Do You Know What Google Means? – What Does Google Mean?

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What does google mean?


What Does Google Mean?

What is the meaning of the world’s number one visited website according to  (See Below)

google alexa

This should be an easy answer, why didn’t I just searched for it?  “I just did” you say to yourself.  Now since you are on this website, I will let you know what the name of google stands for.

The word google is very interesting, I myself have asked this question because I wanted to know the answer.  I guess that you are here now because you also want to know the answer.  My first thought was that google was an acronym which means something.  So I investigated some more and came up with these answers:

Lets get into it then…

So google, based up off my research means:

Do You Know what google means? - What does google mean?

According to my dictionary definition, google means search for information about (someone or something) on the internet using the search engine Google.

This means that…

Whatever/whomever you want to know some information about, just plug it into google to find out.  They are dedicated to providing the best answers for searchers on the internet.

I also have a list of possible  ACRONYM meanings of google.  Take a look below:

What google mean


Did you know the meaning of google before you visited this webpage?

What have you learned today?  Share your answers in the comments section below.

You can also read more about google on wikipedia for a more in-depth look at the browser giants.

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  1. Great content. Thank you for sharing this information, it’s great for the people that didn’t really engage before in the computer world and also for me.

    I’m looking forward to more informative content in your website.

    To develop my knowledge about these kinds of things in the computer, thats really important to know.

    • Glad that you found some useful content here. More and more exciting reviews and suggestions will be made soon.

      Thank you for passing thought.


  2. The verb “to google” came originally from Google’s name itself because Google was the dominating search engine and made searching for things on internet popular. It’s similar to the verb “to hoover”, which came from the company name “Hoover” since it was the pioneering vacuum cleaner company.

    • Matthew, thank you for providing some extra information about google. You have made a great point; they are truly the great pioneers of search engine.



  3. Great in depth review of what ‘Google’ means. I had absolutely no idea that each letter stood for something. We just get so used to saying the word without asking or knowing it’s true meaning. Thanks for this!

  4. “Group of Organisms, Giggling, Laughing, and Enjoying” definitely had me giggling. I never really thought about Google being an acronym, but it makes sense that it could have originated from one.

    Useless Google related trivia fact: The first use Google as a verb on television was in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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