Top 7 Best Magnetic Tiles For Kids

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Best Magnetic Tiles for KidsBest Magnetic Tiles for Kids

One of the simplest and entertaining types of toys kids love are building blocks.

Toys such as building blocks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as being a great choice as a gift for a child!

Although the toy is simple, it does so much more than entertain your child; it offers them a way to expand their knowledge and teach them (albeit in a more simple way) the basics of science and engineering.

If you go above and beyond, there are toys quite similar to building blocks but are a bit different in their functions.

For this, you’ve got toy magnetic tiles; these are fun, often colorful parts your child can stick together to create all sorts of structures such as buildings or cars.

Even so, you may not be entirely sure of where to start on your hunt for the perfect toy.

You’ve made it this far and might be a bit unsure about what toy you should buy for your child.

There’s no need to worry for too long, as this extensive list has been put together to help ease that process along!

With detailed summaries written for each product, this is a list made up of the top 7 best magnetic tile playsets for kids.

If you’re wanting to get a set like these for your children, they work great for children of all ages.

If you’re considering getting this set for your own family, however, keep in mind the dangers of the small parts and magnets these toys have, as they can be dangerous for children.

Top 7 Best Magnetic Tiles for Kids

1. cossy Magnet Building Tiles (120pcs)


The cossy Magnet Building Tiles set features a large number of colorful pieces for your child to put together.

By being able to create countless structures ranging from cars to buildings, the cossy Magnet Building Tiles can bring out the inner parts of your child’s imagination while also helping with their motor skills.

Because the pieces are translucent, they also create lovely and interesting shadows when light is cast behind them.

These tiles are made of ABS plastic and also have rounded edges so your child can’t accidentally hurt themselves when playing with them.

Featuring a large number of differently and similarly shaped parts, this toy is aimed at children at least 3-years-old.

Overall Experience

This set of magnet tiles functions as it should.

The parts are a nice size and the various shapes can help your child create a multitude of structures.

The colors of the tiles are vibrant and when connected, hold together as they should!

They work wonderfully and the translucent pieces make for a nice effect when a bright light is shining behind them.

For kids wanting to learn about shapes to even teach them about the science of putting parts together to create a greater whole, this set is definitely worth the consideration.

Pros & Cons


  • A variety of colorful parts to put together
  • Create hours of fun for your kids while teaching them the importance of structure and shapes


  • Though there aren’t any notable cons, the price is a bit steep compared to other sets


For the most part, this playset functions fairly similarly to other magnet sets like it.

If you’re after something similar, these sets by the same brand are worth considering:

  • cossy Magnet Building Tiles (36pcs)
  • cossy Magnetic Tiles (72pcs)

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2. PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles (100pcs)


Although the shapes are a bit more simplified, the PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles function more-or-less the same way.

The shapes within this set are – as noted before – a bit more simple in the way that they take on the shapes of squares and triangles.

They’re similar to the cossy playset in their translucent look and colorful hues.

While this set is great for children all sorts of ages, they’re best if your child is 3-years-old or older.

Overall Experience

For the PicassoTiles, the first thing worth giving praise is their magnetic stickiness, which is great.

Since the tiles are magnetic, they should work great with other tiles by other brands as well if that’s what you’ve got at home!

Much like the cossy Magnet Building Tiles, they’re colorful.

Unlike the previous set, the shapes are simpler, which can be good or bad depending on what you’re after in a set of magnetic tiles.

If there were a big enough concern with this set, it would be a combination of there not being quite as many pieces as there could be and the higher price that is up there in costs like the cossy set.

Pros & Cons


  • Vibrant and colorful tiles
  • Works well with other tiles outside of the PicassoTiles brand
  • Magnetic, which is what you’re after in these sets!


  • The price is likely to be pretty steep
  • Although there are quite a few pieces in the set, it may not be enough to work with


The PicassoTiles set features a version with fewer tiles, which is a good choice to fall back on if you want to test things out.

Alternatively, a toy within this list also works pretty well as an option:

  • cossy Magnet Building Tiles (120pcs)
  • PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles (60pcs)

3. Playmags Kids Magnet Tiles (100 pcs)


The Playmags Kids Magnet Tiles – first and foremost – prides themselves in their magnetic quality and rounded edges for your child’s safety.

For the most part, the designs of the magnets are similar to both the cossy magnets and the PicassoTiles magnets.

For their shapes, they’re a bit closer to the cossy magnetic tiles.

Although there are fewer pieces in this set compared to the first two in this list, their functionality remains more-or-less the same in giving your child hours of entertainment.

The parts are made up of an ABS plastic.

While the toy is for children at least 3-years-old, HOMOFY recommends it for children of all ages.

Overall Experience

Like the previous two toy sets, the Playmags magnet tiles set out to be a great choice for your child and they don’t disappoint in their quality.

While the number of pieces is notably less compared to the previous two sets, the quality is impressive in the long run.

The pieces can easily be put together to create three-dimensional objects that can test your child’s imagination and creativity.

Unfortunately, the magnets aren’t any better or worse than countless other sets like it despite the Playmags brand setting out to be among the best.

Regardless, this magnetic tileset is still worth consideration.

Pros & Cons


  • Colorful magnetic tiles that work well with others outside of the Playmags brand


  • While the price is likely cheaper than other sets, there are fewer pieces in this one in particular
  • The magnets do their job but aren’t the best magnetic quality like they’re said to be


The most similar toy to the Playmags set is one that may be what makes the brand worth considering; that is, a set that has even more pieces than the listed one above:

  • Playmags Castle Magnetic Building Blocks (127pcs)

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4. Coodoo Magnetic Tiles (30pcs)


The Coodoo Magnetic Tiles are noticeably different from others before it in this list.

Rather than being translucent pieces that cast a stained glass-like shadow, the pieces are now exposed and open triangles and squares your little ones can use to create their structures more geometrically.

The Coodoo Magnetic Tiles are also made with ABS plastic and the pieces have rounded corners.

The Coodoo Magnetic Tiles are intended for kids at least 3-years-old due to their small parts.

Overall Experience

The Coodoo magnetic tiles are much lower in quantity compared to others.

Their designs, however, are also much different… but in a good way!

While the magnetic tiles resembling glass are a great choice and aesthetically pleasing to look at, having a bit of change is always a great place to start.

That being said, while there aren’t as many pieces in this set compared to others like it, their functionality remains the same along with being compatible with other magnets such as PicassoTiles.

The cost is also much more affordable compared to others on this list so if you’re on a tighter budget, this set may be a great place to start!

Pros & Cons


  • A great alternative that does its job as a magnetic tileset
  • Like others, the pieces are colorful in their variety
  • Features more pieces than even the previous set, enabling your child to be more creative


  • magnets tend to have a weak connection


The Coodoo Magnetic Tiles have a similar product that functions similarly to it, although it’s through a different brand.

If you’re interested in something similar but under a different name, this set may be the perfect fit!

  • MAGNETOS Magnetic Blocks (30+2pcs)

5. Magblock Magnetic Blocks (115pcs)


For the fifth set in the list, it’s the Magblock Magnetic Blocks. These blocks feature almost as many parts as what can be found in other magnetic tile sets.

The blocks within this set are the most unique of the list thus far, as they feature various shapes and sizes with the designs ranging from resembling windows to being ladder-like in their layout.

Much like the other sets within this list, they’re made of ABS plastic and feature rounded edges for the sake of keeping your children safe from sharp edges.

This magnetic tileset is intended for children at least 3-years-old.

Overall Experience

The Magblock magnetic tiles hold themselves together fairly well.

The most unique thing about them is the design of the parts, which are unique and different from the sets mentioned before.

Though the pieces are different in their layout, they’re still vibrantly translucent like the cossy set.

All-in-all, this is a well-made set with different shapes and sizes to pick from with numerous possibilities to pick from.

Although the costs are up there with the cossy and PicassoTiles magnetic tile sets, the Magblock set provides quite a bit in variety that it just might be worth the investment.

Pros & Cons


  • A large number of pieces and shapes to work with
  • Like others before it, the pieces are nice and colorful


  • Much like other sets as well, it’s costly for a toy set


Magblock’s magnetic block tiles have a close alternative already listed with it, which is the cossy set above:

  • cossy Magnet Building Tiles (120pcs)

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6. dreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles (108pcs)


The dreambuilderToy playset carries a unique appearance in its parts.

The magnets are placed on the sides of the shapes rather than their edges and are visible to you rather than being hidden within the plastic.

With shapes ranging from your typical triangles and squares to pentagons and hexagons, the toy sets itself apart from many others like it.

This playset joins others in its materials; ABS plastic is used to form each part and rounded edges are added for that extra touch.

The toy is best for children at least 3-years-old because of the small parts.

Overall Experience

This playset is of nice quality and the pieces have a lovely hue to them.

For the most part, they’re a great option to pick from; they’re colorful and more affordable than many other sets.

While the various shapes are different from other sets, that can be an issue in a way; finding pieces that are compatible with it outside of the dreambuilderToy brand is easier said than done.

Adding to this, there are extra parts like the window pieces that don’t tile; these parts clip onto the actual magnets themselves.

Despite these notes, this set shouldn’t be as costly as other magnetic tile playsets.

Overall, the set is of a nice enough quality but the outside magnets combined with the unique shapes can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Pros & Cons


  • A nice set with a lovely color hue and interesting shapes


  • The interesting shapes can be a problem in of itself because of compatibility with other magnetic tiles from other brands
  • The magnets outside of the plastic can be a choking hazard for younger children more than other magnetic tile toys


Although the sizes and shapes may vary among the dreambuilderToy magnetic tiles, toys from the same brand are a decent backup choice if you’re interested in the brand’s toys or designs.

  • dreambuilderToy Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks (40pcs)

7. Discovery Kids Magnetic Building Tiles (50pcs)


The magnetic building tileset from Discovery Kids features several tiles with simple square or triangle shapes.

If you’re wanting something a bit more straightforward, this playset comes with decently-sized parts of vivid colors your child can use to create personalized three-dimensional models.

The set also includes a storage bag for the magnets after your children are done playing with them!

Discovery Kids recommends that your children be at least 4-years-old before using these magnet tiles.

Overall Experience

This set of magnetic tiles may be the last toy on the list but it’s certainly not the weakest choice. The tiles you receive are simplistic but do an excellent job at what they do.

They’re a great choice for helping your children learn about building the structures and models they wish to create.

If you’re interested in teaching your child about STEM education – or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – then this set is a great place to start along with helping their motor functions.

In the end, they’re a great toy for children regardless of their ages (so long as they’re old enough to play with them!).

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable and colorful set with decently-sized tiles
  • The simplistic shapes are a great start to introducing your child to magnetic tiles
  • Comes with a storage bag with your purchase for an organized clean-up process!


  • No cons worth noting for this set!


If you’re stuck at what to choose, there’s a version of the Discovery Kids magnetic tiles with fewer pieces than the one listed above.

  • Discovery Kids Magnetic Tile Building Blocks Set (24pcs)


Magnetic tiles are a wonderfully simple toy that can please children regardless of their ages.

While many toys can impress kids, it’s always great to find them something that can do more than just entertain them!

By getting them a toy that can improve their motor skills and teach them about various aspects of science and engineering, you’re able to help them learn while letting them have endless hours of fun.

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