7 BEST Toy Chest Bench With Cushion

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Toy Chest Bench With CushionToy Chest Bench With Cushion

Are your kids constantly asking for the latest toys and the playroom is full?

You have to look into storage options for these toys.

Toy chest benches with cushions are great for organizing the toys and other playthings that children use to invent, create and imagine as they play with them.

These toy chest benches are versatile and are not only used for storing toys but also can be used as a bench that provides superior seating comfort.

During your search, you will find a lot of different types of toy chest benches out there and it can be challenging to know which one is the best.

However, here in this guide, we have put together a list of the top 7 best toy chest bench with cushions this year.

Compare and select the best from our selection below…

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Top 7 Best Toy Chest Bench With Cushion

1. Otto & Ben 2 Pieces Folding Toy Box Chest

Timeless design and classic simplicity are what this toy chest bench is all about.

It is a multipurpose ottoman bench that is made with a Medium-density fiberboard for durability and can hold a weight of up to 250 pounds.

In addition to that, this bench is padded with premium memory foam to ensure superior seating comfort.

Setting up this Chest foam seat is very easy and intuitive.

It also has a minimalistic design and it will decorate any interior décor.

The bench has spacious hidden storage perfect for keeping kids’ toys and other items.

Its faux-leather cover is very easy to clean with a sponge or damp cloth using mild soap and warm water.

You can fold this toy chest bench into a compact size for easy storage.

Once unfolded, you can use it for stable seating comfort or as a small table.

Moreover, you can use it to store all those items lying around in your sleeping, working, or living space from clothes, blankets, books, and cushions.


• Memory foam padded for comfort

• Perfect for space-saving needs

• Folds away and is easy to set up

• Made with medium-density fiberboard

• The faux-leather cover is simple to clean


• The buttons on the top come right off if it’s not taken care of properly.

2. Milliard Wooden Storage Chest and Toy Box with Seating Bench

Designed for safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal, this Seating Bench is truly a statement piece for a playroom or bedroom.

Ideally, this Storage Chest is made from sturdy and solid wood materials making it durable and will serve you for a long time.

Its high gloss finish makes it easy to clean and it is scratch resistant.

The Toy Box has been tested and certified to comply with safety regulations making it safe for kids.

The built-in safety hinges usually stop the lid from dropping on small fingers.

It comes with an adorable polka dot cushion that makes this box comfortable to seat on.

It is included with a BONUS sticker pack allowing you to personalize and customize the Toy Box with your kid’s name or anything that you like.

The package is included with picture instructions and a clear manual that makes it easy to assemble.


• Been tested and certified to comply with safety regulations

• Designed with strong and sturdy wood for durability

• It has storage and seating nook as well

• Has high gloss finish that makes it super easy to clean

• Comes with picture instructions for easy assembly


• Has 8 metal screws at the bottom panel which may scratch floors

3. Wildkin Kids Toy Box Wooden Bench Seat with Padded Backrest

This toybox by Wildkin boasts a geometric and contemporary feel.

It has a pattern that coordinates with various Wildkin décor.

Typically, this wooden bench seat is made from super strong and durable MDF materials hence you will never worry about malfunctioning.

It combines a colorful and bold design making it a great accessory to add to your kid’s room.

It is created with stability and child safety in mind.

To assemble it, you just need to follow the included assembly instructions and your kid will be on her way to a superb experience.

It is recommended for kids aging 3 to 6 years.

Your kid will love the roomy interior that is ideal for trinkets and stashing toys.

Moreover, parents will love a pinch-proof safety hinge and two convenient side handles making it easy to transport from one place to another.

With this Princess Bench Seat, your little one will sit comfortably in the lap and have fun.

All parts have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are phthalate-free, BPA-free, and lead-safe.


• Perfect for kids aging 3 to 6 years

• It has a removable padded seat cushion

• Made of a super strong and durable MDF

• Has great pattern that coordinates with another Wildkin décor

• All parts are lead-safe and phthalate-free


• Can be challenging to put it together

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4. Badger Basket Cushioned Kid’s Storage Bench

Ideal for storing a wide variety of kids items including blankets, pillows, craft supplies, stuffed toys, and more, this is a perfect Kid’s Storage Bench to add to their room.

It is a durable, classy, and comfortable bench that features storage bins below.

The bench can support a weight of up to 200 pounds and has just the right size for kids.

The overall Storage Bench measures 45.25 inches x 15.75 inches x 13.75 inches and will look stylish in any room in your house.

You can use it in your family room, living rooms, dens, guest rooms, foyers, bedrooms, and more.

The bins are fully removable and you can fold them flat for easy storage when they are not in use.

The 3 storage baskets help your little one to organize, clean up, sort, and keep their school items together.

Above all, this product is offered with 30 days limited warranty.


• You can wipe and spot clean as needed

• Bench supports up to 200 pounds

• Durable, classy, and comfortable bench

• Stylish for any room in the house

• Fold flat for storage when not in use


• Some customer claims that few parts arrived cracked and broken

5. Otto and Ben Folding Bedroom Living Room Toy Box Chest, Orange

This roomy Toy Box Chest by Otto and Ben has enough space to hold all princess dress-up accessories and dolls.

It is a multipurpose ottoman bench that comes with hidden storage and will suit your décor needs.

Ideally, this toy box chest has a smart lift lid that you can open on either side hence you do not require to remove everything on top for you to open it.

Its Medium-density fiberboard construction makes it durable and stable.

It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds. And when assembled, it has inner storage space measuring 43 inches x 13.5 inches x 13 inches.

It is a perfect accent bench that charms any space including bedroom, living room, hallway, and entryway, and window ledge.

Setting up this Toy Box Chest is very easy, you just need to unfold, position the base piece, and then cover it.

Its vibrant colors complement any space and will make your room look beautiful.

Above all, its padded top offers seating comfort.


• Easy Set up and fold away

• It has Cushion foam padded for comfortability

• Made from Medium-density fiberboard for stability

• Creates an ideal solution for your organization needs


• Only individuals weighing less than 160 pounds can sit on it

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6. RiverRidge Collection Kids Cubbies Book Nook Storage Bench

This toy chest bench is a classic, clean, and crisp piece of furniture.

It has an overall dimension of 12.38-in. x 35-in. x 26.5-in. and it is painted white to bring a fresh look to your room.

In addition to that, the bench is made of durable medium density fiberboard while the cushion is constructed from 100% polyester fabric materials.

Complete your kid’s bedroom or playroom with this storage bench, as it is versatile and can be used for playing, reading, and stowing away toys and books.

Typically, this Bench is available with or without Storage Bins which come in taupe, red, navy, gray, golden yellow, coral, or turquoise.

You can use the storage area to keep kids’ pillows, blankets, and other soft toys.

This multipurpose toy box is perfect to use in the living room or bedroom or can be used as a footboard.


• Made of white painted MDF materials for durability

• It has a white, painted finish that makes your kid’s playroom look fresh

• The bench is perfect for playing, reading and stowing away books

• It has storage bins to tidy up a kids playroom


• Too small for the price

7. MARTHA STEWART Learning and Living Kids’ Bedroom Playroom Storage Bench

This kid Storage Bench by MARTHA STEWART takes organization up to another level.

The bench is ergonomically designed hence it can accommodate different home learning spaces.

What’s more, the bench measures 49.6 inches x 15 inches x 22.2 inches and has a seat height of 21.3 inches.

It is made from a combination of engineered wood and FSC-certified birch for durability.

This bench features an easy-to-clean finish and rounded edges for safety.

It is perfect for kids aged 5 years and up.

This cushioned and comfortable bench will ensure that your kid can sit comfortably.

Another thing, it has a versatile storage unit with large storage shelves for toys and shoes.

It is also included with four fabric bins.

Instructions, hardware, and tools are included for easy assembly.


• Hardware and instructions included for easy assembly

• Perfect fit in learning and living spaces

• Versatile storage unit for shoes and toys

• It has an easy-to-clean finish


• A bit costly


You can never go wrong if you choose any of these toy chest benches with cushions.

They are made from high-quality materials for durability and they are easy to assemble.

You can use them for a variety of practical purposes including as a bench, storage for extra bedding, and decorative purposes too.

Besides, they do not take up a lot of space while maintaining your kids’ room neatness.

We hope that you have found the best one that meets your needs.

24 thoughts on “7 BEST Toy Chest Bench With Cushion”

  1. Wow! Your article/review was a flashback to when I was a kid, which was a long time ago. I have not heard or seen a toy chest bench in decades, and your article brought back such wonderful memories of me and my brothers pulling adventures from our toy box and creating our own world.

    I am so glad I came across your site because now I have grandkids and any one of these toy chest benches will make a great gift. Not only that, but I like the fact we can pull the grandkids away from the video games and begin to play with actual toys; use their imaginations, and most of all interact with each other.

    You wrote an informative article, that might be the key to getting our children to put down the digital games and play with real toys.

    • Awesome! I’m so happy that the article brought back childhood memories and was also helpful 🙂 

      I really do hope that you’ll find a toy chest bench for your grandkids.  Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think every parent has wondered where they can possibly store all the toys scattered on a floor. You’ve found some lovely boxes with cushions in many styles to suit any home or room. I like that they have soft cushion tops and draws and some even have safety hinges. I think that my favorite is the Milliard Wooden Toy Box, attractive, convenient, and at a great price.

    • It’s so great to know that you like the selection of these toy chests, Lily. The one from Milliard is a favorite amongst many other parents. Thanks for sharing your views.  

  3. Thank you for giving us all these options. I like the Milliard Storage Chest. Love the colors and I don’t feel that the 8 metal screws at the bottom panel are a problem because in the area where I will have it, there are no floors to scratch. Thank you very much for this selection. You have helped me make up my mind.

  4. I love the toy bench chests. I love drawing and my kids are now young adults, but I can see a use for these for me to store all my art supplies in. Do they have chests specifically for art supplies or would I have to customize one for children to my needs? The bench with a cushion would be perfect as I keep my supplies in the living room and my wife always complains about how messy it looks. How much would something like that cost?



    • Hey Steve, there are a variety of chests specifically for art supplies that you can check out on this page.

      There are various prices as well.

      I didn’t see any that comes with a cushion though.

      I’m sure that your wife will approve of the improvement in your workspace after getting one for your use.

      I hope this helps and thanks for your questions 🙂

  5. Ah those childhood days how I remember those days of playing with my sisters, brothers, and friends, It is good to know that these toy benches serve so many purposes. I believe a gift like this is great for kids, some where to sit and store your toys is so amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • You’re correct! Having a toy chest bench with a cushion is a great idea because kids can always sit and even lie on the cushion for comfort and fun times 🙂

  6. Thanks for your post on Kid’s Toy Chests. I like the Martha Stewart one the best. It looks like a sturdy piece of furniture. However, there are some other mighty nifty designs as well. I look for a toy box that children will not get their fingers pinched when opening and closing the lid. Some of the benches that you reviewed would fit that bill. Not having screws to scratch the floor is something to look out for. Easy access and a cozy cushion to sit on are pluses as well. This gives a lot to consider. Depending on your budget there is a lot available. Thanks!

    • Hi Carolyn, 

      It’s so good to know that you like the one from Martha Stewart.  It’s actually the one with the highest quality, but at the same time, costs the most. But of course, the rest are of high standards and will be great to store kid’s toys safely. Thank you for your comment.

  7. Hi Jason, this is a great article and I appreciate you taking the time to review these products. I love the idea of having a piece of furniture at home that can double as storage space! While I don’t yet have children, I have these options in mind to organize my dog’s toys! There are so many of them, and they are usually all over the place. This was a great inspiration!

    • Glad you found these useful, Erica.

      Even though you have a kid right now, these chests can still be used to organize your dogs’ toys.

      Hope you get something nice for your home.

  8. There is plenty of variety to choose from. My preference is for the MARTHA STEWART Storage Bench. I have a young daughter and think that she would use this to sit and read and it would serve more than just the purpose of storage and would also not be outdated as she got older. 

    • I’m sure your young daughter will find the storage bench from Martha Steward to be very helpful for storing her toys.  And yes, this will last for a long time. 

      Thank you for sharing. 

  9. I forgot these exist, I haven’t seen or heard about one in a while. It’s going to be a great storage place for my kid’s toys even some are comfy so they can act like a chair or a couch as well. Pretty cool recommendations you have there, it’s a space saver and will give my little one lots of comforts. 

    It can make finding toys easier without having the toys out everywhere, and it keeps things organized. I definitely have to get one of these for my sister as well, because she has so many toys they are everywhere and she doesn’t even know where her toys are at 🙂

    Thank you for making a post about these toy chest benches as they are gonna be a big help to keeping the room organized and adding a bit more decoration and comfort!

  10. I would have to say out the toy chests the Otto & Ben 2 pc set would be my choice. I also like the Martha Stewart one but I don’t see it being worth $342.00!  I have always loved getting these for my children because even when they outgrew the toys, they could still use the chest and bench for storage and an extra place to sit.

    • I agree that the one from Martha Stewart is quite pricey, but it’s still the one with the highest quality.

      The Otto sounds like it would be the best one for your budget.

      Thanks for checking out the reviews and hope you get something that will help you out 🙂

  11. Toys covering the floor can become a nightmare if you start standing on them, and either hurting yourself or breaking the toy. So finding suitable storage for toys is a perfect solution. This took me back to the days when our boys were small and we ended up with pull-out drawers under the bunk-bed to store all their Lego. 

    To have a toy box that also doubles as a seat is a brilliant idea. My favorite is the one from Martha Stewart, which has storage for toys, but also shoes. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

  12. Hi and thanks for sharing these. When we were looking for storage options for our daughter’s bedroom we opted for a deep chest on rollers that fits under a wide shelf. It is a simple integrated piece, I guess made of MDF coated with some kind of veneer and it works very well. Having been down this road, I would recommend anyone reading this who is looking for storage furniture for a kid’s room, to definitely look at the kind of solution you propose here that integrates the storage with a seat. It is no longer something we need, but I think if we were looking again we would opt for storage with a seat. Best regards, Andy


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