Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA Best Price

Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA

The best price for the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA 49″ Class KU7500 7-Series Curved 4K UHD TV is currently available on the official Best Buy website.

It is currently priced at $799.99 and has a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

Best Buy guarantees that they will ship out the product for FREE in 2 – 3 business days after you make a purchase.


Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA Best Price



Amazon is usually the cheapest place to buy the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA.  However, it is not available at the moment.

You may want to check back later for updates.


Alternatives to the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA

There are some other models like the Samsung UN49KU6500 and the Samsung UN49KS8500 which both have high ratings and are great alternatives to the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA.

Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA

You can visit Amazon to see a wide variety of other alternatives.


Mount for the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA

You may also consider getting a mount designed for the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA TV.

One of the best recommendations is the Suncraft TV Wall Mount.

It is moderately priced at $297.99 and fits securely to the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA when installed.

The reviews are positive and can be verified from actual customers as seen below.

Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA


There are also other great tv mounts on the market if you are not really a fan of the Suncraft TV Wall Mount.


Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA

As you already know, the specs of the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA are truly world class, especially the built in wifi as well as the curved panel.

Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA Best Price


You can see all specs of the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA when you visit the official Samsung website.



Overall, the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA 49″ Class KU7500 7-Series Curved 4K UHD TV is a great addition to your home entertainment.

What are your thoughts about it?

Do you already own it or are you looking to purchase?

Did you have any questions that you wanted to ask specifically about the Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA?

Share your views below in the comments.


Actual Customer reviews of the  Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA


Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA


Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Reviews

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Reviews

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Reviews


The Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone has been getting a lot of good reviews from my buyers, especially on eBay.

I have also seen it getting some positive reviews on Amazon.  (3 1/2 stars out of the is not a too bad rating).
Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Reviews


They have some of the best things to say about it when I read up on the reviews.

Although I also saw some people complaining about the

I knew that as soon as I started selling them, they would be a very good fit for every drone lovers out there.


It is in high demand right now!

One of my customers even recently purchased 2 from my store before I decided to do this Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Review.

I have also noticed that the prices are getting higher from the various distributors of the Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone.

Drones are definitely one of the hottest selling products online at the very moment, and since we are approaching the holiday shopping season they are selling like hot cakes!

The current market price is not too bad at all, especially when you compare the price to other drones that have some of the very same features like Live HD Streaming and HD 720p Video.


I am happy that my customers are enjoying them and they keep coming back to my store for more.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions that I have gotten about the Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone are related to the size and  how long does it last on battery.

Q: How long is the battery life?

A: The battery last for about 5-8 minutes depending on what you’re doing (flips, recording, etc)

Q: How far is the range?

A: This drone won’t go more than 30-50 feet since it runs on wifi (so if you are going to buy it, be prepared to fly it where you have a steady wifi signal)

Q: What is the price?

A: The best price online right now is on Amazon.  Click here to go to the price page on Amazon.

Also, read up on more Customer Questions & Answers on the same page.


Better Alternative To The Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone

The UDI 818A HD+ RC Quadcopter Drone does appear to be a better alternative to the Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone.

It is equipped with HD Camera and also features a headless mode.

The price is also not too bad.  The last time I checked it was priced just under $100.

The average reviews are 4 out of 5 stars, and it has over 1000+ customer reviews.

Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Reviews



I would say, take a look at the drone page on Amazon and look around for negative and positive reviews then make a smart choice based on the comparisons that you see.

Thank you for reading my Air Hogs Helix Sentinel Drone Reviews and I hope that you have a great time getting your drone.

How To Save Power On iphone 6 – 11 Top Tips With Bonus

how to save power on iphone 6

Today we will show you how to save power on iphone 6.

Read and follow these instructions to save power on iphone 6.

Use these easy to follow tips to help you save battery life and use your iphone for a much longer time.

These tips will allow you to have a longer battery life.  These tips may reduce the functionality of your iphone 6.

If you have any additional tips and tricks about using the iphone 6, let it be known in the comments section below.

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Lets get started…




1. View Individual Apps Diagnostic


The first tip that I have for you is how to view individual apps diagnostic.

This will show you the apps that are using up the most battery on your iphone 6, and allowing you to disable whichever app that you do not want the battery to use.  This will also allow you to pinpoint the app battery vampires which are sucking your iphone 6’s battery’s life.

To do this, first go to the Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.   This will show you how much battery usage each app uses in the past hour.

how to save power on iphone 6

how to save power on iphone 6

how to save power on iphone 6


This information will let you know what apps you need to cut down on using, thus saving your iphone 6 battery life.



2. Turn On Reduced Motion Setting


Another way to save power on iphone 6 is to turn on reduce motion setting.  What this will do is get rid of the animations that opens and closes when you open and close apps on your phone 6.  This will also get rid of the parallax effect of icons (what you see when you tilt your iphone 6) – those can take up some of your very precious battery life.


To turn on reduced motion setting, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down just a bit until you see “Reduce Motion”.

Slide the slider setting to on.  Example below:



how to save power on iphone 6




how to save power on iphone 6




how to save power on iphone 6


This will surely save you some battery life.




3. Disable Auto Brightness


This is an obvious one.  It is also a common mistake that a lot of people make that does drain a lot of your iphone 6 battery life.

When you have auto brightness on, it may automatically adjust your brightness to the highest level.  To keep your brightness to where you want it and save your battery power, just do the following:

Go to Settings > Brightness > Display and Brightness > Auto- Brightness.  

Set the Auto-Brightness to the off position.  Now use the slider to manually adjust the brightness to whichever setting that you feel comfortable with.


how to save power on iphone 6



how to save power on iphone 6



4. Disable Dynamic Wallpaper


Make sure that you are not using a dynamic wallpaper if you want to save as much power on your iphone 6 as possible.

To do this, go again to the Settings > Wallpaper > Choose A New Wallpaper.

Choose a “Stills” wallpaper instead of Dynamic.  Choose whichever wallpaper you like from the stills selection.

how to save power on iphone 6how to save power on iphone 6












TIP: If you are truly intent in trying to minimize the battery usage, you should switch to a still wallpaper.



5.  Clean Up Your Multi-Task Screen.


A common battery life saving feature that a lot of people are familiar with, is the ability to close the multi-tasks apps.

To do this, double tap on the home button of your iphone 6.  Swipe away the applications that are in multi-tasking by swiping up.

This will not save a ton of battery life like a lot of people think, however it does save your battery life overtime.

how to save power on iphone 6
Swipe Up To Remove



6. Disable Background App Refresh.



A very critical action that you want to make sure you do, is to go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.  

Toggle the Background App Refresh to off, or you can choose to disable the apps that you do not generally use.  This will improve your battery life tremendously.


how to save power on iphone 6
Disable The Apps You Desire


7. Disable Allow Notifications On Apps You Don’t Use (Or Don’t Use Often)


To do this, first go to Settings > Notifications.

how to save power on iphone 6

Once you do this, touch the apps that you don’t want to receive notifications from.

Scroll though and disable as many apps as you wish!



8. Turn Off Location Services

how to save power on iphone 6

This is another great way of saving your battery life.

First go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.  

You do not necessarily need to disable all locations services.

Important apps that you use – and want them to use your location, should be left on.

Scroll through and make the changes you want.  You can choose “Always” “Never” or “While Using” as your options.

It is a good idea to disable as much apps as possible to preserve your battery life.



9. Turn Off Bluetooth When Not In Use


This may be the easiest way to preserve your precious iphone 6 battery life.  It is also very easy to do.

From your screen, slide up and de-select the bluetooth button.


how to save power on iphone 6




10. Turn Off Wifi When There Is No Need To Have It On


This is another common mistake that people make.  The Wifi feature takes up a lot of battery life.

If you are going in an area where there is no Wifi, please turn it off.

Once the Wifi is on, it will continuously search for a signal and that could lead to your battery draining rapidly.

Everyone who uses a iphone 6 should be able to turn off the Wifi.  Just swipe up again from your phone and touch the Wifi icon to disable.


how to save power on iphone 6




11.  Turn On Airplane Mode When Driving Your Car.


Turn on airplane mode when you are driving in a car.   This is a safety reason, as you should not be using your iphone while driving – unless you are using an authentic iphone 6 bluetooth headset – hands free device.

What turning on airplane mode will do, is to make sure that your iphone 6 doesn’t keep connecting out and searching for a cell phone signal.


Turn airplane mode on by swiping up your screen and touching the airplane icon.

how to save power on iphone 6



Bonus Tip: 

When using a high quality charger to charge your iphone 6, it is always a great idea to turn on airplane mode.  This will enable your iphone 6 to charge at a much faster rate.


So that is it for all the best tips and tricks to save power on iphone 6.

If you have your own tips and tricks that you would like to share, feel free to leave comments below.


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How To Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand – With Pictures

Gadgets Review Guide

Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand

Hi there. 🙂 Welcome.

The first thing you need to do to use Samsung Galaxy S6 with one hand is:


  1. Go first to your settings button.


Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand



2. Touch the display button.


Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand


3. Touch the “One-handed operation” button.


Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand

From this screen, read the instructions that you see below.

Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand


Once you read, press the home key three times in succession to enable your Samsung Galaxy S6 to switch to one-hand mode.

Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand


You will immediately have the option of choosing to operate your phone by using your left or right hand.


Use Samsung Galaxy S6 With One Hand


To deactivate this feature, just press the home key again 3 times.



Do you think that this has helped you today?

Is it difficult to use the Samsung Galaxy S6 without activating the one-handed operation?

Did you found what you were looking for today?

Do you have any other questions about using the Samsung Galaxy S6?  If so, ask in the comments section, or go to my contacts page.

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Hifiman He 6 Headphones – What You Should Know


Name of Headphone: HiFiMAN HE6 HeadphonesHifiman He 6 Headphones

Cheapest Place To Buy:

Maker/Manufacturer: HiFiMan – Regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products in the world.  HifiMan was founded in 2007 by Dr. Fang Bian.

Some of its many features: 

  • The HE-6 is the reference choice of critical listeners around the world
  • Frequency Response: 8 to 65 KHz
  • Efficiency: 83.5 DB
The price for the HiFiman He 6 Headphones are not cheap at all but you can always get the best deal on amazon.  It is now available for  $1,228.74 at the time of this writing.
Even thought the price is high, it is really worth every penny that you will spend on it.  The sound is truly amazing!
If you find this a bit too expensive for you or you have a budget.  You may like the HIFIMAN HE400i Over Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones instead.  It costs only $483.70.
The HiFiMan He 6 Headphones have the best mid range I’ve ever heard in the headphone industry.  You will not find a better set of headphones that presents the mid range in a very neutral way.
There are literally tons of positive reviews online about the HifiMan He 6 headphones.  We have some comments from customers right below:
Hifiman 1
Hifiman 2
Hifiman 3
The Hifiman He 6 Headphones does have a lot more to offer, so with the video below, we will go into more details for you!





  • Considered By Many To Be The World’s Finest Headphone
  • Best Mid Range You May Ever Hear
  • The Sound Is Spacious When Presented


  • The Efficiency Of The HE-6 Is Low (It requires more power than most headphone amps provide)
  • May be considered a bit pricey (There are cheaper ones available, however the quality is less.)

Solution 1: The HifiMan designed the small HE- Adapter box that connects the headphones by using speaker wire to an integrated  or power amplifier.

Solution 2: You can buy the HE-6 later when the price drops, or you could just buy the HIFIMAN HE400i Over Ear Full-size Planar Magnetic Headphones for a cheaper price now, but at a lesser quality.  The ultimate choice is yours.


Great Sound Quality For Any Genre Of Music

Whatever your genre of music, (Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Instrumentals, Reggae, Soca,) or even if you listen audio files.  The HE-6 can play everything that is tested with exceptional results.

The HE-6 distinguishes vocals from instrumental sounds.  You get to hear your audios like never before.




With all the great reviews about the Hifiman He 6 Headphones, you should have no problem being convinced of its superior quality.  Listen with clarity and great sound.


I hope that you found what you were looking for here and glad that we could provide this information today for you.

If you did not find what you were looking for, let me know in the comments below.  You can request what products you would like to see me review for you.

Let me know if you found value in the content.  Remember, you can head over to amazon to view and see what others are saying about the Hifiman He 6 Headphones.

>Go To Amazon<

Do You Know What Google Means? – What Does Google Mean?

What does google mean?

What does google mean?


What Does Google Mean?

What is the meaning of the world’s number one visited website according to  (See Below)

google alexa

This should be an easy answer, why didn’t I just searched for it?  “I just did” you say to yourself.  Now since you are on this website, I will let you know what the name of google stands for.

The word google is very interesting, I myself have asked this question because I wanted to know the answer.  I guess that you are here now because you also want to know the answer.  My first thought was that google was an acronym which means something.  So I investigated some more and came up with these answers:

Lets get into it then…

So google, based up off my research means:

Do You Know what google means? - What does google mean?

According to my dictionary definition, google means search for information about (someone or something) on the internet using the search engine Google.

This means that…

Whatever/whomever you want to know some information about, just plug it into google to find out.  They are dedicated to providing the best answers for searchers on the internet.

I also have a list of possible  ACRONYM meanings of google.  Take a look below:

What google mean


Did you know the meaning of google before you visited this webpage?

What have you learned today?  Share your answers in the comments section below.

You can also read more about google on wikipedia for a more in-depth look at the browser giants.

Now that you know, you may want to share it with friends, family or whomever that you think may find some value, or even fun from it.

What do I Do Now?

Browse this website to see what I have been doing online.  I spend most of my time blogging at which is one of my main website that I created to help prevent online scams and at the same time assisting anyone out there who wants to create a successful business online by earning passive income.

You can also connect with me via my social media outlets below:



G+ or linked-in account.


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The Asus Zenfone 2 Review – My Personal Review

The Asus Zenfone 2 Review - My Personal Review

 The Asus Zenfone 2 Review - My Personal Review
I purchased the ASUS ZenFone 2 recently and is so impressed with it that I had to share my experience with you all and write out a detailed review.  If I may have missed anything that you want to point out, do leave me a comment below.

It is a very slick phone with a very good camera too.  The Mega Pixel is 13MP for the back and 5MP for the front camera.  It is a unique phone as it doesn’t compare to the rest of the top smart phones on the market.

The price is not over the top at all for a phone of this great quality.  In-fact you can get one for $199 on Amazon and I know for a fact that you will not get it anywhere cheaper (maybe you can, but it will be a copy of the original).




I took some photos of this very sexy and well designed phone so take a look at it and tell me what you think of the design.  It is so glossy that when I took the photos I see my reflection in it…it also has a brushed metal finish with a circular detailing.

 The Asus Zenfone 2 Review - My Personal Review

One thing in particular that I like about the ASUS ZenFone 2 is how fast the battery charges and how long it lasts!  This is because the makers of the ZenFone  incorperated what is known as the ASUS BoostMaster into the phone that enables the ASUS ZenFone 2 to charge at double the speed than that of a normal smart phone.

The edges of the ZenFone 2 is ultra thin edges and feels very comfortable when you are holding it in your hands, it is a 5.5 inch revolutionary difference; the volume is located around the back of the phone which shows that this is not a phone which is trying to copy any other phone maker, but rather to stand out on its own, making a name for itself.

The version that I bought is an unlocked version which can be used in a lot of different countries all over the world.  The size of the SIM card is micro (same size as the iPhone 4s) it is also suited to use dual SIM card for those of you who want to carry two SIM cards at once in your phone so that you can switch phone lines if you wish.

Another great aspect of this ZenFone is the size of the memory, the size goes up to 64GB which by the way can hold a ton load of movies, songs and any other forms of media that you choose.

It is the world’s first smartphone with 4GB  of RAM (Random Access Memory) that is quite excessive for the avid movie lover.

The colors for the ASUS ZenFone comes in 4 different vibrant, beautiful colors.  These are:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Silver (The one that I got)

If you are a person who knows computer brands, you will realize that the ASUS brand makes computer, so as you may suspect, the ASUS ZenFone will be a very powerful smart phone as it features intel inside and the engineers behind the making of the phone will incorporate ideas that they have used in making their computers that by the way is doing very well in the desktop/laptop market.

The Apps are endless on this phone as you might have imagined.  The platform for this phone is google’s Andriod and if you are an Andriod user you will know that there will be a play store app where you will be able to download the apps that you like.

I like the simple apps that comes with it like the flashlight and the mirror.  They are quite easy to use and I think they brings out a lot in this phone.

YOU can buy many other phones on the market for 300, 400, 500 or even six hundred dollars that features the same specs like the ASUS ZenFone, so my question to you is why do you choose those more expensive phones when you can get a ZenFone for a fraction of the price that the more popular smartphones are selling for?The Asus Zenfone 2 Review - My Personal Review

Is is because you have not heard so much about the ZenFone?

I am not saying that you should not buy any other phone but the ZenFone; that would be ridiculous to say, but all I am saying is that if you can get the same value at a lesser price you may want to choose the lesser price and save yourself a buck or two.

Some Things I Didn’t Like About The ZenFone 2

There is one thing that I was disappointed about when I got my ZenFone, that was the fact that it does not come with an earphone, this model does not support coming with an earphone, it was a good thing that I always keep my beats headphone with me all the time.  So it turned out not so bad for me after all. 🙂

There is also a problem with the heating of the phone; if you are using it for an extended period of time, you will find that it really heats up (just like most devices that you use) so the best thing that I would suggest to combat this is just to give it a break from time to time.



So if you are in the market looking a good smart phone that is not going to break the bank, I would suggest that you get the ZenFone 2 for your needs.  You will be able to do on the phone what you can do with any other smart phone out there.

Take a look at some more photos below!






The Asus Zenfone 2 Review – My Personal Review

The Asus Zenfone 2 Review – My Personal Review

The Asus Zenfone 2 Review – My Personal Review

The Asus Zenfone 2 Review – My Personal Review


This has been my personal review of the ASUS ZenFone.  I hope you like it and if you have a personal experience with a ZenFone 2 and would love to share your experience with the world, why not leave your comments below.

Remember to check out my other review of more gadgets on Gadgets Review Guide and get inspired!


Good Gift Ideas For Dad – Get Dad The Best

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

Get Him A Tablet!

Looking to get your dad a good gift just for being a great dad?  Well today I will give you some good ideas on what to get your dad!

Dads love mostly gadgets which include anything that they can watch some sort of content on.  When it comes to watching content, you want to get your dad a really nice HD quality tablet, preferably a device from Samsung.  I really like the user interface that Samsung has to offer, and the price point is not over the top at all.

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

Apple has some really sleek tablets as well, the only negative that I can point out is that they are a little bit more expensive than some of the leading tabs on the market today.  Still if you really want your dad to appreciate you some more, the Apple sleek design Air is the best choice to go in Apple.  It is totally light weight and easy to carry around.

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

The Amazon Kindle fire is also a nice choice that I know your dad will enjoy.  What I like about the Kindle fire is that you get Amazon Prime, which includes free unlimited photo storage that he will use to store his photos unlimited.  FREE Two-Day Shipping and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, and Kindle books. (It is a really good deal).   I guarantee that dad will have a good time with this one.  I got my dad one two years ago and he is still loving it!

Good Gift Ideas For Dad
Click For Full Details


These are no doubt 3 of the top tablets out there on the market right at this second.  However, if your dad may have a personal favorite, I am sure that you can always find it on amazon for the least expensive price.


With spring just right around the corner, and summer after, sunglasses are a great gift for dad when the sun starts to shine.  He will really look good in some Ray-bans which you can get at your local mall (I like the sunglasses hut) or if you like you can check out the official site of Ray-ban right here for your convenience.  I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get some pretty good deals on Amazon, even in sunglasses and sometimes you can get original ray-bans for a much better price than what you would get on the official website of ray-ban.

Click here to see on amazon.

Below you will find my top ten sunglasses that I love to recommend.

  • Gucci Bamboo Aviators

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

These aviators are the way to go!  It makes a great pick with the bamboo detail and the gradient lenses.  Try them if you think your dad will like this look.

  • Tom Ford Burgundy Havana

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

This is a great warm colored model from the ever fresh Tom Ford which features a solid taupe lenses and also a really phenomenal gold metal accents for extra style.  What do you think?  Will your dad like this look or not?

  • Armani Exchange Classics

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

This is a simple sunglass, but it is nevertheless a stylish and famous face-gear .  These Armani frames won’t jump off dad’s face if he is looking for a good time on the beach or dance floor.

  • Ray Ban Wayfarers

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

This is probable one of the most iconic sunglasses in the world.  The Ray-Ban Wayfarers are like a must have in addition to whatever dad has wearing at the moment.  They are just awesome.  And just a good suggestion; get the polaroid version (It is much better for the eyes 🙂

  • Ermenegildo Zegna

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

Yeah, I know its a funny sounding name (its Italian) but it is a gem in the sunglasses world.  Your dad will not just look good, but he will look good like a celebrity with a difference.  It is definitely not one of those sunglasses that you see everyday.

  • Oliver Peoples Bernardo

Good Gift Ideas For Dad

Look at this bad boy right here, wow!  I really like these ones personally, although I am a ray-ban fan.  I have just got to be honest though, this one is giving ray-ban a really stiff competition.  Let me know your thoughts on this one.  The Bernardo frames are equipped with glass lenses for a really optimal clarity.  Your dad will look like a real boss in this one, and maybe you will want to just “borrow” it from time to time.  Get your own!

I could go more in-depth in glasses, but I want to leave a little space for one more category of good gift ideas for dad.  So without further delay, here you go!


Which Dad Doesn’t Love A watch?

My day loves watches, your dad love watches and all other dad loves watches.  If you find a dad out therddfe that does not love his wrist watch, let me know about him.  I could convince him otherwise.  Anyways… lets move on further.

It is just a really nice feeling when you have a durable, stylish, elegant watch on your hand.  It gives one a feeling of liberation and happiness.  We all want to look good and when it comes to a watch, there is no debate on that.   Below you will find my top 5 watches that I recommend for dads.  You will find that some of these recommendations are some of your favorite too! (Or if you don’t see your favorite, add it to the comments below)

Continue below…

  • Stuhrling Aquadiver Watch Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.17.31 AM


Good Gift Ideas For Dad
Click On Image To View Different Styles

With a Krysterna crystal face and a blue dial and bezel, this Stuhrling Watch is a no-brainer when it comes to getting your very own 82% discount on Amazon.  Click on the image now to get it for dad.  One day shipping is also available.   

  • Casio EFR519-1A4V “Edifice” Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.17.31 AM


Good Gift Ideas For Dad
Click On Image To View Different Styles

For the Do-it-All Dad:  Casio came to the market in 1974, and is still one of the champions of watches.  It is a name that your dad will most likely know and appreciate.  Let him enjoy this just because he is a special dad.  Features of this watch includes a stainless steel case and completed with a textured resin strap, water resistant to 330 feet (100 M).  It is also suitable for snorkeling and swimming but not for diving.



  • Seiko SNGZ13 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.28.52 AM
Click To See Details
Click To See Details










Listen, Seiko is one of my absolute favorite watches (I own two) and this one is just a pick of the pie.  Its made in Japan.  This automatic sports dad’s watch is an excellent wrist watch and is water resistant to 100 meters.  Dad will be glad you purchased one for hime.  Make sure to have him service it every few years and it will keep running for many years to come.



  • Motorola Moto 360 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.17.31 AM

Good Gift Ideas For Dad
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For The Tech Loving Dad: Is dad all about tech?  Well this could be the watch that will really make him feel like  a tech king!  With timely updates at a glance, responses to voice, tracks Health and Fitness, and works with his Android smart phone, what more can he ask for?  This is just the right watch for him.


  • Gucci SYNC XXL YA137106 Khaki Watch Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.17.31 AM

Signature Italian Design:  Look at this beauty.  Gucci artistically combine the elegance of its Italian design with the precise finish of Swiss craftsmanship, every Gucci watch that is produced represents watchmaking at its most finest.  This is a true artwork and elegance in its making.  Features of this marvelous timepiece includes a “G” logo and khaki rubber band with center signature web stripe, swiss analog display, mineral crystal dial window, buckle closure, striped textured crown, skeleton hands which is really awesome and precise.  And also this watch is water resistant to 165 feet.  Dad can have a swim and shower in this gem.


These are just some of my suggestions and opinion of what I have seen to be the best choices as gift ideas for dad, obviously there are numerous gadgets on the market to choose from, but I guarantee that dad will love and enjoy any of the items that you see on this page.

So there you have it.  Some good recommendations for you to get dad just for being the best dad.  If you did find this useful and engaging, you may need to share via your favorite social site or leave a comment below with any suggestions or any other ideas that you think may be a better fit.


Why Is The iPhone 5S Better Than The Galaxy S5 – Top Reasons


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S are two of the most popular smart phones out right now, so today I am going to be comparing them.  This post will look into 25 reasons why  the Apple iPhone 5S is better than the Galaxy S5.  This does not mean that overall the Apple iPhone is a better phone, but I am giving some reasons why some people may find the Apple iPhone to be a better device.  To make it convenient for you, I have also done a reverse review on why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a better phone than the Apple iPhone 5S here —>> Click here.   After reading both reviews you will have a better idea of what phone you may think is best for you.  Have fun comparing and leave a comment at the end of the page to share your thoughts.


1. The iPhone 5S with its aluminum body, gorgeous edges and sapphire crystal home button, has what most people would consider to be a much more premium look and feel to it than the more plasticky Galaxy S5.

2. In addition to the build quality, the iPhone 5S is also smaller, thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S5, making it a bit more easy to carry in the pocket and easier to hold in your hand.

3. While this advantage is becoming less and less of a selling point for IOS in general, the fact still remains that right now the app store in the apple iPhone still has a better selection of apps, with more IOS first and IOS exclusive apps available than the play store on the Galaxy S5.

4. On the Galaxy S5 you can’t get any of apple’s apps like Siri, iMessage or FaceTime, but with the iPhone, not only do you have apple’s apps, but you also get to have google’s as well with apps such as google now, hangouts and more, all available for free on the App Store so you get the best of both worlds with the iPhone.

5. One thing you don’t get on the iPhone 5S is the annoying and un-installable preloaded carrier apps that plague some of the carrier versions of the Galaxy S5.

6. Under the privacy setting of the iPhone, you can see what an app has access to on your phone and if you don’t feel comfortable with something an app can access, you can just switch it off without having to delete the app completely like you would with the Galaxy S5.

7. On the iPhone 5S, you can tap the notification bar while on any screen to easily scroll to the top of whatever you are looking at, which can be really convenient to you when the list gets long.

8. With guided access, you can lock the iPhone 5S to any app that you want, so if you want to hand your phone to your child or even your friend, you will not have to worry about them getting access to anything else like some personal files.

9. While both the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S5 have fingerprint scanners, the one on the iPhone is much more convenient to use as you don’t have to swipe your fingers across it, making doing things like unlocking your phone a lot quicker.

10. Because the iPhone 5S gets its update straight from apple, you will be updated to the latest version of IOS just about right after apple releases it, whereas on the Galaxy S5, it can take anywhere from around a few weeks to several months before you get an update after it has been released.

11. On the iPhone 5S, you can raise the phone to your ear to use Siri through the earpiece so that way you can do voice searches in public without disturbing anyone or letting anybody know what you are searching.

12. Unlike the Galaxy S5, when you connect a bluetooth accessory to the iPhone 5S you get an icon in the notification bar indicating the battery life of the connected device or accessory.

13. The lighting port on the iPhone 5S is reversible so you can plug it in to charge in either direction making plugging in it at night when the lights are off so much easier on the iPhone than it is on the Galaxy S5 with its protective flap.

14. When you want to send a large video file via email on the Galaxy S5, you might witness an error message with no suggestive solutions, whereas on the iPhone 5S sending the same video file results in the iPhone automatically comprising the video for you and sending it seamlessly.

15. Historically speaking, iPhone have had better resale value than Galaxy S meaning, in a year or two from now there is a good chance that you will get more cash back for the iPhone 5S than you would for the Galaxy S5.

16. Because the iPhone 5S has flat edges all the way around, it can sit perfectly on top any flat surface which can be useful for situations like when you want to watch a video without having to have to hold the phone in your hands, or if you want to take an automatic 360 panorama with apps like twister.

17. From pretty much anywhere you can copy and paste on the iPhone 5S, you have the option of having selected text read back to you out loud; ideal for long articles or when you just don’t have the time to look away from what you are currently doing.

18. While the Galaxy S5 has the advantage of being compatible with Samsung’s own Galaxy gear, generally speaking, the iPhone 5S is compatible with more devices, with them often times been made to work specifically with the iPhone.

19. The dedicated vibrate switch on the iPhone 5S lets you conveniently silence the phone without having to turn the screen on.  The switch also access a visual indicator so you can tell if your phone silence or not with a quick glance which can help you ovoid those embarrassing moments when your phone rings when you don’t want it to.

20. The iPhone 5S with its dual core A7 chip outperforms the Galaxy S5 giving you a smoother and more responsive experience overall.

21. On the back of the iPhone 5S, you will find two LED lights that together give you better and more natural looking light when taking photos than the single LED found on the Galaxy S5.

22. The iPhone 5S BURST SHOT last for much longer than the Galaxy S5, all but guaranteeing you that you will be able to capture that perfect Kodak moment.

23. Sometimes those Kodak moments are better to be captured in slow-motion.  With the iPhone 5S, not only do you get 720P slow motion video, but you also get audio to go along with that video making reliving those moments even more epic.

24. The iPhone 5S has three microphones compared to the Galaxy S5’s two which results in a much better quality sounds and videos and also offers better voice quality for people on the other end of your phone calls.

25. The iPhone 5S’s bottom facing speaker offers both loader and better quality sound than the single rear speaker found on the Galaxy S5.

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So what do you all think about the review?  Do you agree or disagree?  I would love to know your thoughts on this topic.  Comment below with questions and hopefully this have helped you to choose the right phone for you or your loved one.  And please remember to also check out the reverse review here on why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.

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The Top Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Better Than The iPhone 5S

The Top Reasons Why The Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Better Than The iPhone 5S



Welcome and today I will give you the top 25 reasons why the samsung galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.  This is not to say that the samsung galaxy S5 is a better phone overall, it is just to point out some things which are better on the galaxy S5.  You can also check out my other article on top reasons why the iPhone is better than the galaxy S5 here.  Read on…

1.  The galaxy S5 screen  is significantly larger than the iPhone 5S is, making everything from watching your favorite youtube videos to browsing the web a bit more enjoyable and easier on the eyes.


2.  The galaxy S5 screen also works with gloves which can be a very big advantage if you are somebody who lives in a colder climate or when the time gets cold.


3.  Another trick the galaxy S5 display has up it’s sleeve is air view which gives you a preview of what your finger is hovering over without actually having to press it; making it especially useful for things like figuring out whose speed dial it is whose in the dialer.

4.  While the photo quality of the galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S is somewhat similar, a bigger advantage the galaxy S5 camera has over the iPhone 5S is its ability to record video in 4K, giving you 4 times the resolution in sharpness of the iPhone 5S 1080p..


5.  While recording video in 4K which is awesome, samsung equipped the galaxy S5 with a USB 3.0 port which allows for faster file transferred to a computer than the lighting port does on the iPhone 5S.


6.  Speaking of large files, the galaxy S5 has a micro SD card slot, allowing you to store up to an additional 128 GB of 4k video or just about type of media you want via a relatively inexpensive micro SD card.


7.  Unlike the iPhone 5S, the galaxy S5 battery is removable, meaning you can swap it out for a freshly charged spare or you can get an extended battery if you so desire.


8.  But there is good chance you won’t even need to do that as the galaxy S5 2800 Milliamp battery will keep you going for longer than the smaller 1400 Milliamp battery found in the iPhone 5S


Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 Vector.


9.  And as if those two previous points weren’t enough, if you really needed to squeeze more life out of a single charge, the galaxy S5 also has an ultra power saving mode that helps the battery lasts you for up to an additional 24 hrs on just a 10% charge.


10.  The stock (default) keyboard on the galaxy S5 has a dedicated number row while also having the option of long pressing for secondary symbols.  But if the stock keyboard isn’t for you, on the galaxy S5 you have the option of downloading third party keyboards so you won’t be stuck with just the keyboard that the phone came with.


11.  Just like how you can download third party keyboard, on the galaxy S5 you can also download third party launchers, allowing you to customize your home screen and apps to look just the way you like and not the way some company thinks your phone is supposed to look.


12.  On the topic of customization,  the lock screen of the galaxy S5 can be customized too with different unlocked effects, different clocks and even a wallpaper that automatically changes every few hours showing you different places all over the world!


13.  The galaxy S5 has NFC capabilities meaning you can use your phone for things like making payments, tapping your phone to another compatible phone for easy file transferring and maybe best of all, you can use NFC tags to help automate some of the things that you do on a everyday basis.


14.  Unlike the iPhone 5S, the galaxy S5 is IP67 certified meaning that it’s both dust and water resistant which can potentially help save your phone from damage due to the natural elements.


15.  With private mode on the galaxy S5, you can hide just about any file on your phone like a picture or a video with it only being visible to you when the password protected private mode is enabled.


16.  If you ever run into trouble, with the galaxy S5 you can triple tap the power button to automatically send a text to the people on your emergency contact list with your location, a picture from the front and rear cameras, a sound recording so then that way, the people who receive the message can get an idea of where you are and what’s actually happening to you.


17.  On the galaxy S5 you can add widgets to the home screen so you can get the information you need right then and there on your home screen without actually having to open a full blown app.


18.  If you have a missed notification on the iPhone 5S, you see nothing on the screen when the screen is off.  On the galaxy S5 on the other hand, you get a blinking LED light letting you know of missed notifications without you having to turn on the screen to check.


19.  With a toolbox featuring the galaxy S5, you can have a persistent floating menu on the screen wherever you go, giving you quick and easy access to up to five customizable apps, making multitasking between them a breeze.


20.  On the galaxy S5 you can take advantage of all that extra screen real estate with multi-window which lets you use two apps on the screen at the same time for the ultimate multi-tasking experience.


21.  While the apps on the iPhone 5S has advantages of its own, the play store on the galaxy S5 has the advantage of offering a fifteen minute return policy for paid apps, so that way you won’t end up getting stuck paying for an app that doesn’t really live up to the hype.

22.  While the iPhone has always been known as one of the easiest smart phones to use, the galaxy S5 with easy mode enabled takes easy to a whole new level with a super simplified interface and extra large text that may be a better choice for those of us who are not that tech savvy.


23.  On the back of the galaxy S5, you have a build in heart rate monitor that comes along with samsung’s S-Health app where you can not only measure your heart rate but also keep track of your diet and exercise all in one convenient place.


24.  Unlike the iPhone 5S, the galaxy S5 has an IR blaster which lets you use your smart phone as a remote for things like your TV, sound systems, blue ray player and if compatible, even your air conditioner.

25.  When you buy the Galaxy S5 you get over $500.00 worth of freebies or what samsung likes to call “Galaxy Gifts” which includes things like 50 GB of dropbox, three months of linkedin premium, $15 worth of in-game credit and many other freebies and specials available exclusively to owners of the galaxy S5

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Now, that about does it for the top reasons I think that the samsung galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S.  I hope that this have helped you to know some main differences about these two really smart phones.  Also check out the reverse comparison here.

So what do you think?  Do you find the Samsung Galaxy S5 better or worst than the apple iPhone 5S.  Share your thoughts below.


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