7 Best Crystal Growing Kits For Kids

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Crystal Growing Kits For KidsBest Crystal Growing Kits For Kids

You might have reached the point where you aren’t sure at all what to get as a gift.

Whether it’s for your child’s birthday or a distant relative, you might have to buy a present but don’t know where to start.

Rather than turning toward toy trucks or cars, why not reach for something a bit more different than your average gift?

As you dig through piles of toys and sets, you’re bound to wonder what would be different from your “average gift.”

Something to go above and beyond is a present that can be used to learn on a deeper level.

The “perfect gift” is something that can improve a child’s intelligence while also remaining interesting enough to them.

If you aren’t sure where to start, consider the idea of getting them a scientific kit; specifically, a crystal-growing kit.

Crystal growing kits are a perfect choice for children who want something different but also for kids with a flair for science and geology.

These sorts of sets can be a bit complicated to sift through, as different kits create different crystals and are intended for children of various ages.

With that being said, this list has been organized to list the top 7 best crystal growing kits for kids!

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TOP 7 Best Crystal Growing Kits For Kids

1. 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit


Starting this list off is a crystal-growing kit created by 4M.

Included within this set is a display case you can use to admire the crystals after they’re fully grown.

The set also comes with instructions to help with each experiment.

With the set, you’re given crystal bag mixtures that you mix with hot water where the crystals grow for a few days.

Due to the chemicals and parts involved, the set is only recommended if your child is at least 10-years-old.

Some reviewers state, however, that it may be better for the children to be a little older than 10-years-old because of the boiling water and chemicals involved.

User Experiences

The feedback left on the 4M crystal growing set is fairly positive… so long as you follow the instructions properly!

Amazon user TuCool compliments the set because of the crystals it helps make.

“This set is AWESOME! I highly recommend it! I purchased it to grow crystals in the office as a fun experiment to keep me entertained during a busy season and it did not disappoint. You need to be sure to follow the instructions carefully.”

Atl.hoosier also leaves a positive remark in response to the set:

“This was a Christmas gift, and so far they have turned out well.”

In their review, they mention how the crystals are easy enough to grow so long as the directions are properly followed:

“If you follow the directions, keeping in mind the temperature, I don’t see how it can’t work.”

Pros & Cons


  • Colorful and lovely crystals
  • Comes with display domes after the crystals finish growing


  • If the directions aren’t followed to a T, it can be very easy to mess up the product and the crystal’s growth


Kits you buy to grow crystals are fairly common and easy to come across!

If you’re fond of this 4M-branded crystal kit or if it just isn’t quite what you’re looking for, 4M also offers quite a few other possibilities you can choose from.

4M Crystal Growing Kit

With three colored crystal mixtures, this 4M crystal growing kit is about as close of an alternative as you’ll be able to get to the 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit.

Though it doesn’t have domed display cases, this set is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable crystal-growing kit!

Like the 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit, it’s recommended that your child be at least 10-years-old.

4M Glow Crystal Growing Kit

The 4M Glow Crystal Growing Kit, while also designed by 4M, is an excellent alternative kit for your child’s first attempt at growing crystals.

Rather than being your everyday crystal growing kit, this kit features a glow-in-the-dark crystal base.

This kit is also recommended for children at least 10-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

2. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab


While the crystal growing kits within this list share at least a few similarities, they all feature at least one aspect that makes them differentiate themselves from the others.

For the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab, it’s a grand set that features crystals you can grow in eight different colors: blue, pink, red, purple, green, orange, yellow, and teal.

The set comes with instructions to help you along the way in your child’s crystal-making process!

Lastly, the set also features a night light display to show off up to five of the crystals you’re able to grow.

This set is recommended to children 8-years-old and up.

User Experiences

Beaming with an excited response, this NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC crystal kit features several positive reviews.

After buying this crystal growing kit, Floppy Beef Curtains comments the following:

“This is the best crystal grow kit we’ve ever experienced. We got a MASSIVE crystal to grow yield from each of the colors. We used distilled water and had extreme attention to foreign particulates/dirt to the mixing/pan containers to ensure a pure solution.”

Amazon user DD also praised the kit in their review.

“We bought this kit for a Christmas gift and it was a big hit while we were setting up the experiment.”

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with a large number of colors to use
  • Features a night light display for the crystals after they finish growing


  • The price is steep compared to other crystal growing sets


Whether it’s because of your budget or just a preference for something created by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, there’s at least one back-up choice out there for something similar but a bit different in terms of crystal growing kits.


As noted above, this crystal growing kit is a smaller version also created by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

You can grow crystals in the following colors: blue, purple, and green.

The set also includes a light-up display after they’ve finished growing; featured on the set are seven single-color modes and three brightness levels.

It’s recommended that your child be at least 8-years-old to use this set.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit

3. Be Amazing! Toys DIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit


Within this crystal growing set is a kit that can make up to four large home-grown crystals.

The crystals this kit can grow are red, yellow, blue, or white.

After you or your child finish growing your crystals, the set comes with a dome display with LED lighting.

Of course, this kit also includes a set of instructions to help ease the process along.

This set is intended for kids at least 10-years-old.

User Experiences

This Be Amazing! crystal kit is a hit with most reviewers!

Jason & Stefanie – a husband and wife looking for the perfect gift – purchased this crystal growing set to spend time with their son.

More than pleased with her purchase, Stefanie left a pleasing response to the product:

“This one really stood out to me because of the pretty light display case it comes with so your child can really enjoy long term what they have created.”

She ended her review by recommending the kit:

“What a great gift this would be for birthdays, will definitely buy again in the future and when my youngest gets older.”

Kerri also loved the Be Amazing! Crystal-growing kit:

“We started growing our first crystal a week ago and my kids have been obsessed with the whole process. The instructions were so clear and easy to read that my kindergartner was able to ‘read’ a lot of them himself as we went through the steps together.”

Pros & Cons


  • The instructions are easy enough to follow


  • This product is relatively free of negative reviews


Though many crystal growing sets are similar, not all of them feature domes to light up crystals.

Here’s an alternative set if a display dome is what you’d like to see for a crystal growing set.

4M Crystal Growing Color Changing LED Light

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Produced by 4M, this crystal kit features a similarly-styled LED dome for display purposes.

For this set, it is capable of seven crystal growing experiments.

The dome requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

It’s recommended that your child be at least 10-years-old to use this set.

Alternatives found in this list:

  • Light-up Crystal Growing Kit

4. Learn & Climb Science Crystal Growing Kit


The Learn & Climb kit provides up to about five or six experiments for your child’s scientific studies.

This kit comes with Petri dishes and other tools to complete the scientific process of growing crystals.

The set also includes glow-in-the-dark powder you can use to give an extra touch to the crystals.

The equipment is described as toxic-free and safe for kids to use.

This set is for children 6-years-old and older.

User Experiences

Though the reviews are a bit more mixed compared to previous products on this list, the positive feedback of happy customers is still there for sure.

For Sarah G., she was more than pleased with her purchase:

“I must say I was very impressed with this product! My 6-year-old LOVES science experiments and trying new things. I am always on the lookout for good quality educational fun that won’t break the bank and this fits all of that.”

Adele also bought the gift for her child, wanting to get something for her son:

“Really cool project I got for my son! The instructions were clear and helpful and we had a great time creating crystals together. I found this to be a great opportunity for creativity and exploring while giving my son fun exposure to science!”

Pros & Cons


  • More than a decent product for the price
  • Features a clear and illustrated 12-page instruction booklet


  • It can be very easy to mess up the experimentation process for this kit


The Learn & Climb Science Crystal Growing Kit features Petri dishes similar to scientific experimentation and doesn’t feature any items for display.

Because of this, it doesn’t have other crystal growing kits similar enough to it.

The Learn & Climb brand does, however, have other scientific experiments that could be worth checking out for your little scientist!

Alternatives found in this list:

There are no alternatives found in the list.

5. Light-up Crystal Growing Kit


With the capability of growing red, blue, and clear crystals, the Light-up Crystal Growing Kit is manufactured by Dan & Darci.

The set includes an illustrated 12-page instruction booklet that describes how crystals are formed.

The kit comes with an LED light-up display and a micro-USB cable for the display.

This crystal growing kit is recommended for kids 8-years-old and up.

User Experiences

Overall, the feedback left for the Light-up Crystal Growing Kit is filled with praise.

Court Harris shows appreciation for the kit while leaving a positive review along with a word of advice:

“We have grown one crystal so far and it turned out great! We are excited to do the others. [A] couple of learning moments – the mixture stains everything, so be careful with it.”

Steve S. notes the importance of adult supervision in his review of the product:

“Wasn’t crazy about using very hot water so adult supervision is very necessary. [The] finished product looks great!”

Pros & Cons


  • Features an LED light stand for the crystals after they’ve grown
  • Colorful and pretty crystals once fully grown.


  • The kit is relatively free of negative feedback or critique!


The Dan & Darci brand makes use of light-up crystal displays for their kits, which makes another one of their products a great alternative to the Light-up Crystal Growing Kit.

Dan & Darci Premium Remote Controlled Light-up Crystal Growing Kit Clock

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This Dan & Darci kit features a light-up display for the crystals you grow.

Better yet, this LED display also functions as a digital LCD clock!

The display is USB-powered and comes with a micro-USB cable to power the display.

This kit is recommended for children 8-years-old and up.

Alternatives found in this list:

Be Amazing! Toys DIY Crystal Growing Experiment Kit

6. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Crystal Growing Garden


Instead of your average crystal shape, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Crystal Growing Garden is a crystal-growing kit revolving around growing tree-shaped crystals.

From evergreen to cherry blossom trees, these trees can take on their own original looks if you make use of the five watercolor pens included in the kit.

This kit is – like many others on the list – best for kids at least 8-years-old.

User Experiences

Reviews for this crystal growing kit are mostly positive.

Some reviewers, however, note that the crystals don’t resemble crystals as other kits do.

Marci Breault loves the gift, commenting that it’s “a perfect Christmas gift” for her grandchildren”

“I have purchased this product before and always with amazing results. Perfect winter project.”

Robyn Shively leaves a 4-star review on their purchase, appreciating the idea of the kit.

“We got this as a birthday present for my daughter’s friend who is very much into science and art. This seemed like the perfect match. I thought it was super cool that she could choose the color of the growing crystals.”

Also praising the kit, Jennifer Herrera’s comment is as follows:

“My kid loved these! Second time buying them and as she gets older she gets more and more out of the informational pamphlet that comes with it.”

Pros & Cons


  • Creative crystal formations
  • Makes use of the watercolor ink you put on the tree template to color the tree as it grows


  • The trees may be very fragile after growing


Though this certainly isn’t the only NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC crystal growing kit, it’s the only one designed to resemble trees or other plant life.

There are, however, crystal kits for trees outside of the brand.

Hilai 1-Pack Magic Growing Crystal Christmas Tree

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Though not as durable as other crystal products, this Hilai tree functions very similarly to the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC crystal trees as a cheaper alternative.

This product, unfortunately, does not have the manufacturer’s age recommendation for the children that use it.

Alternatives found in this list:

Being the only tree-based crystal kit, it doesn’t have other alternatives within this list.

7. Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Science Kit


Featuring fifteen experiments, a storage case, and a 32-page laboratory manual, the Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Science Kit goes above and beyond to try and stand out above the crowd.

As you mold the plaster into shapes, you can use the dyes provided to give the crystals different colors to bring out your creativity.

This set is recommended for children at least 10-years-old.

User Experiences

The reviews for this crystal growing kit can be a bit of a mixed bundle compared to most of the items on the list.

An anonymous Amazon Customer reviews the product with a positive response despite the mixed bag of reviews, noting that the kit is a “thorough introduction to hobby crystal growing.”

They continue on by describing the kit and their feedback in more detail:

“This kit is a very comprehensive introduction to growing crystals. I guided my 9-year-old through the series of experiments and she and I learned a lot together. She ended up with a nice selection of crystals to keep and admire.”

Josiah Botsford’s review also carried praise and positivity for the kit. He did, however, mention that it requires a lot of time you’ll need to set aside.

Regardless, he leaves a 5-star review on the product.

“I bought this for my son for Christmas. He loves rocks and gems and I thought reating’ some would definitely be a great idea. What I was not prepared for was the amount of time each experiment took.”

Despite his qualms about the time he spent on the product, he still ends his review with a recommendation.

“If you have time (days) to put into this and a child with the patience to go through it, this is worth the purchase!

Pros & Cons


  • A great choice to bring out you and your child’s creative sides
  • Well-made crystals formed from the process


  • Very time-consuming to work with if you’re busy
  • It may not include everything you need for the kit


Though a bit difficult to come across, there is one alternative crystal growing kit by Evviva Sciences you may want to consider if the Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Science Kit isn’t up your alley.

Evviva Sciences Crystal Growing Kit

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Brought to you by Evviva Sciences, this crystal growing kit features dolphin-shaped and starfish-shaped molds.

If you’re interested in creating uniquely-shaped crystals with custom colors (by using dyes included), this kit is a great option to choose from.

This crystal growing kit is recommended for kids at least 10-years-old.

Alternatives found in this list:

This kit is the only crystal growing kit within this list that features crystals you can mold before growth.

Bottom Line…

There’s always the possibility that you’re stuck in a rut on deciding what to get for a child.

By this point, you’re likely researching more about crystal growing kits!

Crystal growing kits are an excellent choice for the smallest and oldest scientist alike.

These kits are great STEM – or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – experimentation projects to introduce children of all ages to science.

The next time you’re put in a spot where you need to get a present for a child, consider their interests and what would work best for them.

Do they show an interest in science projects or anything related to geology?

Crystal growing kits can help them be a step closer to learning about their interests while understanding a bit more about the wonders of science.

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