Choosing The Right Sony Laptop/Tablet Device For Your Needs – Best Options

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Hello again and welcome.  If you have reached this page, chances are you are in the market looking for a laptop or a tablet, I know that can be an overwhelming decision, with all the different brands, different models and different features out there, but I am about to give you some advise that will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Read on…

There are three questions you want to ask yourself when you are looking for a new laptop or tablet.  The first is:
-Home or Office?
-Taking it with you on the go?

The second is:

-Generalized task?
-Specialized things (Video editing etc.)?

And the third is:

-1 year or two?
-Longterm Investment (Over 5 Years)?

Categories For You To Look Into


The first category I am going to be looking into are Netbooks.  These are great because they are lightweight and they are portable, but they are not great main machines, these are geared for basic portable task like surfing the net, checking your email, and updating your documents.
One example is the Sony VAIO which is Sony’s netbook, it is super lightweight, making it an ideal device that you can bring absolutely everywhere with you.  There are also other ultra portable options that have come up just in the last year or two that are really amazing.  I am referring to tablets and Sony has a couple of those as well.  Lets take a look into them.


 Tablets are a great option if you don’t need a keyboard all the time and if you are looking for something with a little more entertainment value; doing things like watching movies, playing games, downloading apps for your smart phones, listening to music.  These are kind of like media consumption devices.


Some of things that you may want to consider when choosing a tablet are the size and the weight of the device, because most likely these are things that you will be carrying around all the time in your pocket and something that you are going to be watching a lot of stuff on so you want it to be comfortable for you. The Sony S has a 9.4 inch touch screen and the Sony P has dual 5.5 inch touch screen.


The other thing you are going to want to look at is the operating system, so obviously there is Apple with their IOS system, blackberry has a tablet OS and Sony uses the Android on their tablets.



The other thing you want to take into consideration is if the tablet is 3G or no 3G Data.  3G Data is the same data that you would have on your cell phone, so the upside of that is that you have internet everywhere regardless of whether there is wifi, the downside is the devices tend to be a little bit more expensive and you are probably going to need a service plan to use that data, just like how you would on your phone.


You are most likely going to be keeping a lot of apps and a lot of media files on these tablets and you want to make sure you have the room to do so.  Most tablets start at 16GB.  The Sony S comes in a 16GB or 32GB model.


Another thing you want to look at is unique features.  Look at the design of the tablet, see how it feels to you, go out to a store and see how it feels when you carry it around, the Sony S comes in a magazine form which is really balanced for your hand, it also comes with the playstation suite so you can play a lot of games right on your tablet.
Just think about your lifestyle and what you are going to be using it for and what specific features are perfect for you.
Tablets are great for the limited task they are designed for, but if you are looking for an all around everyday computer here is the stuff that you are going to want to look for:
 -Start at intel core i3, but consider intel core i5 if you plan on owning it for two years
-At least 500 GB
-Consider up to 750 GB for sharing lots of photos, music and videos
-Go with 13 inches for more mobility
-At least 15 inches for best HD viewing experience

-Make sure it lasts long enough if you are always using it on the go….

Sony’s everyday laptops are the E, C and S series, they all have the basics you need plus the ability to upgrade it if you are looking for a longer term investment.
There are a lot of laptops in the everyday range and they come in various sizes and forms, keep things in mind like screen size if you are someone who likes to watch a lot of movies on your laptop, or overall laptop size and battery life if you are someone who does a lot of traveling.
Sony’s S series is a great pick for business travelers.  If you are somebody who does more intensive specialized work, lets take a look at some laptops for your needs:

PC Gamers and video editors need laptops with more power; an example is the Sony Vaio F series.

This is a bigger laptop with a bigger screen in the 16 inch range, it even displays full HD or even 3D if you get the Vaio F 3D version and it comes with a dedicated graphics card to do all of that intense graphics processing that you are going to do in games and video.  The tradeoff is that it is a bigger machine, it is not as portable as some devices.

So there are premium laptops for people who want a high quality laptop and if you are willing to invest more into future proofing and do not want to make any future tradeoff you want to go with a premium laptop.

These are the computers with everything; they come with a higher price tag, but there are definitely some good reasons for this.  One example is the Sony Z series; this is just as light in size and weight as a lot of the top laptops, but it also has that fast processor and all that storage space and the great graphics capabilities as the higher great laptops on the market.

There are a lot of choices that you can make when it comes to buying a new Sony device but with a few easy questions you can narrow down your options and get the computer that is best suited to your needs.

Still I recommend you do your research online before you buy anything.  You can go to the official website of Sony or buy it on Amazon for the cheapest price.

Once again thank you for visiting and do look out soon for more of the top recommendations and reviews on today’s hottest and best gadgets and devices out there.

Leave a comment or suggestion below if you would like and I will be happy to engage and provide you with answers in less than 48 hrs.

All the best to you getting your new gadget.

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    • Hey David, thank you and I am sure that you are having a good time on this day. Be good and please let me know if there are any suggestions on anything at all.

  1. Your site has a lot of important information it really makes you not want to stop reading. I found the post very useful I like how easy it was to understand and agree with the information. Great job. I look forward to reading more post from you!

    • Hi Amanda, thank you for your comment. I am here to guide people in the right way to choose the right device for their own personal use. Glad that you found the information useful. Looking forward to more engagement going forward.

  2. Hi Jason.

    Me and my wife are in the process of buying a laptop for our son.

    The thing is, she wants to go to the store and see, touch, etc what she wants, rather than buy online. I’m that way too (with some things) but I do shop online. If we see what she like in store I’ll come back (if she doesn’t buy in store) I’ll come back here.

    • Hey Noel, as I mentioned in the post, sometimes it is good to go to the store and see the physical product and “test” it for yourself to make a final decision. Bear in mind thought that you can get some of the best deals online which is not always available when you go to the actual store to purchase.

      I appreciate you once more Noel and hope that your wife will make a smart purchase on whatever computer that she chooses for your son. Let me know if you would like any suggestions.

  3. Hi Jason,
    I really appreciate how clearly your information is laid out. I usually use a desktop for a couple of reasons. But I have been thinking lately about laptops and tablets for their portability.

    I don’t understand some of the technology. What does 3G mean?

    Also I have to say, I don’t like the new windows style. It is mostly app based. I realize that apps are all the rage, but it scares me how much info they want from people in order to sign up to an app. Many of them want to post their stuff thru your app. Some of them want access to everything from your contact list to your personal phone number.

    I have resorted to just turning them off on my phone apps and use it for talking. I try to be careful of anything that wants my contact list. It doesn’t seem right to me. I am kind of stuck about this technology.

    The new laptops come loaded with apps that are like this.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hello Daisy,

      Thanks for visiting and thank you for your questions too!

      To answer your first question about 3G. It is just a term that tells you that your device can be connected to the internet wirelessly. 4G is a faster connection if you would like to know.

      Most apps are great especially if you use iPhone or android applications. YOU do not really need to be scared about this technology thing, it helps out more and more each day. Yes, as you know as well, be sensible when doing anything online and be careful not to give your personal information out to anyone who you do not trust.

      I personally use a Macbook, and it is working out quite well for me. This is what I would suggest based up off my experience with MacBooks vs Windows PC.

      Glad that I could have helped you in any way daisy. You can always reach me by email or contact me over at Wealthy Affiliate where I spend most of my time.




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