7 BEST Toys That Repeat What You Say

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Best Toys That Repeat What You SayToys That Repeat What You Say

A Toy that Repeats What You Say is a kid’s toy collection that has a sound synthesizer fitted in it.

When kids talk or sing in front of it, the audio synthesizer records it and plays it back in a funny high-pitched voice.

This type of toy is ideal for toddlers and growing kids because they’re trying to learn how to speak.

This kind of toy is always what they like.

Also, this talking toy is a cuddly and cute creature that is a popular pet in the global scene.

They’re particularly treasured by kids and for that reason, a Repeat What You Say toy is an excellent play partner and companion for developing kids.

With the work done by this toy, your little angel can channel his or her creative energies constructively.

Besides, they’re also humorous to play with, hence making your child enjoy their drama period.

Finding the best Toys that Repeat What You Say isn’t an easy job, but in this post, we offer you a curated list of the 7 best Toys that Repeat What You Say.

Let’s unleash the list!

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Toys That Repeat What You Say – TOP 7 Best List

#1. Ayeboovi Toddler Repeats What You Say Toy


Ayeboovi talking hamster can repeat everything you say but, in a critter, personalized voice.

Your child will have a continuous fun time as they interact with this ingenious talking hamster.

Also, this can make the best Christmas gift for your toddler.

Aside from that, this toy has an upgraded plush, that enables your kid to hear crystal clear pronunciation.

Again, the softer and fluffier plush enables your child to routinely hug this toy, not to mention the love that will be shown to the toy by pets.

Even better, the operation of this toy is straightforward and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

After switching it on, it will take a few simple steps to keep it working.

While speaking back to the words spoken by the child, it shakes its body which makes it enjoyable and interactive to kids 🙂

Overall experience

It has the potential of standing the test of time. And most kids find it helpful and enjoyable.

Also, it is funny to almost everyone in the house. Besides, it can repeat what you say in a clear and timely way.

Aside from that, this unit is cute and will capture the attention of any growing child.

It mimics what they talk and the fact that it can shake while it makes the repetition makes it a great companion for kids.

Then, comes the ease to operate this talking hamster – after you’ve inserted the AAA batteries, you switch it on, and it is up and running!


✅ Suitable gift for kids

✅ The perfect hilarious toy for kids

✅ It can easily imitate both male and female voice

✅ Easy operation, simply switch it on and talk to it


❌ It is cute but a bit loud


If you’re looking for the best alternative of talking hamster that can particularly suit 2 years or 3 years kids, then you can consider this talking plush interactive toy by SANJOIN.

It is slightly pricier but it is worth the price.

-SANJOIN What You Say Repeating Toy

#2. SINYUM Repeats What You Say Mouse Toy


With a talk-back feature, this hamster has the potential to repeat all the things that you say no matter whether you speak English, laugh, or sing.

Also, it is powered by a 3 x AAA battery which is not included – if you can get the ordinary AAA batteries, the better.

Further, it is quite easy to use, after you’ve turned it on, it is ready to be used.

It will entertain your child through all that she or he does. When it is not in use, you can turn off the switch to conserve the battery and ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

The most interesting thing about this toy is the fact that it can walk when you put it on the ground as if that is not enough, it walks automatically.

What’s more, it’s a funny and awesome companion for kids.

Overall experience

We are thrilled by the fact that this talking hamster can fully remember everything you say word by word.

To put it in perspective, it can master the whole pledge of allegiance. Better yet, it can walk comfortably as it talks.

Kids feel happy to interact with this incredible toy hamster and any time they have them close to them, they have a wonderful time experience.

Moreover, this hamster is adorable and has shown good results of being long-lasting.


✅ It is a hilariously fun gift for children

✅ It is easy to use, turn it on and use it

✅ This talking hamster is good for the price


❌ The voices don’t come clear


Sometimes you may need a talking hamster that is below $20, and that will where is alternative Mouse Toy by Tonmp comes into play.

Aside from the price difference, it is almost similar to functionality with the above toy by SINYUM.

-Tonmp Mouse Toy Repeats What You Say

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#3. Xingrong Talking Parrot Repeat What You Say


Xinrirong talking parrot will repeat what you say. After you turn it on, you can sing or talk to it and it will speak back.

If you even shake your body, it will shake his as well 🙂

As such, these movements and sounds will stimulate your kid’s visual senses.

Secondly, this is the first-holiday gift that you need to have and your child will stay entertained throughout the entire season.

It is important that you stay away from manfo batteries. Aside from that, it is easy to operate with some simple few steps.

Overall experience

This item will not only offer great company to your kid, but it will also be the best companion for real parrots.

This plush parrot-like toy will also make you laugh the way it sounds.

When dinner is ready, this parrot is notorious for announcing the menu for the night.

Great fun is all you can expect from this item, more so the point when it laughs with people.

Essentially, it offers simple pleasures for only simple minds!


✅ Can repeat all the languages that you speak

✅ Simple to use after a quick turn on

✅ Has the ability to stimulate the child’s senses


❌ Sometimes produces loud inaudible squirrel voice


One surest alternative for this talking hamster is Tonmp talking hamster that offers almost similar functionality yet under $20.

If you want to ensure that your child remains entertained for a long time, you can opt for this alternative unit which will be the same Tonmp Talking Hamster Mouse Toy above.

#4. Tockrop 2 Pack Repeat What You Say Mimicry Pet


Tockrop is a funny talking pet that mimics all that you talk about and can talk back in a funnier critter voice.

You should speak while close to it and you can use shorter sentences for better operations.

This keeps your children very busy and free from those addictive online games.

It is easier to operate and therefore children can concentrate on it and give you more time to do your tasks.

With a weight of 10.4 ounces, you can easily carry it with you whenever you are traveling from one place to another.

Overall experience

This toy keeps your kids laughing and having fun at all times. It shakes its chubby whenever it is talking back cheerfully.

It is larger, therefore, making it a good companion for your kids. They will always love it and get busy with this toy.

The volume control makes it more convenient to reduce or increase the volume to suit the needs of your little ones.


✅ Has a compact design to save your storage space

✅ Responds to your touch automatically

✅ Requires 3AAA batteries that are easy to install


❌ The stitching can be ripped easily

Alternative (s)

You can opt for this brand from Kmuysl since it has closer similarities with Tockrop.

Whenever you need bigger toys that can serve you the same purposes you can try out;

-Ayeebovi kids you (larger)

-Talking panda toy (larger size)

#5. YOEGO Talking Hamster Repeat What You Say Toy


Yoego toy that imitates what you talk is designed for kids aged above 3 years.

It features interactive functions to repeat those exact words that you say but in a funnier manner.

Moreover, it is designed from high-quality cotton and ABS components that assure you of a longer-lasting unit.

These materials are also kids friendly to keep your little ones safer at times.

Since it is easier to operate, you can turn it on and talk to it and it will talk back those exact words in a highly pitched voice to keep you laughing.

Overall experience

This toy helps to improve the social experience of children since they can interact easily with other kids.

They can easily carry it around because it has a lightweight design and comfortably fits the hands of the kids.

Not only does it act as a toy but makes a perfect companion for your children as they have fun.

Whenever you pat him, he automatically responds by bopping his head up and down.

It is more useful in preventing kids from getting depressed because they will have fun and get their minds engaged in a more meaningful manner.


✅ Has the ability to imitate both male and female voices

✅ Made lightweight so as to ease transport and storage

✅ Features a cute appearance for kids to love it


❌ Does not pick all the voices and can be so loud

Alternative (s)

Homily toy can be the best replacement for Yoego toy since it features similar characteristics.

Moreover, you can go for two-pack toys in case you want each of your kids to have one;

-Kmuysl two pack hamster toys

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#6. HOMILY Talking Hamster Repeat What You Say


A homily talking toy is designed from a high-quality leather toy that assures a longer-lasting use.

The cover has a braided belt that keeps it in place to avoid falling off.

This loyal companion can imitate whatever you are saying in a funnier way to keep you laughing at all times.

Children can therefore have fun as they play.

With its lightweight design, children can easily carry it with them whenever they are traveling and keep having fun.

Ideally, it has a compact design thus taking up the smallest of storage spaces.

Overall experience

It attracts the attention of your children and gives you time and space to perform other operations.

He quickly responds to you by constantly moving his head whenever you pay him.

The batteries are well designed therefore children can play with them for longer periods without replacing them often.

If you sing a song it sings, if you speak it speaks but in a hamster voice. This brings so much fun in a crowd and can act as the best entertainer.


✅ Has better sounds that offer you the best audio quality

✅ It’s Easier to operate with the easy to use on/off button

✅ Does not have a volume control but is comfortable to hear


❌ Does not work in overcrowded rooms.


Qrooper is a great choice if you cannot find the Homily brand. It features similar functions and can work best to keep your kids entertained.

You can as well opt for XYH talking master just in case if you need a sleek and beautiful talking hamster.

-Qrooper talking hamster

#7. QWIFYU Talking Panda Repeats What You Say


Qwifyu talking hamster is a great Christmas or birthday gift for your kids aged 3 years and above.

It helps kids in improving their language skills while having more fun.

It repeats all that you say whether you talk, laugh, sing or scream.

However, it does all this more funnily. He can imitate both male and female voices in the best manner.

With the outstanding outlook, your kids will fall in love with this toy. This makes it a perfect companion as they grow up.

Overall experience

Keeps your child safer because it is designed from soft and kids’ friendly materials that would never hurt the skin of your child.

Whenever you talk to it to shakes it’s the chubby body while responding faster to any form of touch.

This means that it won’t take much time before it can repeat the words after you.

Kids can easily carry it from one place to another without facing any difficulty because it has a lightweight design.

Better still, it perfectly fits the hands of the small kids for more comfortable operations.


✅ Made from quality materials that last long

✅ Only requires 3 AAA to power it for longer usage

✅ Smaller in size thus suitable for those smaller kids


❌ Not ideal for kids under the age of 3 years


The best alternative for the Qwifyu hamster can be the Sinyum model, which is also part of this list.

One thing that stands with this brand is that it can work automatically on the ground making it a good companion for your kids.

-Sinyum talking hamster


When kids are growing, they’re always trying to learn and gain new skills, but that can only happen when they have the right toys close to them.

That’s why Toys that Repeat What You Say gives them a platform to learn how to speak.

The review above has detailed everything you need to know about them.

Aside from that, we’ve offered you the pros and cons of each talking toy to enable you separate chaff from the wheat.

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