The New iPhone 7 And iOS 9 – What I Want to See

The New iPhone 7 – What We All Want To See

This is my thought about the coming out of the new iPhone 6s or the new iphone  7.   I thought that because the iPhone 6 has been such a success  and since to be honest apple has really shaped the market whether or not as androids lovers like to believe it.
I thought that probably its a good time to share my opinions on their next smart phone which will most likely will be the new iPhone 6s or the new iPhone 7, more than likely the 6s, but nonetheless we can’t argue that apple hasn’t changed the way we see our devices.  I think that if the iPhone wasn’t introduced when it was the whole marketplace would be well behind where it is now.
Who knows if even today we would have smart phones?  If you actually think about the progression of phones before the actual iPhone was announced, every year they were making very incremental improvements that were sort of may make a slight software update.
The actual levels of games playable on those set of devices were incredibly weak compared to what we have available now on our devices, and I think that it is only now since we have these smart phones market came to be that every year we have come to see the performances double, triple and really leap forward in terms of technology and multiple things we can now do with these devices.
This is all because of apple, I am going to be straight forward with what I am saying, android have obviously sped up the process in recent years but I think that it really does boil down to Steve Jobs and his team behind him at the time of the official release of the original iPhone.
Apple have made a lot of progress since the first iPhone came out, their software have evolved overtime; from iOS 1 to iOS 8.  Although it may seem to some that there have only really been one big change which came in the iOS 7 that changed the way the iPhone looks.
But to be honest, there have been a lot of big improvements throughout, I think that a lot of these software innovation has actually come beside the new iPhone releases, they have actually added useful features at every single stage of the iPhone cycle.
It is probably the first time the screen size has really taken the big step forward is with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus which has been recently been released and they have sold amazingly.
I got to learn that on the launch day there have been some iPhone that has been sold online for over $1000.00 just because of avid apple fans really wanted to get their hands on them and that was one of the only way.
So the new iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7 is something that I really have high hopes for, I think that looking at what they have done with the apple iPad air 2; they can really make a thin device, apple really know what they are doing here in terms of engineering.
Somehow with the iPad air we thought it was impossibly thin, and yet apple managed to literally double the performance, increase the GPU performance by around 40% and still make it slimmer!  It is truly a fascinating feat in engineering by apple.
In the next iPhone, I personally do not want to see a higher resolution display, I don’t necessarily want to see a lot of gimmicky new features, I don’t want to see enhanced fingerprint sensor control and that kind of thing.  The top things I really want to see are first and foremost:


I think that is something that a lot of the iPhone family is missing and they really do; you really feel it when you switch from an android device because it is a really good feature.





I think that the camera lens really needs to take a step up in terms of size. There is only so far that many mega pixel can go before they start to become limited by the size and quality of the sensor.



I think that apple should really increase the speaker quality.  Considering the iPhone and the apple iPod set of line is basically their trademark and their whole flagship music listening device line, I think that they should really pay more attention to how music sounds so I think that they should build in a real top notch equalizer; probably a digital amp as well to improve the sound quality too, its therefore optimal to add.



broken phone
The amount of people I see with shattered/smashed iPhone screens its ridiculous, even iPhone 6 and the 6 plus; none of them have really stood the test of time like a lot of android devices have.
I think there is really one place apple needs to work on.  The device does not need to be impossibly thin nor so light that you can barely feel it in your hands, it needs to be strong enough to stand out two years and more so you can enjoy your phone for longer.
This was just my thought on the next new phone that apple will come out with and what I really would love to see and I think that many apple users will share the same opinion as well.
So what do you think?  Do you agree with me on this one or is apple just great as it is?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below and I will personally engage in less that 48 hours.  Once again thank you for visiting and I hope that you did find the page informative and necessary.

Vizio 42 Inch M-Series LED TV Review – Best Value For Under $500.00

In this column, I will review the Vizio 42 inch M-series LED TV.

This is the review of the Vizio 42 inch M-series LED TV model numbers and description as well as a link to go purchase it on Amazon.

Product: VIZIO E420i-B0 42-Inch 1080p LED Smart TV

Price: $400.00

Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon

Size: 42 inches

My Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Item Model Number: E420i-B0

Speaker Type: Built-in

Vizio 42 Inch M-Series LED TV Review - Best Value For Under $500.00

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So this is a very cool TV,  it’s $500 and you can even find it cheaper and it poses an extremely good value for what you get.

You get a metal frame construction, you get a glossy screen and the display itself is LED with 14 LED zones that are active and they can disable themselves and make the screen have such good contrasts.

It’s maybe difficult for you to picture it, you have to see it in person, but the black parts of the screen are so dark that if you turn off the lights in your room and then you go ahead and switch over to a screen that is mostly black, your room will be pitch black.

There is no light coming out of the LEDs in the area of the screen that is black, and it gives the deepest contrast.

In terms of the overall image quality, I really think it is a winner. If you’re someone who is in a place where you’re gonna have a lot of lights, for example, sunlight, you’re most likely not going to enjoy the screen.

It’s very glossy, the screen is a very glassy type of gloss it doesn’t have a weird formation to it, it’s very flat.

The monitor, in general, is very premium, it’s a very premium set- up and honestly for five hundred dollars I don’t think you can do much better.

As for the Vizio software for the apps, whenever you hit the button on your remote that opens up the apps that you have on your hot bar, you will be able to quickly scroll through and switch over to something like Spotify.

Certain applications allow you to open them up while you are watching television, Spotify not so much.

The quality of the applications for example; Spotify is very good, it’s like using it on a desktop it works extremely well and overall is just a great set up that they have.

You can also open up applications on the left side of your screen rather than having to open them up to the full screen.

There is a great selection of applications, you will find eBay, Amazon, and a whole array of others that you would not normally see on a TV.

There are currently 120 apps pre-installed and I am sure many more will be added in the future.

Overall I find the interface for navigating around your apps and things like that to be a little slow at times, but it is very good compared to some other TVs on the market.

If you enjoy gaming, this TV will be a very good buy as well, it is very much compatible with the Sony PS4

and Microsoft XBOX ONE.

The speakers sound great, very rich, very good dynamic range.  Vizio has done a very good job at creating a speaker that has good bass, treble and all around this has a good range.

You really get a good crisp range of sound.  When you are listening to music from the TV, it doesn’t sound flat at all, it has a good dynamic range of sounds.



Overall there is only one big flaw I have about this TV and its actually a minor flaw; the remote.

It looks nice, it’s not that bad, it has a great gloss inside of the buttons, I really like the design of it.

The good layout looks premium, it’s plastic of course, but it is still pretty good and on the back, you have a keyboard.

The keyboard is extremely good, it feels great, the layout is great.  The only problem I think with this is that there is a backlight on the keyboard.

The backlight on the keyboard is bright, looks good at night just like it should and it works great.

Say you are in the dark using the keyboard and all of a sudden you say to yourself “I need to check my menu real quick for the TV” you flip it over and you can’t find your menu.

There is no backlight on the front of the remote which I find to be a very weird decision.

I do not know what was the thought behind this design., but there should have been a light at the front of the remote for easy access to the keys.

Luckily you can program your cable box remote to work with the TV.

So with all that being said,  I hoped this helped you to make a decision on what television you are going to buy.

I think this is a great value for under $500 and actually, if you have more than $500 in your budget there are actually higher up models that have very similar features/qualities to this television.

You can buy a 60 inch or something around 60 inches with the same exact qualities; the aluminum structure on the outside, the all-around incredible contrast ratio, and display quality.

I think it is a great TV.  If you are interested in checking it out just click below.

Vizio 42 Inch M-Series LED TV Review - Best Value For Under $500.00

Click here to check it out on Amazon

If you did enjoy this review or may have any questions or would just like to leave your own personal review, I would be more than happy to engage in conversation.

I tend to reply to questions or comments in less than 24 hrs.  Thank you and do lookout for more reviews soon.

Thank you.

iPhone 6 VS iPhone 6 Plus – Which Should You Buy?

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Looking to make a decision on purchasing your new iPhone? Today I want to talk to you about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, these are two new products we have never seen before in the terms of size, I mean 4.7 and 5.5 inches, that’s a big step up from the original iPhone 3.5 inch display and of course there is a reason for it,  Apple wants to share market share with android, Bring users over so it’s totally understandable.

However, for people who want to buy these products you are going to be deciding, should I buy the iPhone six or the iPhone 6+, so in this column I wanted to share with  you everything that is different between these two models; which one you should buy and why.
What was really interesting to me is that apple never actually really addressed us why they are releasing bigger phones and everybody really knows it’s  because Android is beating on the back door; they are releasing new products, they are dominating that part of the marketshare so Apple wants in and they want some of that success as well.
Now with these larger iPhones we are going to see a lot of androids users come in and start using iPhones. For a lot of these people who are reading, you may not have even used an iPhone before, it will be a new experience to you and it’s a unique experience. In this comparison I will go ahead and settle some of your doubts give me an idea of what you will be expecting with the new iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6 plus.
When you do pick up the new iPhone six and the new iPhone 6 plus side-by-side you will notice that the size is the number one difference.
This 4.7 inch model is already a big step up from the 4.0 inch, there is a lot of extra screen space and I will get to my opinion at the end but it’s a really good in-between between a 5.5 and the 4.0 of the 5S.
The iPhone 6 features a 4.7inch IPS display, now in order to make up for the extra real estate apple did have to cram in more pixels service so we are going to be seeing a bump up in resolution to 1334 x 750 pixels and just so you know, that’s nothing special it has a 326 pixel density which keeps helps with retina spec.

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Now the iPhone 6+ has a higher resolution, it’s at 1920 x 1080, of course it has a larger display. In a 1080 P display nowadays is not anything special.
Most smartphones  on the market have this resolution already, so the pixel density is a little bit higher at 401 so if you are viewing content, picture movies its going to be a little bit sharper on the iPhone 6 plus due to the extra pixels. Now aside from that there is really no different in displays.
Contrast ratio is almost entirely the same and other than the size and actual pixel density there is not much difference, its a matter of personal preference whether or not you want a larger display like an iPad mini mini or just the standard iPhone six display.
It was rumored that the display would be covered in sapphire or built with a sapphire crystal glass but unfortunately no one has been able to confirm that and apple did not at all mention that in their event so we’re just looking at a gorilla glass coating.
So the iPhone 6 plus with its larger 5.5 inch display is going to create a problem and that is when you are operating it with one hand.  Fortunately apple looked into it and they created a software solution and no way that it is new, it has been on the android platform for quite a while now.
Apple’s version is that you touch the home button twice and the whole screen is going to scale down halfway.  You are going to be able to use it with one handed operation.  It is neat, you don’t have to go out of your way and press something way up at the top of the screen, you just double tap and BOOM you can use it with one hand, this technology by the way is known as reachability.
So if you are looking to buy the iPhone 6 plus,  take into account its a very big phone, its going to be harder to store, harder to carry with you.  Take all of that into account, but if you absolutely need that size, I bet it is going to be an amazing phone for you.


The number one feature that the iPhone six plus has over the iPhone six in my opinion is in its camera, apple decided to put real optical image stabilization inside of the iPhone six plus camera.  Now what this means is that when you are recording video you are not going to get any sort of shake, its going to be very fluid and very smooth, so what the iPhone 5s does and the iPhone 6 will do is use digital  image stabilization, its not going to have an actual motor in there stabilizing the camera, but it still does a good job.
I have no complains for the 5s but I know that the iPhone 6 plus will do it so much better.
So the iPhone 6 plus camera is definitely a better upgrade than the iPhone 6.  Optical image stabilization is a great feature that you will find today in the very best of phones.
Another major selling point of the iPhone 6 plus is its battery, because its a larger phone, there is a bigger housing, more room for a battery so apple did just that, they stuck a larger battery into the iPhone 6 plus.  Its rated somewhere around 2900 MAH versus 1900 of the iPhone six.
So what that translates to in actual daytime usage is very impressive, for a music playback that is 80 hrs versus 50 hrs.  3G talk time: 24 hrs vs 14 hrs, for video playback that is 14 hrs vs 11 hrs, standby time 384 hrs vs 250 hrs, that is about a 35 percent increase and that is impressive.
So for that extra $100 that you are going to be spending for the iPhone 6 plus, you are going to be getting a larger battery, a larger display and a better camera and there are a few other differences.  So the iPhone 6 plus they have s0me pretty clear advantages over the iPhone 6, again a better camera with image stabilization, it has a larger display a little bit sharper  and the battery life is much better.
Also it does have optimized software for it in order to compensate for the larger display and one handed usage, also I need to mention when you turn it to the side you will be able to use a lot of the application like you would as an iPad, the screen will be split usually.
You will be able to see a lot more on the display because it is larger.  So there is a lot to consider when you want to sway towards the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 plus.
Let me know your thoughts on which phone you think is better for you.  If you like you can also leave your own personal review on the page below and I will be happy to get back to you with comments as soon as possible.
If you are looking for the best prices on these phone you may visit Amazon and compare prices since you will have different sellers who are offering the same phones.

Iphone 6 Plus Review – Still One Of The Best


This is the review of the iPhone 6 plus, a big phone, the biggest iPhone ever released, and apple is betting that you are going to like the extra size.  With that being said, I am going to take a look at the design of this new iPhone 6 plus.  Now when you first pick it up, if you have never owned or used a phone like a samsung galaxy note or the LG g3, you may be shocked by the size and a lot of my friends were when I did let them borrow my iPhone, they were like kinda just turned off by it because it was so huge as they were using the iPhone 5s and below, but for me I have been using big phones over the past few years so for me it was not such big a deal to me plus its not too big; it is big but it is not too big.

IPhone6 Gold

Apple has tried to combat this extra size of this new iPhone 6 plus by making everything feel like one single piece and really taking the inner body to the next step, and for example if you were to put your finger in the middle of the display and just move it to all the way to the back of the phone you will find that your fingers are not going to come across any type of separation between the glass and the aluminum body.  Everything just feels like it is just melted together  and just makes for a very nice sensation when you are holding the phone in your hands but it doesn’t necessarily make the phone feel better to hold than other big phones on the market, and that is partly because it doesn’t have any texture, anything that your hands can really grip onto because everything is so smooth and kinda slippery but it does look really good and it does fit in your pocket a little bit better but I think that apple could benefit from having some texture back like the Samsung Galaxy note or just something on the hedges that you could really just hold onto.

For me personally, I have big hands so I don’t feel like I am going to drop it that much 🙂 but if you do have smaller hands or you are just concerned about it, the best bet would be for you to just go into a store and actually get your hands on the phone itself.  Some other changes about the design is that the power button has been moved from the top to the right hand side of the phone and right below that you will find the sim card slot, on the left hand side you will find the mute switch and also the volume buttons which have been made larger to make it a little bit easier to press on this bigger phone, and then on the bottom you will find your lightning port, the headphone jack and also the speaker.  Now the speaker has not been placed on the front like other popular phones like the HTC 1 and the new Moto X, but the speaker does sound louder, it does sound better than last generations but I do find myself often covering it up with my finger when I am playing games or watching a video, so apple could probably in the future make it a lot better by putting the speakers on the front.

IPhone6 silver frontface

Now another design characteristic of the iPhone 6 plus is that the camera is actually poking out of the back of the phone, so it is not flushed with the aluminum body, so this will be a legitimate concern if you ever happen to drop your phone that camera will actually be the first thing that could possibly come in contact with the ground before the rest of the phone does and that could lead to a breaking a little bit easier.

Well now on to the main reason why this new phone is bigger, its because it does have a 5.5 inch 1480p display and is rocking 401 PPI (Pixel per inch) so when you are gaming or watching a movie its going to be more enjoyable on this huge display and it really makes me feel like I don’t need to take my iPad mini a lot of places because I am going to be watching a movie and it is a big enough screen that I will be totally satisfied to sit there for a couple of hours and watch some type of video content on it.

Now if the screen size is still a little too daunting for you, apple has added a software feature that is called reachability, now reachability allows you to just simply just double tap the home button and it will bring whatever thats on your display down to the bottom of the screen so if you are on the home screen you will be bringing down the icons on the top to the bottom or if you are in settings it will bring the window down and you could still scroll through and pick whatever settings that you are looking for, also if you are in safari it makes it a little bit easier for you to tap those bookmarks that may be at the top.


Now the display wouldn’t be anything if it didn’t have the hardware that runs some of the latest games and software that you could take advantage of , so apple has added the 64bit AA processor alongside the new MA co processor to it, but it still only has 1 GB of ram.  

So some more good things with the internals is that it does have voiceover LT so if you now have a carrier now that does not allow you to talk and also use data, this will fix all of that, and also it does have wifi calling, so if you are in a situation where you do not have a good cellular reception but you are able to connect to a wifi network, you can make or receive a call and once you walk outside and get to a better reception area you will automatically switch to your cellular network which is going to be a plus for people in that type of situation.



IPhone 6