TOP 7 TV With Built In DVD Player

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TV With Built In DVD PlayerTOP 7 TV With Built In DVD Player

Are you a movie enthusiast

Are you sick of connecting a TV with a DVD? 

Well, look no further, you have come to the right place.

Talking of improved technology, there is a need to see it apply even in TVs too.

Currently, there are different brands that manufacture TVs with in-built DVDs to make everything easier and to avoid the stuffing of wires.

As a regular TV user, you may still be unaware of these sets and there is a need to know them.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best TV with built-in DVD players.

Most of them are compatible with different devices and therefore, you don’t have to worry.

Some of them may be from your favorite brands while others may not.

Just sit back and enjoy the list.

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1. Westinghouse 32 inch LED HD DVD Combo TV

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

This is a side-loading DVD/TV that has a sleek design and incredible features that offer optimum satisfaction to the user.

Most users consider factors like resolution and screen size when they are choosing a TV.

This is why the Westinghouse 32-inch LED HD DVD Combo TV has a screen resolution of 720p and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

With such a resolution, you’re assured of high-quality videos and images.

Besides, you can comfortably watch sports, movies, and your favorite TV shows, connect to a console and play your favorite video games.

For convenience purposes, the TV comes with a wide variety of ports where you can connect it to different sources just to make sure entertainment is at its best.

The ports are; VGA, HDMI, USB, and digital tuner connectivity.

The set also comes with a remote that combines the TV and DVD functions.

With such great features and many more, there is no reason to hesitate to buy this TV.

More than 65% of previous buyers have rated the product with five–star reviews owing to its greatness.


The RCA RTDVD3215 is a great alternative just in case you need one.


  • ✅ It’s flexible since it can be used in the kitchen, RVs, children’s rooms and more.

  • ✅ It has a good screen resolution.

  • ✅ It’s easy to operate.


  • ❌ The volume is relatively low.

2. NAXA 19 Inch LED TV and DVD/Media Player with Car Package

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

The 19-inch NAXA TV/DVD is one of the best TV/DVD sets ever with a high level of portability.

Its size makes it a great choice for setting it up in the kitchen, or for those with small living rooms not to mention how it can also fit perfectly in trucks.

Just like the Westinghouse, NAXA also comes with a good number of ports or inputs such as VGA and HDMI that play a key role in ameliorating its versatility.

It also comes with a 720p resolution that makes viewers stand in a position of enjoying everything in HD.

Another nice feature that makes the set stand out from others is the ability to play movies and music from USB and SD sources.

It also features important outputs such as coaxial digital audio and headphone.


The Pyle 21.5 Inch TV/DVD can be a good alternative for those looking for a product close to NAXA 19 Inch LED TV and DVD/Media Player with Car Package.


  • ✅ It has a high resolution.

  • ✅ It is easy to use.

  • ✅ Lightweight.


  • ❌ It doesn’t produce clear images at an angle.

3. Sceptre E325BD-SR 32 Inch TV/DVD

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

With a refreshing rate of 60 Hz and a display of 32 inches, the TV can be worth your bucks.

The TV includes a QAM tuner that is responsible for easy cable connection without the help of an antenna.

The HDMI port is effective and can be used to produce HD videos and Hi-Fi audio.

To make it more effective and flexible, a USB port is available where you can link the TV with an external source and take entertainment to the next level.

It also features a highly responsive remote control for easy navigation.

The thrilling moments of Netflix can’t be truly thrilling with a low-quality TV which is why Sceptre E325BD-SR 32 Inch TV/DVD features a resolution of 720p.


If you need an alternative, the Supersonic SC-3222 LED TV/DVD can be great.


  • ✅ It has a widescreen.

  • ✅ It can easily be operated.

  • ✅ It’s overall quality is excellent.


  • ❌ It doesn’t feature smart functionality.

4. AXES TVD1801 32-Inch LED TV/DVD

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

The rapid growth of TVs with built-in DVD players has seen many related companies show their competency and here, AXES shows its innovation too.

Through the HDMI port, users can connect any compatible device that can be used to deliver high-quality pictures since it has a resolution of 720p.

Users can also use the TV set to connect a gaming console and play their favorite games in HD.

AXES TVD1801 32-Inch LED TV/DVD is also effectively built to consume a small amount of power. So, with this set, your energy bills won’t be too high.

Its sleek design also makes it a great set for your home.

The system also features in-built speakers that produce Hi-Fi sound just to make the experience more thrilling.

Most of the previous buyers have shared their experience with this set admitting that it’s great though there are few negative feedbacks.


If you are after an alternative, the Premium 32 Inch LED TV can be a good option.


  • ✅ It has numerous ports for connection with external compatible devices.

  • ✅ It is light-weight, only 12 pounds.

  • ✅ It’s easy to operate.


  • ❌ A previous user complained that the TV failed after 3 months.

5. RCA RTDVD2811 28-Inch TV with Built-In DVD

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

This is another great TV from RCA, one of the most trusted brands.

The set comes with a static contrast ratio of 1200:1.

The RCA RTDVD2811 comes in different screen displays.

That is 28-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch at different prices.

Its design is also suitable for use in the kitchen and bedroom as well.

Just like the previous TVs, RCA RTDVD2811 also comes with an in-built tuner and DVD that not only makes it more convenient but also helps in saving space.

It also has a resolution of 720p which is enough to bring you electrifying entertainment in HD.

The set features a dynamic picture mode that will see you enjoy watching 3-D displays.


The Jensen JE2815 28 Inch LED TV can be a great alternative and still be worth your bucks.


  • ✅ It is easily portable.

  • ✅ It’s durable and versatile.

  • ✅ It has different ports to make it more flexible.


  • ❌ Some users complain that speakers aren’t of good quality.

6. Upgraded Premium 15.6 –Inch LED TV

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

This TV comes with a 1080p resolution.

The resolution is very high and perfect enough to trigger a wild experience for you and your family.

It features HDMI and RCA cables that enable further customizations with compatible devices.

With this set, you can enjoy viewing image collections and streaming millions of videos and music when you connect with your PC.

To make it more convenient, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices.

The TV also features a removable stand and it can also be clipped on a wall if necessary.

Upgraded Premium 15.6 –Inch LED TV also features a good number of different functions such as sleep timer and closed caption.

Controlling and navigation are made easier by the button controls and effective remote control.


The Pyle 21.5 Inch 1080p LED TV can serve as a great alternative.


  • ✅ It’s compatible with Mac and PC.

  • ✅ It features a Hi-Res display.

  • ✅ It’s easy to operate.


  • ❌ There is only one option of 15 inches.

7. Sceptre 24 Inch 1080p LED TV

TV With Built In DVD Player on Amazon

Here comes the end of the list with this 1080p TV with an in-built DVD.

The package comes with an all-in-one remote that controls all the functions of the TV and DVD.

If you have your music files or video files in a removable flash disk, you can connect it via the USB port and view the files.

The TV can be mounted on a wall or just be placed on any surface where it can rest well with its wide-based stand.

You can also use an HML cable and connect your smartphone or tablet to the TV and reveal more.

Just in case you eject your DVD while watching a movie, the TV will automatically resume from the initial point once you set the DVD back.


The Pyle 23.6 Inch 1080p LED TV is a great option in this case.


  • ✅ It’s a high-quality TV.

  • ✅ It’s very durable.

  • ✅ Easy to operate.


  • ❌ Relatively poor sound quality.

Bottom Line

This marks the end of the top 7 best TV with a built-in DVD.

The list has been quite versatile since it has covered TVs of different resolutions and screen sizes just to make it friendly for everyone.

These TVs are of high quality and their prices also vary following different factors.

That means you need to consider different factors before you purchase one of these TVs.

If you are under a budget, some TVs can still cover you.

Though there are a couple of these TVs, the list features the best ones and by now you should have reached a decision, so choose wisely.

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  1. Hello Jason!

    Thank you for sharing this post. 

    Just as you have said, there are so many manufacturers and brands that manufacture TV with built in DVD; as a result of this it wouldn’t be easy for someone without good knowledge of TV with built in DVD to choose the best one. You made the job easy.

    I have heard about these before but I haven’t seen any as standard and classic as the ones you selected here.

    • Hey there Shifts!

      Thank you very much for chiming in with your comment. It was fun getting this list together for you to learn more about the top TVs with DVD combos on the market.


  2. I don’t watch DVDs anywhere near as often as I did 10+ years ago but I still have a whole box full of my favorite movies and hard to get DVD pressings. 

    I’m interested in getting a tv with a dvd player built in so I can watch some of my DVDs instead of just letting them collect dust in my closet lol. 

    At first, I was going to buy a standalone DVD player but after stumbling upon your post on these TVs with DVD players I know now the way to go, with a combo! 

    Thanks for a good review and have a nice day.

    • Hey there,

      I am glad that you were able to find this article before you went ahead and got a stand-alone DVD player. 

      I think that one of these TVs with built-in DVD players will be the ideal choice to watch those DVDs you have stored away.

      Thanks for visiting today.

  3. Thanks a lot for this post on these TVs with built-in DVD player. Being a movie lover, this post came in handy. I enjoy movies more when the sound and screen resolution are of high quality.

    I’ve also been looking for something that I can easily connect my phone or SD card to when I want to listen to songs. It’s good to finally find all these qualities in one classic gadget. Thanks again for posting this.

  4. Hi, most of the brand you mentioned I have never heard of.  I never knew TV comes with a DVD until I read this. I should have kept my DVD but I have to throw it away. 

    Is there any TV that comes with DVD but thin enough to have the tv mount on the wall instead?

    Thanks for this article. 

  5. Thanks for this article! I didn’t even know they made these, so that is very cool! You learn something new every day! We all know the hassle of getting the DVD player hooked up and functioning properly… (first world problems, but still). I am sure these types of products do very well as I could defintley see there being a market for these!

    • Yes, these tv-DVD combos are quite useful and the market is there for them.

      Thanks for taking the time to go through the list and leaving your comment.

  6. I am not a movie enthusiast, but I used DVDs a lot as most of my study materials are on DVDs.  You are quite correct, it is really tiring to connect the DVD to the TV all the time.  

    Having an HD DVD Combo would make things much easier for me.  I still find it easy to record and archive information, that I continuously gather, on DVD – easy labeling and to retrieve.  

    Thank you for publishing this post.

  7. I have to say that I’m glad some manufacturers have incorporated this feature in some of their TV’s.  Some of us just don’t have enough space to buy extra things like a DVD player to attach to their sets.

    I am one of those.  I can say that I am very happy with the RCA 32″ that we have.  I noticed that in your review you included three other sizes of this set.  Ours is about two years old so I guess they were making another size back then.  It does have the DVD as well and I have used it on occasion.  The picture is very nice and we did find the sound to be of lesser quality from our previous set.  That said, after an adjustment period we really don’t notice that anymore.

    I don’t know anything about the other products you have here but I so like RCA.  I have had several RCA products over the years and they are, in my opinion, of very good quality.

    There are a lot of streaming channels coming online these days but many of us still like to use the disks so I hope more manufacturers will get on board with this feature,


    • Hey Wayne, 

      I definitely agree with your views here. The more options we have a consumers, the better it is. 

      Thanks so much for taking your time to read and leave your comment. 


  8. Just to add my two cents worth here. I have an old TV, probably one of the first to start putting DVD’s in the TV. I can say I had that TV for about 12 years before giving it up and having that DVD on the TV was sooo great! I am now looking a an RCA with built in DVD and I am thankful to have found your site as the TV I am looking at was on your top 7 list. I would say anyone out there who still enjoys watching/using their DVD’s this is definitely the way to go.

    Thanks a lot!!


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