7 Best Toy Dog That Walks And Barks

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Best Toy Dog That Walks And BarksBest Toy Dog That Walks And Barks

Looking for the best toy dogs that walk and bark? You’ve come to the right place.

Most advanced toy dogs can walk, jump, sit, and even interact freely with people.

These toys are most popular among kids of all ages. If you’re planning to buy the best toys that can walk and bark on the market, it’s very important to consider two main factors: functionality and material.

Most toy dogs that walk and bark are fitted with sensors and motors but their abilities differ. Some models cannot only walk and bark but also can jump.

When it comes to the material of the toy, it should not only be amusing to touch but also be safe for your children. In that regard, therefore, you should select a toy dog made from BPA-free material.

That said, let’s now turn to our review. In this post, we look into the best 7 toy dogs that walk and bark.

Read on to get great insight into our list.

The 7 Best Toy Dogs that Walk and Bark in Review

#7. Haktoys Walk, Flip Over & Barks Puppy


With the ability to perform tricks and walk flawlessly on the carpet, this flip-over puppy is a real deal for any kid.

Plus, it is hypoallergenic thus suiting kids with allergies to dogs or pets. Aside from that, the toy meets the toy safety standards by both CPSIA and ASTM.

Whether you need a toy dog that summersault, yap, or walk, this one is the best to have around. Better still, it has improved mobility which makes it ideal to do what it does best on any surface.

You also can adjust the legs of this toy when it is somersaulting. What’s more, this is designed with durability in mind.

Overall experience

Most kids love and enjoy the flips that this toy dog can make. Also, other kids are so into the barking nature of the dog, at least they have a company and a toy to play around with. Most importantly, this dog boasts the ability to walk on both wood and carpet floors.

This plush toy can walk about 8 inches then perform a flip. Again, the instructions for setting it are quite straightforward, it will not take much time to figure it out.

Then, for the price, this toy is pretty affordable. Moreover, it is from plastic and fabric material that makes it last. In addition, since it abides by safety standards, it is 100% safe for kids.

Pros & Cons


-Suitable for kids who are allergic to pets

-This toy can walk on almost all surfaces

-It is made from durable materials

-It is safe for kids of all ages


-The toy dog barks a bit louder


You might be interested in this toy dog but if the dalmatian color isn’t suiting your kid, we’ve got another best alternative by OR OR TU.

The dog toy is not only made from the best quality material but also come in green, blue, pink, and white color. However, it’s a bit pricier.

-OR OR TU plush puppy toy pet

#6. Meva Walking & Barking Toy Dog for Kids


Meva toy dog can yap, talk, and wag its tail as if it’s a real puppy. This puppy toy is adorable to walk around with.

Kids can have this as their ultimate pet at home with every kind of love yet with no additional hassle.

After you’ve pressed the button present on its leash, this fluffy puppy comes to life.

Moreover, this is a most adorable friend to cuddle with or take for walks. It uses three AA batteries that don’t come along with the toy – you’ll need to buy them separably and place them inside the belly of the cute puppy.

Overall experience

This should be one of the greatest and the most entertaining toy dogs for kids. It comes with simple and direct ways of making it spring into action – you only need to press the button located on its leash and there it starts barking like never before.

Most kids appreciate the way this toy dog wags its tail as it maneuvers around. Further, the sound is not too loud when barking. Besides, it comes in an ideal size and is soft as well.

Better still, it’s very durable. Although it can soak water, when dried, it can still work very well.

Pros & Cons


-A best friend for your kids to go on a walk

-It is easy to operate and control its actions

-The best cute dog for a younger toddler

-The toy dog is durable


-Not ideal for kids above 3 years


If you think this toy dog won’t suit your kid for one reason or the other, we’ve got another alternative you may want to consider as well by WorWoder. It is less pricey yet it can still walk and bark.

WorWoder Plush toy dog puppy

#5. Westminster Dog Toy Walks & Barks w/Sound


Resley The Retriever by Westminster can wag walks and bark like a real dog. It comes with soft, and cuddly fur making it the best choice for most kids. Besides, it features a cute look that matches the desires of most kids.

Unlike other toy dogs, this friendly dog can walk independently, though it doesn’t come with a remote control or a leash. Something else to note, this toy dog doesn’t have any light-ups, its key feature is the fact that it can walk and barks.

Overall experience

Generally, this toy is the best for children who have shown great interest in dogs. The toy can be started with a simple press of a button on its body. The dog also looks cute and lovely, your kid will love it. Better still, it is price friendly.

The toy works with 2 AA batteries, that are easier to insert and can last long. The toy dog can offer you prolonged service, it has a sturdy structure. Apart from that, it’s light and compact, you can always pack and move to a different place.

Pros & Cons


-It is easy and simple to operate

-Has a soft and adorable look

-Best child’s toy


-When turned on, it barks continuously


The best alternative for this cute toy dog is Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua. This toy has the ability to node, walk, tail wags, and play cheerfully.

-Westminster Chi-Chi Chihuahua toy dogs

#4. HollyHOME Plush Toy Dog Walk & Bark


Just like a real puppy, this toy dog from HollyHOME can stretch, bark, walk and wag its tail happily. He responds quickly whenever you tap his head and starts barking.

It is made from high-quality premium materials that are durable and never prone to any kind of wear. This means that it can be used by your growing kid.

Since it has some cute decorations, you can install them in your house to match your decor. Additionally, it is the best gift for both adults and kids and a surprise gift for your lover.

Overall experience

It has attractive faces thus children would love to be near it every time they want to play. Its soft nature offers them the best huggable experience.

Suitable for enhancing your child’s attention, listening, and how he or she perceives things as they play with the toy. It makes them well acquainted with how they can take care of their pets in a gentler way.

Since it has a portable design, kids of age 3 years and above can easily carry it with them and play with their friends at any place at any time. Also, it is smaller in size to ease both transport and storage purposes.

Pros & Cons


-Keeps them entertained and puts a smile on their faces

-Equipped with volume control to avoid any noises

-Leaves colorful memories behind


-Lacks clear instructions


PowerTRC is the best alternative to HollyHome toy dog that talks and barks. It is equipped with similar features.

-PowerTRC plush that walk and bark

#3. Liberty Import Aminated Barking & Walking Pet


Little ones always love fun and all this is made possible with Liberty Imports toy that talk and bark. This interactive toy is what your kids would love to spend their time with.

It has 8 different movements; sitting, crawling, whining, barking, begging, and many more. This makes kids have more fun and enjoy their busy playing time.

This puppy will react to any form of touch or sound making him the best companion for your children. Therefore, you can per him or clap your hands and it will respond.

Since it is built from quality materials, these toys are prone to last for long periods. This means that it can accommodate your growing kids in the best manner whatsoever.

Overall experience

Kids always have a companion that keeps them so busy and gives parents more time to perform some other important duties.

Since he barks like a real dog, they would love to be with him at all times. Also, they do this at a lower noise level that is pleasant to their ears.

Since its actions only last for a shorter period. Children are required to touch it and clap continuously. This keeps them busy and well engaged.

Pros & Cons


-Well designed to keep your kids safe

-It is comfortable for kids to hold

-It is very easy to carry around


-Doesn’t sing or walk


WorWoder pet is a great replacement for Liberty Imports toy that talks and bark. It has an improved feature of stretching and wagging its tail.

-WorWoder toy that talk and bark

#2. Marsjoy Toy Dog that Walk & Talk


This dog has the ability to perform 8 different kinds of actions given that you clap your hands or touch them. Unlike other toy dogs that have the volume at one level, this one has a volume adjustment feature.

The design is super excellent and the materials used are safe. Besides, the materials used are soft and comfortable for kids. The instructional manual is well written, with a step-by-step method of how to use it.

Once the switch has been turned on, the dog will make 8 movements and bark with the sound level that has been set.

Overall experience

Of all the toy dogs we’ve reviewed, this is one of the sturdiest toy dogs you might get now in the market.

It does not only walk and bark, this toy dog has the potential to wag its tail, making it an ideal option for a kid who wants to have more fun with the walking friend.

Apart from that, this cute toy dog has suitable for kids below four years, they’ll remain entertained and the dog will offer different life-like actions.

At least this dog can stay on its legs, scoot around, sit and lay down.

Pros & Cons


-Designed from safe materials

-Has an adjustable sound volume

-It is sturdy & durable


-Doesn’t suit kids above 4 years


If your kid is over the age of 4 years, this walk and bark toy dog won’t offer the best entertainment for him or her, that is why we offer you this best alternative by Westminster Redley the Retriever, which is also part of the list.

#7. Just Play Disney Junior Walking & Barking Toy Dog


With an adorable and soft plush, these puppy dog pals feature enjoyable sounds and movement. Activating the sound and movement is quite easy, just press the head of this toy dog.

The dog can actually walk. Aside from braking, the dog has the ability to move the head and wag the tail.

Also, it can repeat the phrases from the show. This is the best friend to take to the show because it is active and cheerful as well. This toy is ideal for kids of age 3 and above.

Overall experience

This adorable toy dog is good for the price. Whether you need the one that can walk, bark, or wag the tail, this option will offer you the best experience. It is also soft and pliable. Moreover, it is made from safe materials to ensure kids have fun with it without any problem.

Because it comes with direct instructions, it is easy to set up and insert batteries. Better still, the dog is stable and sturdy, it will not topple or limp whenever it’s walking on most terrains.

Pros & Cons


-It is the soft and adorable plush puppy

-Good for the price

-It is sturdy and stable


-The motor inside it is a bit loud


For convenience and great control, a toy dog that comes with a leash is important, and one best alternative with the same feature is the one by WorWoder (found on this list). This plush husky toy dog can not only walk and bark but also wags its tail.


Fun is part of children’s day-to-day activities. So, getting them something that will promote this fun is such a nice idea.

A toy that talks and barks will keep them well engaged and busy for hours and hours if not the whole day.

The list above is what you will guide when trying to purchase these toys for your little ones.

Depending on their needs, go ahead and pick one that will suit them in the best manner whatsoever.

With this, you can get to do your work as they get busy with the toys. Make your choice from above and you are never going to regret it.

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