Why Is The iPhone 5S Better Than The Galaxy S5 – Top Reasons

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S are two of the most popular smart phones out right now, so today I am going to be comparing them.  This post will look into 25 reasons why  the Apple iPhone 5S is better than the Galaxy S5.  This does not mean that overall the Apple iPhone is a better phone, but I am giving some reasons why some people may find the Apple iPhone to be a better device.  To make it convenient for you, I have also done a reverse review on why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a better phone than the Apple iPhone 5S.   After reading both reviews you will have a better idea of what phone you may think is best for you.  Have fun comparing and leave a comment at the end of the page to share your thoughts.


1. The iPhone 5S with its aluminum body, gorgeous edges and sapphire crystal home button, has what most people would consider to be a much more premium look and feel to it than the more plasticky Galaxy S5.

2. In addition to the build quality, the iPhone 5S is also smaller, thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S5, making it a bit more easy to carry in the pocket and easier to hold in your hand.

3. While this advantage is becoming less and less of a selling point for IOS in general, the fact still remains that right now the app store in the apple iPhone still has a better selection of apps, with more IOS first and IOS exclusive apps available than the play store on the Galaxy S5.

4. On the Galaxy S5 you can’t get any of apple’s apps like Siri, iMessage or FaceTime, but with the iPhone, not only do you have apple’s apps, but you also get to have google’s as well with apps such as google now, hangouts and more, all available for free on the App Store so you get the best of both worlds with the iPhone.

5. One thing you don’t get on the iPhone 5S is the annoying and un-installable preloaded carrier apps that plague some of the carrier versions of the Galaxy S5.

6. Under the privacy setting of the iPhone, you can see what an app has access to on your phone and if you don’t feel comfortable with something an app can access, you can just switch it off without having to delete the app completely like you would with the Galaxy S5.

7. On the iPhone 5S, you can tap the notification bar while on any screen to easily scroll to the top of whatever you are looking at, which can be really convenient to you when the list gets long.

8. With guided access, you can lock the iPhone 5S to any app that you want, so if you want to hand your phone to your child or even your friend, you will not have to worry about them getting access to anything else like some personal files.

9. While both the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 have fingerprint scanners, the one on the iPhone is much more convenient to use as you don’t have to swipe your fingers across it, making doing things like unlocking your phone a lot quicker.

10. Because the iPhone 5S gets its update straight from apple, you will be updated to the latest version of IOS just about right after apple releases it, whereas on the Galaxy S5, it can take anywhere from around a few weeks to several months before you get an update after it has been released.

11. On the iPhone 5S, you can raise the phone to your ear to use Siri through the earpiece so that way you can do voice searches in public without disturbing anyone or letting anybody know what you are searching.

12. Unlike the Galaxy S5, when you connect a bluetooth accessory to the iPhone 5S you get an icon in the notification bar indicating the battery life of the connected device or accessory.

13. The lighting port on the iPhone 5S is reversible so you can plug it in to charge in either direction making plugging in it at night when the lights are off so much easier on the iPhone than it is on the Galaxy S5 with its protective flap.

14. When you want to send a large video file via email on the Galaxy S5, you might witness an error message with no suggestive solutions, whereas on the iPhone 5S sending the same video file results in the iPhone automatically comprising the video for you and sending it seamlessly.

15. Historically speaking, iPhone have had better resale value than Galaxy S meaning, in a year or two from now there is a good chance that you will get more cash back for the iPhone 5S than you would for the Galaxy S5.

16. Because the iPhone 5S has flat edges all the way around, it can sit perfectly on top any flat surface which can be useful for situations like when you want to watch a video without having to have to hold the phone in your hands, or if you want to take an automatic 360 panorama with apps like twister.

17. From pretty much anywhere you can copy and paste on the iPhone 5S, you have the option of having selected text read back to you out loud; ideal for long articles or when you just don’t have the time to look away from what you are currently doing.

18. While the Galaxy S5 has the advantage of being compatible with Samsung’s own Galaxy gear, generally speaking, the iPhone 5S is compatible with more devices, with them often times been made to work specifically with the iPhone.

19. The dedicated vibrate switch on the iPhone 5S lets you conveniently silence the phone without having to turn the screen on.  The switch also access a visual indicator so you can tell if your phone silence or not with a quick glance which can help you ovoid those embarrassing moments when your phone rings when you don’t want it to.

20. The iPhone 5S with its dual core A7 chip outperforms the Galaxy S5 giving you a smoother and more responsive experience overall.

21. On the back of the iPhone 5S, you will find two LED lights that together give you better and more natural looking light when taking photos than the single LED found on the Galaxy S5.

22. The iPhone 5S BURST SHOT last for much longer than the Galaxy S5, all but guaranteeing you that you will be able to capture that perfect Kodak moment.

23. Sometimes those Kodak moments are better to be captured in slow-motion.  With the iPhone 5S, not only do you get 720P slow motion video, but you also get audio to go along with that video making reliving those moments even more epic.

24. The iPhone 5S has three microphones compared to the Galaxy S5’s two which results in a much better quality sounds and videos and also offers better voice quality for people on the other end of your phone calls.

25. The iPhone 5S’s bottom facing speaker offers both loader and better quality sound than the single rear speaker found on the Galaxy S5.

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So what do you all think about the review?  Do you agree or disagree?  I would love to know your thoughts on this topic.  Comment below with questions and hopefully this have helped you to choose the right phone for you or your loved one.  And please remember to also check out the reverse review here on why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.

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