7 BEST Toy Animals That Poop

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Toy Animals That PoopToy Animals That Poop

Kids don’t only find the poop as conspicuous and hilarious, but also there is a powerful psychological constituent.

Pooping animal toys have been in the market for some time now.

In fact, for the last five years, these toys have been undergoing tremendous advancement.

The toys being introduced to the market have the ability to be hilarious in the way they poop and most kids are always attracted to them.

Pooping toys are now being designed in different animal representations, with the most common being cats, dogs, and flamingos.

Due to the saturated market, finding the best toy animal that poop is an uphill task.

However, we went out of our way and found the top 7 toy animals that poop!

Whether you need a budget-friendly toy or the one that will always make your kid laugh, this post will capture your interest.

That said, let’s delve into the list.

7 BEST Toy Animals That Poop

#7. Little Live Pet Gotta Go Flamingo Toy that Poops


This is a toilet-trained yet interactive flamingo who enjoys chatting back, singing, wiggling, eating and most importantly, pooping on the toilet.

Clear the contents in the toilet bowl back to the scoop, and see as it miraculously changes into dried flamingo food.

While the flamingo feeds on his food, he chews crunchily while wiggling his long neck. But when he starts to sing, you’ll know that it’s his time to visit the toilet to do his thing – poop!

This fellow will always love to hear have a chat with him and he will repeat everything you say without missing a word. Plus, if you want to listen to the previous recording, you can simply press the yellow start button below his wing.

Essentially, this toy is an ideal gift for kids who are age 4 and above. For kids who are yearning for hours of fun and laughter, this is the ultimate animal toy to pick!

Overall experience

If you’re still in the dark regarding the flamingo foods, then be in the know – the food is hydrophobic sand.

This flamingo toy is affordable, you’ll get exactly what you’ve paid for.

Your kid will be excited and thrilled to watch every step of this toy from feeding, wiggling its neck, to pooping in its toilet.

The “repeat what you say” feature will also make it easy for this toy to interact casually with your kid.

Besides, setting up this toy doesn’t take you more than five minutes, whether cleaning the poop or setting up the toy to get lively.

The food of the flamingo is water-resistant; you’ll not have a rough time cleaning the mess. Better yet, it is pretty cute and seems sturdy.

Pros & Cons


-The toy is hilarious & enjoyable

-Comes with foods that can be reused

-Offer perfect companion for your kid

-Ideal for repeat play


-It needs the help of the parent to dump the bowl


For additional features and functionality, FurReal Poopalots Lil’ Wags interactive toy will serve as your best alternative.

It has the ability to feed, walk and poop.

-FurReal Poopalots Lil’ Wags Pet Toy

#6. FurReal Friends Pax Poopin Pup Toy


The FurReal brand has proven beyond doubt that it is the real deal when an animal toy is in question. This Amazon exclusive option named Friends Pax pooping pup plush toy will surely catch the interest of your child.

This toy actually responds quickly to a child’s touch and makes actual sounds and movements. This pet is ideal for a child above the age of 4.

It boasts a soft and furry outlook, and your child can easily cuddle and snuggle to show care. And after his meals, he can take a break to complete his business in the toilet.

As a kid, you can take this unit almost everywhere.

Overall experience

This can be the best Christmas for your little angel to interact with. Plus, if your child is greatly obsessed with toys that can walk and poop, this can be a great surprise for them. This toy is fun and entertaining.

The good thing with this toy is the fact that it comes with a detachable leash that allows this unit to be pulled when the kid is having a walk. After feeding on its favorite food, it does her business hilariously and funnily.

Generally, the packages include; instructional manual, cleanup bag, 9 treats, 2-part detachable leash, and the pet.

The setup is a breeze!

Pros & Cons


-The pet is soft & cuddly

-It produces fun sounds

-Controlling this toy is easy and quick

-You can take this puppy for a walk


-Might be a bit smaller for some kids


The best alternative for this interactive pooping toy is Poopalots big wags pet toy by the same brand.

-FurReal Poopalots interactive pet toy

(#5 on this list)

#5. FurReal Friends Kami Poopin Kitty


Just like the previous pooping toy, this model by FurReal is a real deal when a quality and durable pet is a concern. Friends Kami pooping kitty plush comes will interesting features that will capture the attention of your child.

The packaging of this toy includes; 2-section detachable leash, cleanup bag, 9 treats, and an instructional manual.

It fits the kid’s age 4 and up. Setting up this unit is straightforward; it uses double 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries which you’ll need to buy separately.

The pooping feature is so simple, your child will be excited to see a toy take in plastic food from the mouth and comes out from the other end.

If you need an exciting and interactive toy that will last longer, go for this.

Plus, it is affordable, you don’t have to spend a leg and an arm to get this toy for your kid.

Pros & Cons


-It is very easy to setup

-The pooping toy is affordable

-Kids get excited and entertained to see this toy poop


-It is decently built but not to the standard


If you are thinking of a good alternative to the above toy because of a price difference, you can opt for Friends FRR Peelots Big Wags cat by the same brand.

-FurReal Friends Peealots

#4. Hog Wild Pooping Unicorn Toy


Whether you need to play either indoors or outdoors, the Hog Wild Unicorn toy that poops is one of the best choices.

Whenever you press or squeeze this popper, it will shoot soft foam balls up to a distance of 20 meters. If you want to release them at a much faster rate, you can squeeze them even harder.

Since it is packaged with some 6 foam balls, you can easily load it into its mouth and have more fun as you squeeze it. With their soft design, children can squeeze it so easily and enjoy their game.

It is suitable for use by kids aged 4 years and above. Its lightweight design makes it so convenient for them to carry around.

Overall experience

Most kids would love to play with this toy because it has a cute design that attracts the little ones. This helps them to improve their motor skills each time.

Also, it is designed from high-quality and sturdy materials to accommodate your growing kid. This means that your kid gets to enjoy playing with this toy as he or she ages up.

Kids have more fun because it is made to shoot the balls all over to take their fun to another level. All these will keep them busy as you try to get some work done. Additionally, it gets parents laughing, kids shooting around, and cats running after the balls.

Pros & Cons


-Capable of forming a rainbow just from its bum

-It convenient for smaller kids

-Shoots to a further distance


-Not reliable


This should be the pet toy by FurReal that goes at a cheaper price, however, you can still opt for other advanced options that offer additional features like the one we reviewed as #1.

– Little Live Pet Gotta Go Flamingo Toy that Poops

#3. FurReal Poopalots Big Wags Pet Toy


The FurReal toy that poops is a walking pet that offers your little ones the best companion each time they want to have fun. So, each time, you make her walk she does her work of pooping. Therefore, she leaves behind some poops.

The included detachable leash makes it so convenient to walk her through the floor and watch her poop. So, whenever you pull the leash, she will move forward.

Kids only need to feed her with the play treats and she releases poops as you walk around. This makes her suitable for use by kids who are the age of 4 years and above.

Overall experience

This toy is so hilarious and keeps them having more fun. You will find them playing with this toy randomly even if it does not poop. This keeps them having fun continuously as they desire.

They can easily carry with them as they move from one place to another. This arises from the fact that it is made from softer materials and only weighs 1.1 pounds.

Moreover, she can comfortably hold the leash since it is perfectly designed such that it’s not too tall not too small to keep them bending each time.

Pros & Cons


-You can separate the leash into 3 parts for easy storage

-The poop scooper also acts as a carrying case

-Easy to open its mouth and feed it


-The tail part is made from plastic materials


You may want to consider the fun dog toy poop emoji farting plush by OUR FRIENDLY FOREST as the alternative for this toy.

This alternative is new and improved, you might want your child to learn more about such kinds of toys.

-OUR FRIENDLY FOREST Poop emoji farting plush toy

#2. Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Robotic Rabbit w/Magical Poop


Here is an interactive rabbit robot that can eat and magical poop. Just hold a paper in front of this little bunny and wait for the surprise. They nibble the paper up. On lifting the rabbit, you’ll notice the magical poop.

It can feed on 80 different snacks with paper snacks included. From cupcakes to carrots, there’re countless yummy treats to feed your bunny with. Aside from that, you can make your own with treat tracer.

Zommer hungry rabbit toy is an interesting gift for kids of age 5 and above. It uses three x AA batteries that need to be bought differently. In the package, you’ll get 4 snack sheets, a snack basket, Zoomer hungry bunnies, a treat tracer, and an instruction booklet.

Overall experience

Want an animal toy that can poop a colorful confetti surprise? Zoomer hungry bunny is the real deal. After it is full, it will poop like you never expected, you’ll just need to lift it to see the magical occurrence.

This pet also loves and enjoys singing, but it also enjoys laughing altogether, it is one of the best gifts you can acquire for your child. When you tickle their stomach, you’ll be able to hear exceptional bunny giggles.

Pros & Cons


-The bunny is cute and funny

-It is made from quality materials, it will surely last

-They can eat and poop

-Can sing and laugh hysterically


-It is not suitable for kids below age 5


For those who are not comfortable with this pooping toy, we have got the best alternative for you as well, by Hog Wild. The Llama ball-pooping unicorn is ideal for kids above the age of 4.

-Hold Wild Llama unicorn ball popper toy

#1. Little Live Pets Gotta Go Turtle Poops


Little Live Pets toy that poop offers your children a more interactive session to keep their minds busy and occupied at all times.

This indicates that they can have fun each time they turn to this toy.

Additionally, this unique toy is well designed to sing, dance, and chat back.

Kids will love this and they would desire to try this each time they need better play.

Since he loves to speak, you can record whatever you want it to say and you hear him exactly pronouncing whatever you spoke.

What’s more? It can eat and poop. Therefore, each time you find it, keep your eyes fixed on the toilet and watch him poop.

You can do this over and over again for more fun. Therefore, children can enjoy countless hours of playing with this toy.

Overall experience

Regardless of your child’s age, they will laugh at how he moves around funnily, the sounds he produces, and his unique reactions.

With his favorite catchy song, kids will find themselves singing along each time he proclaims it.

Whenever you feed him the Turdle food, you can hear him chewing and see his wiggling neck as gobbles down his food.

You can then place Shelbert on the toilet check out how he pops into the bowl.

Better still, kids aged above 4 years can have more fun, thanks to the included batteries that offer them uninterrupted playing sessions. They can get playing without worrying about the batteries.

Pros & Cons


-The quick-dry food can be reused over and over

-It is sturdy to ensure safer operation

-It has a lightweight design


-Lacks clear instructions


The best alternative you can consider as with this Turtle poops toy is by OUR FRIENDLY FOREST known by the name:

-Our Friendly Forest Farting Santa Poop Emoji toy


Kids feel that they need to have fun at times. Therefore, since fun is part of them, it would be wiser to get them any of the above toys animals that poop for them to experience more.

These toys are well designed such that your kids can feed them and watch them each time they poop.

They can do this over and over for more enjoyable and memorable moments. You can trust the above brands because they are made to suit the needs of your little ones.

However, they are equipped with different features but serve the same purposes in the end.

Gifting them any of these toys is such a wiser idea you can make.

Kids can now get busy playing and engaged at all times as you also perform your other duties.

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18 thoughts on “7 BEST Toy Animals That Poop”

  1. I never knew there were animals that poop, and what was more shocking is that they’ve been around for a very long time I would love to get this for my children. I know they’re definitely going to love this, thank you so much for sharing this here, I really appreciate it. I love the flamingo the most, it is catchy and attractive.

    • Oh yes, these animals that poop has been around for some time now and are a big hit with kids!

      Glad you loved the flamingo, it’s pretty dope 🙂

  2. I try not to find these toys hilarious but I can’t help myself and I’m sure that my nieces and nephews will have hours of fun laying with all these different animals. Even the turtle is cute and comes with his own toilet. I’m surprised that he can eat and poop at the same time but I love the idea that you can record what you want your child to learn, so they will hear your voice each time they play.

    A perfect Christmas or Birthday present.

  3. Christmas is here, and we’re all planning about buying gifts. It is the sweetest time of the year. 

    My child has been learning how to use the toilet. So, this would be a fun toy for her. Plus, I am a fan of Little Live Pets toys. So, Gotta Go Turtle Poops seems to be my best choice.

  4. Thanks for this absolutely wild list! Who would have thought I would ever be looking for the best toys that poop but Christmas coming and young boys around will do that.  Im sure lots of children will get a lot of enjoyment and giggles out of a few of these options!

  5. I have never heard of toy animals that poop. I am sure that these toys will be interesting to children. New Year is coming soon and I am sure that these toys are the right gift for them.The turtle is very interesting, because it can eat khaki at the same time.

  6. Thanks for your article! I have few questions, which just pop up in my head:

    1. How do you think kids have reacted to getting a toy that doesn’t work when they squeeze the tail or toss the ball in the air? 

    3. Is it difficult to clean up after these types of toys when they get soiled with droppings from the plastic animal inside them?

    4. Would any of your friends want to buy one of these toys for their niece or nephew this Christmas?

    • Hey Bob, thanks for your questions 🙂

      1. Naturally kids won’t be happy that their toys don’t work. The solution is to simply send it back and get it replaced.

      2. These toys are not too difficult to clean. Adults can help with this process.

      3. Many people (including my friends) get these and various other toys for their young ones.

  7. This is the first time I have heard of this type of toy. I can see that an elementary school child would be excited about this type of toy. A parent would have to have a good sense of humor as well. I personally like #6 FurReal Friends. I think it is cute!

  8. It’s amazing what kind of toys they are making nowadays. Although I am not surprised as they have literally made everything the imagination can bring up so a pooping toy seems logical to exist. Some of them seem they can be really funny but it really depends on the child and obviously its age.

  9. I do not think I would buy my grand child a toy that poops!  It might be kind of funny, but not something I would encourage them to think is funny.  I prefer learning toys or traditional toys, LOL.  I am curious how popular these particular toys are.  Seems kind of a novelty and I am sure there are some that do buy these.

    • Thanks for sharing your views, Leahrae. 

      These poop toys are getting really popular and are fun for a lot of kids, so I decided to provide the best ones here.

      There is also a nice variety of learning toys like building blocks, building kits, and a lot more.

      Freel free to browse through the site and find something  🙂

  10. I have 3 grandchildren and two are not potty trained yet, I purchased the Pet got to go Flamingo for my granddaughter to see if it might help in getting her potty trained. The Fur Real Pup is a great one to teach young ones to pick up after the dog goes outside in public parts. Toys are great for teaching young ones. 


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