Top 7 Best 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters For Adults

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4 Wheel Mobility ScootersBest 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters For Adults

In one of my articles, I talked about the top 7 best 3 wheel electric scooters for adults and seniors.

Those that I showed there are the safest and easiest to use.

I don’t deny that for riding tri-wheel mobility scooters, one thing is very crucial – practice.

The three-wheel design is perfect for those who are looking for a mobility scooter with a friendlier directional control.

It allows for a lightweight build too because there are fewer parts.

Even so, the tri-wheel design is a bit unstable and might tip.

Four-wheel mobility scooters offer maximum stability.

No matter how difficult the curve or the condition of the terrain is, breathe lightly because 4 wheel mobility scooters won’t throw you off your seat. This is due to the unchanging center of gravity.

Start your search with these 4-wheel mobility scooters.

1. Buzzaround 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The Buzzaround is what you’ll call a mobility scooter that’s worth the payment.

Its bodywork consists of several plastic panels that protect the frame against moisture and heat.

The panel protection even extends to the battery so that it’s not exposed.

Moreover, users can upgrade the default seat with an 18-inch seat. I don’t find this very necessary though.

The default seat is already good. It’s soft, has removable armrests, can be adjusted to different heights, and is very comfortable on the back and buttocks.

Personal Experience

Stability is what I find very special about this mobility scooter.

Thanks to the suspensions, I didn’t have a lot of problems traversing the gravel pathway that leads to a farm near my house.

The adjustability of the seat is very helpful too. It allowed me to fully utilize the unique design of the handlebar.

The handlebar allows the hands to rest on it. It also provides an expansive turning angle.

I want to talk a little about the carry basket too. The carrying basket at the front is large.

I used it for bringing veggies from the farm back at home. At least 10 pieces of medium-sized carrots and 6 pieces of potatoes managed to fit inside.

Other users state that Buzzaround’s design is what they need for a ride that people won’t find strange.

Pros and Cons of Buzzaround 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Pros ✅

  • Plastic panels protect the delicate frame
  • Extendable batteries
  • Detachable parts for easier transport and storage
  • 18-mile drive range

Cons ⚠️

  • The seat feels cramped with the armrests installed
  • The headlight should’ve been placed at the middle portion of the handlebar and not at the bottom of the handlebar post


  • Buzzaround XLHD – Has a shorter drive range but the seat has better armrests. Also has a 90-degree adjustable handlebar.

2. ADDJY Fold and Travel 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The ADDJY Fold and Travel is a mobility scooter with a very lightweight build.

Manufacturers trashed the idea of putting plastic panels for making the design of this product flashy.

Instead, what you’ll see on this product are the sleek tubes that make up its frame.

Though lightweight, it’s up and ready for carrying any passenger.

This product’s weight capacity of 330 pounds is something that you don’t find in other mobility scooters with a similar design.

Personal Experience

Due to its lightness, the electric motor doesn’t have difficulties in providing a speedy and smooth ride.

I cruised with this product at a maximum of 8 mph going downhill.

Speed reduced a bit to 5 mph while going uphill.

Even so, speed is comparably faster than other mobility scooters that I rode before.

I also managed to let my kid ride this product with me.

On the floorboard is a foldable child seat. Speed didn’t change much even if there are two passengers.

I’m a bit concerned about the seat because it’s small.

When riding fast, I tend to slide when returning.

I wish that the manufacturers put buckles to make sitting more comfortable.

Just like me, other users also complained about the seat.

But the other quality features override such a downside.

Pros and Cons of Fold and Travel 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Pros ✅

  • Airline certified mobility scooter
  • Lightweight build yet heavy-duty
  • Can carry two passengers

Cons ⚠️

  • The seat is bolted and can’t be adjusted
  • The seat might be small for some users


  • Pride Mobility S74 – Has an adjustable seat, better bodywork, and longer drive range.
  • Thrive Mobility Scooter 4 Wheels – Has a larger seat and customizable frame

3. E-Wheels M34 Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters aren’t the most portable.

Even the most lightweight ones will have trouble fitting on the back of your range rover, pickup truck, or car roof rack.

For this reason, detachable components separate great mobility scooters from bad ones.

But detachability isn’t enough. Detachable components are useless if the lightest parts weigh about 40 pounds.

Know that the detachability truly becomes a wonderful feature if the sequestered components are light and greatly allow for easy storage and transport.

A mobility scooter with excellent detachable components is the E-Wheels M34 mobility scooter.

The lightest piece of this mobility scooter is only 28 pounds. And as a result, dividing it into several pieces is always hassle-free.

Personal Experience

Disassembling and reassembling this product takes no more than 30 minutes.

Furthermore, keeping each part isn’t hard because they have stand-alone designs.

For example, the battery doesn’t become too exposed if separated from the floorboard.

The same is true for the electric motor as well.

I also loved that manufacturers added a steel bar to reinforce the bumper. The steel bar protects the front panel from cracks.

It’s also useful for towing just in case E-Wheels 34 runs out of juice before the user gets home.

Other users picked this product because it’s comparably faster to disassemble or reassemble than other mobility scooters in the market.

Pros and Cons of E-Wheels M34

Pros ✅

  • The lightest detachable part is only 28 pounds
  • Easy-to-hold design of the handlebar
  • Heavy-duty front bumper
  • Forward/reverse function with reverse indicator tail lights

Cons ⚠️

  • Seat and backrest padding aren’t thick
  • The front basket needs more bolts for firmer attachment


  • Pride Go-Go Elite – Uses detachable plastic panels. Also, has a better weight capacity than E-Wheels M34.

4. Drive Medical Scout SFDST4 Spitfire

In this discussion, all that I showed you until now are mobility scooters with adjustable or non-adjustable leather chairs.

Leather seats are a common feature that most have.

And believe it or not, brands are competing for this feature by only making the seats of the mobility scooters softer than others.

However, Drive Medical decided to innovate.

Their Scout EXT doesn’t only have a leather seat. It’s a seat that swivels too. A swivel mechanism is very handy.

This allows for easier dismounting and mounting.

Moreover, it lets the driver do specific activities without getting off such as talking with passerby, receiving, or handing out items, etc.

Personal Experience

I’ll just focus on this mobility scooter’s speed…

The other features are pretty average after all. To start, the swivel mechanism is very soft.

I could turn easily 180 degrees in both directions with a soft push from my foot.

Furthermore, the turning happens without any sounds, which denotes that the swivel mechanism is nicely done.

While riding, a lock stops the seat from swiveling. The lock is under the seat just near the adjusting bolt.

Other users complained about the seat moving while they were riding this mobility scooter.

I highly suspect that this might be because they didn’t secure the lock tightly.

Pros and Cons of Drive Medical SFDST4 Spitfire

Pros ✅

  • Has extendable batteries
  • Uses a comfortable swivel seat
  • Foldable seat backrest
  • Deflation free tires
  • Has a headlight

Cons ⚠️

  • The wheels are too small for cruising on gravel, grass, and rock.


  • Drive Medical Scout 4 – A later variant of the Scout-4 EXT and has better throttle control, wheels, battery, and brakes
  • Drive Medical Phoenix HD – Has a better seat design than the Drive Medical Scout 4 series

5. Pride Jazzy Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters aren’t the best when it comes to turning. Doing sharp turns is impossible to do while riding them.

This is why tri-wheel mobility scooters are as popular even though they’re prone to stumbling.

Even so, a 4-wheel mobility scooter is reconstructing the dogma about 4-wheel mobility scooters.

The Pride Jazzy Mobility has the sharp turning radius of a 3-wheel scooter.

It’s a mobility scooter that combines stability and excellent maneuverability to topple competitors.

Personal Experience

This mobility scooter allowed me to do slow to mid-speed 360-degree turns.

I guess the small front wheels are the secret behind this product’s sharp turning angle.

Another feature that I noticed is that the front wheels tilt a little too.

Moreover, this Jazz is one of Pride’s most attractive mobility scooters.

I love the embossments on the floorboard and the battery cover.

The seat design also reminds me of the seats that golf buggies have.

For other users, this product’s maneuverability is very different compared to most mobility scooters.

It allows for speedy turns without the risk of sudden crashes that certainly result in grievous injuries.

Pros and Cons of Pride Jazz Mobility Scooter

Pros ✅

  • Has sharp turning radius of a 3-wheel scooter
  • Very detailed bodywork
  • Trusty seat design that resembles those of golf buggies

Cons ⚠️

  • The floorboard needs to have better space so that the user won’t experience difficulties in doing sharp turns
  • Heavy build


  • There are no products that come close to this one yet

6. Drive Medical Spitfire Pro

The three-wheel Drive Medical Spitfire is a good option for those who are looking for a trusty mobility scooter.

Just so you know, there’s also a 4 wheeler version of it; the Drive Medical Spitfire Pro.

Try the Spitfire Pro if you’re looking for a ride that looks new all the time.

This product comes with 5 differently colored interchangeable color panels.

The panels allow for easier maintenance. If one or two had become dirty, all you need to do is replace them with a cleaner one then wash.

Personal Experience

The color panels are red, blue, green, orange, blue, and white.

Out of all these, my favorite panels are orange, green, and red because they help me become more visible on the road.

The white panel is good too. However, I use it sparingly because specks of dust get it dirty easily.

For the beach, I install the blue panel on this mobility scooter before touring. The blue panel is very cool on the eyes.

It helps me become one with the vibe of the sea while riding this mobility scooter.

Finally, I love the battery of this mobility scooter…

It charges fast but doesn’t lose energy quickly. This feature is what other users love.

Others see that the long battery life makes this scooter ideal for those who want an electric scooter that doesn’t require frequent charging.

Pros and Cons of Drive Medical Spitfire Pro

Pros ✅

  • Quick to charge and long-lasting battery
  • Has 5 interchangeable panels
  • The floorboard legroom is very spacious
  • Suspension integrated handlebar post

Cons ⚠️

  • Has low clearance


  • E-Wheels 54 Mobility Scooter – A mobility scooter with sexy curves, canopy, and orange coating

7. Roscoe Kick Mobility Scooter

The Roscoe Kick Mobility Scooter is a mobility scooter that’s perfect for exercising.

It uses an ergonomic frame that comfortably positions the knees with respect to the erect riding position of the torso.

It even has a weight capacity of more than 300 pounds.

Personal Experience

Upon using it, I figured that this product is useful for persons who don’t want to use a wheelchair for moving inside their house, their store, or their personal office.

The wheels display a trusty grip on shiny flooring. I found this out after riding this product in the house.

In connection, the positioning of the knees for forwarding movement is very comfortable and doesn’t hurt the ankles and the thighs.

Other users, used this product as a rehabilitation tool for regaining leg strength after an operation.

Pros and Cons of Roscoe Kick Mobility Scooter

Pros ✅

  • Easy turning wheels
  • Ergonomic and foldable frame
  • Ergonomic seat

Cons ⚠️

  • The existence of pedals would’ve been a plus
  • Handlebar design should’ve been made ergonomic too


  • Quad Terrain Mobility KickScooter – Uses fat tires and is more suitable for outdoor excursions


If you feel uncomfortable about riding 3-wheel scooters, the 4-wheel mobility scooter should be your next option.

Though not as maneuverable, 4 wheel mobility scooter provides a safer riding experience no matter how fast you go.

Try the products that I listed here. They’re the ones that fit your budget and needs.

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