7 Best Realistic Stuffed Toy Dogs

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Realistic Stuffed Toy Dogs

Realistic Stuffed Toy Dogs

Cuddly pooches are fun to raise.

They provide you the companionship that even close friends and family can’t give.

Of course, you have to be responsible and devote time and finances so that your pet grows healthily.

That being said, if you think of owning one, adopt a dog now and start becoming a legit dog lover!

However, I understand that not all can own dogs.

Is life hindering you from raising a pooch?

Allergies, tight living space, and limited income are some of the factors that keep you away from raising a dog…


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..It’s very counterintuitive to raise one if you’re currently experiencing these issues.

After all, a pooch needs a great environment for a good life.

So it’s okay if you’re not raising a dog due to personal concerns.

But this doesn’t mean that you should keep yourself away from the experience of cuddling a pooch.

Have you tried buying realistic stuffed toy dogs yet?

Stuffed toy dogs don’t provide the holistic experience that real breathing dogs provide.

However, they might work for filling that longing for pet ownership in your heart.

That being said, here’s my review of the 7 best realistic stuffed toy dogs

7 Best Realistic Stuffed Toy Dogs

Douglas Stuffed Realistic Daschund

Long ears, a shiny black or brown coating, and a wiggling long body when it moves – the Daschund walks proudly despite its short physique and is perfect for owners who are looking for a fun dog to cuddle while lying on the sofa during the cold seasons.

One product that successfully mimicked the Daschund is the Douglas Stuffed Realistic Daschund Stuffed Toy.

At 15.75 inches in length, 11.81 inches in width, and 7.87 inches in height, this product bears a close resemblance to a 1-year-old Daschund puppy.

Thus, it’s perfect for users who are wondering what it feels like to have a mid-adult Daschund.

This item uses a plush exterior.

The plush exterior follows the color of black Daschund’s coating – black tone on most parts of the body and some brown coloration on the muzzle, chest, brows, and stomach.

On the inside is a durable polyester fill that doesn’t collapse or lose its softness easily.

I also love the plastic eyes.

This provides a very realistic stare from Douglas Daschund Stuffed Toy.

Douglas Stuffed Realistic Daschund Highlights


  • Resembles mid-adult Daschunds
  • Soft plush exterior and firm polyester filling
  • The shape doesn’t collapse or deform


  • not washing machine safe

Overall Experience

For me, the plush material is remarkable.

It’s doesn’t collect dust or induce itchiness even if Douglas Daschund Stuffed toy isn’t cleaned regularly.

Moreover, the polyester filling prevents deformation so this product won’t lose its shape.

Cleaning this product is easy.

You can just wipe it with a cloth, wetted with fragrance diluted water, and dry it under the sun.

Manufacturers didn’t say that this is washing machine safe.

That said, manual washing is the best cleaning method.

On behalf of other users, some say that their pups treated this product as a real dog and sleep or play with it.

Others also say that young ones appreciated having this product as a gift.


I also found other items that are pretty similar to this product.

However, their form and constructions aren’t that good.

Nevertheless, I’ll present this alternative so that you can make a quick comparison:

  • VIAHARD DieDier Daschund

  • Aurora World Brown Daschund 8”

  • Demdaco Lightbrown Daschund

Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu – a.k.a the Japanese Shiba Inu – is a fan favorite.

The thick mane, the wrinkles on the face, and the large physique – who could resist this?

With its size and adorable face, the Shiba Inu lives up to its owner’s preferences.

Nevertheless, the Shiba Inu isn’t for inexperienced pet owners.

So if you’re unsure about raising it with success, a realistic stuffed toy Shiba Inu is what you need.

My recommendation is Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu. Displaying a Shiba Inu in a sitting position, this product is only 12 inches tall.

That said, you can hug this as if you’re hugging a real-life Shiba Inu puppy.

This may also serve as a living room ornament.

Put it by the television or beside the bookshelf to wow guests.

Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu has a very realistic appearance.

The wrinkles are very natural and form soft lumps on the nose and the brows

Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu Highlights


  • Displays the actual facial features of real Shiba Inu
  • 12 inches size and perfect as an ornament or cuddling stuffed toy
  • Part Bean filled and has a very solid shape


  • Has the size of a Shiba Inu puppy but the face is that of an adults’
  • sitting position only

Overall Experience

Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu did well.

The fur and wrinkles feel very real.

In fact, pinching the face feels like your pinching a breathing Shiba Inu puppy.

I have no problems with the sitting form of this product.

This makes it easy to place Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu on any surface without the use of balancers.

Finally, cleaning should be done without wetting or brushing.

The fur doesn’t dry quickly.

It also falls off when brushed – I suggest you use a mini-vacuum or blower to get the dust off

Others used this product as an ornament for their car seats.

On the other hand, some used this as a toy for other pets because the durable exterior doesn’t get torn easily.


I also found others that go toe to toe with this product.

Their strength lies in their size, their construction, and their color.

Here are other choices if Faithful Friends Plush Shiba Inu doesn’t live up to your expectations:

  • Nat and Jules Sitting Large Chow Chow

  • Douglass Taya Plush Chow Chow

IceKingBear Realistic Stuffed Husky

Fun fact, many think that the husky is a great example of a wolf-dog.

The Huskies’ firm builds, agile movement, and sometimes, intimidating look contributes to this misconception.

But surprise surprise! the silky Shih Tzu is more of a wolf-dog than a husky.

But enough about that. Huskies are the cutest when they’re still puppies.

Of course, they can’t stay that way because growth is inevitable.

Nevertheless, having an item that will remind you of the Huskies’ youth is a great idea.

For doing this, get IceKingBear Realistic Stuffed Husky.

This product’s appearance bears the features of a generic husky puppy – bright beady eyes, a fat neck, robust muzzle, cute pointy ears, and an attractive gray and white coating.

IceKingBear Product Highlights


  • light and plump construction
  • fine and smooth fur
  • a patient and adorable facial expression
  • the generic coloration of puppy Huskies


  • has a semi-collapsible shape so be sure not to put too much pressure
  • prone to dirt

Overall Experience

Aside from hugging, I find this product quite useful as a hugging pillow.

IcKingBear Realistic Stuffed Husky features a lifelike mimick of a Husky puppy lying flat on its stomach.

Thus, it has a form that’s huggable and very comfortable while you’re sleeping.

Users can transform the lying position to a standing position.

This feature surprised me very much and means more versatile uses for this product.

The fur is fine but not lossy. After handling this product, the fur stayed firm and compact.

As a result, I decided that this product works well as an ornament for cribs and children’s playrooms.

Other users also think that fur is what makes this product special.

According to them, this product has a very smooth and silky fur that feels very reassuring on the palms.


This product has a lot of perks. However, I was a bit surprised that it is smaller than I expected.

Nevertheless, I don’t have issues with the size of this item.

But I think that size might be an issue for you.

Here are some alternatives if IceKingBear Realistic Stuffed Husky didn’t impress you:

  • Athoinsu Lightup Panting Stuffed Husky (terrific Christmas gift idea)

  • Melissa and Doug Standing Adult Stuffed Husky

  • Boboli Cuddly Costumed Husky

Melissa and Doug English Bulldog Stuffed Toy

Pop culture display English bulldog’s in cartoons as the antagonists.

In most plots, they’re shown as the sower of discord the plot (Rio for example). 

Bulldogs are grouchy facial expressions, and this might be the reason why bulldogs are seldom the good guys in movies.

But in reality, bulldogs are far from the tough creatures that most thought them to be.

In fact, this breed is very sensitive to heat, food, and diseases.

Still, the signature folds and the funny way of walking or running make them a favorite pet.

An item that will let you feel the folds of a real bulldog is the Melissa and Doug English Bulldog Stuffed Toy.

Manufacturers successfully mimicked the folds that are commonly found on the thigh, neck, back, and shoulders of English Bulldogs.

A 19.5 inches height makes this product resemble the build of real English Bulldogs perfectly.

Melissa and Doug English Bulldog Stuffed Toy Highlights


  • realistic English bulldog folds
  • as big as real English Bulldogs
  • realistic groomed fur


  • snout a bit lopsided but looks fine nonetheless
  • needs more folds on the brows

Overall Experience

I’ll just focus on the folds since it’s the most important feature for this product.

True to the manufacturer’s promise, the folds are very realistic.

They’re very stretchy and soft.

The exterior material allows for stretching without loosening tensile strength and as a result, Melissa and Doug English Bulldog Stuffed English Bulldog feels like the real thing.

The lopsided snout was an issue that some of the users got bothered about.

However, upon contact, the manufacturer was more than happy to comply with the requests and sent a better variant.


But English bulldogs aren’t the only favorite breed of bulldogs.

We also have french bulldogs that are equally popular.

Here’s a list of french bulldog stuffed toys and those similar to Melisa and Doug English Bulldog Stuffed Toy:

  • Bearington Lil’ Frenchie 6”

  • Bearington Spotted Frenchie

  • Bearington Sitting Plush English Bulldog

  • Ganz Heritage English Bulldog

Aurora Miyoni Plush Akita Inu

It was 2014 when I watched Hachiko Monogatari for the first time.

So popcorn and pizza were ready, curtains were drawn, the projector was on clear display, and the sound system on full volume.

I wasn’t expecting the movie to be that good, but I just watched it because I’m always optimistic about Japanese movies.

I really regret watching it though.

The movie made my heart bleed.

Not because it was bad, but because the film did well in making me feel sorrowful for Japan’s most loyal Akita Inu.

Go check out the movie, and don’t forget to watch it with an Akita Inu plush toy to make the experience better.

Speaking of a realistic Akita Inu stuffed dog, you should try Aurora Miyoni Plush Akita Inu.

This product mimics a sitting caramel-colored Akita Inu that stares innocently.

The positioning of the head makes this stuffed toy look like someone called for it.

The collar on the neck is a good move.

High five to manufacturers for giving this product a lot of authenticities

Aurora Miyoni Akita Inu Highlights


  • attractive caramel coloration
  • cute and adorable sitting position
  • soft and fine fur


  • the head can’t be tilted so that this product looks straight instead
  • the collar is lightly sewn on the exterior and might easily fall off

Overall Experience

I like how this product appeals to kids and adults.

Aurora Miyoni Akita Inu looks very cute.

The position of the head and the facial expression allows this product to establish a connection with the owner.

In other words, this product looks like it might spring into action and start playing with you.

Furthermore, I also love how the manufacturer made the ears and tails.

They’re the most touchy spots for me.

Run your hands on them, and you’ll feel their exceptional softness.

Other users commended this product’s softness and honest representation of a small Akita Inu.


These are some of the alternatives to this product:

  • Douglas Plush Akita Inu

  • VIAHART Sakura Plush Shiba Inu

Jesson Life-Sized Beagle Stuffed Animal

If you have a thing for dog ears, the beagle is an ideal pet.

The large wide and long ears of this breed are more than enough for you to pinch, squeeze, or play around with.

Moreover, its body supports a large head that you can comfortably pat or shake lightly.

Beagles are so popular that the supply of puppies can’t keep up with demand.

In effect, beagles are offered to prospective owners at hefty prices to solve this issue.

And if you can’t afford a beagle right now, then you should cure that longing with a cheap life-sized beagle stuffed toy.

One product that perfectly meets all the qualities of a great beagle stuffed toy is Jesson’s Life-Sized Beagle Stuffed Animal.

This product’s exterior follows the generic color of beagles’ coat – white that agrees with the brown fur on the head and tail, and a wide black spot on the back.

Having a length of 21 inches and 11 inches in width and height, this item is the closest thing to a beagle that’s lying flat on its stomach as it looks at the owner.

Jesson Life-Life Sized Beagle Stuffed Animal


  • realistic eyes, posture, and coat coloration
  • uses plush and polyester cotton
  • handmade construction


  • washable (full wet) but not washing machine safe

Overall Experience

It’s the eyes of this product that I found to have a great appeal.

The eye beads are sewed underneath the exterior and not on it.

Moreover, precise details are on the eye-beads.

They display a shining iris encapsulated by the white coloration of the eyeball.

Jesson Beagle Stuffed Animal has a very realistic and piercing stare because of these.

The key trait of beagles is their large ears.

And I’m thrilled that the manufacturer didn’t make the ears of this product haphazardly.

On top of the ears is a smooth fur and underneath is a rough fabric material.

This combination allows the ears of Jesson Beagle Stuffed Animal to mimic the texture of a living beagle’s ears.

Other users say that they find this product as a great replacement for curing their longing for a long-departed beagle.

Some also use this as a living room ornament, and guests thought that this product is a real dog.


if you’re looking for a beagle stuffed animal that appeals to children and is cheaper, tries these recommendations:

  • Aurora Flopsie 12”

  • Shelter Pets Beagle Stuffed Animal

  • Tale Toys Burkham the Beagle

Bearington Plush Labradoodle

Showing a labradoodle to kids might be one of the most fatal mistakes that you’ll do in your life.

Of course, it’s not because the fluffy-looking dog will bite your kids.

It’s more like the kids will nettle you to get one.

And in terms of raising, the maintenance of a labradoodle might be costlier than your kids’ weekly allowance.

It’ shampoo should always be top-notch, grooming should be done every 2 or 3 months in the salon, and timely checkups to the vet is crucial because, in as much as crossbred dogs are concerned, its health is never that resilient against diseases.

So giving a labradoodle to kids might be counterintuitive because it will consume most of your time.

Still, to stop the kids’ pestering get them a plush labradoodle instead.

What I recommend is Brearington Plush Labradoodle.

The fur construction of this product exceeds expectations.

It’s soft but not lossy.

It even has the delicate perm that makes Labradoodles special.

Bearington Plush Labradoodle Product Highlights


  • versatile – can display a sitting or standing position
  • displays an angelic facial expression
  • has the curly fur of real Labradoodles


  • curly construction of the fur makes cleaning hard
  • not great as a pet stuff toy for other dogs

Overall Experience

This product can stand or sit.

Therefore, you can use it as a stuffed toy for cuddling or as decoration.

The kids also find this product quite attractive due to its cute facial expression and disposition.

Adults loved these traits too. And as a result, this one serves a great realistic dog stuffed toy for users of all ages.

The fur is soft and curly.

It feels very nice on the hands. It’s very thick too. However, curly fur attracts ants and bugs.

Thus, sunning for at least 2 hours is a good habit for keeping things hygienic.

Other users think that this product serves well as a stuffed toy for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

However, they say that using it as a stuffed toy for other dogs is bad.


Here are other picks that you might want to try:

  • GUND PUDDLES Labradoodle

  • Douglas Chocolate Labradoodle


Before you go, I just want to say that treating realistic stuffed toy dogs like living dogs isn’t strange.

What’s strange is when you buy a dog and can’t invest adequate effort for raising it well.

So if you’re not raising a real dog because you’re very busy, know that having a stuffed toy dog isn’t a bad decision.

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