The TOP 7 Best Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

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Best Arrow Rests For Compound BowsAll professional archers are quite familiar with the fact that the quality and performance of an arrow rest would be quite an essential factor for their sport.

It can’t be denied that getting a good quality arrow rest is as important for a bow and arrow as the main component itself.

The support features on these arrow rests are great and they also ensure the proper safety of your archery tools.

The type of arrow rest that you purchase would at times help in determining the stability and accuracy your arrow shows after it gets launched.

Due to this reason, getting the right arrow rest becomes essential.

And for this purpose, we have this purchasing guide for helping you to grow in the sport.

So without any further delay, here are 7 best arrow rests for compound bows through which you can select from:


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TOP 7 Best Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

1. RipCord Code Red Drop-Away Arrow Rest

RipCord Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

When it comes to highly durable and reliable arrow rests, Ripcord gains the trust of its users with not only these features, but it also ensures full comfort with superior performance.

These features help the archer to yield much better accuracy for shooting and also ensure comfort for users.

With 100% arrow containment, while becoming a high durable launcher, this arrow rest also offers unceasing durability stretch.

The arrow rest is truly versatile as it is easily able to mount on top of any riser through its side mounting arm.

The arrow rest’s body is fully aluminum-coated making it a fine choice if you’re worried about damage through rusting.

This arrow rest is available with durable type rubber that helps the archer in molding easily launching the arrow rest also when he is being nocked.

Archers get a wider riser range through windage adjustment. The internal braking system helps in the prevention of jerks for the launcher arm.


  • ✅ Has a full containment for the arrow

  • ✅ Built with silencing body material

  • ✅ Can easily adjust with gradation and marks

  • ✅ Can be tuned easily

  • ✅ Has internal brake for locking the launcher


  • ❌ Replacement for activation cord not easily available

2. Truglo Down-Draft Cable-Driven Full-Containment Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Truglo Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

This unique arrow rest from Truglo remains to be quite a reputable option for best arrow rests for compound bows with a simple model for setup and simplistic design.

Archers won’t have to waste a lot of effort to go through the whole manual before you fully assemble it.

Also, while you’re installing the arrow rest, it wouldn’t be essential to make use of the bow press.

Due to such reasons, Truglo Down Craft Arrow Rest remains to be the favorite of a lot of target shooters.

Also, this compound arrow rest model remains to have the perfect balance for maintaining straight flight with accuracy; else, this would wobble and distort aims.

Due to this reason, people prefer arrow rests that provide them with little accessories.


  • ✅ Ideal for both right and left-handed people

  • ✅ Can easily adjust and set up

  • ✅ Quietness through rubber dampening

  • ✅ Has solid metallic design for construction to get durability

  • ✅ This remains to be an ideal option for both newbie and expert archer professionals.


  • ❌ Fast drop with higher ratio of FPS

3. Quality Archery Design QAD Ultra Rest HDX

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

The company QAD is relentless in its objective to come up with the best arrow rests for compound bows, and with their newly introduced BowtechUltrarest, they now remain to be a step closer.

They remain to be among the leading bow rest producers and you can easily trust their products to provide the best possible features for your bow rest.

This is blended well with a lot of features that archers typically expect from products such as Quality Archery Design with a lot of other higher-end models.

The product is designed with higher quality stainless steel in addition to exquisite resistant abilities for rusting. You can simply be sure that you’ve gotten a great arrow rest that will last for a lot of years.

This is available through the help of a Lockdown mechanism that can help in automatically setting the arrow rest in the position of a drop in case the launcher falls.

Professional Archers enjoy the arrow rest’s anti-vibration mechanism and feel its launcher as they make arrow rest among the silent models in the market.

The best thing here is that both these features allow you to shoot without getting bits of loss inconsistency.

Through its high speed of more than 400fps, the arrow launcher drops at a great speed with higher accuracy and the exact points that you’ve shot.

This is quite a versatile rest for arrows as it can be available in right and left-hand types with whole arrow containment.

The arrow easily compresses noise because of its cam-brake, laser-cut, and dampeners available with it.


  • ✅ Users can avoid any vibration through the lock feature

  • ✅ Has large arrow containment

  • ✅Is quite versatile with sleek designing

  • ✅ Simple drop feature

  • ✅ The arrow has indicators to get accurate adjustments for shots


  • ❌ Can easily wear down

  • ❌ Installation becomes quite difficult

4. NAP Apache Right Hand Compound Arrow Rest

NAP Apache Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 Degree Dampening arrow rest is among the best arrow rests for compound bows available with camouflaging finish. With this color, it looks even tougher quite similar to old boots.

The compound arrow rest has a 360-degree dampening effect for sound making it among the quietest ones while you’re throwing arrows.

While chances for a quiet operation are quietless, the resting arrow would be quiet as a whisper. For most archers after using this product they feel other rests for arrows to be quite louder.

Among a lot of things people love about these arrow rests is that people won’t have to make use of different tools for its adjustment.

You have to just set it and get going. The impressive thing about this arrow rest is its laser graduations due to which fine-tuning becomes quite simple.

The arrow case is made through metal and delivers great performance no matter what the condition is.

The durable containment cage is made through aluminum with quite a thick wall lining at the insides. With this feature, your arrows become intact without even falling and they are contained.


  • ✅ Simple tuning and set up operation

  • ✅ No contact for fletching

  • ✅ Has a solid construction for launching

  • ✅ Superior power for dampening of sound

  • ✅ Aluminum containment


  • ❌ The arrows are relatively heavy for bows

  • ❌ Arrow nocking is quite hard while being above containment cage

  • ❌ Ideal only for right-handed individuals

5. Vapour Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, RH

Vapour Trail Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Among the different arrow rests that have been user-friendly and which are quite easy to set up, Vapour Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest remains to be one of the best.

The Vapor Trail limbDriver Pro V Rest is available as an upgrade for a lot of arrow rests available in the market. This expressly gets built through metal instead of different parts that are built with a rubber material.

Among the different reasons, one reason is that the activation cord doesn’t get attached to the limb. Thus, you won’t need to perform a bow press for the proper functioning of the activation cord.

One interesting aspect of using the rest is you’re able to adjust the support sidearm with a level where it would offer arrow support.

You can easily decide how stiff it has to become.


  • ✅ Setup is quite simple

  • ✅ Large sized containment crate

  • ✅ Extended support duration for the arrows

  • ✅ Adjustment of tension springs

  • ✅ Superior limb rest for arrows


  • ❌ Has bouncing back containment cage issues

  • ❌ Strings cause Hindrances

6. TRUGLO Storm Capture Rest Right Hand/Left Hand Black

TRUGLO Storm Capture Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Truglo seems to be among the most recommended tool companies when we’re looking to buy archer tools having a minimalistic and simplistic design.

The Storm Capture rest for the arrow remains to be another versatile utility tool available by Truglo and has quite a sleek design with a friendly appearance.

Among the benefits that you get with this arrow rest, would be that this is meant both for right and left-handed individuals.

Also, let’s suppose you wish to change sides, the arrow rest would let you do that with ease.

The brushes can be adjusted and tuned well to the desired length. With the brush, you can get the high speed of the full shot.

An attractive feature is that you can simply change the launcher.

The rest of the arrows is also compatible with most professional launchers.


  • ✅ The product isn’t much susceptible to functional wear and tear

  • ✅ Has a sleek design with a smooth texture

  • ✅ Ideal for left as well as right-handed individuals

  • ✅ Incredible cage for containment

  • ✅ The brush is easily adjustable


  • ❌ Wouldn’t work quite great on fletching

7. Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

Arrow Rests For Compound Bows

The Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit is among the renowned best arrow rests for compound bows available from Trophy Ridge company for convenient use of bowhunters and archers alike.

The arrow rest is typically recognized for its installation ease with just simple tools that include Allen wrenches.

It can be agreed that is quite an ideal option for beginners and experts as well. This can be a good buy as this is the best possible you can get from the Whisker Biscuits lineup from the provider Trophy Ridge.

Among the unique selling points of this product is its quietness.

The arrow rest here is designed through whisks on a containment cage that can be quite brushy and helps in dampening noises emanating whenever you’re able to release and load arrows. However, the whisks are meant to reduce arrow velocity.

The redesigned frame is quite durable and works with an efficient slider. With respect to the handling, it is also available with a reversible mounting structure that can easily switch the rest to other bow sides depending on the hand you use for shooting.


  • ✅ Reversible medium mounting design is meant for simple dual handedness

  • ✅ Noise-free arrow loading with custom rubber boots

  • ✅ Can easily be setup

  • ✅ Works well for both beginners and experts alike

  • ✅ Superior gradation reference

  • ✅ Simple correction with advanced adjustment for windage


  • ❌ Isn’t ideal in different weather conditions

  • ❌ Reduction in arrow speed through whisks in containment cage

Bottom Line

While going through a lot of options in the market, a new buyer would easily get muddled on making a smart purchasing decision.

And for this reason, we’ve listed these arrow rests for compound bows and arrows.

Keep in mind that what might work for others might not work for you.

So, make sure you know what your requirements are.

All these are the best arrow rests for compound bows which are all versatile and with the best qualities in the market.


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10 thoughts on “The TOP 7 Best Arrow Rests For Compound Bows”

  1. The list you have here looks awesome. However, I got the RIPCORD arrow 2 months ago, prior to that time, I had been looking at different drop away rests for about a year before getting it.

    A hunting buddy of mine has shot a Ripcord arrow rest for years and after comparing his to other rests on the market, I decided to get one of my own.

    Most of the other rests that I considered then, didn’t offer any sort of containment, which ultimately made me decide to go with the ripcord rest.

    No one wants to be pulling back on a deer, or another game animal, just to have your arrow fall off the side of the rest (lol!).

    Nice write up!

    • Hey Jordan!

      Awesome job getting set up with the Ripcord rest. It’s truly one of the more professional arrows rests out on the market.

      Another great thing is that it will last you for a significant time.

      All the best with your hunting.

  2. I have just found love in archery and I understand that when one wants to go hunting, it is very important that one goes with a rest that will aid with aiming. 

    The last time when I borrowed my friend’s equipment, I see that he had some issues with his own rest. 

    I am just gathering mine so I want to buy three different rests.

    The list you gave here is very good.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Jason,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about the best arrow rests. My daughter has recently taken up archery and I wonder which of the arrow rests you might recommend for her (she is 12 years old and average-sized)? Your impartial advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hello Jason, 

    You have some beautiful suggestions here and they are all good in their various ways. 

    My wife is into archery and her skill is really improving since she started in January. 

    I have heard her complain about her accuracy not being good because of the bow and I was always in the dark when she talks about it. 

    Now that I know what can help and quite a list for her to pick from, I’ll share her this post so she can pick.

    • Hey there Benson,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, one of these arrow rests should be able to help her improve her shot accuracy.

      It’s just a matter of getting used to it and practicing her target in a consistent manner.  

  5. I really like the listing here. All the arrow rest are really good in their own rights while they all have their downsides too. 

    I’m a big fan of archery and though I may not be a professional in the field, I try my best possible efforts to ensure that I always engage in the competitive side too once a while or when on hunting. 

    From the listed here, I like the Truglo Drop Away Arrow Rest the most, especially because it is usable for both right and left-handed people. 

    Good one


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