? Top 7 Toy Shaving Kits For Kids

Toy Shaving Kits For KidsTop 7 Best Toy Shaving Kits For Kids

Your kid can experience immense fun by playing with shaving kit toys.

These toys allow your child to plan independently.

In addition to developing their imagination and exploration, they are beneficial in expanding the vocabulary of your child.

These perfect shaving kits play a vital role in providing hours of fun to your kids.

They are also regarded as an effective option for encouraging motor skills and creative play development in your child.

The market is filled with a wide array of these shaving kit toys, so if you’re looking for the best of these toys for your kids, then go through this list below:

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7. Lakeshore My First Shaving Kit Learning

It contributes to being a popular toy shaving kit that comes with a whirling blow dryer, electric razor, and moving parts hair clippers.

In addition to this, it has a super soft brush along with a bunch of grooming accessories that offer several hours of pretend play to your little one.

It also includes fifteen unique pieces which include a handy zip shut carrying case along with the in-built handle.


  • ✅ Good quality

  • ✅ Comes with well-made accessories

  • ✅ An ideal choice for hands-on learning about personal care

  • ✅ Do not need any batteries


  • ❌ The electric razor and the hairdryer makes a little noise


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


6. Tolo Splash Baby Shaver Children Toy

Tolo Classic brings you the vast array of toys that boast of bright primary colors.

The Tolo Splash Shaver set comes up with the best varieties of toy shaving kit for your children.

It comes in a beautifully wrapped stylish gift box. It can act as a perfect addition to the nursery of your little one.

This toy shaving kit includes a shaving brush, comb, mirror, play razor, and shaving foam.

It is composed of high-quality plastic and is a suitable choice for children under 3 years.

Your kids can play with it in the bath or take it to the beach or the pool.

This toy comes with teething rattles and toys which offer great playful experiences in your little one.

In addition to this, it fuels curiosity and creativity through open-ended play.


  • ✅ Great quality

  • ✅ High durability

  • ✅ Helps in expanding the vocabulary of your kids

  • ✅ Offers developmental benefits


  • ❌ The mirrors do not possess any suction cup and thus you cannot stick them to the walls.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


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5. WPS Play Accessories

This kit boasts of a complete spectrum of high quality and innovative products which offer years of playtime fun.

By choosing these products, children can grab the opportunities for using their imaginations, expressing their feelings, and learning more about the world.

Your little one can do the role play as a barber by choosing this kit.

It is considered to be an ideal choice for boosting motor skill development and creative play.

The items available in this kit are designed for the small hands of your kids.

A hairdryer is available in the kit which functions by blowing air with hands.


  • ✅ Beauty tools for your child to pretend his hair

  • ✅ Improves motor skill development

  • ✅ An ideal choice for family and pretend play

  • ✅ Allow your little one to role play as the barber


  • ❌ Quality is not that great.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


4. PJ Masks Limited Edition Holiday Special

If your baby loves to shave and lather up along with his dad, this grape scented grooming set is considered to be the most ideal choice for them.

This pretend-shaving kit has each and everything for pretend play at your home.

This package comes with a shave/mixing bowl, shave brush, plastic play razor, and unbreakable held mirror, which are decorated with the PJ Masks characters.

It also includes bath foam, grape scented hair gel. This toy set is the best option for kids above three years.


  • ✅ Features non-toxic formula

  • ✅ An ideal choice for children over 3 years

  • ✅ Great shape

  • ✅ Durable


  • ❌ Children under 3 years should not play with it.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


3. Liberty Imports Boys Star Stylist

It is regarded as an ideal choice for pretend play fashion and style.

The kit includes shaving cream, shaver, brush, scissor, comb, curling iron, tool belt, etc.

It also comes with eight fun beauty styling accessories.

Besides this, the kit has a motorized hairdryer which is operated by battery which blows air.


  • ✅ Contains a plethora of grooming products

  • ✅ Encourages creative play and child imagination

  • ✅ An ideal choice for children more than 3 years


  • ❌ The hairdryer barely blows air.

  • ❌ Low durability


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


2. Munchkin See Toy Shaving Kit

Let your child experience a fun bath time by choosing this shaving kit.

It is a suitable choice for children above 3 years.

It is equipped with a bath friendly mirror which plays a vital role in making self-discovery and easy interaction.

With this kit, your kids can learn action, reaction, the coordination of eyes and hands.

This shaving set includes a pretend play shark razor, clear sight mirror along with the octopus bath squirt.

The Clear-Sight mirror provides suction cups and vivid reflection to the walls.


  • ✅ Great suction

  • ✅ Super cute and playful

  • ✅ Amazing bath mirror

  • ✅ Light in weight


  • ❌ The suction cup that comes in this kit is designed for sticking to the tube walls. Hence, it is not going to adhere to the painted walls.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids


1. ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Shaving in the Tub

It is recognized to be a cute pretend-play shaving kit that offers good and clean fun to your little one.

Your little boy will be capable of lathering up for shaving like his father with the aid of this kit.

It comes with an unbreakable mirror, shaving brush, plastic play razor, foaming body soap, and comb.

It is an ideal choice for children above 3 years.


  • ✅ Worth the money

  • ✅ Great suction power

  • ✅ The mirror is unbreakable

  • ✅ Available in great packaging and thus you can gift it to other kids as well


  • ❌ This play kit is not for tots, less than 3 years.


Toy Shaving Kits For Kids



The above-mentioned shaving kits for boys have all the tools, which encourage motor skill development and creative play in your kids.

Whether your child wants to role play or pretends play, they are the most ideal choice for your little one.

According to the reviews of the parents, their children enjoy playing a lot with these Toy Shaving Kits For Kids.



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