BEST 7 Large Wooden Building Blocks For Kids

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Large Wooden Building Blocks For KidsLarge Wooden Building Blocks For Kids

Whether you’re looking to entertain your kids or give them something educational to do, wooden building blocks are an excellent way to go about it.

They are great toys that can promote imaginative play in children, as well as help to develop fine motor skills and encourage spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities.

Building blocks come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to build just about anything.

However, finding the best wooden building blocks can be difficult with so many options available on the market today.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve created this list of the 7 best large wooden building blocks for kids to make your decision easier.

Keep reading to find out more!

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7 BEST Large Wooden Building Blocks For Kids

7. FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set – 150 Piece

Produced by FAO SCHWARZ, these wood building blocks will enhance your kid’s intellectual and logical thinking in pre-kindergarten age.

They are a beautiful and educational block set that will provide endless hours of fun to your kids as they build awe-inspiring castles, towers, and bridges.

Your child will enjoy spending quality time and have an amazing educational experience as they play with this set.

This thrilling and exciting wooden castle building block comes in a set of 150 pieces and will let your little engineer unleash their creativity as they build medieval castles every single day.

Ideally, these different pieces can be combined with unlimited possibilities allowing your kid to develop spatial skills and hand-eye coordination while having fun.

Unlike addictive smartphones, the child can stack these building blocks as he explodes their creativity.

In addition to that, these blocks will encourage elementary principles of architecture, engineering and develop spatial imagination and awareness.

It is a perfect Christmas or holiday gift for your child.


• Safe and durable interchangeable building blocks

Allows kids to build bridges, towers, and arches

• Help your child develop fine motor skills

• The set has 150 pieces


• Miss measurements

6. Melissa and Doug Solid-Wood Standard Unit Building Blocks (60 pcs)

These wooden blocks by Melissa and Doug can be a fantastic gift for your kid.

It contains a total of 60 smooth-sanded and natural-finished hardwood blocks.

It will allow your child to have an imaginative play while introducing them to math concepts including sorting, parts-to-whole, and various shapes.

What’s more, they also assist the kid to develop hand-eye coordination.

The block comes packed in a handsome wooden crate that helps for easy storage and transportation from one place to another.

The set is perfect for kids aging 3 to 8 years old.

These beautifully designed creativity-sparking products are durable and safe for your kids.

These solid building blocks come in multiple shapes that allow your kids to improve motor skills, shape alphabet numbers cognition, and stimulate kids’ development imagination.

Typically, the blocks are made from premium materials that are BPA-Free, toxic-free.

Above all, your child can try to create a castle with huge wide castle walls or the tallest castle of their dreams.


• Comes with a convenient wooden crate for easy storage

• Great gift for kids aging 3 to 8 years

• Comprised of 60 natural-finished hardwood blocks

• Ideal for introducing kids early math concepts


• Limited colors

5. Melissa and Doug Wooden 100 Building Blocks Set

This Building Blocks Set has a range of different generic shapes like triangles, squares, arches, and circles.

Kids are encouraged to create their own designs utilizing these blocks.

The set has 100 durable wooden blocks in 9 shapes and 4 different colors.

Moreover, it is a classic educational toy that offers hours of screen-free play, hands-on and learning.

This kid’s entertainment Blocks Set will also help to introduce early math concepts while allowing your kid to develop resilience and even strong motor skills as they knock blocks over, experiment with building and rebuilding again.

It is a perfect gift for kids aging 3 to 8 years old.

The blocks are made from solid wood materials and are light in weight.

They have a smooth painted finish and rounded edges that won’t splinter with play.

Next-level learning is possible with this block set. It will promote sorting, recognition, color matching, and staking skills.

Key features

• Designed for kids entertainment and help them develop motor skills

• Ideal for kids aging 3 to 8 years

• The set comes with 100 durable wooden blocks

• Durable and safe construction blocks

• Provides hours of hands-on learning


• Rips off easily

4. Brain Blox 300 Pieces Wooden Building Blocks for Boys and Girls

Are you looking for something that will improve the creativity of your kids?

These wooden building blocks by Brain Blox can be a great piece.

These blocks are made from high-grade quality, sturdy and solid hardwood that is safe for children.

They will assist your children to learn physics, math, and engineering concepts via hands-on building.

Ideally, these building blocks will encourage perseverance, creativity, and confidence.

Moreover, it will inspire the kids to turn screens off and engage in imaginative, constructive, and open-ended play.

The blocks have no dyes, paints, or stains and are just beautiful.

These non-toxic wooden blocks will keep your family healthy and happy.

When building, kids should consider size, symmetry, and proportions that help the initial cultivation of concepts.

They are highly durable units for both indoor and outdoor applications including living rooms, kindergartens, preschools, lawns, patios, and anywhere else.

Key features

• Comes with 300 pieces of solid wood blocks

• Perfect educational toy for all ages

• Non-toxic and safe for kids

• Encourage kids to have an imaginative and open-ended play

• It has no stains, dyes, or paints


• Cubes were a little short

3. Migargle Wooden City Construction Stacker Building Blocks Set

The wooden building blocks from Migargle are designed to fuel imagination, inspire exploration, and boost natural interest resulting in a lifetime of learning.

They are ideal for 3-year-old girls and boys and will help to keep them busy.

It is the only set that comes with a playmat to assist your kid to avoid dirty ground.

The blocks contain words and numbers helping the kids to learn as they have fun.

In addition to that, the block set comes in multiple shapes to inspire kids about alphabet numbers cognition, improve motor skills, and develop imagination.

All the sets are packed in a sturdy and beautiful color box.

Moreover, these toys are sturdy and compact hence they can be easily stored in a small room or on shelving.

Made from high-quality wood, this makes them durable.

The blocks are also non-toxic, BPA Free and sanded smooth to ensure that they are safe for your kid.


• Blocks contains numbers and words

• Multiple shaped to inspire children’s shape cognition

• The blocks toy are made of high-quality wood

• The blocks are easy for kids to grasp

• Assist kids to develop cognitive skills


• Not all blocks were perfectly cut

2. Agirlgle Wood Building 24 Pcs Educational Blocks Set for Boys & Girls

You can never go wrong with the Agirlgle Educational Blocks Set.

They are educational and colorful learning toys that are made from non-toxic and high-quality hardwood materials.

These 24 pieces of Rainbow wooden blocks can attract baby attention and are ideal for parent-child games.

The blocks offer a golden chance to teach them shapes colors and numbers.

Besides, it will equip your child with Imagination, cooperation, and sharing as they grow.

The motor skills and hand-eye coordination are enhanced with every building block.

The kids will pass time while constructing towns, castles, animals, towers, and more.

It will encourage next-level learning with stacking, matching, color recognition, and sorting skills.

The set includes a half-circle, circle, rectangle, square, triangle arch, and more.

They are a highly durable set perfect for both indoor and outdoor use including kindergartens, living rooms, patio, and anywhere else.


• It is a 24 pieces Rainbow wooden block sets

• Assist kids in Recognize colors and shapes

• Helps promote creativity and independent play

• Compact and sturdy

• Phthalates and BPA free


• There are no basic instructions

1. Cubbie Lee Premium Wooden 100 pc Building Blocks Set Play Toy

Cubbie Lee presents beautiful and educational building blocks for kids.

They are designed to help spark your children’s imagination and creativity while promoting the development and growth of requisite skills.

The set has 100 interchangeable wooden building blocks that allow the kid to build fascinating towers, arches, bridges, and castles.

The set is made from durable REAL juniper wood materials and comes in bright colors.

Moreover, the blocks are sanded smooth, with no sharp or rough edges, and then given a thick coat of paint.

The set will inspire creativity, imaginative play and stimulate mental development.

Another thing, the paint used is phthalate-free, lead-free, and non-toxic.

It is ideal for kids aging 3 years and up.


• It is a 100 block set-pieces

• Inspires imaginative play and creativity

• Blocks are sanded smooth for safety

• Lead-free and phthalates-free

• Blocks come in 4 bright colors


• The price is quite high


Wooden building blocks are great gifts for your kids.

They allow children to develop their creativity and imagination.

We have reviewed our top picks for Large Wooden Building Blocks to help you select which option is best suited to your child’s playtime preferences.

We wish you luck in finding a suitable product that your kids will enjoy playing with!

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