Top 7 Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

The Top 7 Best Wooden Blocks For Kids…

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

It is really never by any means too late for you to learn, although, the sooner you begin, the better.

An enjoyable and fun way you can promote your kid’s learning, fine motor and creativity skills are to buy them an exclusive wooden block!


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Wooden Block: What Is It?

Wooden blocks are not a new thing with many of us familiar with them from our early childhood.

But have you ever wondered why they are such popular toys?

Despite their simplicity, they open kids to a whole new world of creating new items on their own.

It makes the process of learning lively and enjoyable!

Not only does establishing structures with these items inspire creativity, but they also stimulate imagination not to mention problem-solving skills in your kid.

Currently, manufacturers present their toy sets with diverse features and shapes that make playing even more captivating and enjoyable.

To help you through the many available options, below is a list of the 7 Best Wooden Blocks For Kids:



Perfectly eco-friendly and made of quality wood, Melisa & Doug building cubes are among the best available wooden kid building blocks.

They have a smooth surface free of furnishing and any paint not to mention rounded corners and edges to guarantee comfortable and safe playing.

This set comes inclusive of 60 different types of shapes such as arches, columns, squares, rectangle, circles, cylinders and triangles.

What’s more, is characterized by a 5.5″  2.75″ 1.375″ standard size unit block small enough to allow easy gripping.

Finally, these blocks come enclosed in a wooden yet durable box which besides storage can act as a typical building platform.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



At times, by simply joining ordinary things, you can establish incredible results.

Embrace a simple magnet into typical wooden blocks and you create a new, more functional toy-which is exactly what Tegu manufacturers did.

Every piece comprises an in-built magnet that allows the kid to create all shape by simply joining them.

Moreover, the blocks attract each other in distinct ways which therefore means that your kid will need to learn and understand how magnets operate.

Its basic cube measures 1.18″ 1.18″ 1.18″ with all the other pieces designed around this particular core module.

It comes with a unique design that will assist your kid in learning shapes and maths while creating different patterns.

What’s more, because it is equipped with wheels, it allows construction of vehicles and other cars.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



Playing helps kids understand and learn faster.

After all, playing is the primary, most enjoyable and simplest method to learn.

Schylling blocks are 1.75″ cubes that are not only easy to build, but also play and subsequently write’ with.

They are designed using solid wood which is subsequently painted with a non-toxic paint to ensure they remain both safe for use and durable.

In addition, it boasts a vibrant decoration that promotes both color and letter recognition.

Besides being embedded with capital letters, 2 of each block’s sides are embedded with capital letters, painted brightly and are complemented by uniformly colored borders.

This is to facilitate both tactile and visual learning.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



With diversity in both color and form, this is a wonderful all-inclusive set that leaves no kid indifferent.

You will need to look for all its classic shapes including:

· Cylinders.

· Cubes.

· Rectangular prisms.

· Arches.

· Triangles among others.

Besides the pieces being small enough for your kid to properly hold by hand, it’s beautiful color and drawings will assist your kid in learning to identify shapes and colors.

Moreover, with its numerous number of building pieces, this set can allow everyone in the family to actively participate in the game activity.

Finally, it is also a good way to build your kid’s maths and fine motor skills.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



For young explorers, this is just the right playing toy.

Hape Set is made using solid wood which is coated with a non-toxic finish.

Unlike other similar sets, this set comes with unique shapes to construct colorful octopuses mainly:

· An accompanying sea turtle.

· Seahorse.

· Whale.

In addition, some pieces are painted with cute plants and sea animals.

In short, there is more to this set than the obvious building of towers.

With numerous uncommon shapes and vibrant colors at his/her disposal, your kid will construct a small sea world!

Furthermore, through this activity, your child can develop mobility, expand their imagination not to forget to improve balancing skills.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



This is an exclusive 15 block playing set which unlike others in handcrafted from typical Linden trees in Germany.

It is well designed and is free of sharp edges since every block is handcrafted and carefully inspected as aforementioned.

It comprises organic shapes that inspire greater creativity not to mention creative thinking when the kids are working to make them balance.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



Best Wooden Blocks For Kids

These remarkable interlocking blocks work just like LEGO bricks with the key disparity being that this set boasts natural smooth surfaces that accentuate their appeal.

Its interlocking dowels and arches create castle walls courtesy of their characteristic brick-style pattern.

This set allows the construction of perfectly interlocking shaped structures.

And what’s more, it comprises top-placed protruding dowels that fit into bottom-placed holes on the blocks allowing the creation of curved walls.

Finally, it includes play skills which can be added for either a sky or roof.

Best Wooden Blocks For Kids



Kids simply enjoy building blocks.

Not only are they sources of endless hours of playtime and entertainment, but they are also educationally instilling essential life skills.

Unlike other typical toys, these sets give your kid an open-ended play and learning experience.

To help you have an idea, the above-listed building block sets can help you decide on the best one for your child.

I hope you like the list.

What are your kid’s favorite Wooden Blocks?

Please leave your comments and questions below.


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