unaffected.

Specifically, this product allowed me to get into an upright driving position that greatly distributes the weight of my head and shoulders to my core.

I never tried it. But other users say that this product comes with a brake alarm system.

The brake alarm springs into action if ever strangers mess with this e-scooter.


  • E-Wheels M34 – has four small wheels and more suitable for 8-12-year-old kids

TopMate ES31 Electric Scooter and Mini Tricycle

Too busy to take your kids to school?

Then why not give them electric scooters?

For commuter electric scooters, what the kids need is something that they can place near their desk if not in use.

Of course, such a scooter shouldn’t be an eyesore for the teacher so that it won’t get confiscated.

TopMate ES31 is a good example.

This scooter has a very minimalistic design – a short handlebar, small wheels, small seat, and uncovered frame.

Additionally, the frame is very lightweight and foldable.

Thus, kids won’t get into trouble bringing this product to school.

TopMate ES31 Highlights


  • 3 speed 250W motor maximum speed of 24kph
  • dual rear mini shock absorbers
  • low profile build
  • minimalist folded profile


  • wheels are too small


Overall Experience

My kid said that mounting and dismounting this one is easy.

This is due to the low and minimalistic design of the frame.

Stability was good too due to the rear shock absorbers.

However, the hanging seat design contributes to this product’s wobble free riding performance.

The wheels are a bit problematic though. They’re weak against rough paths. Potholes are a big no.

That said, my kid had to do a lot of evasive maneuvers while riding this product because we tested it on a used road, not far from where we live.

The 3-speed motor provides unprecedented riding speed.

The shifters allow for smooth and responsive transition from one gear to the next.

Due to the gear function of the motor, this electric scooter cruised well on steep terrains, flat terrains, and bumpy terrains.

Again, this is only possible as long as the obstacles on the road don’t overwhelm the wheels.

Users, who tested this product before me, appreciate that they can bring this product as a cruiser e-scooter for kids for their vacation trips abroad.


iLiving Mobility V8 Foldable Electric Scooter

Kids are different from one another. Not only emotionally but also physically.

Some are lucky to be born with a normal physique.

Sadly, others, in contrast, come with disabilities that make it hard for them to move around.

I just want to say that your kid is just as normal as everybody else even if he or she is suffering from conditions that affect mobility.

Being normal is all about treatment.

And if you give something that allows him or her to live normally despite having physical difficulties, feeling like an outcast will be impossible.

Enough drama!

For kids suffering from leg or other issues that affect mobility, iLiving Mobility V8 is the ideal product.

Originally, this one is an e-scooter for the elderly.

But I don’t see why kids can’t use it.

iLiving V8 runs slowly for safety, easy to control, very stable, and even the frame follows the feet to rest tenderly for a laid back driving experience.

iLiving V8 Product Highlights


  • 40-pound total weight
  • foldable ergonomic frame
  • easy to mount
  • airline approved
  • electronic stability control for stable riding


  • lacks rear shock-absorber(s)


Overall Experience

Since it’s originally made for adults, I took the job of trying this product myself.

All I can say is that the lack of rear suspensions makes this product not very good.

If rear suspensions are present, this product would’ve been perfect.

It’s because the motor provides the optimum speed for reaching destinations quickly but not dangerously very fast.

The stability control allows for quick turns without using the brakes.

The foldable ergonomic frame is very friendly for the feet.

While riding, my feet followed a straight and relaxed position.

Thus, I decided that this product is great for users suffering from foot deformities.


  • there are no existing alternatives for this product in the meantime

Hover Dual Purpose Electric Scooter

Are your kids asking you to get a skateboard and a scooter at the same time?

For Christmas, you should consider giving them Hover Electric Scooter.

Kids can use this as an electric scooter and electric skateboard at the same time.

The default setup for this product is an electric scooter.

On the standing platform is a removable handlebar.

By removing the handlebar and separating it, the standing platform becomes a skateboard that has to be fitted with the add-on removable front wheels.

Hover Dual Purpose Electric Scooter


  • serves as an e-scooter and e-skateboard
  • 90W motor
  • 10 mph maximum speed
  • IPX4 water-resistant battery


  • the motor needs to have manual assistance for skateboard function


Overall Experience

My kid said that this product works like crazy as a skateboard.

The speed is fast but not fast enough to hinder safe driving.

Also, the platform didn’t allow the feet to skid whenever this e-scooter traversed bumpy terrains.

The skateboard function needs improvement though.

My kid said that it would be better for the motor to have a manual assistance function.

With a manual assistance function, the user can kick for speed as the motor works.

In effect, more skateboarding tricks are achievable.

Other users commended the customer service for this e-scooter.

Replacement parts are quick to arrive if ever there are defects.

So basically, this means no spoiling the kids’ Christmas gift.



I hope that this article helped you create a shortlist of the best e-scooters to buy.

Compared to other reviewers, I made sure that all scooters on my review have electric functions.

After all, lying to kids isn’t what adults should do right?

That being said, see these products for yourself now and get them delivered on the house’s doorstep!

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