Best 2 Seater Ride on Cars With Parental Remote Control (TOP 7 List)

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2 Seater Ride on Cars With Parental Remote Control

TOP 2 Seater Ride On Cars With Parental Remote Control

The ride on the car is all fun and games until it crashes on the television stand, the piano, the China cabinet, and other pieces of furniture.

Of course, you can’t blame the car. The one at fault is the innocent child smiling as if nothing happened.

I’m not saying that child crashing is a bad thing. In the first place, you wouldn’t have broken furniture if you bought the right ride on the car.

So what’s the best ride on car for kids who can’t get the gist of driving without wrecking the house?

The ride on car with 2 parental remote control would be great.

In this article, I collected some of the latest ones that other parents are racing to get before their kids’ birthdays.

1. Bahom Ride On Toy Car With Remote

If your kid is into race cars, I’m sure that he or she wants to see the formula one circuit. Formula race cars are something that people can’t see on the road on a day-to-day basis.

Viewing them is for those who want to see speed. And driving them is for those who are born for speed.

Let your kid feel what it’s like to ride on an F-1 race car with Bahom Ride On Toy Car.

A streamlined build with high ground clearance, this product fuses the look of the F-1 and dune buggy.

And as a result, Bahom runs well on concrete pavement and bare ground.

Personal Experience

This product’s seat is very spacious. Even two 3 to 4-year-old kids won’t have trouble fitting inside.

There’s also enough legroom for two riders. And also, the seat is plush cotton and provides a very airy sitting position.

I love how the manufacturer programmed this product’s driving mode. The remote drive function overrides the manual drive as soon as your hands are on it. This means that you can take over immediately whenever the kids are about to crash into something.

Note that the previous 2 seater ride cars on this list had to be switched from manual drive to remote drive.

Other users loved the fact that the manufacturers used this product’s frame for maximizing the usefulness of the seats.

Pros and Cons of Bahom Ride On Toy Car With Remote


  • Has a very spacious seat compartment
  • Has an excellent suspension design
  • Uses spiky and large wheels


  • Traverses muddy pathways but the electric motor heats up at the full throttle


  • Power Wheels Dune Racer – Has a similar design but has lower clearance, which allows for easier mounting and dismounting


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2. Kaspuro 2-Seater Ride On Car For Kids

The Kaspuro 2 Seater Ride On Car showcases the design of the Mercedez Benz SLC model.

It has two comfortable seats with buckles that measures 18.2 inches wide. It runs without any problems so long as the combined weight of the passengers doesn’t exceed 88 pounds.

As for the running performance, this product has three speeds; low, medium, and high. The rider enables these speeds via the buttons on the dashboard.

Just like a real car, this product has forward and reverse functions. Finally, driving can be done on this ride on the car itself or via the 2.4G remote.

On the dashboard also is an MP3 player, TF, and AUX ports.

Personal Experience

I didn’t have a lot of issues with this product while using it. Kaspuro has low clearance so riding this on rugged terrain isn’t an option.

This product runs well on grass and concrete pavements. However, be sure to avoid water-filled potholes or similar obstacles because the electric motor and battery aren’t waterproof.

My 5-year-old kid and his 3-year-old friend are very comfy on the seats. They’re quite spacious so the kids didn’t have to quarrel about who gets to occupy the most space.

Other users appreciate the handle at the bumper. The handle allows an adult to carry this product comfortably whenever it runs out of battery.

Pros and Cons of Kaspuro 2-Seater Ride-On Car For Kids


  • 18 inches spacious seats
  • Mp3 Player Installed
  • Has three-speed modes
  • Dual Electric Motor


  • Doesn’t perform well on rugged terrains due to the low clearance of the frame


  • Ootori Ride-On Car – Has larger seats and longer battery life but doesn’t utilize the dual electric motor

3. Assom 2-Seater Ride On Car Truck

The Assom 2 Seater Car Truck has the look of an offroad police vehicle. On its back is a tall standing bar that the kids can hold on to, which holds two pieces of red and blue LEDs.

The two seats measure 19.8 inches wide and are spacious enough for 3 to 6-year-old kids.

The maximum speed is 3 mph. However, this one doesn’t come with three driving modes. Even so, the dual electric motor has enough torque for carrying passengers with one-speed mode alone.

Assom uses highly spiked 14.5 inches traction wheels. They’re installed on a wheel bar that comes with a spring suspension. These features together allow an easy cruise on rugged and rocky terrains.

Personal Experience

Assom does well as a ride on car for countryside excursions with kids. It didn’t have trouble passing over grass, mud, and rocks.

Such heavy-duty performance might have come from the spring suspension mechanism and the hardy wheels.

The twin-motor didn’t heat up. I find this trait of the electric motor important because it’s right beneath the seat.

While driving, the least that I want to experience is seeing smoke from the seats while the kids are on them.

Other users used this product as a driving trainer for their 5-year-old kids. This might be due to the highly efficient manual control.

Pros and Cons of Assom 2 Seater Ride On Car Truck

  • Has a holding bar at the back so that kids can get off easily
  • Has highly spiked wheels
  • The bumper has a bumper bar that protects the front from breakage and can act as a handle
  • Dual electric motor with high torque


  • XSLY Ride On Car Truck – An offroad ride on car with larger seats and a more spacious rear


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4. Costzon Rover Discovery 2 Seater With Remote

The Land Rover Discovery is one of the best cars that Land Rover ever produced.

This car packs a strong performance when it comes to speed, directional control, durability, and torque. As a result, many opt to get this car for challenging the dunes of the desert.

A ride-on toy car that looks very similar to the real deal is the Costzon Rover Discovery. The exterior has a very robust and attractive build.

A shiny coating of black protects the exterior against wearing. Finally, there are two leather seats for accommodating riders up to 8 years old.

Personal Experience

The stereo of this product is very good. It has a very wonderful treble and bass balance. Music played from this product’s stereo comes close to mid-range speakers sold online.

As a safety function, this product doesn’t bolt suddenly. It gradually picks speed up no matter how hard the kid’s foot is on the pedal or no matter how hard you press the forward button of the remote.

This feature is particularly useful if the kid’s foot is on the pedal before pushing the start button.

This product has passed numerous quality certifications. Having said that, rest assured that you’ll get a high-quality ride for kids if you choose to get Costzon Rover Discovery.

Pros and Cons of Costzon Rover Discovery


  • Has a very glossy coating
  • High-quality stereo speakers
  • Useful until your kid reaches 8 years old


  • The headlights are too dim
  • The slow start function gets in the way of high-speed riding


  • Best Choice Rover Discovery – Has more color variants; red, black, pink, and white

5. Best Choice 2 Seater Ride On Car

The Best Choice Ride On Car follows the design of a Mercedez SUV.

For this ride-on car, the manufacturer decided to use a glossy shiny coating, embossments on the front and sides, and stickers on the bumper for a very realistic look.

This product uses 2 pairs of rubber traction tires that are suitable in the grass, marble flooring, tile flooring, and concrete pavement.

Up to 7-year-old riders can comfortably sit on the seats. The floorboard offers adequate legroom and won’t hurt the legs of the little riders.

To maximize the realistic riding experience, manufacturers also included engine sounds. The engine sounds play whenever the rider presses the pedal with the feet or whenever you press the forward button of the remote.

Personal Experience

This car looked more like a Mercedez dam truck to me. Even so, I love how spacious the cockpit is. My kid and his friend didn’t have trouble fitting inside. They can even turn their bodies in any direction comfortably.

The high clearance is a plus. Upon testing, this product didn’t back down against mid-sized bumps in the front yard that I made artificially using sacks.

The underside didn’t scrape on them. However, I wish that there are working suspensions for absolute offroad performance.

Other users said that the manufacturer should’ve given this product a more slender or slicker look.

Pros and Cons of Best Choice 2 Seater Ride On Car


  • Has high clearance
  • Has large traction wheels
  • Has real engine sounds


  • There are no suspensions
  • The rear frame design is a disappointment


  • There are no similar products yet


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6. Kool Karz 2-Seater Ride On Car

This product has the look of a Volkswagen pickup truck, specifically the Volkswagen Amarok.

Since it’s licensed by Volkswagen, this product has a very realistic look. Aside from a cockpit that contains two large seats, there’s also a rear compartment where the kid can put toys.

Kool Karz Volkswagen Amarok Ride-On Car can reach 5 mph. However, you can set this to lower speed limits via the speed limiter.

This feature is handy. because it allows you to decide how fast the kid should go if he or she is driving without adult supervision.

Aside from a powerful motor, manufacturers also installed a full suspension system. The full suspension system greatly dissipates shocks from rocks, bumps, and potholes.

With that being said, you wouldn’t hesitate to take your kid for a ride in the park with Kool Karz Volkswagen Amarok.

Personal Experience

The speed limiter is a notable feature. However, what I find very useful is the remote control. The remote isn’t only responsive, its signal range is expansive too.

I didn’t have to keep my pace with this product because the remote allowed me to drive from at least 15 meters away.

Other users bought this product because Volkswagen itself licensed it.

Pros and Cons of Kool Karz 2 Seater Ride On Toy Car


  • Expansive remote control range
  • High-speed electric motor with adjustable limiter
  • Has a rear compartment
  • Has a full suspension system


  • Construction of the seats is poor


  • Kidz Vip Ride On Car – A 2-seater car that bears the design of a Lexus SUV and uses a quad motor system

7. KidsVIP Ride On Car

Is your kid urging you to buy an all-terrain vehicle? Then, you should get the KidsVIP ride by car. This product provides a very airy ride.

It even has a very efficient suspension mechanism, light yet sturdy external panels for the frame, and 3 sets of working headlights.

Personal Experience

Since it follows the design of an all-terrain vehicle, I tried this product on the beach. The default wheels didn’t do well against the sand so I had to replace them with better ones.

Upon replacement, this product cruised smoothly. And due to the suspensions, the kid didn’t feel bothered by the uneven surface of the beach.

Other users state that this product does well as an outdoor ride on car for children.

Pros and Cons of KidsVIP Ride-On Car


  • All-terrain design
  • High-torque electric motor
  • Very bright headlights


  • Wheels had to be replaced for outside use
  • Mounting might be hard for 1 – 2-year-old riders


  • KidsVIP Ride On Car EVA Edition – has the same look as the product above but has better default wheels and remote directional control. This even has a 4×4 drive.

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Conclusion – Best 2-Seater Ride-on Cars W/Remote

A remote-controlled ride-on car is ideal if the kid who will be riding is too young to mind accidents.

Expect a bit of resistance as the kid will ask you not to control the car via remote.

To avoid this circumstance, adjust your maneuver according to the kid’s steering.

By doing this, the kid won’t suspect that you’re the one who’s actually driving.

As an ending note, be sure that the remote control has fresh batteries.

Also, don’t let the car get out of range. Be sure to follow as these are simple tips that greatly prevent tragedies for the kid.

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