7 Best Toy Cash Register with Microphone

Best Toy Cash Register with Microphone Most parents are always on the lookout for smart options. Particularly when it comes to enlightening your kids on subjects deemed to be tiresome to most – like mathematics. Kids are usually thrilled to see cash registers. The units are always available at most grocery stores, and children are … Read more

Toy Rocking Horse With Springs – TOP 7 BEST List

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7 BEST Toy Animals That Poop

Toy Animals That Poop Kids don’t only find the poop as conspicuous and hilarious, but also there is a powerful psychological constituent. Pooping animal toys have been in the market for some time now. In fact, for the last five years, these toys have been undergoing tremendous advancement. The toys being introduced to the market … Read more

7 Best Toy Dog That Walks And Barks

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7 BEST Toys That Repeat What You Say

Toys That Repeat What You Say A Toy that Repeats What You Say is a kid’s toy collection that has a sound synthesizer fitted in it. When kids talk or sing in front of it, the audio synthesizer records it and plays it back in a funny high-pitched voice. This type of toy is ideal … Read more