Choosing The Right Sony Laptop/Tablet Device For Your Needs – Best Options

Hello again and welcome.  If you have reached this page, chances are you are in the market looking for a laptop or a tablet, I know that can be an overwhelming decision, with all the different brands, different models and different features out there, but I am about to give you some advise that will help you make the right decision for your needs.

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There are three questions you want to ask yourself when you are looking for a new laptop or tablet.  The first is:
-Home or Office?
-Taking it with you on the go?

The second is:

-Generalized task?
-Specialized things (Video editing etc.)?

And the third is:

-1 year or two?
-Longterm Investment (Over 5 Years)?

Categories For You To Look Into


The first category I am going to be looking into are Netbooks.  These are great because they are lightweight and they are portable, but they are not great main machines, these are geared for basic portable task like surfing the net, checking your email, and updating your documents.
One example is the Sony VAIO which is Sony’s netbook, it is super lightweight, making it an ideal device that you can bring absolutely everywhere with you.  There are also other ultra portable options that have come up just in the last year or two that are really amazing.  I am referring to tablets and Sony has a couple of those as well.  Lets take a look into them.


 Tablets are a great option if you don’t need a keyboard all the time and if you are looking for something with a little more entertainment value; doing things like watching movies, playing games, downloading apps for your smart phones, listening to music.  These are kind of like media consumption devices.


Some of things that you may want to consider when choosing a tablet are the size and the weight of the device, because most likely these are things that you will be carrying around all the time in your pocket and something that you are going to be watching a lot of stuff on so you want it to be comfortable for you. The Sony S has a 9.4 inch touch screen and the Sony P has dual 5.5 inch touch screen.


The other thing you are going to want to look at is the operating system, so obviously there is Apple with their IOS system, blackberry has a tablet OS and Sony uses the Android on their tablets.



The other thing you want to take into consideration is if the tablet is 3G or no 3G Data.  3G Data is the same data that you would have on your cell phone, so the upside of that is that you have internet everywhere regardless of whether there is wifi, the downside is the devices tend to be a little bit more expensive and you are probably going to need a service plan to use that data, just like how you would on your phone.


You are most likely going to be keeping a lot of apps and a lot of media files on these tablets and you want to make sure you have the room to do so.  Most tablets start at 16GB.  The Sony S comes in a 16GB or 32GB model.


Another thing you want to look at is unique features.  Look at the design of the tablet, see how it feels to you, go out to a store and see how it feels when you carry it around, the Sony S comes in a magazine form which is really balanced for your hand, it also comes with the playstation suite so you can play a lot of games right on your tablet.
Just think about your lifestyle and what you are going to be using it for and what specific features are perfect for you.
Tablets are great for the limited task they are designed for, but if you are looking for an all around everyday computer here is the stuff that you are going to want to look for:
 -Start at intel core i3, but consider intel core i5 if you plan on owning it for two years
-At least 500 GB
-Consider up to 750 GB for sharing lots of photos, music and videos
-Go with 13 inches for more mobility
-At least 15 inches for best HD viewing experience

-Make sure it lasts long enough if you are always using it on the go….

Sony’s everyday laptops are the E, C and S series, they all have the basics you need plus the ability to upgrade it if you are looking for a longer term investment.
There are a lot of laptops in the everyday range and they come in various sizes and forms, keep things in mind like screen size if you are someone who likes to watch a lot of movies on your laptop, or overall laptop size and battery life if you are someone who does a lot of traveling.
Sony’s S series is a great pick for business travelers.  If you are somebody who does more intensive specialized work, lets take a look at some laptops for your needs:

PC Gamers and video editors need laptops with more power; an example is the Sony Vaio F series.

This is a bigger laptop with a bigger screen in the 16 inch range, it even displays full HD or even 3D if you get the Vaio F 3D version and it comes with a dedicated graphics card to do all of that intense graphics processing that you are going to do in games and video.  The tradeoff is that it is a bigger machine, it is not as portable as some devices.

So there are premium laptops for people who want a high quality laptop and if you are willing to invest more into future proofing and do not want to make any future tradeoff you want to go with a premium laptop.

These are the computers with everything; they come with a higher price tag, but there are definitely some good reasons for this.  One example is the Sony Z series; this is just as light in size and weight as a lot of the top laptops, but it also has that fast processor and all that storage space and the great graphics capabilities as the higher great laptops on the market.

There are a lot of choices that you can make when it comes to buying a new Sony device but with a few easy questions you can narrow down your options and get the computer that is best suited to your needs.

Still I recommend you do your research online before you buy anything.  You can go to the official website of Sony or buy it on Amazon for the cheapest price.

Once again thank you for visiting and do look out soon for more of the top recommendations and reviews on today’s hottest and best gadgets and devices out there.

Leave a comment or suggestion below if you would like and I will be happy to engage and provide you with answers in less than 48 hrs.

All the best to you getting your new gadget.

Why Is The iPhone 5S Better Than The Galaxy S5 – Top Reasons


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S are two of the most popular smart phones out right now, so today I am going to be comparing them.  This post will look into 25 reasons why  the Apple iPhone 5S is better than the Galaxy S5.  This does not mean that overall the Apple iPhone is a better phone, but I am giving some reasons why some people may find the Apple iPhone to be a better device.  To make it convenient for you, I have also done a reverse review on why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a better phone than the Apple iPhone 5S here —>> Click here.   After reading both reviews you will have a better idea of what phone you may think is best for you.  Have fun comparing and leave a comment at the end of the page to share your thoughts.


1. The iPhone 5S with its aluminum body, gorgeous edges and sapphire crystal home button, has what most people would consider to be a much more premium look and feel to it than the more plasticky Galaxy S5.

2. In addition to the build quality, the iPhone 5S is also smaller, thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S5, making it a bit more easy to carry in the pocket and easier to hold in your hand.

3. While this advantage is becoming less and less of a selling point for IOS in general, the fact still remains that right now the app store in the apple iPhone still has a better selection of apps, with more IOS first and IOS exclusive apps available than the play store on the Galaxy S5.

4. On the Galaxy S5 you can’t get any of apple’s apps like Siri, iMessage or FaceTime, but with the iPhone, not only do you have apple’s apps, but you also get to have google’s as well with apps such as google now, hangouts and more, all available for free on the App Store so you get the best of both worlds with the iPhone.

5. One thing you don’t get on the iPhone 5S is the annoying and un-installable preloaded carrier apps that plague some of the carrier versions of the Galaxy S5.

6. Under the privacy setting of the iPhone, you can see what an app has access to on your phone and if you don’t feel comfortable with something an app can access, you can just switch it off without having to delete the app completely like you would with the Galaxy S5.

7. On the iPhone 5S, you can tap the notification bar while on any screen to easily scroll to the top of whatever you are looking at, which can be really convenient to you when the list gets long.

8. With guided access, you can lock the iPhone 5S to any app that you want, so if you want to hand your phone to your child or even your friend, you will not have to worry about them getting access to anything else like some personal files.

9. While both the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 have fingerprint scanners, the one on the iPhone is much more convenient to use as you don’t have to swipe your fingers across it, making doing things like unlocking your phone a lot quicker.

10. Because the iPhone 5S gets its update straight from apple, you will be updated to the latest version of IOS just about right after apple releases it, whereas on the Galaxy S5, it can take anywhere from around a few weeks to several months before you get an update after it has been released.

11. On the iPhone 5S, you can raise the phone to your ear to use Siri through the earpiece so that way you can do voice searches in public without disturbing anyone or letting anybody know what you are searching.

12. Unlike the Galaxy S5, when you connect a bluetooth accessory to the iPhone 5S you get an icon in the notification bar indicating the battery life of the connected device or accessory.

13. The lighting port on the iPhone 5S is reversible so you can plug it in to charge in either direction making plugging in it at night when the lights are off so much easier on the iPhone than it is on the Galaxy S5 with its protective flap.

14. When you want to send a large video file via email on the Galaxy S5, you might witness an error message with no suggestive solutions, whereas on the iPhone 5S sending the same video file results in the iPhone automatically comprising the video for you and sending it seamlessly.

15. Historically speaking, iPhone have had better resale value than Galaxy S meaning, in a year or two from now there is a good chance that you will get more cash back for the iPhone 5S than you would for the Galaxy S5.

16. Because the iPhone 5S has flat edges all the way around, it can sit perfectly on top any flat surface which can be useful for situations like when you want to watch a video without having to have to hold the phone in your hands, or if you want to take an automatic 360 panorama with apps like twister.

17. From pretty much anywhere you can copy and paste on the iPhone 5S, you have the option of having selected text read back to you out loud; ideal for long articles or when you just don’t have the time to look away from what you are currently doing.

18. While the Galaxy S5 has the advantage of being compatible with Samsung’s own Galaxy gear, generally speaking, the iPhone 5S is compatible with more devices, with them often times been made to work specifically with the iPhone.

19. The dedicated vibrate switch on the iPhone 5S lets you conveniently silence the phone without having to turn the screen on.  The switch also access a visual indicator so you can tell if your phone silence or not with a quick glance which can help you ovoid those embarrassing moments when your phone rings when you don’t want it to.

20. The iPhone 5S with its dual core A7 chip outperforms the Galaxy S5 giving you a smoother and more responsive experience overall.

21. On the back of the iPhone 5S, you will find two LED lights that together give you better and more natural looking light when taking photos than the single LED found on the Galaxy S5.

22. The iPhone 5S BURST SHOT last for much longer than the Galaxy S5, all but guaranteeing you that you will be able to capture that perfect Kodak moment.

23. Sometimes those Kodak moments are better to be captured in slow-motion.  With the iPhone 5S, not only do you get 720P slow motion video, but you also get audio to go along with that video making reliving those moments even more epic.

24. The iPhone 5S has three microphones compared to the Galaxy S5’s two which results in a much better quality sounds and videos and also offers better voice quality for people on the other end of your phone calls.

25. The iPhone 5S’s bottom facing speaker offers both loader and better quality sound than the single rear speaker found on the Galaxy S5.

If you desire to get the iPhone, the cheapest place to get it will be at Amazon.  Click the phone to the right to have a look. —->>>>

So what do you all think about the review?  Do you agree or disagree?  I would love to know your thoughts on this topic.  Comment below with questions and hopefully this have helped you to choose the right phone for you or your loved one.  And please remember to also check out the reverse review here on why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.

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The Top Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Better Than The iPhone 5S

The Top Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Better Than The iPhone 5S



Welcome and today I will give you the top 25 reasons why the samsung galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.  This is not to say that the samsung galaxy S5 is a better phone overall, it is just to point out some things which are better on the galaxy S5.  You can also check out my other article on top reasons why the iPhone is better than the galaxy S5 here.  Read on…

1.  The galaxy S5 screen  is significantly larger than the iPhone 5S is, making everything from watching your favorite youtube videos to browsing the web a bit more enjoyable and easier on the eyes.


2.  The galaxy S5 screen also works with gloves which can be a very big advantage if you are somebody who lives in a colder climate or when the time gets cold.


3.  Another trick the galaxy S5 display has up it’s sleeve is air view which gives you a preview of what your finger is hovering over without actually having to press it; making it especially useful for things like figuring out whose speed dial it is whose in the dialer.

4.  While the photo quality of the galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S is somewhat similar, a bigger advantage the galaxy S5 camera has over the iPhone 5S is its ability to record video in 4K, giving you 4 times the resolution in sharpness of the iPhone 5S 1080p..


5.  While recording video in 4K which is awesome, samsung equipped the galaxy S5 with a USB 3.0 port which allows for faster file transferred to a computer than the lighting port does on the iPhone 5S.


6.  Speaking of large files, the galaxy S5 has a micro SD card slot, allowing you to store up to an additional 128 GB of 4k video or just about type of media you want via a relatively inexpensive micro SD card.


7.  Unlike the iPhone 5S, the galaxy S5 battery is removable, meaning you can swap it out for a freshly charged spare or you can get an extended battery if you so desire.


8.  But there is good chance you won’t even need to do that as the galaxy S5 2800 Milliamp battery will keep you going for longer than the smaller 1400 Milliamp battery found in the iPhone 5S


Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 Vector.


9.  And as if those two previous points weren’t enough, if you really needed to squeeze more life out of a single charge, the galaxy S5 also has an ultra power saving mode that helps the battery lasts you for up to an additional 24 hrs on just a 10% charge.


10.  The stock (default) keyboard on the galaxy S5 has a dedicated number row while also having the option of long pressing for secondary symbols.  But if the stock keyboard isn’t for you, on the galaxy S5 you have the option of downloading third party keyboards so you won’t be stuck with just the keyboard that the phone came with.


11.  Just like how you can download third party keyboard, on the galaxy S5 you can also download third party launchers, allowing you to customize your home screen and apps to look just the way you like and not the way some company thinks your phone is supposed to look.


12.  On the topic of customization,  the lock screen of the galaxy S5 can be customized too with different unlocked effects, different clocks and even a wallpaper that automatically changes every few hours showing you different places all over the world!


13.  The galaxy S5 has NFC capabilities meaning you can use your phone for things like making payments, tapping your phone to another compatible phone for easy file transferring and maybe best of all, you can use NFC tags to help automate some of the things that you do on a everyday basis.


14.  Unlike the iPhone 5S, the galaxy S5 is IP67 certified meaning that it’s both dust and water resistant which can potentially help save your phone from damage due to the natural elements.


15.  With private mode on the galaxy S5, you can hide just about any file on your phone like a picture or a video with it only being visible to you when the password protected private mode is enabled.


16.  If you ever run into trouble, with the galaxy S5 you can triple tap the power button to automatically send a text to the people on your emergency contact list with your location, a picture from the front and rear cameras, a sound recording so then that way, the people who receive the message can get an idea of where you are and what’s actually happening to you.


17.  On the galaxy S5 you can add widgets to the home screen so you can get the information you need right then and there on your home screen without actually having to open a full blown app.


18.  If you have a missed notification on the iPhone 5S, you see nothing on the screen when the screen is off.  On the galaxy S5 on the other hand, you get a blinking LED light letting you know of missed notifications without you having to turn on the screen to check.


19.  With a toolbox featuring the galaxy S5, you can have a persistent floating menu on the screen wherever you go, giving you quick and easy access to up to five customizable apps, making multitasking between them a breeze.


20.  On the galaxy S5 you can take advantage of all that extra screen real estate with multi-window which lets you use two apps on the screen at the same time for the ultimate multi-tasking experience.


21.  While the apps on the iPhone 5S has advantages of its own, the play store on the galaxy S5 has the advantage of offering a fifteen minute return policy for paid apps, so that way you won’t end up getting stuck paying for an app that doesn’t really live up to the hype.

22.  While the iPhone has always been known as one of the easiest smart phones to use, the galaxy S5 with easy mode enabled takes easy to a whole new level with a super simplified interface and extra large text that may be a better choice for those of us who are not that tech savvy.


23.  On the back of the galaxy S5, you have a build in heart rate monitor that comes along with samsung’s S-Health app where you can not only measure your heart rate but also keep track of your diet and exercise all in one convenient place.


24.  Unlike the iPhone 5S, the galaxy S5 has an IR blaster which lets you use your smart phone as a remote for things like your TV, sound systems, blue ray player and if compatible, even your air conditioner.

25.  When you buy the Galaxy S5 you get over $500.00 worth of freebies or what samsung likes to call “Galaxy Gifts” which includes things like 50 GB of dropbox, three months of linkedin premium, $15 worth of in-game credit and many other freebies and specials available exclusively to owners of the galaxy S5

And if you are most interested in buying the Samsung Galaxy S5, it is available on amazon for the cheapest price so go and check it out here —->> AMAZON

Now, that about does it for the top reasons I think that the samsung galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.  I hope that this have helped you to know some main differences about these two really smart phones.  Also check out the reverse comparison here.

So what do you think?  Do you find the Samsung Galaxy S5 better or worst than the apple iPhone 5S.  Share your thoughts below.


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The New iPhone 7 And iOS 9 – What I Want to See

The New iPhone 7 – What We All Want To See

This is my thought about the coming out of the new iPhone 6s or the new iphone  7.   I thought that because the iPhone 6 has been such a success  and since to be honest apple has really shaped the market whether or not as androids lovers like to believe it.
I thought that probably its a good time to share my opinions on their next smart phone which will most likely will be the new iPhone 6s or the new iPhone 7, more than likely the 6s, but nonetheless we can’t argue that apple hasn’t changed the way we see our devices.  I think that if the iPhone wasn’t introduced when it was the whole marketplace would be well behind where it is now.
Who knows if even today we would have smart phones?  If you actually think about the progression of phones before the actual iPhone was announced, every year they were making very incremental improvements that were sort of may make a slight software update.
The actual levels of games playable on those set of devices were incredibly weak compared to what we have available now on our devices, and I think that it is only now since we have these smart phones market came to be that every year we have come to see the performances double, triple and really leap forward in terms of technology and multiple things we can now do with these devices.
This is all because of apple, I am going to be straight forward with what I am saying, android have obviously sped up the process in recent years but I think that it really does boil down to Steve Jobs and his team behind him at the time of the official release of the original iPhone.
Apple have made a lot of progress since the first iPhone came out, their software have evolved overtime; from iOS 1 to iOS 8.  Although it may seem to some that there have only really been one big change which came in the iOS 7 that changed the way the iPhone looks.
But to be honest, there have been a lot of big improvements throughout, I think that a lot of these software innovation has actually come beside the new iPhone releases, they have actually added useful features at every single stage of the iPhone cycle.
It is probably the first time the screen size has really taken the big step forward is with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus which has been recently been released and they have sold amazingly.
I got to learn that on the launch day there have been some iPhone that has been sold online for over $1000.00 just because of avid apple fans really wanted to get their hands on them and that was one of the only way.
So the new iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7 is something that I really have high hopes for, I think that looking at what they have done with the apple iPad air 2; they can really make a thin device, apple really know what they are doing here in terms of engineering.
Somehow with the iPad air we thought it was impossibly thin, and yet apple managed to literally double the performance, increase the GPU performance by around 40% and still make it slimmer!  It is truly a fascinating feat in engineering by apple.
In the next iPhone, I personally do not want to see a higher resolution display, I don’t necessarily want to see a lot of gimmicky new features, I don’t want to see enhanced fingerprint sensor control and that kind of thing.  The top things I really want to see are first and foremost:


I think that is something that a lot of the iPhone family is missing and they really do; you really feel it when you switch from an android device because it is a really good feature.





I think that the camera lens really needs to take a step up in terms of size. There is only so far that many mega pixel can go before they start to become limited by the size and quality of the sensor.



I think that apple should really increase the speaker quality.  Considering the iPhone and the apple iPod set of line is basically their trademark and their whole flagship music listening device line, I think that they should really pay more attention to how music sounds so I think that they should build in a real top notch equalizer; probably a digital amp as well to improve the sound quality too, its therefore optimal to add.



broken phone
The amount of people I see with shattered/smashed iPhone screens its ridiculous, even iPhone 6 and the 6 plus; none of them have really stood the test of time like a lot of android devices have.
I think there is really one place apple needs to work on.  The device does not need to be impossibly thin nor so light that you can barely feel it in your hands, it needs to be strong enough to stand out two years and more so you can enjoy your phone for longer.
This was just my thought on the next new phone that apple will come out with and what I really would love to see and I think that many apple users will share the same opinion as well.
So what do you think?  Do you agree with me on this one or is apple just great as it is?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below and I will personally engage in less that 48 hours.  Once again thank you for visiting and I hope that you did find the page informative and necessary.

Vizio 42 Inch M-Series LED TV Review – Best Value For Under $500.00

In this column, I will review the Vizio 42 inch M-series LED TV.

This is the review of the Vizio 42 inch M-series LED TV model numbers and description as well as a link to go purchase it on Amazon.

Product: VIZIO E420i-B0 42-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV

Price: $400.00

Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon

Size: 42 inches

My Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Item Model Number: E420i-B0

Speaker Type: Built-in

Vizio 42 Inch M-Series LED TV Review - Best Value For Under $500.00

See also:

===>TOP 7 TV With Built-In DVD Player

So this is a very cool TV,  it’s $500 and you can even find it cheaper and it poses an extremely good value for what you get.

You get a metal frame construction, you get a glossy screen and the display itself is LED with 14 LED zones that are active and they can disable themselves and make the screen have such good contrasts.

It’s maybe difficult for you to picture it, you have to see it in person, but the black parts of the screen are so dark that if you turn off the lights in your room and then you go ahead and switch over to a screen that is mostly black, your room will be pitch black.

There is no light coming out of the LEDs in the area of the screen that is black, and it gives the deepest contrast.

In terms of the overall image quality, I really think it is a winner. If you’re someone who is in a place where you’re gonna have a lot of lights, for example, sunlight, you’re most likely not going to enjoy the screen.

It’s very glossy, the screen is a very glassy type of gloss it doesn’t have a weird formation to it, it’s very flat.

The monitor, in general, is very premium, it’s a very premium set- up and honestly for five hundred dollars I don’t think you can do much better.

As for the Vizio software for the apps, whenever you hit the button on your remote that opens up the apps that you have on your hot bar, you will be able to quickly scroll through and switch over to something like Spotify.

Certain applications allow you to open them up while you are watching television, Spotify not so much.

The quality of the applications for example; Spotify is very good, it’s like using it on a desktop it works extremely well and overall is just a great set up that they have.

You can also open up applications on the left side of your screen rather than having to open them up to the full screen.

There is a great selection of applications, you will find eBay, Amazon, and a whole array of others that you would not normally see on a TV.

There are currently 120 apps pre-installed and I am sure many more will be added in the future.

Overall I find the interface for navigating around your apps and things like that to be a little slow at times, but it is very good compared to some other TVs on the market.

If you enjoy gaming, this TV will be a very good buy as well, it is very much compatible with the Sony PS4

and Microsoft XBOX ONE.

The speakers sound great, very rich, very good dynamic range.  Vizio has done a very good job at creating a speaker that has good bass, treble and all around this has a good range.

You really get a good crisp range of sound.  When you are listening to music from the TV, it doesn’t sound flat at all, it has a good dynamic range of sounds.



Overall there is only one big flaw I have about this TV and its actually a minor flaw; the remote.

It looks nice, it’s not that bad, it has a great gloss inside of the buttons, I really like the design of it.

The good layout looks premium, it’s plastic of course, but it is still pretty good and on the back, you have a keyboard.

The keyboard is extremely good, it feels great, the layout is great.  The only problem I think with this is that there is a backlight on the keyboard.

The backlight on the keyboard is bright, looks good at night just like it should and it works great.

Say you are in the dark using the keyboard and all of a sudden you say to yourself “I need to check my menu real quick for the TV” you flip it over and you can’t find your menu.

There is no backlight on the front of the remote which I find to be a very weird decision.

I do not know what was the thought behind this design., but there should have been a light at the front of the remote for easy access to the keys.

Luckily you can program your cable box remote to work with the TV.

So with all that being said,  I hoped this helped you to make a decision on what television you are going to buy.

I think this is a great value for under $500 and actually, if you have more than $500 in your budget there are actually higher up models that have very similar features/qualities to this television.

You can buy a 60 inch or something around 60 inches with the same exact qualities; the aluminum structure on the outside, the all-around incredible contrast ratio, and display quality.

I think it is a great TV.  If you are interested in checking it out just click below.

Vizio 42 Inch M-Series LED TV Review - Best Value For Under $500.00

Click here to check it out on Amazon

If you did enjoy this review or may have any questions or would just like to leave your own personal review, I would be more than happy to engage in conversation.

I tend to reply to questions or comments in less than 24 hrs.  Thank you and do lookout for more reviews soon.

Thank you.